flocculantknome: what's the latest on getting the art contest underway?19:13
knomeflocculant, still need that one testing day19:14
flocculantmmm - ok :)19:15
knomethat'll likely be something wed-fri19:17
knomeor maybe tuesday could work as well19:17
flocculantI'll be about post 1800 UTC all week I hope 19:17
flocculantif needed19:17
knomethat sounds good19:17
knomesomething like 20UTC+ is likely for me19:18
flocculantso long as it's not post 2300UTC for me lol19:18
flocculantexcept Friday ofc19:18
* flocculant wakes up ~050019:18
knomethere's no reason why we couldn't run testing through the week19:18
knomelet me setup a test contest19:19
flocculantand just let people pop by to test? 19:19
flocculantsounds best 19:19
knomeok, we're go19:21
knomejust go to https://contest.xubuntu.org/ and the site should work as it would when the real contest is open19:21
knomeif anything nasty shows up, let me know19:21
knomealso feel free to try to do "nasty" submissions19:21
flocculantthere already :p19:22
knomenot nasty as in really nasty, but stuff like not logged in and/or not filling out the required fields and sending non-image files19:22
flocculantyea 19:22
knomei'm letting wp handle the upload so i'm not completely sure how it acts with non-image files19:22
flocculantI understood :p19:22
flocculantError handling the upload: Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.19:23
flocculantfor a non-image upload19:24
flocculanttxt at least19:24
knomewe should try an svg upload19:24
knomebecause that should be allowed...19:24
knomethough i understand it can be a bit problematic19:24
knomei think we might need to poke wp's internal table of things it considers images 19:24
flocculantfails on pdf's too19:24
knomeif it fails on X, it should fail on Y and Z too :)19:25
knomeas long as XYZ is not images19:25
knomeimages should be .jpg .jpeg .png .gif19:26
knomeheyy, svg works19:27
flocculantthat's good19:28
flocculantdo we want gifs>19:28
knomeno, but wordpress allows them19:28
knomeif we have a winning gif submission, we can just ask the submitter if it's ok to convert19:28
flocculantwell jpg's work for sure :p19:28
knomei can't vote19:29
knomei wonder if that's because the contest is ope19:29
flocculantwhy does logging in to contest take me to wp-admin?19:30
knomeit shouldn't19:31
knomethe url has a redirect19:31
knomeit should take you to the real contest page19:31
knomeanyway, i'll look at it later19:32
knomebbl, hf :)19:32
flocculantyea - cya in the week19:32

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