tgBot3<DC7IA> @dohbee, 😂00:28
tgBot3<PhoenixLandPirate> Is you're username a steam game code?00:52
tgBot3<per_sonne> Y'all simmer down now00:56
tgBot3<per_sonne> All a y'all00:56
tgBot3<inchw0rm> @PhoenixLandPirate, claim it00:59
tgBot3<inchw0rm> I wanna help with some code. Where can I start?01:00
tgBot3ivan_cwb was added by: ivan_cwb01:19
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> Hey Ivan and welcome.01:37
tgBot3<ivan_cwb> Hi, thanks ;)01:54
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> This is where we launch our evil plans to take over the world! Muhaha. Feel free to contribute ;P02:02
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> Ubports.com crashes all android phones...02:03
tgBot3<inchw0rm> @Crash_Burn, And also spies on 'em, collecting meta data02:04
tgBot3<inchw0rm> My TWRP won't restore my backup ☹️ the restore percentage would go over 200% until tar crashes02:05
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> @Crash_Burn any chance you have some experience with T-Mobile with your Nexts 5? https://forums.ubports.com/topic/890/nexus-5-network-error-on-cellular02:42
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/FAQ#How_can_I_access_the_3G_network_on_the_device.3F03:12
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> I never could get T-mobile working. I tried pre-paid T-mobile plan and an Straight Talk (t-mob) plan.03:14
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> My next step would be to investigate serviceproviders.xml03:15
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> That's interesting03:16
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> File a bug?03:16
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> Currently I'm using Straight Talk (Att) unlimited plan for $5503:17
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> US carriers have understandably not got much love03:17
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Could probably pick up a Ting SIM to test it.03:19
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> Yes...ive dropped it so we can focus on 16.04 and new devices. Once the shift happens i was going to look into it again.03:20
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> My FP2 has worked well on AT&T's network... Unfortunately T-mobile's coverage here might be a problem.03:20
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> Same here...except on Att im getting 12 Mbps on UT and 50 Mbps on T-mob with cyanogenmod on N503:21
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Well, the FP2 doesn't support any 3G or 4G bands in the US... so I wasn't really able to test anyway03:22
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Speeds, that is03:22
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> Straight talk $35 starter kit at Walmart includes sim cards for all carriers. Just a suggestion.03:24
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> And a months worth of service.03:25
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> If we can focus on the O+ 5t id be happy! Lets get T-mob working on that!! ;P03:26
tgBot3<Ern_st> I don't notice any speed difference on ATT between Android and UT. For T-mobile i abandonned it as the coverage in the middle of Houston was so bad...04:10
tgBot3<Vijaypraj> @popescu_sorin, Great04:20
tgBot3<harishsays> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/pEATBQuj/file_376704:22
tgBot3<Jorge> @popescu_sorin, WhatsApp found?04:24
tgBot3<Jorge> (Sticker, 392x512) https://irc.ubports.com/b0Xn6LDu/file_376804:24
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> @Ern_st, Post-paid plan? Im wondering what the difference is and how you were able to get it working? D-820?04:32
tgBot3<Ern_st> I'm using the gophone service and i tried with a D820 and D821.04:33
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT%26T_GoPhone04:55
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> Gophone is Att04:55
lotuspsychjeany news of anbox yet?04:56
tgBot3<Ern_st> @Crash_Burn, Yes it's there prepaid plan04:59
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> @lotuspsychje, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NdiIwXK2ssQ&feature=youtu.be04:59
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> @Ern_st, Sorry, i wasnt clear. I was still trying to sort out T-mob.05:00
lotuspsychjecrash_burn= ty :p05:03
tgBot3Seshan Ravikumar was added by: Seshan Ravikumar05:05
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> Hello Seshan and welcome05:08
tgBot3<Seshan Ravikumar> Hi!05:08
tgBot3<Christopher> I apologize if this is discussed somewhere already, but android apps often have some checkboxes when they start, like … [ ] this app may access your photos, camera, gps and any and all documents05:45
