xubuntu71wHi guys, is this where I ask my nooby questions?00:52
krytarikYes!  just give it a try!00:54
xubuntu71wI'm running 16.04 through Crouton on a chromebook, and I'm having this weird issue with PlayOnLinux00:56
xubuntu71wwhen I try to manually create a shortcut, it just shows a blank window after scanning00:56
xubuntu71wit looks like this guy had a similar issue on a different window - http://i.imgur.com/8cbUSev.png00:57
xubuntu71wsee how it's empty?00:57
krytarikMaybe better try in #playonlinux00:59
xubuntu71walright, thanks :)00:59
VerdantVultureI'm having a really weird issue. I just installed Xubuntu on my machine with two monitors, and if I set them as two separate monitors, my mouse is sort of reversed. By that, I mean that if I click on the top left of my right monitor, it'll actually click the top left of my left monitor instead. I'm running 16.0402:41
sorinelloHello. Is Xubuntu stopping apps improperly when restarting/shutting down ? Because each time I restart the system, Firefox wants to restore tabs, thus indicating an improper application closing.11:35
dave__new to irc - have a question if anybody is out there13:59
dave__acer aspire n270 atom running xubuntu install. works but upgrade causes 3/4 screen on 945 intel video to all gobbly gook14:02
dave__tried halting kernel upgrade but no deal. not a Linux guru here so dont know xubuntu that well14:03
dave__cant believe an update would do this. xubuntu is less taxing on the system then win7 so was all excited until this14:07
pjotterHi people! :)14:17
dave__good morning14:17
pjotterJust a quick question. I installed Xubuntu on a small laptop that is connected to the internet by ethernet. When I unplug the ethernet cable and then try to shutdown, it just keeps shutting down forever. Does anyone know what is causing this and how to 'fix' it?14:18
dave__dont know if you can see my post 10 minutes earlier but i have a question14:18
pjotterHi dave__14:19
dave__u new to linux or know a little bit14:19
pjotterNo I can't see that post. Maybe you want to post it again?14:19
pjotterMaybe I can help.14:19
dave__acer aspire n270 atom running xubuntu install. works but upgrade causes 3/4 screen on 945 intel video to all gobbly gook14:19
dave__use it for college14:19
dave__im in canada14:20
pjotterupgrade to a newer version?14:20
dave__i think its just getting the next security updates - like 85 mb14:20
dave__not huge then booom video goes gobbly gook 3/4 screen14:20
pjotterThat shouldn;t be a problem. What version of Xubuntu are you running?14:21
dave__may be some kind of kernel update too14:21
dave__got it from site14:21
dave__loaded easy enough14:21
dave__ya like yesterday14:21
pjotterWell, that;s strange.14:22
pjotterAre you sure its; not a hardware problem with the screen or something?14:22
dave__i think i seen some talk about it but yes its weird14:22
dave__win7 works great on it14:22
dave__no issues14:22
dave__so im like wth14:22
pjotterHave you looked if there is a video driver availabe?14:22
dave__but win7 is taxing on the little netbook14:22
dave__dont know linux that well14:23
dave__so what it gives is what i get14:23
pjotterWell, after install you a can also choose to install some proprietary drivers if you wish so14:23
dave__in the software updates module14:24
dave__ya seen a number of screens and options14:24
dave__for now i told linux no more updates14:24
dave__turned it all off - sources everything14:25
pjotterThere should be some option in the men that is called "extra hardware drivers" or something like that14:25
dave__additional drivers tab14:25
dave__none available14:25
dave__ghosted out14:26
pjotterAnd the screen resolution is also ok?14:26
dave__now it works great14:26
dave__yes the screen resolution is high14:26
dave__like 10xx x 7xxx14:27
pjotterThis happens only once in  while?14:28
dave__i see you are having your own issues14:28
dave__maybe not a show stopper but still14:28
pjotterWell, minor issues.14:28
pjotterScreen works fine though14:28
dave__ha ha14:29
pjotterProbably some setting somewhere.14:29
dave__ya wish i could help but i dabble in linux14:29
dave__dont have time to spend hours on it14:29
pjotterI mostly work on a desktop computer. Xubuntu works great there.14:29
dave__ya it seems to work on my dual core (test) desktop just fine14:30
