JTechlupulo, w-what?00:02
JTechlupulo, I'm doing this from a Debian installation. but it's a Xubuntu ISO. so everything's wrong.00:03
JTechgod my head hurts. I've been at this for 2 days straight.00:03
JTechday 1: found out Gigabyte motherboards can't boot USB. All that time wasted attempting to "fix" the USB flash drive for nothing.00:04
JTechday 2: updated Debian, allowing me to install the program to create the entry in the GRUB2 menu for the ISO.00:04
Bashing-omJTech:  http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html .00:08
oerheks!language | JTech00:08
ubottuJTech: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:08
oerheksand you get help in debian too..00:09
kermytI'm shocked and suprised that JTech hasn't been kickbanned yet.00:12
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rohitcould help me with my issues regarding apache guacamole?00:42
luketheduke1What's the issue00:43
JTechyeah. I'm a real sub-human specimen. no self-control. terrible at my worst.00:43
JTechthanks for the link to the grub manual, Bashing-om.00:43
rohitunder settings there is no options. There shouldbe connections, preferences,etc? Do you know why?00:43
luketheduke1I dunno00:45
rohitthanks anyway00:45
rohitanyone else has a answer00:46
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rohitdoes anyone know wher ei could go for further hekp00:47
t0no6arohit : ?00:48
rohitfor my question regarding guacamole?00:49
luketheduke1t0no6a, more help with his apache guacamole problem00:49
t0no6aand what the fu_k is apache guacamole?00:50
luketheduke1Personally, I've found that a small splash of lemon juice helps avoid guacamole oxidation00:50
JTechthe program I used in Debian to create this GRUB2 entry is very odd. I wonder if I need to scrap it and follow one of the examples on these websites for a bootable ISO image... ... I don't even see any {} brackets!00:50
JTechwebsite uses insmod linux, loopback, iso9660, and I think fat. but mine uses part_msdos and ext2. hmmm....00:53
JTechI don't understand how it started the ISO but then couldn't find any files. huh. maybe it only read the files that weren't in that casper directory.00:54
JTech"Install Ubuntu - Network Install" I think I'll try that next if I can't get this working.00:55
dellarHi Drone00:57
dellarCan you help mx for the longest while i tryin working g to hack my android phone to get free data nute on backbox linu00:58
JTechi dont know what half those words are.01:00
krytarikdellar: 1.) Drone is a bot.  2.) Not at all related to the channel topic.01:02
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rohitanyone can help me with apache guacamole?01:03
dellarckBox Linux01:04
dellari hate this tem can someone help me out operating sys01:04
dellar@Sabo Hi01:04
dellar roidand@ywith hacking msabo im using backbox linus can you help me out01:05
michael2does anyone know if there is a way to remove a program and all of the dependencies that it installed?01:15
Bashing-ommichael2: ' sudo apt purge <package> ' .01:15
leftyfbmichael2: sudo apt-get remove --purge <program>  ; sudo apt-get autoremove01:15
michael2leftyfb: that looks like what Im going for. do you know if there is a command which I could run before the `apt-get autoremove` which lists out what will get auto-remove'd?01:17
oerheksuse the -d = dryrun option ?01:18
michael2oerheks: ah, clever thanks leftyfb, oerheks, Bashing-om01:20
Bashing-ommichael2: ^^ or the -s switch " simulate " .01:20
sabo l01:23
JTechediting the GRUB2 manually is so frustrating. no progress.01:23
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michael2Bashing-om: thanks,01:24
JTechI just get error: file not found. error: file not found. error: you need to load the kernel first.01:24
charlesporteris there any update on when the 17.10 download links are coming back?01:24
oerhekscharlesporter, http://releases.ubuntu.com/17.10.1/01:25
charlesporterthank you01:25
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JTechvery very minor progress. I managed to get rid of ONE of the "error: file not found". I think because I was pointed to the wrong place for the ISO. but the second error must be from the linux /casper/vmlinuz boot=casper iso-scan/filename=/xubuntu-16-04.3-desktop-amd64.iso01:32
JTechwhat am I doing wrong?01:33
JTechi'm following what it says on https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159929301:34
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JTechI'm stumped.01:40
JTechthis page doesn't have any difference in that linux /casper line either. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot#Creating_the_GRUB_2_Menuentry01:40
JTechoh woops. I think i got the wrong one. need vmlinuz.efi instead of vmlinuz. let's try that.01:41
JTechnope :(01:42
krytarik..Yes?  Or pastebin what you got currently?01:43
JTechcrap. I should have put (loop) on both lines. it crashed. but I think that might work. I was relying on set root=(loop) but I don't think that was working.01:44
JTechcrap I gotta re-type it both in GRUB2 and for a pastebin.01:45
JTechlemme try GRUB2 first. if it works I won't need to show it. :>01:45
JTechsure wish I could copy/paste into GRUB2.01:45
JTechah, well I've finished here 1st so... https://pastebin.com/6A3rs6eX01:48
JTechoops typo caught in isofile. should be a "." between 16-0401:50
JTechoh and in 2nd last line, vmlinuz.efi instead of vmlinuz01:52
JTechOMG it's doing lots of stuff!@01:54
JTechI think it worked! I have a Xubuntu desktop!01:54
JTechnow, like a exam cram session, I can forget everything I learned.01:55
JTech.... there wasn't much I laerned really. I'll remember that Gigabyte makes garbage motherboards. but all the GRUB2 stuff is pretty hard to remember. it was just copy/pasting/editing01:55
JTechw-wait... I have a desktop... where's the installation option?01:56
JTechoh. right there.01:56
JTech"install Xubuntu" on the desktop. I'm so fried.01:56
krytarikWell, copy and paste isn't too bad on Grub. >_>01:59
JTechyeah but it's on another computer. no way to copy in order to paste into it02:01
JTechunless I could have edited GRUB from Debian, but I didn't find out how I could do that02:01
donofriohow do I get my video working in ubuntu "[AMD/ATI] RV530/M56-P [Mobility Radeon X1600]" I also have two Bus 001 Device 003: ID 17e9:4324/Bus 001 Device 005: ID 17e9:4324 that are only mirroring internal imac display (https://apaste.info/D7EM)02:01
krytarikI mean rather than remembering everything.02:01
AGiantSquidzHello. Weird problem. In Ubuntu. Once in a while my sound (Audio device: Intel Corporation 200 Series PCH HD Audio) will stop working randomly. Then after a few days start working again as if there's no issue. I'm in a phase where it's not working. Any ideas why this is?02:02
AGiantSquidzI looked in KDE sound settings and the device is listed in the ordering, but is disabled.02:03
donofrioscreen is not refreshing in video (firefox in youtube.com)02:05
ubie-newbieI remember back in the day ( Lucid Lynx era ) there were sometimes devastating consequences to upgrading your sytems rather than just reinstalling ...   Is it better to install fresh new installation better than upgrading?02:05
JTechI wish the installation was a bit more verbose. I don't know what file system to put on the new SSD and HDD... it's defaulting to ext4.02:05
ubie-newbieAre there any caveots?02:05
ubie-newbieDid something change? I thought we were past 16.04 but it's showing as the "latest LTS version" on the ubuntu dl page.02:09
donofriowould going to 18.04 make my video issue better (at least refresh better?)02:11
JTech... there's a version 17? ... did I want that?02:12
JTechoh I see. 16 is LTS = long term support.17 is only up to july 2018. strange.02:13
JTechbleh. I really wish there were a guide for this. I don't know how to set up my partitions and stuff for a SSD with HDD02:15
donofriowondering what do I put in sources.list to get it to 18.04 or should I (not yet) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseSchedule ?02:16
JTechdonofrio, I don't know anything, but I think anything beyond version 16 is going to be less stable.02:17
JTechversion 18's gotta  be experimental, right?02:17
donofriook so how can I get my video working (got mirror and refresh issues)02:17
JTechI dunno about that. :S02:18
JTechI just spent 2 solid days getting to a pointn where I could install this to begin with. I want to figure out how to do this so I can get back to normal. so stressed.02:19
DDR@JTech: I put everything on the SSD, then dealt with the HDD later.02:19
JTech"you don't need a separate /boot partition unles syou're encrypting your root partition" don't they recommend you encrypt everything, which would include the root partition, meaning I need to, like they say, have a separate partition for /boot?02:20
DDRI mostly keep virtualbox files on the HDD, and some swap space for hibernation.02:20
DDRBut I set that up after the installation. No need to deal with it right away.02:20
DDRI did leave everything unencrypted though, since I have a tendency to kill installations every half-year or so.02:21
DDRIt's convenient to be able to back up without having to figure out how the encryption works in a recovery environment.02:22
JTechI don't have a way to backup right now anyway... I should have bought 2 new HDs instead of just 1 replacement HD.02:23
blackflownowadays you can even run with encrypted /boot02:23
lucas-arghey guys, which version of ubuntu should i install? 17.10.1 or 16.04?02:23
JTechencrypted boot?? h-how??02:23
donofriowhat do I need to go from 17.04 to 17.10 or is that a downgrade?  just want working accel video and instead of haveing mirror would like the Plugable UGA-3000 to be extra displays and not mirror02:24
Bashing-omlucas-arg: As you have to ask, then 16.04.1 - unless you have new hardware that 17.10.1 supports .02:25
JTechi feel like it should be easier for me at this point but I'm totally stalling.02:25
JTechwould it be simpler to make a separate unencrypted boot partition or to figure out how to encrypt over it?02:27
lucas-argBashing-om, then ill stay with LTS02:28
Bashing-omlucas-arg: Yepper . others are beta testing for the next LTS .02:29
kneekiI'm getting a permission denied error when trying to use: "watch -d -n 2 /var/log/apache2/website-error.log" any idea what gives?02:30
Bashing-omlucas-arg: Like above, ubless you know otherwise to do .. ya want to install 16,04.1 . That release avoids translating to upstream kernels and X stacks .02:31
JTechI only have 4GB of RAM. should my swap file go on my SSD or my HDD? I'm planning on getting more RAM but for now the SSD had priority.02:31
lucas-argthanks Bashing-om02:31
Bashing-om!hwe | lucas-arg02:32
ubottulucas-arg: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack02:32
JTechmy swap file would make things super slow before, but I was also using a 5400rpm HD and now I have a 7200. or similar numbers.02:32
JTechinstalling is stressful. I need a break. getting the GRUB2 to work was enough work.02:33
blackflowJTech: I tried it once but that's it. iirc it only took setting GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y in /etc/default/grub. /boot was part of /, so not separate, which was ext4 atop LUKS partition. It worked fine, except I had to type in the passphrase _twice_, once for grub bootloader, and once again to unlock the same partition over for root.02:33
blackflowJTech: btw, encrypting disks is really useful only to protect the data once the disk leaves your computer(s). it does not protect against any other vector, as it can be easily attacked with trojaned bootlader.02:34
blackflowmeaning, you're safe even if you don't encrypt /boot02:35
DDRYeah. I have to turn the swap file off when I'm not hibernating.02:36
DDRWhich is what brings me here today.02:37
DDRAnyone know how to make baloo-extractor not use 20gb of my 24gb of ram?02:37
DDRI like baloo. It just seems to leak memory like a sieve.02:38
DDRIt wouldn't be a problem if baloo-extractor was the thing that got pushed to swap, but nooo.02:39
DDRIt seems to push everything else I'm actually using to swap, which makes the system unresponsive for minutes at a time.02:39
grenoHello anybody? Just a quick question about Testdisk and missing partitions...02:43
JTechblackflow, what?? that makes encryption sound completely useless!02:44
grenoAfter an interrupted 'move' command with kubuntu partition tool, I have two deleted partitions...02:45
blackflowJTech: it's not, tho'. protecting data in case of computer/disk theft is very useful.02:45
blackflowtheft, or decomissioning a faulty drive, etc...02:45
DDRThat. ^02:46
JTechwhy can't someone do that ... trojaned bootloader like you said?02:46
DDRgreno: rip :p02:46
DDRJTech: 'cause they don't have your password02:47
DDRAssuming the HDD is encrypted.02:47
blackflowJTech: because trojaned bootloader makes sense when your disk is in use. the bootloader could be trojaned to syphon off the passphrase and continue normally. think remote servers, or attacking unattended laptop.02:48
JTechso that would only apply if... they had access to your computer, but put that trojaned bootloader on and gave it back to you, hoping you would unlock it for them.02:48
blackflowJTech: pretty much.02:48
JTechok, thanks for the info.02:49
blackflowgiven how bad USB is nowadays, it could be done in a few seconds by plugging in a USB stick while you're not looking. ASSUMING a secondary vulnerability that'd allow that, which given the state of security these days, is not unlikely.02:49
JTechyeah. I'm getting paranoid these days. I plugged a USB stick into my mom's laptop to see if it would boot and her wireless died. installed that right off Xubuntu's website, confirmed MD5checksum and all. so who's the weak link? me?02:51
JTechwe're all compromised02:51
JTechnow anything most of us do is just like trying to catch vommit after it's already spilled on the floor, or cover your genitals after they've already been seen. what's the point?02:52
JTechmaybe so it takes bigger boys to have an excuse to treat you badly.02:53
JTechso the NSA won't bother locking you up for pirating software, but maybe one day some local group {law enforcement or ISP or I dunno what} just rolls over on whatever company wanders by and asks them to roll over on you.02:54
DDRThat's probably a driver issue there, more than anything else.02:54
JTechoh, the laptop.02:55
JTechshe just got it. I think it's refurbished. with Xubuntu on it.02:55
JTechI'll have another look at it after I've gotten my stuff installed and set up.02:56
JTechuhg. why is "/" not sufficient "mount point" for this partition to install the OS onto??02:58
JTechdo I need multiple partitions after all?02:58
JTechah. I just had to put /home on the HDD02:59
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JTechoh. is this supposed to be "physical vollume for encryption" instead of ext4??03:04
JTechsecurity key. is that supposed to be a long string of random characters, or an easily remembered password?03:05
JTechwhy isn't the installation guide more verbose? it doesn't cover any of this.03:05
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Guest41310any chinese?03:07
Guest41310teach me how to use ubuntu03:07
Guest41310wechat 1881096405803:07
JTechoh.... this process only works on computers with UEFI.... I don't think I have that.03:10
JTechso maybe I need to set up that boot partition after all. :S03:13
tony__hello,anyone there03:13
tatertotstony__: are you having a issue technical in nature? yes or no03:14
tatertotstony__: ok cool beans...take care03:14
tony__this is my 1st time on this line.03:14
tony__how to @ another one ?03:15
tony__where r u03:16
tatertotson your computer screen...where else03:17
tony__whick nation ? I mean ...03:17
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tatertotsit's a place called your computer screen...it's just north of your keyboard03:18
bazhangtony__, #ubuntu-offtopic for chat please03:18
tony__oh ,this is a support talk, sorry...03:19
tony__i quit...03:19
JTechdo I need to unmount all HDDs that aren't being formatted for the new system in order to use LUKS?03:19
JTechis the installer in memory, that it's safe to unmount the drive I booted the installer from?03:20
JTechit's not, is it... if I want LUKS I bet I need to unmount the old HDD, which means putting the ISO on a USB stick and attempting to get that back into GRUB2, right?03:21
JTechor is it all fine, and LUKS is an option underneath encryption?03:22
JTechlike encryption, then LUKS, then ext4?03:23
bazhangJTech, is this the xubuntu iso from a debian install on usb stick03:23
JTechbazhang, hah. well... it was. right now it's on a HDD.03:23
bazhangJTech, are you trying to install the iso from hdd with grub03:24
JTechbazhang, yeah. it's working but I'm not sure I can use LUKS on the new drives with the old drive still mounted. but I'm not sure if I can unmount the drive the ISO is on while I'm installing.03:25
bazhangJTech, the iso from grub is more of a recovery type sitautaion, not an installer one03:26
tatertotsJTech: you mean in the future it will be on a HDD, since the "installation" has not reached %100 completion03:26
tatertotsJTech: %99 is NOT equal to %10003:26
JTechwell my motherboard can't boot USB and I have no optical drive.03:26
bazhangJTech, what you are proposing has no way to finalize the installation03:27
JTechtatertots, no, I mean the installer ISO is on an old HDD. I'm trying to install onto new storage, but I can't understand the message it's telling me about whether I need to unmount the old drive or not.03:27
bazhangJTech, so were you to have an optical drive, you could install from cd/dvd03:28
tatertotsJTech: if you boil it all down...."are you booted to livecd/liveusb right now? yes or no03:29
JTech"do you want the installer to try to unmount the partitions on these disks before continuing? if you leave them mounted, you will not be able to create, delete, or resize partitions on THESE DISKS, but you may be able to install to existing partitions there."03:29
