dax!zesty =~ s/Ubuntu -.*$/Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2017. See !eol and !eolupgrade/06:45
ubottuI'll remember that dax06:45
dax(no, an email didn't get sent about it yet today)06:45
Flannels/ed/s/ :P06:46
daxi'm assuming they failed at email because Saturday06:47
daxif not, i'll be right in the near future so oh well06:47
daxthey didn't fix the download site for 17.10 yet, even though new downloads for that have been available since Thursday06:48
FlannelNow you're thinking fourth dimensionally!06:48
dax(granted, the "send email about things dying" and "fix the website" people are entirely different)06:48
jellyhi, why is <uBOTu|packages> Titre: Index of /debian/ (chez mirrors.kernel.org)  # in #debian ?20:07
jellythe name vaguely suggests it might be an official bot20:08
jellyI'm going to ban it from #debian for the time being; if there's a reason, send me a Memo or /msg or poke me in #debian-ops20:09
krytarikniko: Is that yours?20:12
jellywell it sounds french so that's as good a guess as any :-)20:13
* jelly waves21:11

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