tgBot3<inchw0rm> Has there already been a Russian translation of the ut UI? I am able to make one.00:26
tgBot3<inchw0rm> Another question: isn't it a security hole if no matter what username you enter during installation, it gets set to 'phablet'? With a weak enough password (especially this 4 digit long PIN) an attacker might be able to recover it. Please comment.00:40
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> You aren't creating a username, you're adding your preferred name.00:42
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Your username is always `phablet`. And very short passwords have always been rather insecure.00:42
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> @inchw0rm, translate.ubports.com00:43
tgBot3<inchw0rm> @UniversalSuperBox, Those freaky Russians tho, omg they're so fast in picking up translations. I ducking hate 'em. Cyka00:47
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> Uh00:47
tgBot3<inchw0rm> @UniversalSuperBox, Kiddin' sry00:48
tgBot3<ignorare> @Stereofont, Are you sure? All I heard is that Halium is build to run on Z4 Tablet Compact, not on Z2 Tablet Compact? :-)01:09
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tgBot3<petya230> Hi!  … i need help... ><  … i made these: … systemimage … hybris-boot …  soo …  how can i make ubuntu? …  i dont got it..  … https://github.com/Halium/rootfs-builder/blob/ubuntu/build.shhttp://docs.halium.org/en/latest/Distribution.html#startup-sequence07:16
tgBot3<ensigeon> @inchw0rm, You’re a sensitive boy, ain’t you Tommy?07:20
tgBot3Mental Ataxia was added by: Mental Ataxia07:27
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> Sup all! … Is there any specific channel where I can ask a few questions about Ubuntu Touch? :)07:28
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> this is probably the place07:32
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> @Mental Ataxia, Welcome Mental ! … Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for some basic information, feel free to ask here!🙂07:32
tgBot3<ensigeon> @Mental Ataxia, Hi … https://t.me/WelcomePlus07:32
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> Thanks guys! I'll give the welcome page a look and will ask questions soon! :)07:33
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> ... or not ;)07:33
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> We'll see ;p07:33
tgBot3<matv1> Stats.ubports.com is down07:37
tgBot3VYCPTI77NM was added by: VYCPTI77NM07:49
tgBot3<VYCPTI77NM> Does Ubuntu Phone support the Telegram or Signal apps in OS?07:51
tgBot3<ensigeon> @VYCPTI77NM, Yes07:54
tgBot3<VYCPTI77NM> 👍07:54
tgBot3<aldolinux80> Telegram no pblm08:01
tgBot3<aldolinux80> but signal... I'm not sure08:01
tgBot3<XavierXX> Did you know that Signal is available as a native Ubuntu Touch app? … Today an update was released for Signal which now has a passphrase-secured message storage which you can activate under the preferences. … Enjoy and thanks to Aaron Kimmig for the hard work on this. … https://open.uappexplorer.com/app/textsecure.nanuc … #ubports -app08:06
tgBot3<XavierXX> Fwd from UBports News Channel: Did you know that Signal is available as a native Ubuntu Touch app? … Today an update was released for Signal which now has a passphrase-secured message storage which you can activate under the preferences. … Enjoy and thanks to Aaron Kimmig for the hard work on this. … https://open.uappexplorer.com/app/textsecure.nanuc … #ubports -app08:07
tgBot3<peternerlich> Hi @VYCPTI77NM! I'm parrt of the Welcoming Team. To get up to speed, please read https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome. Be careful with the Signal app though, it doesn't supported logging in other devices and even logs you out on existing connected ones.08:10
tgBot3<VYCPTI77NM> Awesome, good to know. Thanks you three08:11
tgBot3<VYCPTI77NM> Just installed UT on my old Nexus 508:12
tgBot3<VYCPTI77NM> looks much nicer than last time I tried it, about a year ago08:13
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> Okay guys, few questions: … 1 - Are Web-based apps usable? Can one create shortcuts for these? Will they run on phone and in convergence? … 2 - I see the Wire messaging app hasn't migrated from the Ubuntu store over to the OpenApps store. Any chance I can get it running with Anbox? … 3 - Does the Fairphone 2 support convergence? (I saw it for the Nexus 5, but unsure about the Fairphone) … 4 - Is OpenVPN available? I went through the f08:28
tgBot3threads regarding it, but a straight up answer would be appreciated. … 5 - What is the current state of convergence? What I mean is, is it something you guys actually use?  … 6 - What's the status of web browser addons?  … 7 - Considering the reach of Appimages, are there any plans to support it or shift focus from snaps to appimages? I understand there may be underlying compatibiltiy reasons for not switching, just looking to understand the landscape 08:28