tatertotsjust yes or no03:29
JTechtatertots, I think so. I've got a desktop with "Install Xubuntu" on it.03:29
bazhangtatertots, he has the iso via grub, and wants to full install like that03:29
tatertotsbazhang: makes sense03:30
bazhangtatertots, but that wont let him finalize the install03:30
JTechI thought it was only referring to "these disks" in regard to the ones with existing partitions it's asking if I should unmount, but when I decided not to unmount them I'm given options to partition the new drives but nothing about LUKS.03:30
JTechbazhang, why can't I finalize it? I'm installing from one HD onto another. they're not the same HD.03:31
bazhangJTech, so if you were to have an optical drive, you could install via cd/dvd?03:31
JTechbazhang, .... theoretically. but that's irrelevant.03:32
JTechbecause I don't have one.03:32
bazhangJTech, you have an iso via grub, thats recovery NOT install03:32
JTechI'm running the installation right now.03:33
JTechfine. no answers. I'll have to try trial and error to see what works.03:34
JTechlet's find out if unmounting the drive that the installer ISO is on will stop the installer from working.03:34
bazhangJTech, please let it run, unitl it comes time to remove the usb/cd finalize stage03:35
bazhangJTech, we are actively answering you now, please be patient more than five seconds03:35
JTechit's not running because I'm stuck making decisions on the partitioning. because I want encryption and LUKS {I GUESS i want LUKS?? maybe it's not worth this hassle} but I can't figure out how to get it.03:36
JTechnope. it still left it mounted. I guess the installer isn't in memory, it's completely on the drive it asked if I should unmount.03:38
JTechencrypt and LVM are greyed out. I guess I can't do those things unless I put the installer on a drive that doesn't already have Ubuntu on it. {it's a broken version but I want to retrieve my files from it but I don't have any backup other than the new storage I'm trying to format.}03:39
JTech... maybe switching to the USB flash drive won't be difficult at all compared to initially getting it to work in GRUB2. *hopeful*03:42
krytarikJTech: "sudo umount -l /isodevice", fwiw.03:44
JTechthe installer wouldn't let me, probably because that would break the installation.03:44
krytarik(Notice the '-l' option is the important bit.)03:45
shadalooi am getting this error fatal error: cuda_runtime_api.h: No such file or directory03:46
shadalooany ideas?03:46
shadalooor a better channel for support???03:46
bazhangshadaloo, is that some miner software issue?03:47
JTechi tried to unmount them and it won't. even with that command.03:54
JTechhuh.... and the Gigabyte motherboard is worse than I thought. not only won't it boot USB, it won't let me access it even from GRUB03:54
JTechlooks like this motherboard might make it impossible for me to install with LUKS and encryption.03:55
JTechoh.... all those edits I made to the GRUB menu are reverted. :O03:56
JTechI realized I can't boot without the GRUB on the HD with existing OSes on them.04:03
JTechI know I did this before somehow. I wonder if the other Gigabyte motherboard I have is capable of booting USB... That'd be a lot of work disassembling almost my whole computer just on a chance...just to get encryption and LUKS.04:04
JTechI'm really tired. I should put this off until tomorrow. 2 days of work. so close.04:05
lotuspsychjeJTech: plop boot manager can run usb at boot from any older systems, give it a try04:05
lotuspsychjeJTech: you need to burn it on a cd/dvd though04:05
JTechlotuspsychje, no optical drive. :(04:06
lotuspsychjeJTech: then perhaps load .iso from grub?04:06
lotuspsychjebit more complicated04:06
JTechlotuspsychje, yeah. problem is the motherboard seems to be blocking me from loading USB devices even in GRUB, not just being unable to boot them.04:07
lotuspsychjeJTech: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot04:07
JTechI do a ls and only see the old HD with 3 partitions, then 2 other drives with no file systems on them {probably the new blank HDD and SSD}04:08
lotuspsychjeJTech: this technique loads your iso from grub, not the usb way04:08
JTechlike I do a ls in the grub menu.04:08
bazhanglotuspsychje, thats more of a rescue disk thing04:09
lotuspsychjebazhang: he wants to install ubuntu, and spent days here already because he cant get usb booted04:09
bazhanglotuspsychje, he wants to install to the hdd and have installer in memory to allow unmounting of the disk04:09
lotuspsychjebazhang: perhaps his last resort?04:10
bazhanglotuspsychje, oh yes of that I am very aware04:10
JTechthe problem is I can't boot GRUB without the HDD with the existing OSes on them, and once I'm at that point I can't get rid of those partitions to allow the Xubuntu installation to do encryption and LUKS because it can't get rid of the HDD.04:10
JTecheven if I could put the installer on a USB device, I need the HDD to get GRUB, and then can't get rid of the HDD during installation.04:11
lotuspsychjeJTech: ESC or hold shift doenst load grub?04:11
JTechlotuspsychje, load GRUB from what? the HDD with existing OSes will load GRUB, but then I can't get rid of the HD to install properly.04:12
JTechthere's no way to boot without that HDD because there's no way to boot anything but HDDs.04:12
tatertotsJTech: do you have a fully functional, %100 completed fully installed ubuntu operating system on any disk "internal" to the computer? yes or no04:13
JTech.... maybe if I had a spare HD I could just put the ISO and GRUB on... but I don't think I have one to spare.04:13
JTechtatertots, no.04:13
JTechI got a HDD with functional Debian, and broken Xubuntu {that I want to retrieve files from}04:14
tatertotsJTech: good..04:14
* oerheks mumbles UEFI04:14
tatertotsJTech: you physically own more than one desktop/laptop computer? yes or no04:16
lotuspsychjeJTech: your story keeps getting more weird...you said you had award bios last time to me, now you say uefi?04:16
JTechtatertots, yes. currently on laptop.04:16
JTechlotuspsychje, no. Award BIOS with no UEFI.04:16
tatertotsJTech: how many computers do you physically own (grand total)? (a numerical value is expected as a response)04:17
JTechhm.... the laptop is technically loaned to me, but it's a junker. 2.04:17
tatertotsJTech: how many computers do you physically own (grand total)? (a numerical value is expected as a response)04:18
JTechoh man. I was right. {I think?} previous Gigabyte motherboard DOES have UEFI. Does that let me boot USB?04:18
lotuspsychjeJTech: JTechoh and in 2nd last line, vmlinuz.efi instead of vmlinuz04:18
krytariklotuspsychje: (That's just for 64-bit.)04:20
tatertotsJTech: you have a grand total of 2 computers (embellishing some)04:21
tatertotsJTech: 1of2 has no functional operating system, according to your own testimony04:21
JTechno. it's got Debian on it. same HDD but different partition has broken Xubuntu.04:22
tatertotsJTech: does computer 2of2 have a fully functional, %100 completed, fully installed operating system of any variety install to the "internal" disks?   yes or no04:22
tatertotsJTech: name the title of the operating system in use on computer 2of2?04:23
JTechXubuntu {laptop}04:24
JTechbut the only way to use the laptop would be with an external enclosure for a HDD.04:24
tatertotsJTech: good.04:24
tatertotsJTech: just keep following me and play the game :)04:24
tatertotsJTech: are you chatting from computer 2of2 right now? yes or no04:25
tatertotsJTech: open terminal04:25
JTechalready open04:26
tatertotsJTech: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit sosreport04:26
tatertotsJTech: let me know when done04:26
JTechtatertots, done04:27
tatertotsJTech: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit04:27
tatertotsJTech: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link....say so04:27
tatertotsJTech: sudo sosreport04:29
tatertotsJTech: use your chat screen name04:29
tatertotsJTech: press ENTER until it has begun04:29
tatertotsJTech: you  have no id due to stranger danger04:30
jrgilmanHey you guys have any experience with vm.overcommit_memory?04:30
tatertotsJTech: let me know when done04:31
JTechsorry. got confused by it asking for two names ... and some kind of crash04:31
tatertotsJTech: your first name is "J"04:32
tatertotsJTech: your last name is "Tech"04:32
JTechI put JTech both times. :S04:32
tatertotsJTech: using the method of addition or merge04:32
tatertotsJTech: = JTech04:32
JTechit finished.04:33
tatertotsJTech: arithmetically speaking04:33
JTechsosreport and checksum.04:33
JTech{am I gonna get DDOSed with this info? :> for all the trouble I caused earlier?}04:34
tatertotsJTech: you are in good hands ...with salty small potato snacks :)04:34
* JTech licks lips04:34
JTechthe sosreport finished04:36
lotuspsychje!details | jrgilman04:39
ubottujrgilman: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.04:39
donofriohelp my system look like this https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsBlZbBf72iNoL4wDWDAEhca6moTVg how do I fix the mirror issue ;(04:39
donofrio(ignore onedrive login)04:39
donofriohow do I get my video working in ubuntu "[AMD/ATI] RV530/M56-P [Mobility Radeon X1600]" I also have two Bus 001 Device 003: ID 17e9:4324/Bus 001 Device 005: ID 17e9:4324 that are only mirroring internal imac display (https://apaste.info/D7EM)04:42
oerheksIIRC there is a restriction to 3 monitors, with the open source radeon driver ??04:48
oerheks"  without any need to create or edit an xorg.conf file"  https://askubuntu.com/questions/106683/any-really-decent-way-to-get-three-monitors04:48
JTechw-what's in sosreport?05:00
kneekiIs there an Apache channel?05:01
oerhekskneeki, sure, #apache2 and #ubuntu-server ofcourse05:02
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"05:02
kneekigotcha! thanks05:03
donofriooerheks, context the imac has a 20 inch (I believe) I have a external connector that the imac provides then I have two "Plugable UGA-3000" usb to dvi adaptors05:08
donofriooerheks, so I'm only use dualhead from the imac and each uga apator is a seprate video card05:08
donofriobut it's mirroring the secondry output from the imac now (positions ok now but want to pit imac and monitor ion that table where they are now...or get usb 3.0 hub and two more connectors to drive th elft monitors05:09
oerheksdonofrio, oh 2 cargs, i have no experience with that, if it is a static setup, i would write an xorg.conf too05:10
lotuspsychjedonofrio: perhaps try with xrandr also?05:10
lotuspsychje!xrandr | donofrio05:10
ubottudonofrio: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1205:10
donofrioonce I figure out positioning of these...would like to rerun this wiard gui script I seen first time it asked left or right....;(05:10
donofriolotuspsychje, xrandr reports https://apaste.info/n85T05:12
lotuspsychjedonofrio: xrandr --auto fixes anything?05:13
donofrionope, still mirrored05:13
lotuspsychjedonofrio: ok, graphics drivers installed correctly also?05:15
donofrioseems to be in that the pluggable are detected05:15
donofrionot worred about the ati yet05:15
lotuspsychjedonofrio: doublecheck sudo lshw -C video to make sure nothing shows unclaimed05:16
donofriolotuspsychje, only shows built in video https://apaste.info/YQSv05:17
lotuspsychjedonofrio: but you said dont mind the ati?05:18
donofriowell I do want ati refresh working and I've not tired yet but would even more like the no mirroring but have four working displays05:19
lotuspsychjedonofrio: lsusb shows your usb to dvi converter?05:21
donofrioI used to have a notebook with two dvi out and the two pluggable running four monitors under windows 10 https://1drv.ms/i/s!AsBlZbBf72iNoKBbXWXOkBukPnyo5A now I'm on ubuntu on  my imac cause I gave back the notebook to work.05:22
lotuspsychjedonofrio: wich ubuntu are you on?05:23
donofriohow do I get my video working in ubuntu "[AMD/ATI] RV530/M56-P [Mobility Radeon X1600]" I also have two Bus 001 Device 003: ID 17e9:4324/Bus 001 Device 005: ID 17e9:4324 that are only mirroring internal imac display (https://apaste.info/D7EM)05:23
donofriothat paste shows ubuntu version05:23
donofriolotuspsychje, lsusb output https://apaste.info/l6yD05:24
lotuspsychjedonofrio: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-set-up-multiple-monitors-in-linux/05:25
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: welcome, what can we do for you?05:28
za1b1tsuI am using ubuntu gnome and I have this boink sound when I do a mistake, press backspace too much on login etc05:28
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: that sound is normal05:28
za1b1tsucan I get rid of it, without getting rid of notifications sounds?05:29
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: you could also not hit backspace too much so sound doesnt boink?05:29
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: click username, enter password?05:30
za1b1tsuit's not only that when I press some wrong key combinations as well. I just gave an example when I hear it.05:30
za1b1tsuI'm new man, I will learn, but the sound is annyoing that's all05:30
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: settings/sound/effects is what you look for?05:32
za1b1tsuyeah but that would disable all notifications05:32
za1b1tsuI would like to choose when to hear it or not05:33
lol-md5running `umake android android-studio` gives me this error:05:34
lol-md5ERROR: https://dl.google.com/dl/android/studio/ide-zips/ couldn't finish download: The checksum of https://dl.google.com/dl/android/studio/ide-zips/ doesn't match. Corrupted download? Aborting.05:35
lol-md5i get that twice05:35
donofriolotuspsychje, best comment in that link "beware this is at least 9 years old "05:35
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: cant you lower volume for each sound as you wish?05:36
za1b1tsumaybe I don't understand something. I can lower the sound, but I lower it for all notifications no?05:37
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: mm just tested cant change speratly05:39
JJLuna23z1b1tsu: I doubt that is possible atm05:40
JJLunaza1b1tsu*: I doubt that is possible atm05:40
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: maybe check on dconf-editor?05:40
za1b1tsuoh well, I changed it to something less annoying 'Glass'05:40
za1b1tsulotuspsychje, JJLuna Thank you for your contributions05:41
lotuspsychje!info dconf-editor | za1b1tsu05:41
ubottuza1b1tsu: dconf-editor (source: dconf-editor): simple configuration storage system - graphical editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.26.1-1 (artful), package size 284 kB, installed size 1482 kB05:41
oerhekslol-md5, there is a snap > sudo snap install android-studio --classic --candidate05:46
lol-md5hel no05:46
lol-md5i won't use snap cause it's centralized05:46
lol-md5i mean so is umake05:46
lol-md5but still :P05:46
lol-md5and IIRC all devs have to agree to some canonical agreement when they submit to snap05:47
lol-md5i would rather use flatpak tbh, although i wish that worked on headless boxes05:47
jnewttrying to get vnc session or preferably teamviewer on my desktop from my laptop.  it seems my de is not responding to teamviewers requests, i'm seeing errors like MonitorInfo.GetShownMonitorInfo() Invalid monitor: iIndex=0 iMonitorCount=005:48
oerheks.. not sure i understand your arguments, you would get the same android, why do you prefer umake over snap?05:48
lol-md5isn't snap virtualized06:01
oerheksyou can run android studio in kvm, i read this in the installer somewhere06:01
oerheks.. but headless?06:01
jnewtsudo start lightdm or sudo service lightdm start should start up everthing needed for a de right?  or is there other stuff that i need to do like mate-session 16.04 LTS ubuntu06:02
JJLunajnewt: systemctl start lightdm should do it06:14
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jnewtJJLuna: shouldn't xrandr give some output after lightdm is started?06:15
JJLunajnewt: what output?06:16
jnewtJJLuna, something about the connected displays06:17
jnewtanything really, all i get is this:06:17
lol-md5oerheks: i don't run it headless06:17
lol-md5i was just disliking how flatpak doesn't like headless06:17
lol-md5thanks oerheks06:17
lol-md5for the link06:17
jnewtCan't open display06:17
oerheksoh i see, have fun!06:17
rumflumpis there a way to stop apt-get from continuing to downlaod a large file (flashplugin-installer) but allow it to install the other software updates that it has already downloaded?06:18
JJLunajnerwt: Are you able to boot into lightdm? And subsequently into MATE?06:19
oerheksrumflump, not that i know of, you could use pinning before apt-get, or remove flash06:20
lotuspsychjerumflump: keep it install and purge after like oerheks suggests06:20
donofriolotuspsychje, got it working but it's ssooooo slow to refresh the two screens - https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsBlZbBf72iNoL4zQo9XvZWdUNfvOA06:20
JJLunarumflump: can't you hold packages?06:20
rumflumpokdokey. that's what I get for blindly accepting the whole kit and caboodle with apt-get upgrade :)06:21
jnewtJJLuna, yeah, when I'm local I can boot into the system just fine.  and normally when not, like now, i use teamviewer, but it can't seem to connect to a display for some reason, and i'm not too well versed with the xorg / lightdm / mate-session xrandr stuff enough to figure out why everything thinks i have no display or monitors06:21
rumflumpat 40 kb/sec you have a lot of time to feel regret06:21
JJLunarumflump: apt-mark hold flashplugin-installer06:22
donofriothat was don by disalbleing the right top monitor then I could move the displays that felt position locked around then I applyed it actved the output and put it next to left top screen and apply and poof it's the way I want it but man is it slow06:22
rumflumpoh, that's what you meant by hold. willdo, thanks!06:23
