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TJ-Looks like the nvidia-graphics-drivers-340 will need patching again, for the 4.15 timer API changes11:36
mamarleyTJ-: The graphics-drivers PPA already has patched packages: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages12:42
TJ-mamarley: ha, thanks... so long since I used the proprietary drivers I had completely forgotten about that. Hit the build bug earlier when I installed 4.15rc7 :)12:43
mamarleyNo problem.12:44
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mabkenarHi. Where should I file a bug for this? I mean, against which package?20:42
mabkenarI have a Thinkpad X200. I installed Ubunntu 16.04.3. It works fine out of the box.20:43
mabkenarBut when I install updates, it starts to behave weirdly. 20:43
mabkenarAll Unity eye-candies stop to work and cause a session refresh.20:44
mabkenarI mean, when I press Alt (HUD), or Super (Dash), or even when I hover my mouse over an icon on the launcher...20:45
mabkenarthe system goes through a mini-crash: all elements on the screen disappear for ~2 seconds, and they come back again. I never see HUD, Dash, or the laucher tooltip that I intended to see.20:46
mabkenar(Is it safe to say 3D accleration has stopped working after kernel update?)20:48
mabkenarThese are my system specs: Intel Core 2 CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz x 2, Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset, 64-bit20:49
mabkenar(and by the way, it is running Libreboot as BIOS, which I installed by myself)20:50
mabkenarThanks for your help in advance. I am masoud.abkenar.net.20:51

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