tgBot3<Christopher> will anbox 'get around' this?05:45
tgBot3<Tewel> @Tewel, Nobody?06:47
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> @Tewel, https://t.me/UBports_Cloudsters Is an area dedicated to this. Members will be waking up shortly. :)07:08
tgBot3<Tewel> @Crash_Burn, Thanx! Great.07:23
tgBot3<unknown> @popescu_sorin, What about performance? Can you play games? A benchmark would be interesting 😉08:19
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> @unknown, this is @mariogrip video on his meizu pro 508:22
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/R2tKI5AY/file_3770.jpg08:26
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> balls2 snap08:26
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> sort of working08:26
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> the m10 will be able to install snaps, right?08:27
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> https://open.uappexplorer.com/app/balls2.briketa08:28
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> balls2 in open store08:28
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> silly game with balls08:28
tgBot3<jonny> Balls 2 is my favorite game on UT 💛08:48
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/fswC7wWa/file_377108:49
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> @jonny, i think now is in beta state, i am working on a level editor 90% ready and then i can redesign all them level08:49
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> right now the level are a bit repetitive and kind of brainless in design08:50
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> X-)08:50
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> and after that i have to redo all the graphics08:50
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/ahYATfEW/file_3772.webp08:51
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> such a pain in the #$08:51
tgBot3<peternerlich> ugh, someone knowing how to hassle free install and use linuxbrew on UT?09:39
tgBot3<peternerlich> I find it very strange that `curl` isn't installed09:45
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @peternerlich, i would thing straightforward, download script and run it09:45
tgBot3<peternerlich> I did. It complains about not finding `curl`.09:46
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> but might be needed to make rootfs writable for runNing the scrip, perhaps some portions need to install something on the rootfs, not sure, the main thing goes to ~/.linuxbrew09:46
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @peternerlich, yes in deed strange if curl is not present, i thought it was. But then again, u just get it with apt09:47
tgBot3<peternerlich> wrong, again09:48
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> also u can get script with wget as well09:48
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> make sure the linuxbrew is arm compatible09:48
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> https://github.com/Linuxbrew/legacy-linuxbrew/issues/11209:49
tgBot3<peternerlich> apt finds `gnupg`, `libcurl3`, libcurl3-gnutls`, `python3-pycurl`, all of which are `installed, local`09:49
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/o0LLbknc/file_3774.jpg09:49
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> but then this:09:50
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/o9CtXSyZ/file_3776.jpg09:50
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> so i guess u can09:50
tgBot3<peternerlich> found "Alternative Installation" on linuxbrew.sh requiring only repo cloning09:52
tgBot3<peternerlich> okay, since when is git not available to apt? O.o09:55
tgBot3<peternerlich> okay, got linuxbrew now. only that it continues to try to use curl for everything, I planned on installing it using linuxbrew...10:09
tgBot3<peternerlich> this is an endless cycle 😂10:09
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> Peter seriosuly just apt install the curl10:11
tgBot3<peternerlich> are the packages on https://curl.haxx.se/download.html for all architectures?10:11
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> althoygh very very strange that u need to10:11
tgBot3<peternerlich> this, kris10:11
tgBot3<peternerlich> Fwd from peternerlich: apt finds `gnupg`, `libcurl3`, libcurl3-gnutls`, `python3-pycurl`, all of which are `installed, local`10:12
tgBot3<peternerlich> Fwd from peternerlich: apt finds `gnupg`, `libcurl3`, `libcurl3-gnutls`, `python3-pycurl`, all of which are `installed, local`10:12
tgBot3<peternerlich> wtf10:17
tgBot3<peternerlich> `curl depends on libcurl3 (= 7.38.0-3ubuntu2); however:` … `  Version of libcurl3:armhf on system is 7.38.0-3ubuntu2.3.`10:19
tgBot3<peternerlich> okay, done10:21
tgBot3<peternerlich> *yaaay*10:22
tgBot3<peternerlich> $%&/§10:23
