axwbabbageclunk: standup? it's just us tho00:01
babbageclunkaxw: I thought it wasn't for another hour? I'm happy to skip if you are - still just working on audit logging + and making controller config updatable.00:03
axwbabbageclunk: oh what, indeed00:03
babbageclunk(hope you didn't get up specially!)00:03
axwbabbageclunk: a little bit, but I'll survive00:04
axwbabbageclunk: let's skip. I just worked on resource leak investigation, dqlite stuff today00:04
babbageclunkok cool - the dqlite stuff sounds pretty neat, was reading a bit about it00:05
* babbageclunk goes for a run in that case00:30
tasdomasmorning, juju, could I please get a review?07:28
anastasiamactasdomas: i've looked at it the other day :)08:15
anastasiamactasdomas: cannot comment on pythn and acceptance tests08:15
anastasiamactasdomas: go code looks ok08:16
tasdomasanastasiamac, thanks08:16
anastasiamactasdomas: but either way, u already have couple of approvals...08:16
anastasiamactasdomas: i was going to ask chris when he is back from holidays to look08:16
tasdomasanastasiamac, yeah I thought I'd give somebody from core a chance to take a look at this08:16
anastasiamactasdomas: at acceptance tests side but i *think* u r good to go..08:16
tasdomasanastasiamac, thanks08:17
anastasiamactasdomas: k, could we leave til APAC tomorrow?08:17
anastasiamactasdomas: i'll ask in our morning ;)08:17
tasdomasanastasiamac, sure08:17
tasdomasanastasiamac, thank you08:17
anastasiamactasdomas: tyvm for ur patience!!!08:17
tasdomasnp ;-]08:17
anastasiamactasdomas: just to confirm.. develop is heading for 2.4-b1.. r u k with that timeline?08:18
anastasiamacoh do u need newer version of romulus earlier?..08:18
tasdomasanastasiamac, it would be great for this change to go out with the next release08:19
tasdomasanastasiamac, when is that:?08:19
anastasiamactasdomas: next release is a point one - 2.3.208:21
anastasiamactasdomas: it's a point release...08:21
anastasiamactasdomas: so dunno if u really want ur changes in point release.. it will come out as soon as build farms r back on, so mayb this week or next the latest08:22
anastasiamactasdomas: if u really really really want it in point release, i.e. in 2.3.2, u'd need to re-target ur PR to 2.3 branch; land it there once u'd get a +1 from Chris; and then forward-port to develop ;)08:23
anastasiamactasdomas: (sounds daunting but m happy to help if u need it)08:23
anastasiamactasdomas: u might want to get a +1 from Tim to get this into 2.3.2 as well...08:29
tasdomasanastasiamac, thanks, I think I'll do that08:31
anastasiamactasdomas: \o/08:31
* anastasiamac eods08:31
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