tsimonq2valorie: falkon should no longer segfault, enjoy19:58
valorieso not gonna miss chrome!21:20
tsimonq2valorie: It's working, right? :D21:21
acheronukhas it stopped doing certificate errors on almost every site?21:24
acheronuklast time I tried, that was really annoying21:24
valorieacheronuk: it is my full-time browser21:24
valorieworks on *every* site21:24
valorieI used to have juggle ff/chromium/chrome21:25
valorieit's years ahead of my try of qupzilla about a year ago, which I quickly gave up21:25
acheronuknope. stupid erros still there21:27
acheronukat least on some sites21:29
tsimonq2acheronuk: Have you tried with my PPA21:29
acheronukthat is with your ppa. seems not quite so often. still hates github certs through21:29
tsimonq2Ah ok21:30
acheronukmay be ok if it's just a case of a few manual exceptions, but it was virtually every https site a few weeks ago!21:30
valoriewell, we hit different sites, obviously21:32
acheronukdownload pages updated to remove Zesty22:17
acheronukInteresting https://twitter.com/edouardvince/status/95263398149697536022:38
acheronukinstalling kubuntu for a school somewhere22:38
valoriethat's great!22:43
valoriedepending on the version22:43
valorieI might go for lubuntu myself after trying that on someone's super-cheep old xp laptop22:44
valoriekubuntu would baaaaarrely run22:44
valorielub might have been zippier22:44

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