rumflumpafter a ctrl z right?06:23
JJLunarumflump: flash is cancer, be sure to remove it later :)06:24
tatertotsjnewt: do you have "physical" access to both computers right now? yes or no06:24
tatertotsjnewt: okay06:25
rumflumpaway with it and a few other things06:25
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rumflumpgonna hold papyrus icons too, that's a huuuuge download and I don't need the latest06:25
tatertotsjnewt: you do not have "physical" access to the computer you are having trouble with? true or false06:25
tatertotsjnewt: the computer you are having trouble with is at a remote location? true or false06:26
tatertotsjnewt: you can, via ANY method access the remote computer? true or false06:27
tatertotsjnewt: you have established remote access to the remote computers terminal right now? yes or no06:27
tatertotsjnewt: in the remote computers terminal enter the following06:28
tatertotsjnewt: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit06:28
tatertotsjnewt: let me know when done06:28
tatertotsjnewt: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit06:29
tatertotsjnewt: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link...say so06:29
donofriofwiw mine is http://paste.ubuntu.com/26383038/06:33
donofrioat least all four displays are working no more mirroring06:33
donofriojust sooooo slow on top monitors when playing youtube06:33
tatertotsjnewt: you want to see a GUI/graphical user interface on this computer? true or false06:34
tatertotsjnewt: then houston we have a problem06:34
tatertotsjnewt: Display Server: N/06:35
tatertotsjnewt: Display Server: N/A06:35
tatertotsjnewt: just take a look at your "Graphics" section06:35
tatertotsjnewt: that ain't looking right at all06:35
tatertotsjnewt: not if you want a GUI06:36
tatertotswith teamviewer remotely and all06:36
tatertotsjnewt: you need a display server runnning06:36
tatertotsjnewt: and from what i gather...you do not have a display server running06:36
tatertotsjnewt: now there may be a logical explanation that you personally may have for this....but i don't have that information06:37
tatertotsjnewt: under normal healthy circumstances that is where i'd expect to see if you were a wayland user or Xorg user06:38
tatertotsjnewt: but in this / your circumstance06:39
tatertotsjnewt: X appears to be N/A06:39
jnewtthere's no logical reason.  i installed the os, when i am at the machine i log it and have a display, when i am away, i can use teamviewer if i need a gui.  until today.  i have no special circumstances other than it's dual boot with a couple of shared partitions.06:39
jnewtsomething happened since either yesterday when i used the machine physically, or between now and the last time i used teamviewer.06:40
tatertotsjnewt: would you mind if i ask you a few simple yes or no questions in order to gather more detail about your symptom(s) and or ailments?06:40
jnewtthat's fine.06:41
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tatertotsjnewt: when did you first notice and or observe the symptom?06:42
jnewttoday, approximately 2 hours ago06:43
tatertotsjnewt: sudo apt install sosreport06:43
tatertotsjnewt: let me know when done06:43
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ryodid anyone tried mrtg in ubuntu ?07:09
=== zed is now known as Guest57624
ryoubuntu@ubuntu:/var/www/mrtg$ sudo indexmaker --output=/var/www/mrtg/index.html /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg ERROR: did not find any matching data in cfg file07:11
ryoany one know why get this error ?  what kind of data missing ? shall i input manually?07:13
oerheksi think you want  /etc/mrtg.cfg  .,.,. http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-and-configure-mrtg-on-ubuntu-16-04-server.html07:13
oerheksindexmaker /etc/mrtg.cfg > /var/www/html/mrtg/index.html07:14
oerheksand the work dir is /var/www/html/mrtg07:15
ryo@oerheks    yes , i reference this https://www.iceflatline.com/2009/08/how-to-install-and-configure-mrtg-on-ubuntu-server/07:15
oerheksare you on 14.04 LTS???07:15
ryook ,i will try now07:15
oerheksit has changed, if i read correctly07:15
ryo16.04 lts07:16
oerheksoke, then that 2009 howto is a little outdated. maybe there are more hint in this newer one.. have fun!07:16
ryo  -_- !07:17
ryoubuntu@ubuntu:/var/www/mrtg$ sudo systemctl snmpd restart Unknown operation snmpd.07:29
ryoi had installed snmpd snmp properly ,  but command not recogliz07:30
ryowhats happening07:30
oerheksenable it first?07:31
oerhekssudo systemctl snmpd enable07:32
JJLunaryo: wrong format07:32
ryoubuntu@ubuntu:/var/www/mrtg$ sudo systemctl snmpd restart Unknown operation snmpd.07:32
JJLunaryo: you meant sudo systemctl restart snmpd07:32
ryolooks same ,master07:32
JJLunaryo: they're not07:33
oerhekssystemctl status snmpd07:33
ryoJJLUna ,    u r right ,its works  ,my command wrong07:33
ryoubuntu@ubuntu:/var/www/html$ sudo cfgmaker @ > /etc/mrtg.cfg bash: /etc/mrtg.cfg: Permission denied07:41
ryomaster ,what about his07:41
JJLunaryo: did you redact anything?07:44
JJLunaryo: or did you literally type that?07:44
JJLunaryo: by redact i am referring to user and ip07:45
ducasseryo: the user 'ubuntu' does not have permission to write to /etc07:45
JJLunaryo: sudo bash -c "cfgmaker user@ip > /etc/mrtg.cfg"07:46
ryook ,i get it , website just give the command sample07:46
ryo i should put   sudo cfgmaker  public@localhost  > /etc/mrtg.cfg07:47
JJLunaShould work as well07:47
ryosame permission deined07:47
ryoi will try ur command JJLuna07:48
ryoubuntu@ubuntu:/var/www/html$ sudo cfgmaker public@localhost >/etc/mrtg.cfg bash: /etc/mrtg.cfg: Permission denied ubuntu@ubuntu:/var/www/html$ sudo bash -C "cfgmaker public@localhost >/etc/mrtg.cfg" bash: cfgmaker public@localhost >/etc/mrtg.cfg: No such file or directory07:49
ryobut /etc/mrtg.cfg its true exist ,07:49
JJLunaryo: make sure you substitute public and localhost with your own07:49
ryou meant /etc/hosts file ?07:49
ryo127.0.0.1 localhost ubuntu07:50
ryo its there07:50
JJLunaryo: I don't think you have a 'public' user acc07:51
JJLunaryo: that's just an example, don't copy it blindly07:51
ryopublic its not community of SNMP ?  its meant a user name of OS?07:52
ryoshall i put root@localhost07:52
oerheksmaybe it is a space typo .. sudo bash -C "cfgmaker public@localhost > /etc/mrtg.cfg"07:53
oerheksnot sure, why not just: sudo cfgmaker public@localhost > /etc/mrtg.cfg07:53
ducasseshouldn't that be a 'c', not 'C'?07:54
ryo oerheks i do as follow http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-and-configure-mrtg-on-ubuntu-16-04-server.html07:54
JJLunaryo: give me some time07:55
JJLunaryo: i haven't been following earlier convos07:55
ducassetry 'sudo cfgmaker public@localhost | sudo tee -a /etc/mrtg.cfg'07:55
ryoducasse , it works ...    maybe   ">" need  root permission too07:57
ducasseryo: you need root permissions on the right side of it, yes07:57
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JJLunaryo: I've just finished the setup, I got past that by going into root using sudo su08:00
JJLunaryo: although it's probably not recommended08:00
ryo  ducasse ,  if in the future i face samiliar case where to  insert sudo again ?08:00
ryosudo cfgmaker public@host | sudo > /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg   like this ?08:00
oerhekssudo -i # would be the ubuntu way08:01
JJLunaryo: to avoid this you can just go into sudo -i08:01
oerhekssomething with environment trouble, not sure what08:01
ducasseryo: use tee like i showed you08:01
cyphexHey, can anyone tell me if ubuntu GNOME 17.04 suffers from the same kernel bug as 17.10?08:03
JJLunacyphex: Hi! What kernel bug08:04
cyphexJJLuna: wow, didn't expect to see you here08:04
cyphexthe one where it corrupts your bios after you boot it08:04
cyphexon some machines at least08:04
JJLunacyphex: Are you converting to Ubuntu for real?08:04
cyphexdon't ask08:05
JJLunacyphex: oh yes you're on a lenovo08:05
oerhekscyphex, 17.04 won' t be patched, so yes08:05
oerheksand is EOL now08:05
cyphexoh, one more thing, what's the latest kernel release on LTS?08:06
ducasseactually, no - afaik 17.04 did not have that bug08:06
JJLunacyphex: isn't 17.04 reaching EOL soon?08:06
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2017. See !eol and !eolupgrade08:07
JJLunaOkay my bad08:07
oerheksunfortunatly not a friday :-(08:07
cyphexI guess I'll go with the LTS version then08:07
cyphexhave the meltdown patches rolled out yet?08:08
JJLunacyphex: Are you actually doing this lmao08:08
cyphexdon't tell anyone08:08
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti08:08
cyphexthank you08:08
cyphexJJLuna: remember, if anyone asks, I'm still on gentoo08:09
oerhekshave fun!08:09
JJLunacyphex: got it08:09
oerheksi think it is just a markething thingy, to boost intel sales08:09
ryoJJLuna,  when u did this ,    indexmaker /etc/mrtg.cfg > /var/www/html/mrtg/index.html    have u got error08:14
ryoi got error "did not find any match data in cfg file"08:14
JJLunaryo: which guide are you using? This step wasn't present in the one you sent08:15
ryoam using this one http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-and-configure-mrtg-on-ubuntu-16-04-server.html08:15
ryoubuntu@ubuntu:/etc/mrtg$ sudo indexmaker /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg | sudo tee -a  /var/www/html/mrtg/index.html ERROR: did not find any matching data in cfg file08:16
JJLunaryo: 1 minute08:16
ducasseryo: didn't you use /etc/mrtg.cfg in the previous step?08:17
oerheksducasse, +108:18
ryoi saw in his case  /etc/mrtg.cfg , in my cases  its /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg08:18
JJLunaryo: this guide is error prone08:18
ryolocaltion need fixed ?08:18
JJLunaryo: one second08:19
JJLunaryo: i purged them all, so gotta redo08:20
ryoi guess its my fault , in the begining  mrtg.cfg  should not move anyway , i will do again also08:22
JJLunaryo: wait08:24
JJLunaryo: give me a minute08:25
JJLunaryo: Solved it.08:28
ryowhats  the point?08:28
JJLunaryo: That command indexmaker /etc/mrtg.cfg > /var/www/html/mrtg/index.html is not needed08:29
JJLunaryo: unless you run into an error during 'cfgmaker public@localhost > /etc/mrtg.cfg'08:30
ryothat's a plan of failure safe?08:30
ryo -_-!08:30
JJLunaryo: never mind, br08:30
JJLunaryo: this guide is rubbish08:31
cyphexwhat are you guys trying to do?08:31
oerhekssorry to passed that guide, i thought it would be verified08:31
ryoits ok bro ,i am just trying someting funny in mrtg , to monitor home servers . nothing serious08:33
ryoprevously i saw in IDC center using this  monitor network , interst08:34
NarretHi! I'm creating an ISO for Ubuntu 17.10 so that I can dual boot, and I was wondering if I could ask a couple of questions while that loads?08:36
JJLunaryo: getting close08:36
oerheksNarret, make sure you have 17.10.1 http://releases.ubuntu.com/17.10.1/08:37
NarretIs 17.10 also Artful Aardvark, or is that just 17.10.1?08:38
oerheksNarret, it is also aardvark, but without the bios trouble08:38
NarretOh. Is that for the Intel CPU issues, or the laptop booting issues?08:39
oerheksit is not an intel bug, that is spectre and that other one that came into light after new year08:40
oerheksyeah, i was thinking about fukushima..08:41
NarretAlright, I checked and I'm making an ISO of 17.10.108:41
oerheksoke, your good08:41
Narret :)08:41
NarretSo I was wondering about something else, too. I have a 250gb SSD and I'm planning on adding a 1TB HDD when I get around to it in the future. If I'm partitioning my SSD to give Windows 150gb and Linux 100 for examlpe, will I also be able to split up the HDD so that both OSes can use portions of it?08:43
oerheksyou can, but ubuntu can read/write to ntfs, for data only, not for programs.08:44
oerheksntfs does not support file permissions08:45
NarretOh, so I could just keep a big folder for files to use in Linux and keep my programs on the SSD?08:45
NarretThat'd probably the best idea anyways since the SSD will affect program load times the most08:46
oerheksNarret, jups, most of us do, so any reinstall won' t hurt your data08:46
oerheksssd is fun, not the speed, but the 0 sec seektime gives performance08:47
NarretWait, what about a reinstall?08:48
NarretSorry if there's something I'm missing here, I have really little Linux experience in the past08:49
oerheksif you wipe and reinstall, normally your data is gone, if you usse your 2nd hdd as data drive, it is safe08:50
oerheksyou *could* reserve space for linux/ext4 to store data, but ntfs will do fine too08:50
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punkgeekhello, is there any good virtual keyboard for kubuntu 16.04? I can't find any good virtual keyboard for plasma 5.808:52
NarretOh, so I don't need to reinstall but if I did do it I could save my files on the HDD?08:53
oerheksNarret, sure08:53
oerhekspunkgeek, kvkbd is a good virtual keyboard08:54
NarretAlright, thanks for clearing that up with me :)08:54
JJLunaryo: try this08:55
JJLunaryo: head over into your router settings, enable SNMP08:56
oerheksOnBoard works too, and there is also QtVirtualKeyboard for the Wayland session08:56
JJLunaryo: when using cfgmaker, substitute 'localhost' with your default gateway08:56
punkgeekoerheks, how can i install that on kubuntu 16.04?08:59
ryo@JJLuna ,   am doing uninstall everthing , ensure enviroment clean  . want startover again09:01
oerhekslika all other software, via Konsole or Muon softwarecenter? or install detailled softwarecenter KPackageKit09:01
oerheksMuon gives metapackages only, IIRC09:01
ryo yesterday i tried another guide , finally get samilar error , only can open apache pages09:01
ryosame as today09:02
=== r0Oter is now known as r00ter
JJLunaryo: solved it :)09:07
JJLunaDude I just solved it T_T09:13
JJLunaoerheks: you there?09:14
JJLunaoerheks: I gotta roll soon. I'll write down the instructions. Can you paste the link to him IF he ever comes back?09:15
oerheksJJLuna, i' ll be here for another 30 minutes, so maybe i can..09:16
JJLunaoerheks: if you ever see him again that is, lol09:16
oerheksoh, ryo is a regular customer :-D09:17
JJLunagetting to it now09:18
oerheksJJLuna, you might want to post it on http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-and-configure-mrtg-on-ubuntu-16-04-server.html too ..09:19
=== LabMonkey is now known as Mechanismus
JJLunaoerheks: I'm done09:43
cmannsIf you auto purge packages, does it remove config files etc?09:57
linus1Hi folks. I'm trying to use ubuntu in a systemd-nspawn container, and makedev doesn't seem to like that (understandably). What's the most appropriate solution? AFAIU systemd-nspawn takes care of what makedev otherwise would, so I could just uninstall makedev but that also removes ubuntu-minimal10:00
linus1I could also disable the makedev service while keeping the makedev and ubuntu-minimal packages around, which seems like the most appropriate thing to do, but if anyone can correct me on that please do :)10:01
linus1oh hm makedev's package description says it shouldn't even be necessary on modern linux systems because udev essentially replaces it. Any particular reason ubuntu-minimal depends on it then?10:02
linus1uh, just saw that makedev is in fact not a systemd service. So scratch that solution10:03
MJCDworkhola I am using a bluetooth headset and its working fine10:08
MJCDworkwhen I was using xubuntu10:08
MJCDworkthe headset media controls (next, pause etc etc)10:08
MJCDworkall worked10:08
MJCDworknow on ubuntu 17 it shows a crossed circle sign10:08
MJCDworklike its gotten the message it just isnt passing it to youtube like xubuntu did by default10:09
MJCDworkwanting to get it working that way10:09
MJCDworknot have to come all the way back to the pc just to change the song or pause lol10:10
MJCDworkI think its setup by default to try and send those to the default music player10:12
MJCDworkrather than the focused window10:13
BluesKajHowdy folks10:46
BluesKajhi tatertots10:54
BluesKajI'm up too early as usual :/11:01
=== marve is now known as Guest77885
dbuggerHello everyonz11:09
dbugger have a very serious problem! My system does not want to boot! Most of the time, when i start my PC, I get a read error. Some times I might get a GRUB rescue, and once I managed to lon into my Ubuntu 17.10. Not even using the USB stick to install Ubuntu seems to work some times. What is going on??? What could I do?11:10
dbuggerPlease somebody help me :(11:11
=== riidom_ is now known as riidom
Der_KeksHello, is there a RSS-feed for torrent downloads of new ubuntu versions?11:22
blackflowdbugger: sounds like hardware issues ,if it's not consistently the same kind of error11:23
dbuggerblackflow, i am gonna trz rechecking the sata cables...11:33
=== SyntaxASI|OFF is now known as SyntaxASI
dbuggerwow, seems like it worked11:34
b2vhello everybody11:44
=== tom is now known as Guest5940
csravikmrhi all12:29
raddyHello Everybody12:29
raddyI am currently compressing a folder using tar -zcvf12:29
csravikmri am new to this... and i am looking for some help12:30
csravikmranyone willing to help me with ubuntu 17.10 issue?12:30
raddyCan i interupt the compressing process ?12:30
MJCDworkhey all- im following this - https://elinux.org/RPi_Easy_SD_Card_Setup#Flashing_the_SD_Card_using_Linux_.28including_on_a_Raspberry_Pi.21.2912:30
raddyOr the files be already included in the archive ?12:30
MJCDworkstep 4 is "Install the ImageWriter tool from the Ubuntu Software Center"12:30
MJCDworkbut it doesnt come up for me in the ubuntu software center or synaptic12:31
MJCDworkrufus on windows might work but idk any other tools in ubuntu12:32
MJCDworkso I want this one to work12:32
fishcookerhow to remapping the keyboard shortcut ?12:34
rumenacciocaiao tutti12:36
MJCDworkfishcooker, its just in the Settings app12:36
fishcookerwhich one , MJCDwork12:37
fishcookeri have buggy keyboard here12:37
MJCDworkfishcooker, there's only 1 official settings app in ubuntu12:37
MJCDworkso its in there haha12:37
