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someone_valorie the problem has been solved after I renamed ~/.local , ~/.kde and ~/.config/plasma-workspace, and restart the computer.00:22
someone_now I will try return them to their original names one by one to discover which one causes the problem00:22
[Relic]valorie, that one that acheronuk showed was the one that was in the list, but I couldn't find anyway of resizing it to something small.  Got one that shows numbers now but a graph would be better in a small space00:28
valorieI agree but don't know of a smaller one00:29
valorieyou might find something on store.kde.org which you can search through Discover00:29
valoriethe software center00:29
valorieor by just going to store.kde.org00:30
someone_I have discovered that ~/.local the folder which caused the problem, I will try rename all its folder one by one to detect which one caused the problem.00:32
someone_valorie I discovered that the problem in ~/.local/share/baloo/ in file its name index , if I rename it to another name the problem does not happen but if I rename it to its name the problem appear again. so What does that mean ?00:39
valorieit means something got hosed up in there again, so renaming is the right thing to do00:40
valoriegood for you finding the cause!00:40
valoriepossibly a filename it can't process or so00:41
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trevizeday 2 - driver manager still collects info from my system06:17
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punkgeekhello, is there any good virtual keyboard for kubuntu 16.04? I can't find any good virtual keyboard for plasma 5.807:16
punkgeeklike google keyboard for nadroid07:16
BluesKajHowdy folks10:46
jimtendoHi all, was wondering if anyone might know where I can go to see the status of Wayland integration in KDE. I've noticed I have a plasma-workspace-wayland package available, but am a bit nervous to try it as I don't want it to crash and be locked out of my desktop (not sure how I'd go about switching back to X11... maybe just remove that package?)12:10
BluesKajjimtendo, wayland on Kde/plasma will work to some degree with most gpus, but only on nouveau if you have nvidia graphics. My experience with noveau was very limited.12:16
BluesKajthe nouveau driver that is12:17
jimtendoThanks BluesKaj, I might give it a whirl tomorrow. I'm using Intel i915 (I think).12:19
acheronukjimtendo: you need to install 'plasma-workspace-wayland'12:20
acheronukthat will then give you the option of a wayland or X11 session at the login screen12:20
BluesKajjimtendo, wayland should work ok on intel fairly well, it did on my intel gpu laptop12:21
jimtendoThanks guys, will report back tomorrow with how well it works for me... it's late here and need to head to bed. ;)12:23
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IrcsomeBotGabrielino90 was added by: Gabrielino9015:48
IrcsomeBot<Gabrielino90> hello15:48
IrcsomeBot<Gabrielino90> know chan telegram italian?15:48
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nickonhi, I just installed ubuntu and then kde-plasma. Problem is that the start menu is empty. Can anyone help ?18:59
nickonanyone ?19:05
DarinMillernickon: Are the following installed?  plasma-desktop, plasma-desktop-data, and plasma-look-and-feel-org-kde-breezedark-desktop19:11
sstehnoGood Afternoon19:19
sstehnoI have a canon mf8380cdw that will not print19:19
sstehnoI tested with 18.04 and have the same problems19:19
sstehnoI downloaded drivers from canon19:19
sstehnoinstaled and it sees the printer but when test print just sets in the que but not print19:20
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viewer|48076hello i am trying to remove your operating system from my desktop computer to install windows. How do i remove ubuntu?22:23
schnoodlesHello. Today I got into work and my laptop/kubuntu does not seem to want to recognise any of my monitors at all. They do not show in xandrx. To make sure that it was not a monitor problem I dual booted into windows and it seems fine. Is there some better monitor detection command line tools ?23:36
schnoodlesOk dw it seems fixed. I just had to downgrade drivers.23:51

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