tgBot3Considering Ubuntu is running on the phone, is it fair to expect that most things that run on ubuntu desktop will run the same way on the phone and in convergence? I don't mean they will work, I simply mean, in the background, they run the same way, even if unstable. This gives me a picture of how the underlying OS runs, in comparison to what we actually get shown to us. … I don't mind having to do research and workarounds to fix things, been used to it as08:28
tgBot3user, I really need something new and different to scratch that itch, and perhaps I'll even find I can contribute to the project. Just looking to see which phone I should go for, and what I can expect in a fair way. My main messaging app is Wire, so clearly I already feel somewhat crippled, but willing to give it a go nonetheless. … Thanks in advance!08:28
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> One last thing, the Nexus 5 is supported, what about the 5X?08:31
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> Now I feel stupid, question 1 partially answered in the Ubuntu Touch Documentation :)08:42
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> i'll answer 3: convergence through cable is (currently!) only supported on the nexus 5. the other more powerfull phones can do it wireless through aethercast (miracast) with a ~100ms delay08:49
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> it only runs on the nexus 5 because it requires specific hardwarae08:49
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> nexus 5X will probably be available at some point in the future when we've migrated onto 16.04 through halium, but eta's are impossible08:50
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> 5x won't do convergence though08:51
tgBot3<XavierXX> @rogieroudshoorn, Is the opo one of those powerfull phones?08:52
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> i think so, but i don't own one myself so don't take just my word for it08:53
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> Interesting. What the progress like on Halium and its integration?08:56
tgBot3<Daniel> FP2 one of the powerful ones?08:58
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> i think so, but i don't own one myself so don't take just my word for it09:01
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> i only own a weak one (BQ E4.5)09:02
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> @rogieroudshoorn What's your experience been like?09:10
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> considering the stupidly bad hardware, that phone is surprisingly usefull09:11
tgBot3<Oliver> Well, it's weak, but I love my BQ4.5...😎09:11
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> most things "just work", and it is a proper linux machine09:12
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> That's really good to hear.09:12
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> personally i'd love to see it on high-end convergent hardware09:12
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> Before Ubuntu Touch, were you an Android or iOS user? Or something else?09:13
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> Android (LineageOS)09:14
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> How was the switch, especially when it comes to apps?09:15
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> i don't use that many, and even i had to do commandline stuff to get CARDDAV running to my nextcloud09:17
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> no comparision to ios/android09:18
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> when anbox is introduced, it'll massively help09:22
tgBot3<Stereofont> @ignorare, I checked the official list. Anyone porting who hasn't added details should do so09:27
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> Yeah, I was wondering what the progress on it is like.09:27
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Mental Ataxia, Not yet but very likely will be in future09:30
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Mental Ataxia, That is pretty much a book. Don't expect direct equivalence between Ubuntu Touch and 'desktop' distros. As with Anbox, expect some things to work the same out if the box, others to work but not have full functionality, others really nothing at all09:33
tgBot3<Stereofont> Hack around and extend on a case by case basis but move away away from 'daily user' mode in the process09:34
tgBot3<Stereofont> There is an app for making webapps09:35
tgBot3<Stereofont> uMatriks Marius does video chat for now09:36
tgBot3<Jorge> putting anbox on ubuntu touch is the best thing that was done09:38
