prince-charmantHello, I have installed lubuntu on my old pc 512MB Memory and 56 GB HardDisk the installation did not create a swap partition - How can I using the lubuntu-live-usb stick create this missing partitions without the need of a complete re-installation ?15:27
JohnDoe_71Rusprince-charmant: use gparted to resize and create swap partition. or you can use swap file16:23
prince-charmantJohnDoe_71Rus, I have seen that I have a 2GB swapfile  - not a partition16:34
prince-charmantJohnDoe_71Rus, should I need to all re-install if I create a swap partition ?16:35
prince-charmantCould we found, for lubuntu, a very simple text-editor like "notepad" not "notepad++" ?16:43
prince-charmantLioneLL, thanks I will have a look16:45
JohnDoe_71Rusprince-charmant: partition or file, no difference16:47
JohnDoe_71Rususe file16:48
prince-charmantJohnDoe_71Rus, ok, so I will stay with my file16:49
JohnDoe_71Rusif you need. you can make new swap file with more size and switch to it16:51
prince-charmantJohnDoe_71Rus, 2 GB for a 512MB memory is not enough ?16:54
JohnDoe_71Russomeday you'll find out ;)16:58
prince-charmantso, could you give me par example how to do this increase from 2GB to 4GB of the swapfile named "swapfile" on the root directory ?17:02
JohnDoe_71Rusprince-charmant:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq17:05
prince-charmantJohnDoe_71Rus, I just found this https://askubuntu.com/questions/927854/how-do-i-increase-the-size-of-swapfile-without-removing-it-in-the-terminal17:05
linixlubuntu alternate CD install is stuck at "running update-grub"... I had an earlier ubuntu 10.10 install on this old machine... wondering if that old installation is the issue? or something else?22:29
linixany ideas?22:29
linixinstalling version 17.1022:31
asdfjkljust installed version 17.10 :))22:35

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