TJ-MJCDwork: It's as easy to use the command line.12:37
raddyHello Everybody12:37
fishcookerand buggy touchpad12:37
MJCDworkTJ-, the frontends just use the cli stuff12:38
MJCDworkso if the frontend isnt finding it idk why cli would12:38
raddyWouldn't tar -zcvf doesn't free up space in while compression is going on ?12:38
kostkonMJCDwork, you could try with etcher https://etcher.io/12:38
MJCDworkill update my apt just to be sure12:38
kostkonMJCDwork, good all around image burn tool12:38
TJ-MJCDwork: identify the SDcard /dev/XXX node using  "udisksctl status", then "sudo dd if=<path/to/raspi.img> of=/dev/XXX bs=20M status=progress"12:38
raddyPlease help me12:39
MJCDworkkostkon, ill check that out - I use rufus on windows12:39
kostkonMJCDwork, https://github.com/resin-io/etcher#debian-and-ubuntu-based-package-repository-gnulinux-x86x6412:39
MJCDworkkostkon, great - thank you very much12:39
MJCDworkill take a look12:39
kostkonMJCDwork, np12:39
raddytar -zcvf won't free up space in the process of compression ?12:40
pankajwhat is difference between kicking and kickban a user?12:40
dstushar7 I got a problem with my terminal. Any experts here?12:41
MJCDworkpankaj, if they're banned they cant come back12:41
MJCDworkgenerally for 24 hours12:41
MJCDworkunless its someone extremely problematic12:41
MJCDwork!ask @ dstushar712:41
ubottuMJCDwork: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:41
pankajMJCDwork: Was it about kick or kickban?12:41
MJCDworkpankaj, kickban12:42
dstushar7ls command colors not working12:42
MJCDworkwith a kick you can rejoin immediately12:42
pankajMJCDwork: So, what about kickban?12:42
MJCDworkand will do so if you have autojoin enabled12:42
MJCDworkkickban you cannot, generally speaking12:42
pankajMJCDwork: OK, understood.12:42
MJCDworkkostkon, installing now :D12:43
dstushar7@MJCDwork The ls command colors are not working.12:44
csravikmrhi all .. i receive a dialog saying "error found when loading /home/ravi/.profile:" how to fix it???12:44
kostkonMJCDwork, thumbs up :)12:44
csravikmri am using ubuntu 17.1012:44
MJCDworkdstushar7, I have no idea what you are talking about and dont really care lol12:44
dstushar7Ahhhh thanks for your co operation -_-12:45
MJCDworkcsravikmr, perhaps try just recreating your profile12:45
alkisgcsravikmr: can you paste a screenshot? Also, what's the output of sh -n ~/.profile12:45
csravikmrthanks for reply but.. how to paste the .profile??? where??? sorry ... i am new here..12:46
midnightHey there. If anyone of the Ubuntu Wiki Editors team is reading this, I'd really appreciate him or her to write me a PM. Thanks in advance.12:51
Oliver_hi having trouble with chrooting a user12:51
=== Oliver_ is now known as saberu
saberusshd[4439]: fatal: bad ownership or modes for chroot directory component "/srv/"12:51
saberutried setting chown root and 755 etc on the srv directory subcomponent12:52
csravikmr^G Get Help  ^O Write Out ^W Where Is  ^K Cut Text  ^J Justify   ^C Cur Pos12:52
csravikmr^X Exit      ^R Read File ^\ Replace   ^U Uncut Text^T To Spell  ^_ Go To Line12:52
TJ-saberu: what is "ChrootDirectory" set to in sshd_config ?12:55
TJ-saberu: check all the path with "find /srv -type d -ls"12:57
MJCDworkhey im following a guide telling me to install ImageWriter from the ubuntu software centre but I just did an update and its still not showing up?12:59
saberufind /srv -type d -ls shows quite a long list. specifically im chrooting against a directory like /srv/sites/homedir/12:59
csravikmrhi all .. i receive a dialog saying "error found when loading /home/ravi/.profile:" how to fix it???13:02
saberuChrootDirectory /srv/sites/awsmgiveaways/ for Match Group sftp13:02
saberu 13:02
saberuthat's the actual directory i want the user to use13:03
TJ-saberu: ensure that all directories in the path "/srv/sites/awsmgiveaways/" have correct ownership and permissions then13:08
saberualright TJ thanks13:09
Borw3Gaming on ubuntu? is there any real hopes?13:10
blackflowBorw3: there's over two thousand linux native games on steam, plus a lot of windows only games work fine through Wine. Those two satisfy all my gaming needs.13:14
Borw3You know how Windows games get hacked, and are available for free? Does Ubuntu have any such games?13:18
blackflowoh you mean the malware-infested ones? No.13:19
Borw3blackflow: None? why? or is it cause no one is bothered?13:20
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o13:20
Borw3By the way, do Ubuntu Gnome guys get automatic update to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?13:22
=== PTNapivoski_ is now known as PTNapivoski
UbuntivityHello. During the boot-up of my Ubuntu 16.04 I get the following error message which disables the boot splash: "acer_wmi: Unsupported machine has AMW0_GUID1, unable to load"13:24
Borw3Ubuntivity: Does it boot eventually?13:24
u0_a199hi all13:24
UbuntivityBorw3: Yes it does, and the wireless works normally. BTW my laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad13:25
u0_a199for me to same laptop13:25
UbuntivityBorw3: But I want to have bootsplash to remain active during all boot process13:26
Borw3Yesterday I updated my Ubuntu budgie 16.04LTS, and got the new Kernel 4.13.x and now my wifi signal is week on rt3290 card.13:26
Borw3I think it's this new Kernel.13:26
Ubuntivityhello u0_a199. Does your laptop show the same error message?13:26
Borw3Manually installing my drivers on kernel 4.13.x removes it completely, as in, Ubuntu won't even realise I have wifi driver.13:27
UbuntivityBorw3: I had poor-signal problem when I was using 12.04 x32. Switching to 12.04 x64 solved the problem at that time. Not sure if this might be related somehow13:28
Borw3Ubuntivity: You use rt3290 wifi card too?13:29
FogeyAnyone else had a problem with the latest update for 16.04.3?13:29
DocVellmy laptop doesn't support it - only up to version 15.1013:29
UbuntivityBorw3: No, I use Atheros thingy13:30
DocVellmine is due to the graphics "card"13:30
Borw3;-( Lucky. RT3290 support seems to being killed by linux13:30
UbuntivityBorw3: is it an old chip?13:31
DocVellI kept my cd of it just incase I do get a newer laptop (or desktop) to install it on13:31
lohfusudo apt-get update gets stuck at 0%13:31
Borw3Ubuntivity: It's not old, 3-4 years old, and when I roll back to old kernels signal works strong.13:31
lohfunothing in https://askubuntu.com/questions/498462/apt-get-stuck-at-0-working seems to help13:31
lohfui can ping all the URLs i see.13:32
UbuntivityBorw3: this seems silly and annoying, indeed!13:32
lohfuthis is a brand new vps. i have not run a single command before, besides adding a user13:32
Borw3Ubuntivity: I am back on Windows 10 cause of this kernel 4.13.x update in 16.04LTS.13:33
TJ-Borw3: I read of a bug recently where the Wifi device has optional multiple antennas, but not all are physically connected, and the default antennas that  were being enabled were not the ones connected! The solution there was to physically move the antenna cables to the default output connectors :)13:34
Borw3TJ-: Mine is internal on laptop, Antennas aren't movable.13:35
lohfuanyone have any idea how to solve the problem?13:35
lohfumy other vps works fine13:35
TJ-Borw3: yes, I'm talking about mini-PCIe wifi cards internal to the laptop13:36
lohfucould my IP be blocked for some reason?13:36
Borw3TJ-: How? by multiple you mean? like two? mine has two antennas, placed behind the screen.13:36
TJ-Borw3: in the case I read about the card had x3 MIMO but only 1 RF socket was connected to an antenna, and it was the not the default RF socket13:37
Borw3TJ-: Mine is connected. :-(13:37
TJ-Borw3: so for example if the device had x3 MIMO and only 2 antennas, and if 1 of those was dedicated to, say, RX-only, strange results might occur.13:38
MJCDworkI got etcher working13:38
MJCDworkthanks for that whoever it was13:38
TJ-Borw3: then I'd look at the wifi kernel module's parameters with "modinof -p <module-name>" (discovered using "lspci -nnk") in case there are tunable parameters you can tweak13:38
akikBorw3: if you think it was the kernel update that made it slower, try booting the older kernel13:39
MJCDworkhey where do I disable auto screen rotation13:39
MJCDworkI moved my laptop earlier and it was rotating all over the place lol13:39
lohfuFogey: was that meant at me?13:39
Borw3akik: Old kernel? see when Ubuntu 18.04 comes out, that means support for my wifi card ends in 16.04?13:39
MJCDwork"You wanted it upside down didnt you?"13:39
akikBorw3: did you already remove the previous kernel?13:40
lohfuevery single time i try ubuntu some weird error appears and i ask myself why do i even try? going back to arch or fedora i guess.13:41
Borw3akik: LOL, I removed Ubuntu all through, yesterday after the update. :-). Came here looking for solution to go back to Ubuntu.13:41
Borw3akik: But old kernel worked well.13:41
akikBorw3: ok maybe that info got lost somewhere13:42
lohfuand the lack of help from the community amazes me everytime13:42
Borw3lohfu: LOL, you tried "sudo apt-get update" get any errors?13:43
lohfuBorw3: nope13:43
lohfujust gets stuck at 0%13:43
lohfui can ping all address in /etc/apt/sources.list13:44
=== QuisJC3aq9MshCkt is now known as TomyLobo
TJ-lohfu: does "df -h" indicate there's plenty of free space for /var/13:44
Borw3lohfu: What kernel version you have on?13:44
lohfuits openvz vps 2.6.3213:45
=== anonymous is now known as Guest57098
MJCDworkHey weird question but im trying to get my media keys to work in ubuntu 1713:45
Borw3lohfu: What kernel is it running on?13:45
TJ-lohfu: if it's stuck at "0%" as you say, that's the "Reading package lists..." line isn't it, which is *after* the package lists have been fetched13:45
MJCDworkand when I press skip with youtube open in chrome it shows a cross symbol13:46
lohfuBorw3: hmmm how i see that?13:46
MJCDworkmeaning it didnt do anything13:46
MJCDworkbut it should be triggering my chrome extension13:46
MJCDworkso I need those control keys sent to chrome13:46
lohfuBorw3: it's hosted by hosthatch.com13:46
MJCDworkim not sure how to achieve that13:46
Borw3lohfu: uname -r13:46
Borw3lohfu: "uname -r"13:47
lohfuBorw3: i thought you meant the kernel version of the parent... the actual VPS is 2.6.32 like i posted13:47
TJ-lohfu: if it's stuck on reading package lists that suggests the content of the lists is corrupted in some way. Might be a good idea to delete them and re-fetch: "sudo find /var/lib/apt/lists -type f -delete" then "sudo apt update" to refresh13:48
lohfuTJ-: already tried that... just ran it again to no avail13:49
MJCDworkwhere is the USB safe eject in ubuntu13:49
Borw3MJCDwork: I wonder same :-D13:50
MJCDworkI guess I could use umount13:50
MJCDworkif I can find its device name13:50
MJCDworkbut it SHOULD be in the gui13:50
Borw3umount /dev/sdx13:50
Borw3MJCDwork: You using Ubuntu 16.04 Unity?13:51
MJCDworkor in my case mmcblk013:51
MJCDworkno 1713:51
TomyLoboi'm using kubuntu 16.04 on a laptop with an hdmi connector. i figured out how to get sound playing via hdmi, but it doesnt automatically switch back when hdmi is disconnected13:52
TomyLobois there any gui setting to set up automatic switching to hdmi and back?13:52
MJCDworkI guess its 17.1013:52
MJCDworkor close13:52
lohfuTJ-: ok i just reinstalled the vps... so the very firsty thing i do is `apt-get update` as root but it still gets stuck at 0%13:53
MJCDworkhmmm this tool tells me its mmcblk013:53
MJCDworkbut umount says its not mounted13:53
Borw3MJCDwork: LoL, I don't know :-D13:54
MJCDworkfuck it im just taking it out13:54
TomyLoboMJCDwork, does mount say it's mounted? :)13:54
TJ-lohfu: so 'apt update' downloads the package lists then hangs on the "Reading package lists..." ?13:54
MJCDworkTomyLobo, it definitely isnt now I bloody ripped it out13:55
MJCDworkstupid to not have a control for it13:55
lohfuTJ-: no it just freezes at 0%13:55
Borw3Ubuntu(Linux) LOL13:55
TomyLobolohfu, do an "strace -f -e network -o apt-update.log apt update"13:56
lohfuall i see is 0% [Connecting to archive.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1560:8001::11)] [Connecting to security.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1560:8001::14)] [Connecting to archive.canonical.com (2001:67c:1562::1c)]13:56
lohfuok, one sec13:56
TomyLobolohfu, ok nm13:56
TomyLobothat's already pretty clear13:56
TomyLobois your ipv6 set up properly?13:56
Borw3TomyLobo: /how you remember such long commands?13:56
TomyLoboBorw3, i dont have to13:57
TomyLobohow do you remember such long sentences? :)13:57
Borw3TomyLobo: HOW?13:57
lohfuTomyLobo: its a VPS, i havent done anything to it. just logged in as root13:57
lohfuTomyLobo: strace is not installed...13:57
TomyLobolohfu, well it's going out via ipv6...13:57
TomyLoboyou can try disabling ipv6 and trying again13:58
TJ-lohfu: "0% what though, you're not providing enough context. We can't see over your shoulder!13:58
TJ-lohfu: you can try running "sudo apt -o=Debug::pkgAcquire=true update"13:58
lohfuTJ-: there is literally nothing else written except the URLs its trying to connect to.13:58
Borw3Ubuntu Y U no support rt3290 wifi?13:58
arun007Hi I tried to change my splash screen. But now there is only blank screen on boot13:58
TomyLoboTJ-, does that disable differential updates?13:58
TJ-TomyLobo: no, it prints extensive debug info about the PkgAcquire process13:59
TomyLobooh nm i missed the "Debug::" :D13:59
TomyLoboTJ-, well it cant connect14:00
TomyLoboi'd say disable ipv6 and try again14:00
Borw3:-(...... Ubuntu Y U hate rt3290?14:00
TomyLobolohfu, can you type ifconfig and see if you have an ipv4 IP?14:00
TomyLobo(apart from :D)14:00
lohfuTJ-: https://ptpb.pw/LSyD14:01
Borw3:), localhost.14:01
TJ-lohfu: as TomyLobo said, sort out IPv6: "Connecting to security.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1360:8001::21)]"14:02
TJ-lohfu: is there a default route? "ip -6 route show"14:02
lohfuTomyLobo: TJ- https://ptpb.pw/yCeS14:02
lohfuthats ifconfig14:02
lohfuTomyLobo: ip -6 route show outputs information14:03
lohfuoops... TJ- ^14:03
MJCDworkwhats the default hotkey to rotate your display?14:03
MJCDworkmy sensors are being screwy14:03
TJ-lohfu: so the VM has been given an IPv6  "2a01:6f0:ffff:39f::94a5/64 Scope:Global"14:03
TomyLoboah yup, you have no ipv6 address except on that weird interface with the address14:03
MJCDworksorry about that14:04
MJCDworkaccidental ctrl+x instead of ctrl+c14:05
lohfuso TomyLobo so the VPS installation is faulty?14:05
avrdudehow do i stop windows from overwriting my bootloader?14:05
MJCDworkcan someone answer what the hotkey is to rotate the desktop14:05
Borw3LOL, Ubuntu Y U hate rt3290?14:05
MJCDworkavrdude, I dont believe you can14:05
avrdudeit is annoying as **** not being able to boot ubuntu after having used windows14:05
MJCDworkyou have to do it in reverse order14:05
TJ-lohfu: what's the venet0:0 tunnel for?14:05
MJCDworklinux first14:05
MJCDworkwindows second14:06
avrdudewhat do you mean14:06
TomyLobolohfu, i have no idea tbh14:06
MJCDworkthen you can reinstate the ubuntu boot loader if you want14:06
TJ-lohfu: both ends of the tunnel have the same IPv4 !14:06
MJCDworkbut the windows one is fine too14:06
avrdudei just want a stable solution that allows me to boot either14:06
TomyLobolooks like TJ- is more knowledgable :)14:06
avrdudeat present, i cant boot ubuntu14:06
Borw3lohfu: I would say you got conned with that VPS.14:06
avrdudewhy is this so difficult to achieve?14:07
lohfuTJ-: i am afraid i have no idea...14:07
TJ-lohfu: is this a default install from the VPS provider?14:07
lohfuBorw3: the other VPS from the same provider looks exactly the same14:07
lohfubut works14:07
lohfuTJ-: yes14:07
TJ-lohfu: it looks very weird to me, even for a container14:07
MJCDworkavrdude, as I say14:07
lohfuTJ-: i have two other ubuntu VPS from there that work fine. with similar ifconfig output14:07
MJCDworkjust do linux first14:07
MJCDworkthen windows14:07
MJCDworkand use the windows 10 bootloader14:07
MJCDworkor you can install grub/whatever during the linux install14:08
avrdudewhat do you mean "do linux first" ? can you please be a little more clear14:08
TomyLobolohfu, can you try "apt -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true update"14:08
MJCDworkinstall linux. leave some space free on your drive.14:08
MJCDworkthen install windows.14:08
MJCDworkinto that free space14:08
MJCDworkthen add an entry into the windows bootloader for ubuntu14:08
avrdudeok, so, thats too late now, what are my options?14:08
lohfuTomyLobo: yes that worked14:09
TomyLobolohfu, you could put that option into apt.conf.d or complain to your provider that ipv6 doesnt work14:09
TomyLoboyour choice :)14:09
MJCDworkavrdude, here you go man14:10
MJCDworkmakes it simple for you14:10
TomyLoboor disable ipv6 system-wide if you dont need it14:10
lohfuTomyLobo: is there no way of fixing the ipv6 problem?14:10
MJCDworkbasically just do the boot-repair option from your install option14:10
MJCDworkand all will be well14:10
TJ-lohfu: do the other VPS instances fetch over IPv6 ?14:10
MJCDworkalso in your bios make sure secureboot is turned off14:10
MJCDworkfor now14:11
Borw3Windows, :-(14:11
emmecii found a driver incompatibility with 4.13 kernel and AMDGPU-PRO audio driver14:12
emmecihow and who i need to file this bug?14:12
avrdudeMJCDwork: i dont have a ubuntu disk or usb stick. also, if i do this, i'll just have the same problem again after next time i run windows14:12
zomaarLol I am really making a mess for myself14:13
zomaarI know Yakkety isn't suported so I am not asking for anything14:13
zomaarBut when I upgrade udev to yakkety my modem doesn't work anymore14:13
Borw34.13.x has shit load of incopatibilities, including my rt3290 wifi drivers.14:13
zomaarThen when I downgrade udev network-manager stops to work14:14
zomaarUntil I downgrade that too14:14
alkisgavrdude: did you _install_ windows after installing ubuntu, and that has broken your boot loader, or you _just selected/ran_ windows from the boot loader, and that then has broken it?14:14