pjotterBut laptops should work fine too. I just recently installed a new Xubuntu on a freinds new laptop computer.14:30
dave__yes i think there is better luck if the pc/laptop is not ancient14:30
pjotterYes, it was a brand new Lenovo14:31
dave__like 5-6 years is not pushing it but this netbook is old14:31
pjotterStill, it should work on old hardware.14:31
dave__the funny thing is my toshiba laptop which is 4 years old crashes on ubuntu and ive shutdown the usual bios stuff etc14:31
dave__i just gave up14:32
dave__on this desktop quad core - it works like a champ14:32
pjotterCould be just bad luck.14:32
dave__its just the way linux distros work... roll te dice14:33
pjotterBut I'm sure there are people here that know a lot more about these things than I do.14:33
dave__say what you want about windows, updates dont destroy the useability14:33
pjotterWell, over the years I've seen (X)Ubuntu get more stable. I now use it as my main OS.14:34
dave__oh man i seen the things people are doing and im like ..wwhhat kernel updates ,raw>14:34
dave__thats good news cause if it sits well on your system, its way better then windows its just getting it there thats the issue with linux14:34
pjotterJust recently assisted someone on a windows 10 computer. A complete disaster. Updates took like 10 hours or something! And still, there were problems.14:35
dave__wow. ya i hear bad things about 1014:35
dave__windows 7 was awwwright14:35
dave__8 is bad14:36
pjotterI liked 9 though14:36
pjotterThe 'secret' version14:36
dave__mi6 ya funny14:36
flocculantpjotter: re your long shutdown without ethernet - when it's shutting down do you get the spinner - if you do try escape there and see where it's hanging - you should get text after esc14:37
pjotterI need to go to the shop unfortunately14:37
pjotterflocculant: Thanks for the reply. Yes, I was thinking about doing that. I searched the internet and couldn;t find anything on this particular problem. I have to find out what it's doing when shutting down. pressing esc will propably give me more info!14:38
flocculantcould possible be network.service hanging14:39
pjotterI'll try that and get back to you.14:39
dave__ttyl pjotter14:39
pjotterMy wife insist I go to the shop and get some food :S14:39
flocculantif it takes 90s to shutdown - more likely a service, iirc 90s is default wait time14:39
flocculantpjotter: :D14:39
flocculantpjotter: obviously you could also try losing quiet splash for a boot and shutdown14:49
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glitchdhello all20:15
glitchdis there anyway to stop xscreenaver from posting messages? i use a script to activate the screensaver on another machine, this script funs in a loop to keep the screensaver active if mouse movement disables it. since its running in a loop, it posts messages that its being toggled while already active. this is a bit annoying. is there anyway to stop it from posting messages?20:18
well_laid_lawnglitchd:  where is it posting the messages ?20:28
glitchdon the screen itself20:36
glitchdsaying something along the line of the screensaver is already activated20:36
glitchdsince the script is running in a loop20:36
russkiy_ebankorusskie onlain??20:43
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.20:46
well_laid_lawnglitchd:  see if this helps https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/xscreensaver-messages-on-screen-when-screensaver-is-active-661553/20:48
glitchdwell_laid_lawn, thank you, ill have a look now at it20:49
CoderEuropeWhat prionter that is $50 would definately work with linux ?20:50
glitchdwell_laid_lawn, welp i checked the link and it said to set overlaystderr to flase to stop the messages, i did that, but it still posts messages.20:53
well_laid_lawnglitchd:  checked the last post ?20:55
CoderEuropeno one cares :@20:57
glitchdwell_laid_lawn, overlayStderr: True. Provides the background that the yellow text message(s) are displayed on. You could try setting that to False too. --i did that20:57
glitchdwell_laid_lawn, makes no difference20:58
well_laid_lawnglitchd:  that's the best info i can find on the net about that21:01
glitchdwell_laid_lawn, the effort is much appreciated, thank you.21:02
glitchdadios bud21:03

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