tgBot3<peternerlich> now git has to already be installed so I can use linuxbrew to install git 😫10:24
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> your system is not the stable one?10:25
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> i am almost sure i didnt hv toninstall curl10:25
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> just cant check and maie sure at this very moment10:26
tgBot3<peternerlich> I'm on `rc`10:29
tgBot3<peternerlich> sigh it goes on and on, it now needs to have `gawk` already installed on host to be able to install `gcc` itself to build packages from source...10:32
tgBot3<peternerlich> ...which depends on libmpfr...10:33
tgBot3<peternerlich> and now it cannot install `gcc` because it has to build it from source but needs to have a `gcc` installed to do that 😡10:38
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> just install build-essential10:41
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> and gcc10:41
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> also it is practically all normal stuff that u describe here that u need to install a bunch of deps, so just install them. … Unusual is that curl is missing and that u had some versionmproblems. Did u apt update first?10:42
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> also, use apt-get build-deps10:42
tgBot3<peternerlich> oh, I guess UT doesn't use apt for updates?10:43
tgBot3<peternerlich> then this might be the problem. Indeed, stupidly updating the lists didn't cross my mind10:44
tgBot3<peternerlich> okay, I think I can safely delete all the spam above now10:45
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> just find some patience deep down and let the force be with u10:46
tgBot3<peternerlich> (Photo, 540x960) https://irc.ubports.com/Mb2W3c3J/file_3778.jpg10:49
tgBot3<peternerlich> seems like sourceforge has  certification issues, or the check on UT is too old11:05
tgBot3<per_sonne> @samitormanen, Coming from the phone? Is it possible to configure pings for longer intervals?11:45
tgBot3<dohbee> @KrisJacewicz, You did. wget is installed though I think13:41
tgBot3<dohbee> @per_sonne, I highly doubt the pings are the issue.13:42
tgBot3<dohbee> @peternerlich, It does not. It's a system image update13:43
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> @dohbee haha forgive me for being reliant on Facebook :)13:45
tgBot3<dohbee> ?13:46
tgBot3<per_sonne> @dohbee, What, then?13:53
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @dohbee, wget is installed by default i know for a fact. … About curl, well, i guess it's not since you didn't hesitate about it, i trust you13:53
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> i must have forgotten that i installed it manually.13:53
tgBot3<dohbee> @per_sonne, Not sure but log messages stating push is still connected to server is normal13:54
tgBot3<dohbee> @KrisJacewicz, Well, I could be wrong, but having multiple such tools installed by default makes no sense, especially on the phone.13:55
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Referring to a message you wrote onFriday mocking my combination of Facebook and useful in the same sentence.13:59
tgBot3<dohbee> Wasn't me14:07
tgBot3dkshfo was added by: dkshfo14:14
tgBot3<dkshfo> Support UBports💪14:15
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I apologise, was skimming the messages to catch up and actually it was @wayneoutthere14:15
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Another question which I've asked before, is arale ready for beta testing Anbox? It's really my only option for doing so.14:16
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> @mariogrip @Flohack @UniversalSuperBox14:17
tgBot3Damian Baker was added by: Damian Baker14:19
tgBot3<Flohack> On which device?14:19
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I said, MX4/ it's codename :P14:19
tgBot3<Jorge> Hi, I have a doubt14:20
tgBot3<Jorge> Halium is already implemented in Ubuntu Touch?14:20
tgBot3<Damian Baker> Hi, is there someone here that can help me. Im trying to install ubports for nexus 4, on mac os, using ubports-installer. Phone detects ok, and reboots to bootloader, but nothing else happens. Installer app says its waiting for device to be connected?14:23
tgBot3<YougoChats> @Damian Baker, Hi Damian, Please come to the Welcome thread, which is specifically meant for newcomers who want to install UT14:36
tgBot3<YougoChats> https://t.me/WelcomePlus14:37
tgBot3<Damian Baker> @YougoChats, Will do thanks :)14:37
tgBot3ignorare was added by: ignorare14:39
tgBot3<ignorare> Hi together! I am just another random UBports interested guy... 😉14:45
tgBot3<rémus Rome> Her is a nativ ssh sevrer on the uphone with ubport ?14:47