zomaarI am on the same kernel but I have real issues getting mmcli to recognise my modem14:14
avrdudealkisg: my laptop came with windows, i freed up some space and installed ubuntu on another partition. after that, i was always using grub to choose what to boot14:15
brainwashzomaar: is it broken in general, or just with your strange setup?14:15
avrdudeoccasionally, when booting, it would just boot straight into windows14:15
lohfuTJ-: it does not appear so, but not sure14:15
avrdudealkisg: afaik, i never even ran windows before the problem happened14:16
avrdudei might be wrong though14:16
zomaarbrainwash: Not entirely sure yet it worked once, but rebooting to Xenial USB fixes it immediately14:16
TomyLoboavrdude, ah, did you disable windows' quick boot?14:16
avrdudeTomyLobo: yea14:16
TJ-lohfu: run apt get with the -o=Debug ... option as above on one that works, check the IP addresses shown when the download is done14:16
zomaarbrainwash: Also now rebooting after downgrading udev also fixes it immediately14:16
avrdudewell it might be re-enabled14:16
zomaarbrainwash: There is a small change it works on soft reboots but not on hard boots14:16
alkisgavrdude: that is usually caused by (1) a bad uefi bios that prefers windows instead of the selected boot loader (grub), or (2) by a big windows update that sets a new boot order. And, you can usually press f12 or whatever your firmware has, for selecting the new boot order.14:16
lohfuTJ-: yea i ran that command, couldnt see any IP though14:17
lohfubut disabled ipv6 and it seems to wokr14:17
brainwashzomaar: I assume that looking at all the changes between the two udev versions isn't an easy task14:17
Borw3Ubuntu D-:14:17
zomaarbrainwash: But after Xenial USB boot I rebooted and then for once the modem did work!14:17
zomaarbrainwash: So it didn't even always not work14:18
zomaarbrainwash: Yeah it is interesting to see but14:18
zomaarbrainwash: Trouble is not all the dependencies are named with versions14:18
zomaarAnyway now it works14:19
zomaarOn Xenial versions :p14:19
brainwashwell.. yeah, why not14:19
zomaarAnd nothing appears to depend on newer udev yet14:19
brainwashit would be interesting to know if the issue is fixed in 17.10 or later14:20
midnightxfce user here, wondering if unity/gnome desktop is rather cpu or gpu intensive?14:20
zomaarYeah my problem is low bandwidth14:20
zomaarSo I cannot go download ISOs14:20
emmeci<emmeci> i found a driver incompatibility with 4.13 kernel and AMDGPU-PRO audio driver14:20
emmeci<emmeci> how and who i need to file this bug?14:20
zomaaremmeci: In general if you provide informative email people in ubuntu-kernel might respond (mailing list)14:22
brainwashemmeci: did you test with the latest beta driver yet?14:22
zomaaremmeci: Or tell you where to file the bug14:22
Borw34.13 kernel is buggy as hell :-(14:22
emmecibut is the only fix the meltdown/spoectre bug14:22
emmeciand i can0t expect canonical fix a thirdy partu driver14:23
Borw3Ralink stopped giving  a shit about rt3290 drivers on linux :-(14:23
Borw3The opensource ones stopped working in kernel 4.1314:24
zomaarbrainwash: I now have dbus from yakkety, udev from xenial, modemmanager from yakkety and network-manager from xenial and it works :p14:24
zomaarI just dpkg-repack something from the Xenial USB if I want to downgrade14:25
brainwashemmeci: I would look here https://community.amd.com/community/support-forums/drivers-software14:26
emmeciwhy the community forum?14:26
zomaarIts squashfs root filesystem is pretty complete14:26
emmecii need to file a bug report for a more techy- problem, not a problema related with games14:26
brainwashoh, so you've checked that place already, and this issue was not mentioned there yet14:27
emmecii'm trying to get attention into the amd subreddit, anyway14:27
Borw3All companies creating FFOSS(Fake Free Open Source Software) should watch with their Kernel updates(Ubuntu kernel 4.13.x kernel)14:30
oerheksBorw3, are you here just to rant? this is support only, thanks.14:31
Borw3oerheks: LOL, any way to boot from previous working kernel as default instead of always manually choosing it?14:32
oerheksBorw3, sure, boot the previous manually, and remove the new one14:32
oerheksand update grub14:33
Borw3oerheks: Ooh, LOL, didn;t think of that.14:33
zomaarBorw3: type "grep /boot/grub/grub.conf "advanced\|oerheks" to see the menu entries for your previous kernels14:33
zomaarOh wait the other way around14:33
zomaar"grep "advanced\|oerheks" /boot/grub/grub.conf"14:34
oerhekserr .. there is copyright on my name.. i am in grub?14:34
zomaarBorw3: You can put that in /etc/default/grub in GRUB_DEFAULT14:34
zomaarHey it will work14:35
zomaargrub.cfg really14:35
zomaarie. GRUB_DEFAULT=gnulinux-4.10.0-40-generic-advanced-7cdf7c45-4a0b-4e5e-818c-fe713594c29a14:37
Borw3zomaar: Thanks dude, by the way what DE you using?14:38
Borw3Can you help me, when I set swappiness to 0, and PC starts swapping, sometimes kwin gets swapped, and screen looks cheeky.14:40
zomaarBorw3: Don't set it to 014:40
Borw3zomaar: I don't want it to swap everytime, so what would be best number?14:41
zomaarI suspect 0 is the lowest value14:42
zomaarSo maybe 114:42
zomaarI mean if you start out with 60 maybe 0 is too low14:42
Borw3zomaar: Yes, 0 means swap only when all RAM is used.14:42
Borw3zomaar: Problem is sometimes kwin gets swapped. was wondering if there is solution.14:44
Borw34GB RAM here14:44
zomaarNot sure but if you try a higher value maybe it gets resolved?14:44
Borw3Hmm, let me try14:45
zomaarAlways add \|oerheks to every grep command to increases changes of success14:46
zomaarLol sorry I guess that's too terrible haha14:47
zomaarBut that reminds me they say 10 is better for a desktop system but I haven't touched it lately14:47
zomaarAlso Linus recommends lowering14:48
zomaarThe percentage of dirty buffers in RAM14:50
luxiois there a program that shows a tree of installed packages and their dependencies?14:50
luxiotree/web/what it may be14:50
zomaarapt-rdepends <begin package> --state-follow=Installed14:50
zomaarBut it's not really a tree14:51
Deknosmust the kernel be patched for lxd/lxc?14:51
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
TJ-Deknos: Ubuntu kernels? No. But for mainline kernels, Yes. Additional apparmor support is required for unprivileged containers14:54
zomaarNo he means the Meltdown patches14:54
Deknosnope, i meant mainline kernel14:55
Deknosthanks! :)14:55
Teabosorry, but all fixing people(14:56
zomaarLinus recommends lowering dirty_ratio and dirty_background_ratio14:56
Teabobecause they have a lot of knowledges about light and light14:56
PTNapivoskifranz__, hi14:57
zomaarBecause 20% of max dirty memory = 1.6GB is not necessary14:57
zomaarAnd 10% before it starts writing back, = 800MB, is not necessary14:57
zomaarIf you have 8GB of RAM14:57
zomaarOn 32-bit dirty memory is % of 1GB cap but on 64-bit it is unlimited14:58
BluesKaj!warez | Micrisimat15:04
ubottuMicrisimat: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o15:04
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zomaarHi Pizza15:10
supremepizzaare you new to ubuntu also15:11
zomaarNot really15:11
supremepizzaho i just installed last night15:12
zomaarBut I wouldn't mind some pizza15:12
zomaarWhich one did you install?15:12
supremepizzai dont really know cuz i jus went ubuntu's website and pressed download15:13
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and https://ubottu.com/y/vivid15:13
oerheksEnd of Life, no updates15:13
zomaarYou probably have 16.04 then15:13
zomaarIf you clicked on LTS15:13
zomaarOerheks is cute, don't mind her15:14
zomaarI guess within a few months the new LTS will be released15:14
supremepizzaive used alot of linux distros before just never ubuntu15:15
zomaarWhere did you start out with?15:15
zomaarThis is the last time you'll be able to see Unity on a default distro15:16
zomaarfor LTS15:16
supremepizzaoh wow15:16
=== gilberto is now known as Guest65526
zomaarI am abusing unattended-upgrades to upgrade my entire distribution15:23
zomaarI set its sources to the newer version, and then let it chew away15:23
Guest65526boa tarde !15:23
=== Elimin8r is now known as Elimin8er
Deknoszomaar: what do you do with packages which need debconf-parameters?15:24
zomaarI have no clue it probably won't do anything15:24
zomaarIt took about an hour to get going15:24
zomaarBefore it was done with the calculations15:25
zomaarBecause I am using minimal-upgrade-steps15:25
Deknoswell afair it will not replace packages with debconf-variables.. i'm curious if that leaves you with dependency issues afterwards... tell us about it :D15:25
zomaarYes I think it will skip them15:26
rond_is there any drawback to replace one backslash with two backslashes when considering windows-like paths that are passed through bin/sh's word-splitting rules?15:29
zomaarBut it doesn't output any data on what it's doing so I don't know why it downloaded dpkg and then it downloads some printer driver :-/.15:29
zomaarI mean that doesn't sound like --minimal-upgrade-steps to me15:29
FingerlessGlovesHI Guys, I've got a problem, when I add a br0 in network/interfaces, it does appear on reboot. Am I doing something wrong.15:30
zomaarDo you have bridge-utils installed?15:31
FingerlessGloveszomaar, sure do.15:31
zomaarAre you still on 16.04?15:31
FingerlessGlovesbrctl addbr works fine, but can't get it do it via interfaces file15:31
TJ-FingerlessGloves: show us the interfaces file15:31
FingerlessGlovesYeah PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS"15:31
TJ-FingerlessGloves: it's missing a bridge_ports statement15:33
TJ-FingerlessGloves: "bridge-ports eth0" I assume you want15:33
TJ-FingerlessGloves: "bridge_ports eth0" -- underscore not hyphen15:34
FingerlessGlovesTJ-, I want to make that br0 attach to tun0, when the openvpn starts. Am I able to put a dummy interface in? as tun0 wont up be til openvpn service starts.15:35
TJ-FingerlessGloves: oh, sorry, in which case you need something slightly different15:35
MJCDwork2heya Im just trying to connect to a vnc client15:36
zomaarYou could just use openvpn config scripts to do it for you15:36
MJCDwork2I have a cable running directly between 2 machines15:36
MJCDwork2but it doesnt seem to allow vnc on its reported ip15:36
FingerlessGloveszomaar, thing is lxc going to try and use that br0 when they start up :S15:36
zomaarYou can use brctl to add the port as well15:36
zomaarFor lxc you don't need to add ports at the start15:36
FingerlessGlovesso br0 needs to be there when lxc runs15:36
zomaarIt will add them itself15:36
FingerlessGloveswhen they come aviable?15:37
TJ-FingerlessGloves: if openvpn is using a tun* device you cannot bridge it. You need a tap* device to use bridges. tun* requires routing15:37
zomaarI have myself a bridge used by lxc15:37
FingerlessGlovesI'll change it to tap :)15:37
FingerlessGlovesStill I'm sure LXC needs the bridge to be there for a container to start up.15:38
zomaarSo did LXC or did not LXC work?15:38
FingerlessGloveszomaar, so lxcbr0 is there, I'm adding in a second bridge to attach containers to the OpenVPN.15:38
FingerlessGlovesinstead of having a openvpn client per container.15:38
zomaarBut you can route towards openvpn to begin with, I know that's not the answer15:38
zomaarSo your lxbr0 comes up fine?15:39
zomaarIs it a virtual bridge or connected to eth0?15:39
FingerlessGloveslxcbr0 is host only virtual not bridged to eth015:39
FingerlessGlovesI wan to create second bridge, so openvpnbr0, bridge tap0 to it and then the containers can access the openvpn network.15:40
zomaarI wrote most of the masquerading howto on Debian wiki about it, but I can't say I know everything15:40
FingerlessGlovesbut that would be routing/NATing15:41
FingerlessGlovesI want the containers directly on the VPN network. so using a bridge will do this.15:41
zomaarBridging a bridge to a bridge...15:41
zomaarMeans its just one bridge right15:42
TJ-FingerlessGloves: you may need the openvpn client --mktun option to create a persistent tap node so you can use it in the bridge_ports directive.15:42
FingerlessGlovesnot bridged together. Lxc container will see two interfaces, one bing lxcbr0 and the other openvpnbr015:42
mattcodeHow can I stop pulseaudio automatically switching to my headphones? The jack detection is broken and it randomly switches from Line Out to Headphones in pavucontrol which distorts the sound and is very annoying.15:42
FingerlessGlovesTJ-, that bit I can do, just if interfaces file won't create the bridge, how else can I do it?15:43
FingerlessGlovesSO that its there before lxc starts.15:43
TJ-FingerlessGloves: I'd use systemd-networkd myself, makes it easy to stipulate dependency ordering15:43
zomaarSo ifup br0 doesn't work?15:44
zomaarThere is still something strange because15:45
zomaarI have done the same thing on Debian numerous times15:45
MWMI am still trying to get the amdgpu pro drivers working correctly.  I think the radeon driver is still in use even though the radeon driver has been blacklisted already15:45
zomaarDoes it give an error or does it just not do anything?15:45
FingerlessGlovesdo I need a dummy interface, to bridge to?15:45
FingerlessGlovessyslog doesnt even have br0 in it.15:45
zomaarI am a 100% sure I have done ifup and ifdown of my "lxc-nat-bridge"15:46
MWMlspci -nnk | grep -iA2 vga shows that the "kernel driver in use:" is radeon15:46
zomaarMaybe try ifdown --force first15:46
zomaarIn case you are working on a live system15:46
guestuserim having a problem with libboost installation15:48
guestuserexample, dpkg -L libboost-program-options1.58-dev15:48
guestuseri can see it listing /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libboost_program_options.a15:49
guestuserbut in reality ls: cannot access '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libboost_program_options.a': No such file or directory15:49
guestuseri actually deleted all libboost libraries by hand and now i want to reinstall it but could not find a way15:50
guestuserwhat I'm i missing?15:50
guestuserand can you guys actually see my messages?15:50
zomaarFingerlessGloves: I think you are missing the "bridge_ports none" directive15:50
lotuspsychje!patience | guestuser15:51
ubottuguestuser: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/15:51
guestuseri thought chanserv was not allowing me, no panic :)15:51
zomaarguestuser: Can always try apt install --reinstall15:51
FingerlessGlovestrying that now :)15:51
guestuserzomaar: no luck with --reinstall15:52
zomaarWhy not15:52
guestuserits not actually reinstalling15:52
zomaarHow come15:52
guestuserlibraries are still missing from /usr/lib/x86..15:52
zomaarBut does it give an error?15:53
guestuserdoes apt-get has a verbose method?15:53
wagnerhi folks15:53
zomaarYou can apt download <packagename> and then dpkg -i <packagename.deb>15:53
zomaarYou can also dpkg-deb -R <packagename.deb>15:54
zomaarYou can also check /var/log/dpkg.log15:54
FingerlessGloveszomaar, anyway to check the interfaces file is actually being used?15:55
farvcohi guys15:55
zomaarFingerlessGloves: this may sound silly, but my bridge has this line:15:55
guestuserzomaar: 2018-01-14 17:55:21 status installed libboost-all-dev:amd64 in dpkg.log15:55
guestuserbut its actually didn't install libraries15:55
guestuseris there a way to tell it to recompile ?15:56
zomaar:   pre-up count=0; while ! ip addr show dev eth0 | grep "inet .*" && [ $count -lt 10 ]; do sleep 0.5s; count=$(( count+1 )); done15:56
alkisgguestuser: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libboost-program-options1.58-dev15:56
zomaarguestuser: dpkg-deb -R to a target directory15:56
alkisgWhy you don't have the version from the repositories?15:56
guestuseri saw --compile/-b option for apt-get but never knew how to use it15:56
guestuserzomaar: i did that to a target directory /tmp15:56
alkisgguestuser: you should have 1.58.0+dfsg-5ubuntu3.115:57
conallHi. I have ipv6 disabled via the /etc/sysctl.conf as usual. But when I restart network-manager, ipv6 is enabled even though /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/disable_ipv6 = 1. I need to do a sysctl -p to actually disable it15:57
zomaarguestuser: Where the files in there?15:57
alkisgconall: put ipv6.disable=1 in the kernel cmdline, from grub15:57
alkisgguestuser: you're not supposed to compile things that you get from repositories15:57
alkisgguestuser: you're following the wrong way now15:57
conallalkisg: thanks, will do. Is this a bug in ubuntu as it seems as though this should in fact disable ipv6?15:58
guestuserwhat does --compile option on apt-get do?15:58
guestuseri will start again by purging, then autoremove then clear /var/cache/ then install15:58
zomaarFingerlessGloves: You can always strace ifup15:58
alkisgconall: no, it's not a bug in ubuntu, it's the same in all kernels/distros, you should do it per interface if you want to do it that way15:59
zomaarguestuser: If your -R doesn't give the file then there is something wrong15:59
alkisgconall: I think "all" means "new interfaces that will be created later" or something, not sure exactly how it's interpreted, but I did bump into that15:59
zomaarguestuser: You can check control/postinst15:59
guestuserzomaar: yes there is something wrong, how can i trace it?15:59
zomaarguestuser: If it's not in the -R then it's not in the package16:00
conallalkisg: how do I update the grub command line? Also, should network manager pick up what is in /etc/sysctl.conf upon every reboot?16:00
alkisgguestuser: what's the output of this command? apt policy libboost-program-options1.58-dev16:00
zomaarguestuser: But you did find on the tmp right?16:00
conallalkisg: because it seems to be ignoring it16:00
alkisgconall: sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc (if you don't have uefi)16:00
zomaarconall: update-grub16:01
alkisgconall: ignore zomaar, for some reason he's giving wrong advice16:01
