jimtendoHi guys, I've installed the plasma-workspace-wayland package on my Kubuntu 17.10 laptop and it appears to work fairly smoothly :) However, sometimes I use a dual monitor setup where the second monitor's resolution has to be set manually using xrandr (as I'm not given an option for the correct resolution in KDE's Display Management). Is there an "xrandr" alternative available for Wayland or does anyone know of a tutorial that might show me how to add my01:37
jimtendomonitor's resolution for Wayland?01:37
valoriejimtendo: maybe ask in #kde or #kde-devel?02:45
valoriebecause that should be available via kscreen IMO02:46
valorieand if it isn't available, that's a bug in my opinion02:46
jimtendoThanks valorie, will have a go there :)04:11
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valoriehi, Guest7370205:47
valoriehow can we help05:47
Guest73702hi just had a quick curious question. I recently noticed that when i go to wireless something i have to manually select the driver from a list of hundreds I came from Linux Mint where the driver was automattically found and installed and wondered why kubuntu doesn't do that05:53
Guest73702wirelessly print something""05:54
valorieyou could check in krunner (alt space) and just type printer05:54
valorieshould take you to the command module05:55
valoriewhen I print wirelessly no driver is required05:55
valoriethat said, it's hooked up to my husband's computer05:55
Guest73702no printers appear on krunner for me only files on my drive05:56
Guest73702and programs05:56
valoriehow about "driver"05:57
valorieor printer driver05:57
valoriethere is a little application called driver-manager, but IMO that only installs graphics drivers, microcode etc05:58
Guest73702yea i clicked on it checking it out now05:58
Guest73702still collecting info05:58
valorieyes, it's very slow05:59
valoriemuch slower than it seems it should be05:59
Guest73702your right it's just has some option about microcode for the intel cpu05:59
Guest73702that's it05:59
Guest73702it just"06:00
valoriewhen I search for a printer it only shows me the ones available06:00
valorieok, if it suggests microcode, better install it06:00
valoriethat is a fix for the recent meltdown/spectre attacks IMO06:00
valorieerr, as far as I know06:00
valorieI have done so and rebooted and all is well06:01
Guest73702really? I read that that was fixed by updating the kernel which i did06:01
valorieseparate fix06:02
valorieon a different level06:02
valorieit's a pretty bad bug06:02
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valorieand from what I've read, the fixes so far don't entirely fix the whole problem06:03
valoriewe'll have to wait for the next generation of chips I think06:03
Guest73702ok installing by the printer does appear in the printer app06:04
Guest73702by the way"""06:04
Guest73702i did before as well my question was why i have to manually select the driver from a huge list06:09
Guest73702also the config printer shows the printers in dupilcate06:10
Guest73702even same IP06:10
Guest73702config printer tool""06:11
valoriesounds like a bug to me06:11
jimtendovalorie: Don't think this one is a bug. Basically, when you add a Printer for the first time, I'm pretty sure you have to manually select the Driver (KDE does not auto-detect). I haven't tried Mint, so can't comment on Mint's behaviour06:14
valoriewell, it wouldn't be so much detection as prediction06:15
Guest73702jimtendo: has it been suggested to add auto-detection?06:15
valorieit's been years since I had to select such a thing since I usually use a laptop06:16
valoriecan't remember the last time I messed with cups06:16
valoriewireless Just Works06:16
Guest73702I can't imagine it'd be hard to add to the code of the tool06:16
Guest73702im on a laptop rn06:17
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valorienow that I rarely print!06:17
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valoriemaps and directions are on my phone06:17
coder123i wanted to ask about it because in the heat of the moment i ended up using my phone to print since i couldn't deal with swifting through the list of drivers06:19
jimtendoGuest73702: I'm not sure... but I think the manual selection is deliberate behaviour. I think it stems from the fact that the same printer can work with different drivers, but am not sure on this. I don't print often.06:20
valorieused your phone to print!06:20
valorielife is strange06:20
jimtendocoder123: If what I wrote before is correct, then the best thing it might be able to do is "pre-select" the recommended driver while allowing the user to switch to another one if they so choose.06:21
valorie"suggested" then all the others06:22
coder123of course and yeah i was wondering about the possibility of the printer working with multiple drivers but i'd imagine that if that was the case that it detected as such the list would only contain 5 or drivers06:24
