hans__how do i open a terminal without the mouse?15:21
hans__the windows button isn't doing anything, on most other ubuntu desktops, it opens the start menu15:21
hans__(well, default Ubuntu and Xubuntu, at least)15:22
hans__oh, windows button +r -> lxterminal -> ok15:23
egyhans__: Ctrl+Alt+T15:30
egyat least that's what I have chosen15:31
kushen_thimiraI'm using lubuntu 17.10 and I wanna know what is the default display manager for this version of lubuntu. is it lightdm or lxdm or else? I have lightdm if its not the please help me to get the default one by using terminal16:28
kushen_thimiracan anyone help me with above question /HELP16:31
lubot<tsimonq2> It's lightdm.16:34
wildgushi to all!18:18
wildgusI'm using lxle based on ubuntu 16.0418:19
wxlword of warning: we're not support for lxle18:19
wildgussure, thanks, but being based on lubuntu maybe the problem occurs even there18:20
wildgusthe problem is that shutdown doesn't power off the pc18:21
wxlsudo shutdown now doesn't work?18:21
wildgusit shuts down the pc, but the screen stays on with a final sentence [number] power off18:22
wildgusbut doesn't power off18:23
wildgusany ideas?18:23
wxlworks here, so don't know what to tell you18:23
wxlexcept to contact lxle18:23
wildgusok, thank you18:24
prince-charmanthello to all - I just installed lubuntu on my old windowsXP pc and now I was able to connect to it by wifi instead by an Ethernet câble - so far so good.20:42
prince-charmantNow I want to install per example mahjong, solitaire and freecell - how to do that ?20:43
parheliaI recommend Gnome Games: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Games_Collection20:48
parheliaiirc "sudo apt-get install gnome-games" is the terminal command to install them20:48
prince-charmantparhelia, good idea, but this command will install ALL the games .. not some of them ?21:03
krytarikprince-charmant: What Lubuntu version?21:08
prince-charmantkrytarik, I think 17.0421:08
krytarikSo you'll find the "Software" app there.21:09
prince-charmantkrytarik, tell me what to do - my Lubuntu is in french :-)21:12
prince-charmantOk, I have seen "Logiciel"21:13
prince-charmantI have found Games, but all seems empty21:15
prince-charmantNo sorry not empty ... it begins to populate21:15
prince-charmantMahjong is installing ... Thanks krytarik21:17
krytarikCool, you are welcome.21:18
parheliasorry, yes all games would be installed with that command21:23
parheliaI think the individual games can be installed separately, either through terminal or in Software (as you have found).21:23
prince-charmantno problem anymore parhelia21:24
prince-charmantAnd I just found Solitaire Aisleriot ... so all what I asked should work21:25
prince-charmantbut I did not find "Hearth" in french "Chasse-Coeur"21:31
krytarik!info gnome-hearts21:42
ubottugnome-hearts (source: gnome-hearts): The classic hearts card game for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3-2.2 (artful), package size 297 kB, installed size 1225 kB21:42
prince-charmantI justfind it in the  "Software" app21:51
prince-charmantnow installed and it works correctly22:03

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