guestuseralkisg: libboost-all-dev:   Installed:
zomaarOh sorry you mean editing the file16:01
alkisgguestuser: that's not the whole output. Use pastebin16:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:01
guestuserzomaar: i didnt find it in tmp16:01
zomaar /etc/grub/default would be the file16:02
lohfuTJ-: forgot to thank you for the help earlier. TomyLobo and Borw3 too but they gone now.16:02
alkisgguestuser: have you ran apt-get update; do you have xenial-updates in your sources?16:02
conallalkisg: is seems counter intuitive to me that the contents of /etc/sysctl.conf would be ignored upon startup16:02
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
alkisgconall: they're not ignored16:03
alkisgconall: they just don't do what you think they do16:03
guestuseri did run apt-get update16:03
conallalkisg: should it not disable ipv6 for all connections so, since it picks this up at boot time?16:03
alkisgguestuser: err actually you didn't run the command I gave, but you gave the result of the wrong package16:04
alkisg(06:00:29 μμ) alkisg: guestuser: what's the output of this command? apt policy libboost-program-options1.58-dev16:04
alkisgconall: no, /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/disable_ipv6 = 1 does NOT mean "disable ipv6 in all interfaces"16:04
ca_cabo new to grep, i'm trying to search a file for a string "DAYS MISSED  " and copy the text before and after that. Right now I'm using -A & -B, but that doesn't work because the lines before and after are variable. >>> is there a way that i can copy the lines before and after until it hits a certain pattern? i.e., "-----"16:05
guestuseralkisg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26385610/16:05
guestuseralkisg: the problem is will all libboost packages16:05
conallalkisg: but "net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1 net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6 = 1 net.ipv6.conf.lo.disable_ipv6 = 1" does16:05
guestuseri know this is just a container for all packages libboost-all-dev16:06
akikalkisg: it removes all ipv6 addresses from all interfaces16:06
alkisgguestuser: nice, so, you do have the correct version installed. Now, let's see the contents: dpkg -L libboost-program-options1.58-dev | xargs ls -l16:06
EriC^^nice one alkisg16:07
alkisgakik: no, I have tried it and it doesn't16:07
odroid606what's the problem?16:07
akikalkisg: it does on ubuntu 16.0416:08
alkisgakik: if you google about it, you'll find more extensive explanations16:08
alkisgakik: I have tried it in 16.04 and it doesn't16:08
akikalkisg: you're wrong16:08
guestuseralkisg: i grepped boost https://paste.ubuntu.com/26385626/16:08
odroid606what are you talking about? can I help?16:08
alkisgguestuser: it contains only 4 files: https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial-updates/amd64/libboost-program-options1.58-dev/filelist16:09
alkisgguestuser: please copy/paste the command I gave above16:09
alkisg(06:06:52 μμ) alkisg: guestuser: nice, so, you do have the correct version installed. Now, let's see the contents: dpkg -L libboost-program-options1.58-dev | xargs ls -l16:09
guestuseralkisg: none of this appears in  ls /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ | grep boost16:10
davr0sgnome shell: in my current version, i detect lag between the cursor and window when dragging , (not slowdown, just latency) e.g. the window seems a frame behind the cursor; simpler window-managers(but even with compositing, e.g. XFWM4) are ok16:10
odroid606I'm just stealing exagear desktop :D16:10
alkisgguestuser: if you run the command I give and paste the output, I can continue helping. Not if you give whatever command you think.16:10
davr0sis this a permanent feature of gnome shell's architecture, or something that might improve16:10
davr0sgnome shell can be nice with some plugins but irritations like this add up and i tend to want to revert to xfce or something16:11
guestuseralkisg:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/26385649/16:11
guestuserlol :)16:11
guestuseri thought grepping boost would make it easier to find it16:11
guestusertrying to help you help me16:12
guestuserbut it seems not helping16:12
alkisgguestuser: now run this: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libboost-program-options1.58-dev; dpkg -L libboost-program-options1.58-dev | xargs ls -l16:13
guestuserok now i see it16:14
alkisgguestuser: Cool. So I assume at some point you manually deleted those files (or some program that you ran), and then when you were trying to reinstall, you were using the wrong package name16:14
alkisgi.e. reinstalling libboost-all-dev instead of  libboost-program-options1.58-dev16:15
FingerlessGloveszomarr, ifup brings up the br0, how to shoudln't that be interfaces file job?16:15
guestuseralright can i do that to all libboost packages ?16:15
guestuseralkisg: yes thats correct16:15
alkisgguestuser: sudo apt install debsums; debsums -s16:15
alkisgguestuser: this will check all of your packages for deleted files16:15
alkisgIf you see warnings for some package, then yes reinstall it16:16
guestuseralkisg: it got stuck16:16
guestuseron  root        19 Sep  3 13:16 liblangta16:16
alkisgguestuser: it will need some time to check all the files, patience :)16:17
guestuseri killed it :|16:18
alkisgup arrow, enter :)16:18
guestusernow its telling me The program 'debsums' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:16:18
alkisg(06:15:47 μμ) alkisg: guestuser: sudo apt install debsums; debsums -s16:18
guestuserok i think i know what wen wrong16:18
guestuserdebsums is running16:19
guestuserits a checkseum i presume :)16:19
guestuserdebsums: missing file /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libboost_atomic.a (from libboost-atomic1.58-dev:amd64 package) found them16:19
alkisgNote all the packages, and put them in an apt install --reinstall command16:20
alkisgLet it finish first :)16:20
guestuserthey are like 35 packages16:20
alkisgYou've been naughty :P16:20
Teabowhat are you doing?)16:20
guestuserthanks alot buddy16:20
guestuserlol :D16:20
guestuserim in the middle of something :P16:21
guestuseryou will get your share soon :) alkisg, won't forget your name16:21
guestuserthanks again16:22
alkisgYou're welcome16:22
Teaboi recom use Winda for guestuser))))16:26
MJCDworkhey im trying to share connection from an ubuntu 17 laptop to another linux machine16:28
MJCDworkvia ethernet16:28
MJCDworkcan anyone help?16:28
MJCDworkall the guides reference a control that no longer exists16:28
lotuspsychjeMJCDwork: teamviewer, remmina16:28
lotuspsychje!vnc | MJCDwork16:28
ubottuMJCDwork: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX16:28
MJCDworkremmina is what ive been trying16:28
MJCDworkin various configurations16:29
MJCDworkbut I cant get a connect16:29
MJCDworkwhen I do ifconfig on this machine16:29
MJCDworkthe ethernet shows up as <global>16:29
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Borw3MJCDwork: Can you ping the other machine?16:29
MJCDworknot currently no, but it says "Ethernet connected - 100"16:30
Borw3MJCDwork: Are they in the same network?16:30
MJCDworkits a direct ethernet cable16:31
MJCDworkim trying to share wifi16:31
Borw3Same subnet?16:31
MJCDworkto a no-wifi thing16:31
MJCDworkshould be...16:31
MJCDworkbut as I say in ifconfig16:31
MJCDworkthey show as <global>16:31
MJCDworkno interface name16:31
MJCDworkseems problematic16:31
Teabocall your orerator))))16:31
FingerlessGlovesanyone know why auto isnt bring up my bridge?16:32
Borw3Let me guess, using Kernel 4.13? ;-D16:32
MJCDworkBorw3, im not sure tbh16:32
MJCDworkits ubuntu 1716:32
Borw3MJCDwork: "uname -r"16:32
MJCDworkand the device is a rpi16:33
ca_cabohow can I find a pattern (Pattern A), then print all of the lines above Pattern A until it reaches a different pattern (Pattern B) AND all of the lines after Pattern A until Pattern B?16:33
ca_caboSo in this case search for "BLUE" (Pattern A) and print lines Before And After "BLUE" until reaching "-----" (Pattern B)16:33
Borw3MJCDwork: BLAME 4.13 for all the network bullshits.16:33
MJCDworklol I dont wanna blame anyone16:34
MJCDworkjust get it working16:34
lotuspsychjeBorw3: keep language familly friendly plz16:34
MJCDworkeventually the rpi will be plugged into the router direct16:34
MJCDworkso it wont be a problem16:34
MJCDworkbut id like to solve it16:34
lotuspsychjeMJCDwork: #ubuntu-arm for PI support plz16:34
MJCDworkthe pi has no issue16:35
jemarkMJCDwork: what would you like to do? "sharing connection" is not very clear, please elaborate16:35
pr3c0ghey all, if amdgpu-pro doesn't work on ubuntu 17.10, what graphic drivers do I install then ?16:35
MJCDworkjemark, I want the rpi to have access to this laptops wifi connection16:35
brainwashpr3c0g: amdgpu16:35
MJCDworkfor internet access16:35
Borw3pr3c0g: , wait, first which kernel are you using? 4.13?16:35
MJCDworkotherwise I need a usb wifi adaptor or to plug ontop of my router16:35
brainwash!info linux artful16:36
ubottuPackage linux does not exist in artful16:36
ca_cabohow can I find a pattern (Pattern A), then print all of the lines above Pattern A until it reaches a different pattern (Pattern B) AND all of the lines after Pattern A until Pattern B? Please see pastebin for example: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26385808/16:36
MJCDworkit doesnt seem like a direct ethernet connection should be too problematic...16:37
brainwashca_cabo: this does not seem to be related to ubuntu at all16:37
MJCDworkI mean technically they are connected16:37
MJCDworkjust in some kind of <global> thing16:38
MJCDworkand only with ipv616:38
ca_cabobrainwash, sorry, using ubuntu tools to do it - where should i ask?16:38
Borw3MJCDwork: It's the new 4.13 Kernel, try previous ones.16:38
jemarkMJCDwork: so you want to connect to the command line with ssh or you want to see your laptops GUI via VNC?16:39
MJCDworkBorw3, from all the articles I read16:39
brainwashca_cabo: maybe #awk or #grep or #regex16:39
MJCDworkits just because there's no "Shared" mode in the adaptor config16:39
MJCDworkwhich all the articles direct me to16:39
ca_cabobrainwash, ok thanks16:39
brainwashca_cabo: also, ##sed16:40
MJCDworkmeh, whatever, ill just plug it in on top the router16:40
jemarkMJCDwork: if you have the RPI in the same network, wifi or not, you should be able to ping your laptop from the RPI and the other way around16:40
brainwashca_cabo: I guess it depends on what you are using, or want to use16:40
MJCDworkjemark, the laptop is on wifi16:41
MJCDworkAND ethernet16:41
MJCDworkI want to share that wifi to the ethernet16:41
jemarkMJCDwork: connect the RPI in your wifi network16:41
MJCDworkit has no wifi adaptor16:42
MJCDworkas I say16:42
MJCDworkill just plug it into the router direct16:42
MJCDworkbut still seems like should have been doable this way...16:42
MJCDworkdissapointed to not find a real solution16:42
jemarkMJCDwork: connect it to your router via the RJ45 ethernet cable16:42
Borw3Kernel 4.13.x :-O16:42
MJCDworkjemark, right16:42
MJCDworkcurrently its connected to an ubuntu 17 machine16:42
MJCDworkI wanted to share its wifi16:42
MJCDworkwhich SHOULD be possible16:43
ca_cabobrainwash, thanks - i tried all that you recommended. I'm new to all of this. so the tool isn't too important. just would like to see if i can get some advice on which tool is capable of doing this so i can cut down on the time. I tried grep first, but it can't (at least I can't) get as specific as i need16:43
jemarkMJCDwork: I gave you the real solution16:43
Borw3MJCDwork: You have a switch anywhere around the house?16:43
MJCDworkjemark, its not a solution its a workaround16:43
MJCDworkBorw3, it can just go straight into the router16:43
brainwashca_cabo: try awk16:43
MJCDworkthats not the issue at all16:43
MJCDworkthe issue is I SHOULD be able to share this machines wifi16:44
MJCDworkas a gateway16:44
brainwashca_cabo: you will have to read a bit about its functionality16:44
jemarkMJCDwork: you can't use your laptops wifi and create an accesspoint at the same time. that's not possible with your phone either.16:44
brainwashca_cabo: there are many tutorials out there16:44
MJCDworkjemark, its not that16:44
MJCDworkno AP16:44
Borw3jemark: Wow, Windows 10 can.16:44
MJCDworkwifi for laptop internet16:44
MJCDworkethernet to rpi16:44
avatarhello, is there anybody from USA?16:44
MJCDworkI just need a bridge16:44
ca_cabobrainwash, thank you. I was reading through grep and sed stuff. that's exactly the input i was looking for. Ill pull up some awk tutorials and man page16:45
Borw3avatar: I am from heaven.16:45
MJCDworkanyway, universally agree'd to just plug it into the router16:45
MJCDworkjust wanted to figure out the net sharing :(16:46
MJCDworkbut s'all good16:46
avatarBorw3, i just need some help16:46
MJCDworkthat crap never worked under windows either16:46
pr3c0g<Borw3> let me check16:46
pr3c0gLinux 4.13.0-25-generic16:47
Borw3avatar: Whats the problem?16:47
Borw3pr3c0g: HAHAHAHA!!!! 4.13.x is messing people up this January.16:48
avatari just want create account here https://x10hosting.com/#create but whole EU is banned16:48
leftyfbavatar: that's not an ubuntu issue and not something you'll get help with here. Contact the provider or find a an alternate provider16:48
TeaboMJCwork>: it is impossible because you need long rj or use 3-4-5G16:49
MJCDworkTeabo, that makes no sense16:49
pr3c0gyeah it really seems to be16:49
MJCDworkI have all of those things16:49
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pr3c0gshould I switch kernel version?16:49
MJCDworkthis laptops connection can pull 2-5gbit a second16:49
pr3c0gI mean I just want to have a proper stable linux distro for normal desktop use16:49
MJCDworkits an issue of wifi->laptop->rpi16:50
Borw3pr3c0g: Old previous kernels should work16:50
avatarleftyfb, i know that is not problem with ubuntu16:50
MJCDworkits an issue of wifi->laptop->ethernet->rpi16:50
Teaboyou can use16:51
Borw3MJCDwork: When you connect the laptop using LAN to router, does it work? can you ping router?16:51
Guy1524hey guys, I just realized that somehow, without my permission, the meltdown / cpu_insecure patch was applied to my system16:51
Guy1524i don't care about security16:51
MJCDworkBorw3, idk I havent moved it yet16:51
Guy1524and I want good performance in my games16:51
MJCDworkbut I presume that will work fine16:51
Guy1524how do I disable it16:52
MJCDworkI can configure whatever in the router config16:52
Borw3MJCDwork: LOL, if it doesn't then you know KERNEL 4.13.X is to blame.16:52
MJCDworkI dunno why that would have anything to do with it16:52
Teabono, MJCDwork it id impossible, we'll need rebook core16:53
MJCDworkI did enable a virtual framebuffer extension16:53
Teaboit is16:53
linus1Guy1524: you should care about security. Do you buy games?16:53
leftyfbMJCDwork: sorry, just jumping in here .... what's the issue with just using the "shared to other computers" feature in network manager? I do it all the time16:53
kus_do you guys know if cron @reboot works in ubuntu xenial? as in https://hastebin.com/taxokakasa.txt @reboot cd ~/src/flaskexperiment/backend/ && git pull origin master && docker-compose build && xdocker-compose up -d;16:53
Guy1524linus1: yes16:53
linus1Guy1524: via Steam?16:53
MJCDworkleftyfb, that option does not appear present in ubuntu 17.xx16:53
linus1Guy1524: then the bug can allow malicious websites to steal your steam account16:53
leftyfbMJCDwork: I'm pretty sure that isn't true16:53
Guy1524i don't go to shady websites16:54
leftyfblinus1: not exactly true16:54
MJCDworkleftyfb, well, in the same exact screen as all the guides16:54
MJCDworktheres just no dropdown to select anything like that16:54
MJCDworkbeyond that I have no idea16:54
Borw3Meltdown and Spectre........ Does any exploit even exists for this things yet?16:54
linus1Guy1524: you don't have to go to shady websites to run malicious code, it's pretty frequent that ad networks get hijacked or similar to run arbitrary code16:55
linus1Borw3: yes16:55
Borw3linus1: Wow, didn't know.16:55
MJCDworkok gonna plug into router now16:55
Guy1524I use adblock16:55
leftyfbMJCDwork: https://imgur.com/a/F3eLo16:55
leftyfbGuy1524: have you observed a performance decrease? In most cases, you shouldn't notice anything.16:56
kus_do you guys know if cron @reboot works in ubuntu xenial? as in https://hastebin.com/taxokakasa.txt @reboot cd ~/src/flaskexperiment/backend/ && git pull origin master && docker-compose build && xdocker-compose up -d; here is my grep https://hastebin.com/orahifoloc.txt16:56
linus1Borw3: https://github.com/GitMirar/meltdown-poc http://www.prodefence.org/meltdown-exploit-poc/ for example16:56
Borw3linus1: WOw, LOL16:56
kus_never mind I will just delete docker containers and start fresh and see if that works16:56
leftyfbGuy1524: the performance hit really doesn't affect desktop computing, including gaming. It's mainly cloud computing and shared services16:56
Guy1524leftyfb: I have not16:56
linus1leftyfb: what part of it isn't true?16:57
leftyfblinus1: the amount of effort it would take for a website to run a process as a user on your local system and then exploit the bug in the cpu and target certain credentials just isn't within the realm of reality16:58
pikapikaIs there any safe method to test if my machine is vulnerable to the spectres? Mine is Ubuntu 16.04 lts on an i3, updated to the latest available16:59
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Borw3leftyfb: LOL, I remember when 3d games wasn't in realm of reality, then came DOOM.16:59
leftyfbpikapika: just keep up to date with the regular updates and you'll be fine17:00
Teaboyou try to set up printer17:00
linus1leftyfb: javascript runs in a process on your local systems and it has been shown to be possible to use the vuln from javascript thanks to JIT17:00
pikapikaI am, but just to be sure you know17:00
linus1leftyfb: see the paper https://spectreattack.com/spectre.pdf17:00