coder123is there a kubuntu dev channel?06:24
valorieyes, #kubuntu-devel06:26
valoriehowever, we don't make that stuff - either KDE devels do, or Ubuntu devels06:26
valoriemost of what Kub devels do is package, test, and sometimes fix bugs in whatever upstream makes sense06:27
coder123really? they don't write the kde apps?06:27
valorieof course sometimes Kubuntu devels also are Ubuntu devels and/or Debian devels, or work in Plasma or one of the other KDE teams06:28
valorieKDE is an enormous community06:28
valorieKub is a tiny team06:28
valoriealthough we're always looking to expand the team!06:29
valoriesome of our devels have in the past also been KDE application devels yes06:29
valoriehowever KDE applications pretty much run everywhere, including windows and now android and other phones06:30
coder123gotcha ok06:30
coder123oh wow06:31
valoriegoing pretty well because KDE now has a robust CI system testing the builds of everything on everything06:31
valoriewhich.... that CI system was built by a Kubuntu devel06:32
valoriecontinuous integration06:32
coder123oh ok gotcha06:32
valorietakes the latest commits and builds and tests from git06:32
valorienot just released stuff06:32
valoriewe do the same thing in Ubuntu and Kubuntu06:32
coder123valorie are you a dev by any chance?06:33
valoriewith our packages06:33
valoriea dev yes, and not a coder06:33
valorieI'm the release manager and on the Kubuntu Council06:33
coder123oh wow it's great to meet you06:34
valorienice to meet you too, coder12306:34
valorieI blog as "linux grandma" if you read either planet06:35
jimtendovalorie: do you know if there are any plans of integrating a crypto wallet into Kubuntu by default? Or if this is something that might be considered by Kubuntu if a suitable KDE Wallet existed?06:36
valoriekwallet is encrypted06:37
valoriehas been for a long time06:37
jimtendovalorie: Sorry, I meant cryptocurrency*06:37
valorienot sure there is anything like that yet06:37
valorieby default -- I doubt it06:37
valoriebut if KDE produces it, we usually package it06:38
valorieif it's in Debian, it generally ends up in the archive, which is available to all users, no matter the desktop/flavor they use06:38
coder123valorie: I love kubuntu because of it's customization i installed kubuntu on my main computer i use for work/school because i specifically needed ubuntu to install a program for school but wanted to have the funnest ubuntu flavor possible :)06:39
valoriewe try to be the friendliest06:39
valoriebut most fun -- I'll take it!06:40
jimtendoI'm currently working on a modular one I've titled "KPay" that uses QML (so that other devices are supported)... it's a long way off being usable. Was hoping someone else might be working on something similar.06:40
valoriejimtendo: please write to kde-devel ML about that06:41
valorieand put your code on kde infra06:41
valorieyou may be asked to enter https://community.kde.org/Incubator06:42
jimtendovalorie: Thanks, will do in a few weeks. I just want to clean up the architecture a bit before doing so.06:42
valoriewhich is a process we use to onboard new applicaitons06:42
valoriedon't wait too long!06:42
valorieyou will coding hints along the way06:42
valoriebelieve me06:42
valoriegermans can be quite nit-picky!06:42
valoriebut there are tools to help remove common errors and stuff like extra whitespace too06:43
coder123valorie: I'd love to join the dev team but idk if id have time i have my last semester this spring for the CS degree...possibly after though kde is the coolest enviromnent I've seen among distros :)06:43
valoriethe point is that it's a team06:43
valorieyou get built in infra, such as git, the CI, lists, irc channel, a forum if you want, bugzilla, translators, the VDG06:44
valorieand on and on06:44
valorieit's great06:44
jimtendohaha, okay... I'll apply for the incubator tonight when I get some time. It'd be good to get some feedback from the other devs on whether the architecture makes sense.06:44
valoriefirst: write to the devel list with your thoughts06:45
valorieyou'll need someone to offer to guide you through06:46
valorieand I'm not a coder so I can't do it06:46
valoriebut you can drop my name if you want06:46
coder123valorie are you saying I'd have to apply for a specific dev position?06:46
valorieKDE is an anarchist collective, really06:46
valoriebut someone with a desire to have what you are offering06:47
valorieAND the knowledge of how to get you there06:47
valoriewill help06:47
valorieyou gotta tell 'em first06:47
valoriehttps://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-devel < subscribe06:47
valoriewatch your mail for the link to click to say yes, nobody spammed this06:48
valorienow, when you get Developer status, you do have to have someone say "yes, I trust this person and so can you"06:50
valoriebut you don't need that right away06:50
