brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:34
zmoylan-pienjoy before the cold weather arrives...09:41
brobostigonzmoylan-pi: even colder?09:49
brobostigonhttps://darksky.net/forecast/51.752,-1.2578/uk224/en doesnt look two bad,09:56
haltjust because there is an of chance that my issue is distro specific, I ask it here as well, ( also becasue the httpd channel is dead ) I have this config https://apaste.info/f1Lh and I can't access the server-status on apache 2.412:31
Nafallolooks like you can though? you're getting a redirect your curl isn't following?12:33
haltWell that goes out to the main domain on https and there only a 40312:38
haltcurl -s -I -L localhost/server-status?auto | grep ^HTTP12:38
haltHTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently12:38
haltHTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden12:38
Fogey_Is there s specific help channel?13:40
daftykinsthe main channel is #ubuntu - but you can ask here as well, as long as it's *buntu based13:41
Fogey_Sure is.  I've got 16.04.3 installed on an old Toshiba laptop - all was great until the latest update....13:42
daftykinsruh roh13:42
daftykinsboot the last kernel and then update again13:42
daftykinsyou may have obtained a dud13:42
daftykinsok well i'm going to need a little bit more detail than that13:43
Fogey_OK, so complete reinstall and update - same problem.  When you move the mouse to the top r/h corner the screen blanks....13:44
Fogey_Flickers and then returns...13:44
daftykinsoh right so it's nothing boot related13:44
Fogey_Boots OK, looks OK, until you want to use it...#13:45
daftykinswhich kernel is it on?13:46
Fogey_Interestingly, when you do manage to grab Firefox, the top menu dissapears.13:46
Fogey_Col bogey. I don't know...  tell me how to find out...13:47
daftykinsuname -r13:47
daftykinsyou might be able to boot, ignore the GUI entirely and switch to a TTY to run the above - with ctrl+alt+F113:48
Fogey_s'ok I managed to get a terminal..13:49
daftykinsmmm so HWE kernel of the .3 media - can you share an lspci via "lspci | pastebinit" ?13:49
Fogey_gawd.  OK, spell it out for me...13:49
daftykinsno you don't need an explanation of that13:49
daftykinshaving any luck with the above command?13:51
Fogey_So you say...  I can't find that filter thingy character13:51
daftykinsthe pipe? |13:52
Fogey_pipe! That's it...13:52
daftykinsit's shift + the key between left shift and Z on a UK layout13:52
Fogey_Well fancy that!13:53
Fogey_Hang on, I've got to install pastebinit13:54
Fogey_OK, i've run the command, where's the flippin text gone?13:56
daftykinsit should have output a URL to type here13:56
daftykinsok intel integrated graphics only13:59
Fogey_It's an old laptop :)14:00
daftykinsthat's irrelevant, modern laptops can be intel graphics only too14:00
daftykinsand: grep -i model /proc/cpuinfo14:00
Fogey_Like me..14:00
Fogey_You want me to shove that down the pipe too?14:01
daftykinsnah just run it and let me know what the CPU is14:01
Fogey_Model 2314:01
daftykinsshould have a proper name like "intel blah blah"14:01
Fogey_Pentium(R) Dual-Core T4300 @2.10GHz14:02
daftykinsthat's the one14:02
daftykinstry reinstalling using this image and updating as normal - http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/16.04.1/ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso14:03
Fogey_I've re-installed using an old release it works OK. I'm actually using it now.14:04
daftykinsno you're not, you're using a newer image which gave you a newer kernel14:04
daftykins13:48 < Fogey_> 4.10.0-28-generic <-- as stated above14:04
daftykinsi'm on a 16.04 install which is running 4.4.0-109-generic14:04
Fogey_Well, it was off a USB stick that I set up last year.  It works.14:05
daftykinsthen i need to know what version it is14:05
daftykinsit can't be that much older since you claim to be giving me output from the problem machine14:05
Fogey_I am.  Re-installed but DID NOT accept the latest updates which appears to be the issue.14:06
daftykinsok, well the point i'm trying to get at is to run a different kernel version by installing from the ISO i linked above, so do that please14:07
daftykinsupdating after *that* install will be different14:07
Fogey_Alrighty, you'll have to excuse my ignorance.14:09
Fogey_Getting the 16.04 LTS from the website sometime last year brought me to this point.14:10
Fogey_The latest update made things go wonky.14:10
Fogey_Where does that leave me going backwards?14:10
daftykinsyes, as time goes on they refresh the images with newer hardware enablement stacks, which results in a different kernel and GUI stack for the release versus the original 16.04 release14:11
lubotu3The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack14:11
daftykinsjust means you'll be on 4.4 instead of 4.10, still gets updates and fixes14:11
daftykinstrying out the older one is a troubleshooting test i've picked14:11
Fogey_I don't suppose you can overwrite the Kernel from the command line?14:14
daftykinsi'd have issued an instruction to do things the easy way, if there were an easy way14:14
daftykinsreinstall with the above ISO please :)14:14
Fogey_Hah! of course..14:14
Fogey_OK. That's gonna take some time....  If you don't hear from me again,.... many thanks for assistance.14:15
daftykinsnp, good luck14:18
daftykinsi know who to point you to if it does the same14:18
Fogey_OKey doke.  Now how do I quite this thing?14:18

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