tgBot3<peternerlich> Hi @ignorare! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. Please take a look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get up to speed and feel free to ask any question, especially in th eNewcomers Room!14:47
tgBot3<rémus Rome> Hi i am a littel be rude...14:48
tgBot3<Ingo_FP_Angel> @rémus Rome, Yes, but disabled by default and configured to use public key auth instead of passwords. … I wrote a small script to aumate enabling ssh and transferring the key to the phone: https://github.com/Ingo-FP-Angel/enablessl14:49
tgBot3<rémus Rome> Thanks.14:51
tgBot3<dohbee> phablet-shell from phablet tools does all that, btw15:04
tgBot3<Javacookies> really?15:05
tgBot3<dohbee> Si15:08
tgBot3<dohbee> Even generates the key if you don't have one. It does ssh over adb15:09
tgBot3<Javacookies> cool! that's nice to know, I was actually thinking how Ubuntu SDK do ssh...now I remember it uses phablet-shell :)15:14
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> @Flohack any word on that?15:20
=== Elimin8r is now known as Elimin8er
tgBot3<Flohack> @TartanSpartan, Dont know we are fighting gpu issues on most devices, dont be afraid when its ready we will tell you15:24
tgBot3White Walter was added by: White Walter15:36
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> Welcome White I'm part of the Welcoming Team. To get started, please check out https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!15:41
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Cool, I eagerly await it. Hope the architecture is not so different between the Meizu devices.15:46
tgBot3<ignorare> Has anybody tried to port UBports for a Sony Z3 or Z4 Tablet?17:01
tgBot3<ignorare> This hardware is pretty nice!17:02
tgBot3<Bolly> Hello, what's better https://liberapay.com/UBports/ or https://www.patreon.com/ubports?17:49
tgBot3<Bolly> better for UBports17:51
tgBot3<dohbee> I think liberapay is better for ubports17:55
tgBot3<Stereofont> @ignorare, The only one with Halium project progress is Sony Experia Z17:55
tgBot3<Bolly> @dohbee, thanks17:56
tgBot3<Javacookies> @dohbee, why? I'm a patron in Pareon and if it's better in LibrePay, I'd switch to it. perhaps less deduction?18:21
tgBot3<dohbee> Yes, I think ubports gets more of the money with libera18:22
=== Elimin8r is now known as Elimin8er
tgBot3<Stereofont> @dohbee, Patreon fees didn't go up sharply as planned but they are still higher. Liberapay also looks like worth supporting from an ethical standpoint18:27
tgBot3<Javacookies> hmmm...okay, thanks … I'll think about it for the next month :)18:29
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Javacookies, With liberapay you pau the whole chunk upfront e.g. a year and they release it gradually18:39
tgBot3<Stereofont> Works well for currency conversion18:39
tgBot3<Stereofont> @inchw0rm, Create a ringtone app 🍻🍭🎂19:17
tgBot3JoseMarcosGarcia was added by: JoseMarcosGarcia19:42
tgBot3<developerfect> @JoseMarcosGarcia, Welcome! Do not forget to check out the Ubports website! Welcome Again :)19:43
tgBot3<Stereofont> @JoseMarcosGarcia, Welcome José! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪19:44
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/DANSYF4d/file_3786.jpg19:47
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> phew! :D balls2 snap x8619:47
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> now to make an arm build19:47
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> not that i have a way to test the arm build, until the snaps work on teh m1019:48
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> It just occurred to me that we haven't seen many messages from @neothethird lately. Is he just very busy?20:08
tgBot3twibu was added by: twibu20:08
tgBot3<neothethird> @TartanSpartan, Still alive, still active. Just too busy to keep up with the supergroup all the time, sorry20:09
tgBot3<Stereofont> @twibu, Hello Gerd. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Not-a-SupportDepartment® Ask, chat, explore!20:23
tgBot3V was added by: V21:07
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> hi V21:08
tgBot3<V> Hi21:08
tgBot3<V> Hi everybody! … I read about the possibility to ro run android apps on ubports with anbox. Does anybody know when this will be available?21:11
tgBot3<malditobastardo> This balls is bejeweled for UT21:14
tgBot3<malditobastardo> Very nice one. Sadly it doesn't have any music21:15
tgBot3<malditobastardo> Any plans for improving it?21:15
tgBot3<Stereofont> @V, Hello V. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!21:16
tgBot3<Stereofont> @V, In a very rough test for a couple of devices around now. Not exactly functional though. There will be some challenges getting it working smoothly and well. As the problems can't be predicted, nor can the time to fix them. Maybe a couple of months? Just a wild guess…21:20