Teabouse win 10 and you'll be happy;)17:01
Borw3Javascript should remain on webpages as front end, don't know why people keep forcing it for backend.17:01
oerhekspikapika, https://github.com/speed47/spectre-meltdown-checker/blob/master/spectre-meltdown-checker.sh17:01
linus1leftyfb: the javascript is already running in a process as your user on your machine :)17:01
linus1Borw3: this is frontend javascript we're talking about17:01
leftyfblinus1: I was pointing out steps, not impossibilities17:01
linus1(not that I disagree, but hey)17:01
MJCDworkhey whats the ubuntu eqivilent of making a windows system restore points17:02
MJCDworkI want to install something but its bricked my install twice17:02
Borw3linus1: LOL. its that serious?17:02
leftyfblinus1: my point is, currently there are no exploits, no websites doing this and the mount of work it would take to grab individuals credentials just isn't worth it.17:02
leftyfbMJCDwork: there isn't17:02
linus1Borw3: yes it is a serious vulnerability, which is why it's all over the news17:02
Teabohope it is joke)17:02
* leftyfb sigh17:02
leftyfbright, because the news always gets technology right when reporting17:02
MJCDworkleftyfb, hmm, sudo rsync / ?17:03
akikMJCDwork: a somewhat equivalent would be a file system snapshot, like with btrfs17:03
BillD73Y2K was a "serious" vulnerability too....17:03
linus1leftyfb: if individual phishing attacks on steam users are worth it, then surely blanket attacks using an extremely widespread vulnerability are worth it too17:03
linus1BillD73: and it ended up not being much of an issue *because* of how much hype there was around it, not in spite of it17:04
TeaboMJ you can set system normal and create iso17:04
MJCDworkTeabo, a restorable iso would be cool17:05
Teabobut it can doesnt work17:05
MJCDworkill probably be lazy and just copy the vm17:05
Teaboyou know17:05
MJCDworksuggest me more things that wont work17:05
MJCDworkim all ears17:06
Teabowe have secret)))17:06
TeaboCS go17:06
MJCDworkCS go sucks17:06
Teaboi only on the streets17:07
oerheksMJCDwork, Teabo ,keep this channel free for technical support, thanks17:07
MJCDworkoerheks, lol that makes literally no sense17:08
MJCDworkwe were discussing ubuntu issues17:08
MJCDworkor atleast I was17:09
oerheksMJCDwork, no need for that..17:09
Teabofor valuable information you can pay17:09
Teabobut i understand17:09
MJCDwork.... lol17:09
Teabothat you can set17:10
MJCDworkright im just going to plug it to the router17:10
MJCDworkas discussed17:10
MJCDworkbut its pretty shit I just never got a solution17:10
Teaboyou need to speak with other people17:11
Teaboother specialists17:11
MJCDworkspecialists inmaking a ethernet connection between two ubuntu systems17:11
MJCDworkvery sekrit knowledge17:12
Teaboy're right17:12
MJCDworkas I say ill just plug it in the router17:12
Bashing-omMJCDwork: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2159449 <-easiest way to cp files 'tween two 'buntus that share the same router/house (Morbius1)17:13
MJCDworkits just a pain if anything doesnt work17:13
pikapikaleftyb: the official demo ( https://github.com/IAIK/meltdown ) apparently works on my machine?17:13
MJCDworkBashing-om, files have nothing to do with it17:13
MJCDworksharing internet(wifi) to an ethernet client17:13
oerheksyour networkmanager can do that fine17:14
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MJCDworkin the guides17:15
MJCDworkit says select shared17:15
MJCDworkin the dropdown17:15
MJCDworkbut that doesnt even exist in 17.xx17:15
Borw3MJCDwork: You using Unity?17:15
MJCDworklatest ubuntu is back to gnome17:16
Borw3Gnome.... is it faster than unity?17:16
MJCDworkits a nice setup by default imo17:17
MJCDworkand id say so17:17
MJCDworkitd be nice if they provided a Settings section for turning off all the fx17:17
MJCDworklike windows does17:18
ubottuPlease try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.17:18
Borw3ubottu: Are you a bot?17:18
ubottuBorw3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:18
oerhekspeople with screenreaders get an headache of this enter-as -a-punctuation17:19
oerheksguys, stop the funny remarks, last warning17:19
MJCDworkoerheks, yeah... all of them (0)17:20
MJCDworkits clear ill not get sharing working17:21
MJCDworkwhich is sad17:21
MJCDworkbut ill deal17:22
MJCDworkmight just need to tape a monitor to the fridge where the router is17:22
BillD73MJCDwork: what are you attempting to do?17:23
MJCDworkBillD73, 1 laptop connected to wifi17:24
MJCDworkconnected to another system via ethernet17:24
MJCDworkto share internet17:24
MJCDworkin all the guides theres a "Shared" dropdown17:24
MJCDworkbut its not in 17.xx17:24
alkisgMJCDwork: you create a shared *ethernet* connection, not a shared wifi connection for this17:24
alkisgYou didn't find that?17:24
MJCDworkI got it to connect but I cant do anything with it17:25
MJCDworkalkisg, that's how it sets it up by default when I plug in the ethernet, yes17:25
MJCDworkand yet I cant vnc in17:25
alkisgMJCDwork: you misunderstood. "To share you wifi connection, you need to create a new ethernet connection of type shared, which isn't there by default"17:25
alkisgI don't know how to tell it better17:26
MJCDworkalkisg, OH17:26
alkisgThe intuitive thing is to share the wifi connection, which is NOT how it's done17:26
MJCDworkLemme check that out!!17:26
MJCDworksee alkisg this leads to the same thing17:27
MJCDworkI go to ipv4 setup17:27
MJCDworkand there's no dropdown17:27
oerheksdisable wired networking, edit, enable17:27
MJCDworkI can pick automatic, link-local, manual or disable17:27
alkisggo to type, not to ipv417:27
MJCDworkthere is no type tab..17:28
BillD73MJCDwork:  seems like a lot of hassle, any particular reason of doing it that way? I mean why not just plug the router into the modem and then wired and wifi alike share the same net connection?17:28
alkisgtry running: nm-connection-editor17:28
MJCDworkBillD73, I will 100% do that in short order17:28
MJCDworkbut I want to know why!17:28
MJCDworkand figure it out17:29
MJCDworkincase I want to do so again17:29
BillD73MJCDwork: ok just wondered17:30
ipsumoniumchamar: /topic17:31
MJCDworkalkisg, dude17:31
MJCDworkthat had the exact option17:31
MJCDworktesting now17:32
maxlatern[m]if i want to clone a drive that has a luks partition..the main partition appears to be callded sda2 and it apprears luks is within it called sda5 ..which one should i clone? i want the whole partition including the luks.17:35
agoodmHello all, how can I enable kinetic scrolling in Ubuntu 17.10?17:37
agoodm(synaptics touch pad)17:38
striveagoodm: There's a tool called synclient17:41
Borw3Hello, any GUI version for selecting default kernel like in linux mint on Ubuntu? I don't like this new Kernel 4.13.x17:41
oerheksBorw3, sure, boot the previous manually, and remove the new one17:44
Borw3oerheks: But if I do sudo apt-get upgrade, that same old kernel gets added.17:45
Borw3oerheks: I mean the new one.17:45
Bashing-omBorw3: Short answer is no. One edits the file /etc/default/grub ; line " GRUB_DEFAULT=0 " . remember to propogate the cvhange ' sudo update-grub '.17:46
Borw3Bashing-om: There is no GUI for that?17:46
oerheksmint has no gui for that either17:47
ipsumoniumBorw3: you should be able to use apt-mark hold <new-kernel> to stop apt-get upgrade from installing it every time, see https://tecadmin.net/exclude-packages-from-apt-upgrade/17:47
Bashing-omBorw3: there are utilities around. I have not used any so can not comment .17:47
Borw3oerheks: in mint update manager there is a kernel selector menu, there you can select the kernel you want to use/install as default.17:47
oerheksit was, in mint 17, now you need to add a ppa, https://itsfoss.com/upgrade-linux-kernel-ubuntu/17:52
xs2should I be running xubuntu/xfce session with xmonad? when I log into xmonad session the graphics are like windows 3.1. and icons/images are missing17:56
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eelstreboris there a simple way to re-install windows 10 on a dual boot machine with ubuntu or will i have to re-install ubuntu also?18:01
PazoozaThere is always a problem with dual booting with Windows.18:03
yeatseelstrebor: depending on how you installed everything, it should be fine - probably need to fix the bootloader afterwards18:03
PazoozaUse separate drives or put WIndows in a VM on linux.18:04
yeatseelstrebor: if you're game, I would recommend running windows as a VM under Ubuntu18:04
eelstrebori have to use a dual boot machine because windows doesn't see my dvb card when running in virtualbox18:04
PazoozaUse Vmware player.18:05
* eelstrebor hates having to edit a windows bootloader18:05
eelstrebori never have used vmware - from looking at it, it seems rather cryptic18:06
Borw3vmware is free?18:07
kostkoneelstrebor, vbox is good enough in most cases18:07
Borw3Vbox is too slow for any type of gaming18:08
eelstreboranyway, the reason why i think i need to re-install windows is that it won't accept the product key after a OS update18:08
kostkoneelstrebor, also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot#Recovering_GRUB_after_reinstalling_Windows18:08
PazoozaVmware is free for single user, just skip entering license.18:08
Borw3vmware is good for gaming?18:08
eelstreborPazooza, i'll have to give it a try18:09
kostkonBorw3, none of them is obviously18:09
Borw3Performance wise, when compared to wine, is vmware better?18:09
kostkonBorw3, doubt it18:10
eelstreborwine is too problematic for me18:10
PazoozaGaming should work in Vmware if you have enough memory.18:10
Borw34GBRAM is good?18:11
brainwashwork yes. have good performance? no18:11
PazoozaAt least 16.18:11
PazoozaWhen setting up VMware you can specifiy how much ram and how many cores to use.18:12
aroonihow can i slow down mouse scroll wheel speed in ubuntu 16.04 for the gnome-terminal app?  elsewhere its fine.  i want one mouse wheel nudge ==> 1 line of scroll18:14
juaninhogood afternoon guys so yesterday night i decided to leave windows behind and started off with something for beginners, PEPPERMINT18:16
NezorielHi maybe anyone here with qemu and ubuntu 16.04 experience?18:16
juaninhoand i have a quick question, does any of you know how to change the window borders from peppermint?18:16
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mmkumrWhere ever I am booting my system first it show black screen for long time. This problem occured after installing ubuntu 17.1018:22
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Crypto_i have a folder has many folders in it and i want to use grep to find "word" in a txt file , and i want the grep lead me to the dir have that txt18:33
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
Borw3Crypto_: I can solve it for you, but in java.18:36
Crypto_no need java18:37
Crypto_i want grep command only18:37
geirhafind . -type f -name "*.txt" -execdir sh -c 'grep -q word "$@" && pwd' sh {} +18:37
akikCrypto_: grep -r -i word directory18:37
Borw3ls -R | grep -i java18:38
Borw3ls -R -ld | grep -i "what you looking for"18:39
geirhadon't parse ls output, and that only greps filenames, not file contents18:40
tatertotshe wants to use "grep" ONLY.18:42
tatertotsas per the documentation for grep18:43
geirhayeah, but that's a silly requirement, so I ignored it18:43
SimonNLand only "word" in file not all foldernames containing "word"18:43
geirhasurely achieving the task is the important part18:43
tatertotsgrep searches the named input FILEs for lines containing a match to the18:43
tatertots       given PATTERN.  If no files are specified, or if the file “-” is given,18:43
tatertots       grep  searches  standard  input.   By default, grep prints the matching18:43
tatertots       lines.18:43
tatertotsCrypto_: type in "man grep" to find out how to use it and it's syntax. good luck18:46
jnewtjust tried to login to my ubuntu-mate system and it just keeps giving me the login screen.  am now booted into my windows partition.  what can i try?18:47
Borw3jnewt: Delete Ubuntu partition :)18:47
jnewtBorw3: that's the spirit!18:48
Borw3jnewt: But seriuosly, try entering tty1 and running update, maybe it may fix problem.18:48
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Guest1Hi everyone. I suddenly see a connection to this ip address on my ubuntu server. "ipaddress:80/xmr"19:00
Guest1A quick glance at google says xmr is Monero the crypto currency, why is it running on port 80?19:00
jnewtok, updated.  still can't login19:01
Guest1Isnt that port where web traffic goes?19:01
jnewtI mean I can login from command line, but no gui19:01
akikGuest1: some websites have added javascript code in their pages to run the monero client on your machine19:02
akikGuest1: this would mean a web browser on your machine running malicious javascript19:02
Guest1But the ip address on which the port is open and xmr is running isnt mine.19:03
Guest1The attacker made a connection to HIS machine I assume19:03
jnewtsudo service lightdm status gives some errors about_kwallet.so19:03
EriC^^my ubuntu server hangs while trying to ssh to it, if i provide a wrong password it says permission denied, the right password just leaves a prompt, it was working before, tried restarting it, vnc console works, any clues?19:05
jnewtpam_kwallet.so no such file or directory, also requirement "user ingroup nopasswdlogin" not met by user19:06
jnewthow do I get gui login working again?19:06
Guest1Anyone here dabble in crypto currencies?19:10
TJ-EriC^^: did you reconfigure login shells recently ?19:11
EriC^^TJ-: nope, i didn't change anything19:12
TJ-EriC^^: does "ssh -vvv" report anything useful?19:12
alkisgEriC^^: tail -f /var/log/auth.log, try to login with the correct password, what does it say?19:12
alkisg(tail on the server..)19:13
TJ-EriC^^: does "ssh -t" work? (enforce a psuedo-tty)19:15
EriC^^TJ-: ssh -vvv seems to have worked, it took some time but eventually worked19:16
TJ-EriC^^: that suggests a timing issue, -vvv is just very verbose client logging19:16
EriC^^this is where it stalled for some time https://paste.ubuntu.com/26386970/19:16
EriC^^alkisg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26387010/19:17
Lope100% free software linux phone https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5/19:17
EriC^^TJ-: yeah, it's working every time straight away now, maybe it was just some fluke19:18
EriC^^thanks anyways TJ- and alkisg :)19:18
TJ-EriC^^: I'd suspect the local client ssh-agent19:19
=== Platon is now known as Guest86546
jnewtcan someone help me get my DE working19:30
tatertotsjnewt: the DE on Mobo: ASRock model: X99M Killer/3.1 Bios: American Megatrends v: P3.30 date: 03/25/2016 ???? yes or no19:32
tatertotsjnewt: good this is you https://paste.ubuntu.com/26383028/19:33
jnewtyes, I am now physically at the machine19:34
tatertotsjnewt: ideally you are physically at the  keyboard and able to see the standard output of that computer from your current vantage point.19:35
jnewtyes, I have terminal, but nothing else tatertots (am on my phone for irc)19:36
tatertotsjnewt: i want you to press ctrl+alt+F719:36
Guy1524hey guys, Ubuntu updated my kernel to 4.13, and uninstalled virtualbox's virtualbox-dkms package which provides the vboxdrv kernel module19:36
tatertotsjnewt: i will wait19:36
jnewthave login prompt tatertots19:36
Guy1524I reinstalled it, but now whenever I try to start a VM is completely locks up my computer19:36
Guy1524I can't even go into a TTY19:36
tatertotsjnewt: i want you to log in19:36
Guy1524and alt sysreq b doesn't even work19:36
alkisgGuy1524: it's strange that a kernel upgrade would "uninstall virtualbox-dkms"19:37
alkisgIf you think that's what happened, pastebin your /var/log/apt/history.log19:37
jnewttatertots, if I try, the screens go blank and then I get the login prompt again19:37
tatertotsjnewt: i understandd19:38
tatertotsjnewt: ctrl+alt+F219:38
dreamcat4i've had that happen to me too before19:38
alkisgGuy1524: as you can see, virtualbox-dkms wasn't uninstalled, you just upgraded it19:38
dreamcat4cant remember what the issue was19:39
Guy1524I installed it after vbox said it was missing19:39
tatertotsjnewt: and now?19:39
jnewttatertots, have cli prompt19:39
tatertotsclick your heels threee times19:39
dreamcat4maybe you need to try force reinstalling GDM19:39
alkisgGuy1524: you probably misunderstood the message. Maybe it meant that the drivers aren't working, possibly even due to a compilation error with the new kernel19:39
alkisgGuy1524: sudo dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox-dkms ==> pastebin the whole output of that19:40
Guy1524anyway, how do I diagnose the crash?19:40
jnewttatertots:  am logged in via cli from previous attempts.19:40
tatertotsjnewt: cool beans19:40
tatertotsjnewt: journalctl -p 4|pastebinit19:41
dreamcat4you said you have ubuntu mate19:41
dreamcat4well what version of that? 16.04?19:41
geirhaapt changelog virtualbox, says the latest change is: «* Fix kernel module build with new kernel 4.13 (LP: #1729568)»  might be related19:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1729568 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "[ SRU ]virtualbox-dkms 5.0.40-dfsg-0ubuntu1.16.04.1: virtualbox kernel module failed to build - error: implicit declaration of function ‘set_pages_x’" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/172956819:42
tatertotsjnewt: i believe we've danced before19:42
tatertotsjnewt: so you know the routine19:42
dreamcat4and do you have lightDM or GDM3 ?19:43
zomaarapt really deals terrible with slow connections19:43
dreamcat4for the login session manager19:43
tatertotsjnewt: you okay ?19:43
jnewttatertots: yeah, fell asleep last night reading that sosreport19:43
jnewthttps://paste.ubuntu.com/26387164/ tatertots19:44
Guy1524virtualbox is completely up to date for me19:44
zomaarWhen a http connection times out for some reason it will put the file in FAILED state and then _restart_ the download, instead of continuing19:45
