acheronukwallpapers: https://phabricator.kde.org/T775809:19
tsimonq2ack, I came across a guy who does really good wallpapers!09:19
acheronuktsimonq2: O_o off school?09:20
tsimonq2acheronuk: yeah09:20
tsimonq2Martin Luther King Jr day09:20
acheronukanyway, I want to get the artful wallpapers out of the kubuntu-settings package. real pain having that there09:22
tsimonq2Has that been converted to Git yet, btw? :P09:22
* tsimonq2 runs09:22
tsimonq2Maybe it's just "been in Git"?09:23
tsimonq2Either way, I spent probably six hours yesterday finalizing tooling for Lubuntu, we no longer ever have to use Bazaar for anything ever :D :D :D09:23
tsimonq2And all of our repos are mirrored on GitHub.com/lubuntu-team and phab.lubuntu.me and Launchpad!09:23
acheronukbeen in git since at least xenial09:24
tsimonq2Hmm ok09:24
valoriecommented on T775820:33
tsimonq2Right, I don't think we need another contest persay, just maybe a submission thing if they can prove it's theirs20:33
valorieletting the kde store do the work seems best to me20:35
valoriethat was the painful part; besides the hacky voting20:36
acheronukthat all sounds reasonable20:56
valoriewe could actually use the store (maybe) as the submission engine20:57
valorieI'm getting ready to go to the cabin for a day or so right now, but I'll check about that when I get home sometime Wed20:58
* acheronuk nearly has the plasma beta built somewhere secret20:58
valoriealso, if they upload to the store, they may end up getting paid21:00
acheronukI had no idea about that!21:01
valoriewell, the guy who runs Blue Systems bought the whole site awhile back21:02
valorieand has been fixing the innards21:02
valorieit used to be pretty hacky21:02
valorielooks pretty reasonable to set up21:08
acheronukbabe developer is doing a tarball release, and it will build for bionic/artful :)21:09
acheronuknow he fixed his cmake!21:10
valorietime enough for some testing, which is great21:12
valorieno name change yet?21:12
acheronuknope. he's even started on a qml version, babe-qml21:14
valoriewell, I don't like the name, but oh well21:15
acheronukneither do I. hope elisa hurries up as well21:16
valorieI wish the amarok port would just finish being evaluated21:18
valorieand at least be released as a beta21:18
acheronukseems to have stalled21:19
valoriewell, hols are over21:22
valoriemaybe people will have more time now21:23
acheronukplasma 5.12 beta now in ppa:kubuntu-ninjas/plasma22:08
acheronuknot a full staging, as builders are still only doing x86. so just for informal testing ;)22:09
acheronukand because I wanted to try it! :P22:09
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> (Photo, 712x529) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/k6sCFGbD/file_3995.jpg22:11
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> \o/22:11
valorieabout to leave; there is a landline at the cabin if necessary: +1 360-663-254423:02
valorieI can't image a circumstance, but tsimonq2 ^^^23:02
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Ok23:09

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