valorieone step at a time06:51
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coder123I'll email that address mentioned in the link cuz the captcha doesn't show for me06:52
coder123valorie: would i be able to out right ask for developer status adter doing a couple of commits?06:54
valorieprobably yes06:55
valorieespecially if you are in the incubator06:55
valoriedo you have a KDE identity now?06:56
coder123no i don't06:57
valorieif not, you'll need it for phabricator06:57
valoriewhich is the review place, task boards, etc.06:57
valorieeventually it will bit the git host as I understand it06:57
coder123is phabricator and incubator ranks?06:58
valoriesorta clunky but I'm getting used to it06:58
valoriephabricator is a piece of software06:58
coder123the framework?06:58
valorieincubator is just the name of the process for getting someone with a new app "into" the KDE community06:58
valorieset up on all the infra they want, etc.06:59
coder123oh ok06:59
valorielike incubating an egg, if you've ever seen that process06:59
valoriewe're sort of in the wrong chan for this discussion07:00
valoriewe should be in #kde-devel07:01
valoriefor this07:01
valorieapologies for not suggesting that earlier07:01
valorieI get all enthused and forget07:01
coder123lol np07:02
lordievaderGood morning07:07
valoriemorning lordievader07:08
lordievaderHey valorie , how are you doing?07:08
valorieand you?07:09
lordievaderDoing allright here 😁07:09
valorienew year is always great07:10
valorieclean slate07:10
coder123valorie: thanks for the links I've saved them and I'll revist them when I'm ready. hope to see you around07:12
valorieI'm always around07:12
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sreejithI am a beginner is it okay to install Ubuntu and start developing because I can't install both kubuntu and kde neon09:27
sreejithWill os make any difference09:28
acheronuksreejith: developing what?09:29
markus_dIf you want to use kde kubuntu is just ealier IMHO09:53
markus_dYou want to program for kde?09:54
lordievadersreejith has already left 😉09:57
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BluesKajHowdy all12:13
arranI had to purge the app tvbrowser and have reinstalled it. Now, I get a message, that my Java Runtime is too old. How do I install an upgraded one?12:15
arran (Kubuntu 14.04.12:16
arranaye. does what it says, over 1000 channels with their programes for about a months.12:28
BluesKajarran, where did you install it frpm?12:30
arranFrom a deb download of ubunuusers.de12:31
arranI use it since about 6 years, with regular upgrades. Yesterday all was perfectly OK, but this morning when I startet the program, I got a message that the starter file is faulty.12:34
lordievaderarran: Could you link to it?12:50
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IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> Good day everyone!20:09
sononuovo24help me20:09
sononuovo24I can not install some programs20:10
IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> @sononuovo24, Which program are you having problems with?20:11
sononuovo24teamspeak and minecraft20:11
sononuovo24the problem and that does not give me errors, but I can not find the folder20:12
krytariksononuovo24: Please stick to one support channel.20:12
sononuovo24kubuntu tis chan support not?20:13
krytarikYes, but you're also asking the same in #ubuntu.20:14
sononuovo24I ask here, then I'm downloading minecraft and teamspeak, I load the folder but can not find it ..20:16
sononuovo24nothing error20:17
sononuovo24kubuntu is not the same as ubuntu?20:18
krytarikDifferent desktop, yes.20:21
sononuovo24even with the commands?20:22
shawn_gesFile permission help?  I have a file that is chown'd by nginx:adm and has the following permissions:  -rw-r----- .  I have a user who is a member of the adm group.  So this suggests they *should* be able to read the file, but I get  permission errors when I try.  Thoughts?21:02
shawn_gesThe appropropriate permissions exist up the path as well - the adm group can in fact read from this file (another process using the adm user)21:03
shawn_geshmm.. nm.  Seems it is a scripting problem.  su myuser && less myfile  shows me the contents of the file as that user.  So permissions seem correct.21:06
shawn_gesmust be something about the ssh shell then21:07
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IrcsomeBot<Gabrielino90> Hello22:14
ajshell1Hello. I recently installed Kubuntu, and I'm getting "{ DRDY ERR }" messages whenever I try to boot with one of my optical drives plugged into the motherboard.22:22
ajshell1I have a video showing what happens if anyone wants to take a look: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RcCz8V7PO_lMv-77gQX4Jqx8oQaY1DmI/view?usp=sharing22:23
ajshell1My motherboard is a MSI Gaming 5 Z9722:31
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