zomaarwhich can cause it to fail again19:45
zomaarin an endless loop19:45
tatertotsjnewt: journalctl -p 3|pastebinit19:45
jnewttatertots:  2638718619:46
tatertotsjnewt: well there's your problem19:47
tatertotsjnewt: if i paste it in here they'd hate me19:47
tatertotsjnewt: give me a moment to do something more......civilized19:47
tatertotshate me more lol19:48
tatertotsjnewt: here look see http://termbin.com/5hsg19:49
jnewtwhat did you do to earn this hatred tatertots19:50
jnewttatertots, I used this computer two days ago, what happened?19:51
jnewtwas there an update that broke it?19:51
jnewtwait, both of my monitors are hdmi19:52
Guy1524I fixed my issue with virtualbox19:56
tatertotsjnewt: the verbiage used in the error http://termbin.com/5hsg suggests a "configuration" issue. System configuration is usually done by the/a system administrator/engineer.19:57
tatertotsjnewt: have you informed the system administrator about the problem(s) with the system?19:58
jnewtwell tatertots. I guess that is me, had it working two days ago19:58
jnewtI have no one to inform tatertots19:58
tatertotsjnewt: did you gain any clarity from reading the reports from yesterday/lastnight?20:00
tatertotsjnewt: it's okay to say no20:00
TJ-jnewt: what is the issue here? GUI log-in returns to the greeter log-on screen when your password is accepted?20:01
tatertotsTJ-: the issue http://termbin.com/5hsg20:01
jnewttatertots: not really20:01
tatertotsthat's the issue bottom line20:02
TJ-tatertots: no, that's not the issue. That's expected.20:02
tatertotswith the date and all20:02
jnewtwhy did it work fine two days ago?20:02
tatertotsTJ-: then you mean the "humans expectation" is the issue by default?20:02
tatertotsTJ-: that i can agree with you on20:02
=== sgerbino is now known as p1und3r
p1und3r /nickserv identify ccftw20:03
jnewtwas there a change in some update?20:03
kostkonp1und3r, quick change your password20:03
TJ-jnewt: Show us "pastebinit <( ls -latr $HOME; sudo cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log  /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log )"20:03
ioriathat should be only a warning, or a uefi/csm issue , don't remember20:03
tatertotscan't be both20:03
tatertotsthat's having cake and eating it too20:03
=== p1und3r is now known as testing
=== testing is now known as testing12345555
ioriajnewt, lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D'  could be useful20:04
=== testing12345555 is now known as p1und3r
TJ-tatertots: the nvidia NVRM warning is when there's another framebuffer driver loaded, but it doesn't impact Xorg drivers - it can cause the tty consoles to be 'black' though20:04
TJ-ioria: that'll be in Xorg.0.log20:05
p1und3rkostkon: thanks, man that was lame :P20:05
kostkonp1und3r, you're welcome20:05
jnewtthat first one doesn't seem to be working.  everything between " " right TJ20:06
TJ-jnewt: yes20:06
ioriaoh, maybe Quadro20:06
xs2hey I got xmobar to appear, however the keys were not working, so I added modMask = mod4Mask but to no avail also it doesn't seem to resize/place windows as well, what might be wrong? xmonad.hs http://termbin.com/88pc .xmobarrc http://termbin.com/134i .xsession http://termbin.com/t2nt20:08
xs2if i run xmonad --replace the blue line appears around the edges of the screen and I can't click anything20:09
TJ-jwash: thought so "root root     328 Jan 13 23:53 .Xauthority"20:11
TJ-jwash: at some point you've changed the ownership of vital files and directories to root, so your user cannot access them20:12
ioriajnewt, that was for you20:12
TJ-jnewt: thought so "root root     328 Jan 13 23:53 .Xauthority"20:13
tatertotsTJ-: that's NOT the correct user20:13
TJ-ioria: thanks :P20:13
TJ-jnewt: at some point you've changed the ownership of vital files and directories to root, so your user cannot access them20:13
ioriajnewt, and maybe a lot of other root owed files ...20:13
conrHi all. Why is the Xenial repo (Apache/2.4.18) behind the official release (Apache/2.4.29)? Do I have to use a PPA to upgrade?20:13
TJ-silly tab completition!20:13
TJ-jnewt: fix command coming up ...20:13
kostkonconr, do you really have to?20:13
TJ-jnewt: ... "sudo chown -R josh:josh $HOME"20:14
kostkonconr, have to upgrade20:14
conrkostkon: Why would I not want the latest version?20:14
TJ-jnewt: if that fails you've also got a problem with your /etc/groups since I notice 'ls' doesn't show a user group, only the GID 100020:14
kostkonconr, that's debatable. do you really need the latest version though. Is a feature missing from the version in the repos20:15
TJ-jnewt: what does "getent group josh" report ?20:15
diamvwHello, i try to add a kernel module with "modprobe xxxxx" and i get not allowed. I have secure boot turn, but when i switched it off everything is working as expected. Is there any detailed tutorial?20:16
conrkostkon: Not all upgrades are features, but security patches.20:16
tatertotsTJ-: looks like it wasn't "human expectation/error" after all eh20:16
TJ-tatertots: we see this login loop frequently due to $HOME/.Xauthority being owned by root - not seen so much of a $HOME root-owned in a long time though :)20:17
TJ-tatertots: looks like someone has been abusing sudo or su20:17
TJ-jnewt: how are you getting on?20:18
glitchdhello all20:18
jnewtslow.  1 min TJ20:18
glitchdlooking for a bit of help with xscreensaver, and getting no response in #xubuntu20:19
kostkonconr, i am pretty sure the version in the repos receives security updates20:19
jnewtok TJ, I am logged in!  let me read your other thing and switch from this phone to the pc20:20
kostkonglitchd, you can ask here as well yes20:20
glitchdkostkon, thx20:20
glitchdis there anyway to stop xscreenaver from posting messages? i use a script to activate the screensaver on another machine, this script funs in a loop to keep the screensaver active if mouse movement disables it. since its running in a loop, it posts messages that its being toggled while already active. this is a bit annoying.20:20
TJ-jnewt: great! waiting :)20:20
tatertotsTJ-: someone?...like a human?20:20
TJ-tatertots: nah, some bash AI script trying to test us!20:21
tatertotsTJ-: his Ubuntu 16.04 system shown here https://paste.ubuntu.com/26383028/ has "bash AI scripts"???? Did canonical put them there ?20:22
glitchdor better yet, is there a way to have the screensaver reactivate if it gets deactivated, without running a script in a loop?20:22
jnewt_TJ: josh:x:100120:23
=== jnewt_ is now known as jnewt
kostkonglitchd, with a bit of python or bash and dbus calls maybe20:23
TJ-jnewt_: right, what have you been doing to that system!!? the files in $HOME have group ownership of GID 1000, but your josh group is 1001 "?20:24
glitchdkostkon, thats a bit above my paygrade lol20:24
TJ-jnewt: what does "getent group 1000" report?20:24
kostkonglitchd, dbus signal catching and calling20:24
conrkostkon: There's a patch in Apache/2.4.27. http://ftp.wayne.edu/apache//httpd/patches/apply_to_2.4.27/20:24
jnewtTJ: nothing20:25
TJ-glitchd: why not be smart and just disable the mouse?20:25
ioriajnewt, paste again ls  -l /home/josh20:25
kostkonglitchd, redirected its output to /dev/null or stderr i don't know then20:25
TJ-jnewt: OK, so open a terminal:  now "ls -latr $HOME" should show all dirs/files owned by "josh josh" rather than "josh 1000" is that correct?20:26
jnewtioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26387400/20:26
TJ-jnewt: if it is correct you've fixed it20:26
brainwashglitchd: use xscreensaver-command20:26
glitchdTJ-, less condescending comments would be appreciated.20:26
TJ-glitchd: I was not being condesending, I was suggesting a smart way to avoid messing with screensaver20:27
jnewtTJ-, all josh josh20:27
glitchdbrainwash, im already using xscreensaver --command in the script20:27
ioriajnewt, sorry,  ls  -la  /home/josh20:27
TJ-jnewt: OK, you're all done then. Don't break it again :p20:27
TJ-jnewt: And don't run GUI with sudo/su or other root-gaining tools20:27
brainwashglitchd: I didn't say "xscreensaver --command"20:28
jnewtTJ-, i may have done that.  could that have caused the issue (trying to get my gui running using su sudo?20:29
brainwashglitchd: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man1/xscreensaver-command.1.html20:29
TJ-jnewt: it *did* do it since if you run it as root all josh's dirs and files can get owned by root20:29
glitchdTJ-, the computer in question here is machine i use as a server, it doesnt have a physical mouse or keyboard attached. i use synergy to control it from my laptop. at the same time i use this machine to play music from. i like to have the screen turned off/screensaver activated. since i play music from the machine, i cant have the screen power off, otherwise the music doesnt play. to get around this i use xscreensaver to blank the20:29
glitchdscreen. i run the script in a loop so the screensaver is reacitvate if it turns off for whatever reason.20:29
jnewtand what's that stuff tatertots was showing me about nvidia vga support TJ?20:30
ioriajnewt,    last thing :    lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D'       not sure your Quadro is configured20:30
jnewtioria: 02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation Device 1430 (rev a1)20:31
jnewtSubsystem: NVIDIA Corporation Device 119020:31
jnewtKernel driver in use: nvidia20:31
jnewtall good?20:31
TJ-glitchd: oh, that's weird. so a GUI app in the foreground suspends/pauses when the monitor is DPMS > off ?20:31
CoderEuropeHiya - i cannot get accessories back on my xubuntu menu - how do I correct this 'cos the tweak menu dont work at all.20:31
jnewtok, i'll try to not break it again, thanks everyone.20:31
glitchdTJ-, yes20:31
akikjnewt: you can limit the damage if you always use either "sudo -i cmd" or "sudo su -"20:32
glitchdTJ-, im not using a monitor, im using a 42" flat screen tv20:32
TJ-glitchd: which desktop environment are you using? I know there used to be config options to prevent that behaviour in the power settings20:32
TJ-glitchd: as far as the PC is concerned it's a monitor though - a video output renderer :)20:33
glitchdtj the speakers are in the tv, so if i use dpms to turn off the display, the tv goes to sleep and the sound stops.20:33
glitchdTJ-, im using xubuntu as my DE20:33
TJ-glitchd: same here, let me check. I actually use pulseaudio over the network to do multi-room audio output to headless devices so it can follow me20:34
glitchdTJ-, here is the script i use to enable the screensaver, https://pastebin.com/W15RCSdi20:34
TJ-glitchd: you're using xscreensaver instead of light-locker? My xubuntu is using light-locker20:37
glitchdyea i switch to xscreensaver from light-locker20:37
jnewtso when i want to use cutecom (which i do regularly, it doesn't work from the DE, i have to open a terminal and start it with sudo.   It can't open serial ports without sudo.  can i modify it's permissions or something to where I can just use it without a terminal and sudo?20:41
TJ-glitchd: OK, this is for light-locker on Xubuntu, so you know. In Settings > Power Manager > Security > Light Locker > "Automatically lock the session", change from "When the screensaver is activated" to "When the screensaver is deactivated" or "Never"20:42
glitchdTJ-, ok thx for the tip, if i switch back to light-locker, ill set that up. much appreciated.20:43
TJ-glitchd: have you seen the Wiki page on debugging screen locking? It has a section on "Screensaver Inhibiting" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingScreenLocking/HowScreenLockingWorks20:44
glitchdTJ-, no i havent, but i will have a look, thx again20:45
TJ-glitchd: there's a small section at the end for XFCE and how it does it to20:45
akikjnewt: have you tried adding your user to the dialout group? the serial ports are owned by that group20:46
ioriajnewt, i don't use that, but this page does not say anything about sudo  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cutecom     (maybe missing)20:47
jnewtakik: i did do usermod -a -G dialout josh , but when i do groups, dialout isn't in the list20:47
akikjnewt: you need to logout and login again20:48
TJ-glitchd: also, see the man page for "xdg-screensaver suspend <WindowID>", used with , I think, wmctrl, you could grab the window ID of the music player and pass that to xdg-screensaver suspend, meaning it won't activate whilst the application is active20:49
TJ-glitchd: another possible solution apparently - this is the easiest - is to simply add your user to the "audio" group :)20:52
ghostnik11hi i have the language packs added but still can't change the keyboard to a different language20:53
ioriatwo different things20:54
ioriaghostnik11, text entry settings20:55
ghostnik11ioria, i went to the language settings and i have spanish, french and portugese selected20:55
TJ-ghostnik11: were you using "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" ?20:56
glitchdTJ-, that isnt the issue. even if im in the audio group, the tv cant play music if the dpms turns it off.20:56
ioriaghostnik11, you can have a kb layout with/without the relative language pack20:57
TJ-glitchd: ahhh! so simply need to prevent DPMS, which is easy in power settings.20:57
TJ-glitchd: It should just require Power Manager > Display > Handle display power management being disabled20:58
ghostnik11TJ-, usually you can click on the language icon in task bar of ubuntu 16.04 and i am suppose to get an option to change the language layout20:58
ghostnik11for keyboard20:58
ghostnik11ioria, okay how can i do that20:58
ioriaghostnik11, text entry settings   , again20:58
ghostnik11ioria, okay i see what you mean20:59
TJ-ghostnik11: do you have packages installed:  ubuntu-keyboard-spanish ubuntu-keyboard-french ubuntu-keyboard-portugese ?21:00
ghostnik11TJ-, yeah i have the packages installed but ioria was correct i needed to go into text settings21:01
TJ-ghostnik11: so you're sorted out now?21:02
glitchdTJ-, thank for the help, ill just have to deal with seeing the messages i suppose21:03
ghostnik11TJ-, yeah thanks for the help. other quick question: when i plug in an hdmi cable into my tablet port it loads on my flat screen but then at times when i am watching a movie or video it will then like refresh the tv screen and show the size and the hrtz21:03
ghostnik11TJ-, why does that happen21:03
TJ-ghostnik11: that suggests the plugs are being moved and disconnecting momentarily21:04
ghostnik11TJ-, yeah but its plugged in well and at times will do it a few times then just stop and the flat screen wont refresh again and stay normal21:04
TJ-ghostnik11: the TV is telling you the mode when it reconnects.21:05
TJ-ghostnik11: the only other thing it could be is the GPU turning off the output port briefly - could it be power-savings settings related?21:05
ghostnik11TJ-, i will have to check but in display i have the screen mirriored21:13
TJ-check /var/log/kern.log and /var/log/syslog for any indication of power events when it next happens21:13
Cedaracan I use gnome-twitch if I run a unity desktop in 16.04 ?21:15
ghostnik11TJ-, okayi will check when i go back home and do it b/c where i am i don't have access to internet so easily21:15
akikCedara: usually when the library dependencies are installed. try it?21:16
Cedara@akik the usual command? sudo apt-get install gnome-twitch (I'm insecure on the shell - not much experience except for updating)21:17
Scytale89Cedera: There is a working flatpak on flathub. Maybe you have to add the flatpak ppa21:17
CedaraI look that up first before trying21:17
Cedarathere's a how-to on tipsonubuntu.com where they suggest ppas to use.21:19
Cedaramay I post the link?21:20
akikCedara: sure thing21:20
Cedarathat's how I got the idea in the first place - same problem as said there21:20
Cedarafriend has a minecraft server, need the mods that I get with the twitch app21:20
zomaarBaah, the dosbox package has been broken for three Ubuntu releases21:27
zomaarFirst to be fixed again in Bionic21:27
zomaarAnd Xenial21:28
zomaarIt got introduced by a newer version of GCC21:29
CoderEuropeWhat printer do ~I use with Linux or gnu/linux ?21:32
zomaarNo clue21:33
zomaarBoth my printers work though21:33
zomaarScanner is more difficult I think21:33
zomaarHP is probably best supported in Linux21:35
nsofferI have an issue on travis using ubuntu trusty - program linked to libaio is linked successfuly, but fail in runtime with undefined symbol from libaio21:35
zomaarBecause of the hplip utility21:35
nsofferlooking in the list of file of the package: https://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/libaio-dev/filelist21:35
nsofferit installed the shared library in the wrong place: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libaio.so21:36
nsofferno issue to build same program locally on fedora, libaio installed at /usr/lib6421:37
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zomaarYou can use patchelf to fix it21:37
zomaarThere's just little point in worrying about individual build-packages from Trusty being wrong...21:39
akikzomaar: trusty is a supported version until 201921:41
zomaarStill gives me a headache lol21:42
zomaarBuilding software yourself is bad enough21:42
zomaarLet's say the point of my message was build-packages, not Trusty21:43
algidwhat is the keystroke combination that is like cntrol-s but it adds another key as well22:36
algidit's like control-shift-s or osmething22:53
rena_Hi, trying to install this https://github.com/oblique/create_ap I messed up with my network config and now my wifi card is disabled. Ethernet still works though. Is there a way to reset everything easily?22:58
nsoffersolved, libaio-dev is fine, the error was in my makefile22:58
rena_[using ubuntu gnome btw]22:59
parallel21I made a preseed auto-install usb of ubuntu-server23:07
parallel21How do I keep my server from auto-installing on reboot?23:07
rypervencheJautenim: Hi there.23:43

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