tgBot3<V> Thanks!21:21
tgBot3<V> I have got one more question. … Is there a Wallet for Bitcoin cash out there? I wasn't able to find one.21:23
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> @malditobastardo, yep, i'm now working on a level editor so i can easily create better levels (the current ones are meh, repetitive and boring) and then a graphic refresh and maybe sounds21:28
tgBot3<malditobastardo> @popescu_sorin, Are you the dev popescu ???21:29
tgBot3<malditobastardo> Wow21:29
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> i'm a graphic designer21:29
tgBot3<malditobastardo> Great job bro21:29
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> but i can sort of code21:29
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> to save my life :))21:29
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> yhanks21:30
tgBot3<malditobastardo> You rocks!!21:30
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/g79F5fMx/file_377121:30
tgBot3<Stereofont> @V, There were half a dozen apps meeting that description in the old UbuntuStore. Nothing that I can see in OpenStore21:39
tgBot3<inchw0rm> @Stereofont, Nice idea21:52
tgBot3<Stereofont> @inchw0rm, You would have to set up a fanzone first, to accommodate the adulation21:54
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @malditobastardo, I find myself unable to find the source of what has been done here.  Why. Why does popescu rock this time? I feel both lonely and left out.21:59
tgBot3<inchw0rm> @Stereofont, Don't worry, I know he wey22:01
tgBot3<inchw0rm> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/JI28lrmG/file_378922:01
tgBot3<Stereofont> @wayneoutthere, Bubble popping22:06
tgBot3<ebetonro> @wayneoutthere, Cause of the game Balls22:09
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> any clue what's going on here?22:12
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> Fwd from Lukas Wolfskin: hi guys... I'm looking to uninstall UBports for now...  but it seems like it's leaving something on my system when I use fastboot.22:12
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> Fwd from Lukas Wolfskin: after reinstalling android, i only have 12 gigs on a 32 gigabyte phone...  something seems awfully wrong22:12
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> I used fastboot to erase boot, cache, userdata, system and recovery.  flashed twrp.  flashed stock boot, system, cache, userdata, and radio.  Then custom rom.22:13
tgBot3<inchw0rm> @Lukas Wolfskin, Can reproducible on one plus one22:14
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> and android system settings shows ~12 gigs free...22:14
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> System chewing up about 19 gigs...22:14
tgBot3BenjaminDeuter was added by: BenjaminDeuter22:16
tgBot3<inchw0rm> @inchw0rm, Oops, I accidentally lied...22:17
tgBot3<inchw0rm> @Lukas Wolfskin, ¿How much are 12+19?22:18
tgBot3<inchw0rm> Normal behavior isn't it?22:18
tgBot3<peternerlich> Hi @BenjaminDeuter! I'm part of the Welcoming team. To get you started, please look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!22:18
tgBot3<Stereofont> @inchw0rm, About 32 😂22:19
tgBot3<inchw0rm> That's right22:19
tgBot3<inchw0rm> @Stereofont, That's right22:20
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Did you wipe `/data` and `/cache`22:20
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> That's the only place we'd put anything.22:20
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> yep..22:20
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Well, it's uninstalled then22:20
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/SQCArGCT/file_379022:21
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> but what's chewing my storage? how do I find out?22:22
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Well you could use TWRP I suppose22:22
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> It sounds like something Android-y is happening22:23
tgBot3<inchw0rm> @Lukas Wolfskin, Do a df -h in the android terminal22:23
tgBot3<Stereofont> DiskUsage in Fdroid22:24
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Stereofont, Nice!  That was on my 'download now' list before my N4 died22:24
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> imma reinstall android with mdt and see what happens...22:24
tgBot3<Stereofont> @wayneoutthere, It was Balls. My mistake…22:25
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> Forgiven on account of balls22:30
tgBot3<Lukas Wolfskin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/2zdu3Eka/file_379122:36
tgBot3Dejavu_Dmitry was added by: Dejavu_Dmitry23:18
tgBot3<Crash_Burn> Hello @Dejavu_Dmitry .  Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!23:20

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