tgBot3<Stereofont> Early convergence relied on some hacks which have degraded as development has progressed. When 16.04 is stable, convergence can be built up again, in a more solid fashion09:38
tgBot3<ignorare> I seriously think we should donate some money to the Anbox developers...09:38
tgBot3<ignorare> Maybe some crowdfunding or something like this. They are doing an amazing job and refresh the whole market!09:38
tgBot3<ignorare> Even proprietary companies like Jolla will take profit out of their work...09:39
tgBot3<Rekols> 哎呀09:39
tgBot3<Rekols> 你们总是搞事09:39
tgBot3<Stereofont> There is a limited implementation of VPN in the OpenStore09:39
tgBot3<Rekols> @Stereofont 大佬09:39
tgBot3<Rekols> 带带我啊09:39
tgBot3<Rekols> 行不行啊09:39
tgBot3<Jorge> @ignorare, Jolla already brings alien dalvik, a compatibility layer09:40
tgBot3<vanyasem> English only please..09:40
tgBot3<Rekols> 不会英语啊   @vanyasem09:40
tgBot3<Rekols> 怎么办?09:40
tgBot3<Stereofont> Firefox is not a serious option at the moment. We use a modified Chromium. Future may be WebKit from Qt 5.9?09:40
tgBot3<Rekols> do you know chinese?  @vanyasem09:41
tgBot3<ignorare> @Jorge, Sure, but in future they also have to switch to Anbox, because AlienDalvik is not supported anymore and already out of date...09:41
tgBot3<vanyasem> @Rekols, Only English is allowed in this chat. No, I don't speak Chinese. Join https://t.me/UBports_Chinese09:41
tgBot3<RoccoOPO> Tutti conosciamo il cinese..  verona?09:42
tgBot3<RoccoOPO> *vero ?09:42
tgBot3<Rekols> il cinese...09:42
tgBot3<Rekols> fuck you.09:42
tgBot3<RoccoOPO> Also you09:42
tgBot3<Rekols> @RoccoOPO also you09:42
tgBot3<Rekols> yo09:42
tgBot3<Rekols> 老弟09:42
tgBot3<RoccoOPO> A fan to culu09:42
tgBot3<ignorare> ?!09:42
tgBot3<vanyasem> any mods around?09:42
tgBot3<Rekols> I'm a Russian.09:43
tgBot3<vanyasem> @UniversalSuperBox maybe?09:43
tgBot3<Rekols> But I love china and chinese.09:43
tgBot3<Stereofont> We use click packages mainly. Snaps, Appimages and KDE packages all in play for the future but not decided. We have to get 16.04 stable before adding stuff. Also some phones have little space!09:43
tgBot3<Rekols> Russian is No.109:43
tgBot3<Rekols> ha ha ha09:43
tgBot3<Rekols> yes?09:44
tgBot3<RoccoOPO> Piciu09:44
tgBot3<Jorge> @ignorare, It would be great to make a talk or agreement with Jolla to improve the Anbox and so both Sailfish and Ubuntu Touch win, even desktop distributions would also benefit09:44
tgBot3<ignorare> Guys, could you please stop spamming this channel?09:44
tgBot3<Rekols> Я люблю Китай09:44
tgBot3<Rekols> Я люблю Китай, Я люблю Китай! Я люблю Китай !!09:44
tgBot3<Rekols> I Love US and China, don09:45
tgBot3<ignorare> 😕09:45
tgBot3<Rekols> dont't like russian09:45
tgBot3<Jorge> China no esta mal09:45
tgBot3<Stereofont> @ignorare, +109:45
tgBot3<ignorare> @Jorge, Yeah! But I am not sure what we can expect from Jolla in future, due to their focus on corporate markets...09:46
tgBot3<Rekols> Assad kun la tempo09:46
tgBot3<Stereofont> @vanyasem, @Flohack09:46
tgBot3<Rekols> +1 s.09:46
tgBot3<Rekols> wow it is woner09:46
tgBot3<Rekols> my english is very very bad.09:47
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> @Stereofont Thanks for the tidbit answers :)09:47
tgBot3<Jorge> @ignorare, very true, 64 bit support in applications is winning and kitkat does not have it09:47
tgBot3<Rekols> Russian is NO.1  ?09:47
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Mental Ataxia, Welcome. I will leave tethering and cli to others with practical experience of those09:47
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> What happens when trying to use .deb packages? Does it simply not work, or is it just highly unstable?09:49
tgBot3<vanyasem> @Stereofont, iirc florian is travelling somewhere09:52
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Mental Ataxia, Kris Jace has written on his blog about hacking the system. Expect temporary, unstable and reliant on high end knowledge.  Users are free to hack as they like but you are on your own with that stuff09:52
tgBot3<vanyasem> @Stereofont, could you link me to Kris's blog?09:52
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> @Lion09:52
tgBot3<Stereofont> https://kriscode.blogspot.co.uk09:53
tgBot3<Jorge> @ignorare, You have to know how to "sell", because those who have more knowledge about Ubuntu, which is where Anbox works best, are the developers of Ubport, and to support Snap as well. And Jolla has the disadvantage of 64 bit applications. They can provide their services to adapt Anbox and Snap to Sailfish.09:53
tgBot3<alan_griffiths> @Mental Ataxia, The default recommendation is: "don't": The OTA updates mechanism doesn't expect "external" changes to the system. So it is theoretically possible for things to break after the next update. (How acceptable that risk is is up to the user.)09:54
tgBot3<Stereofont> Usual disclaimers apply. Free choice but none of it 'supported'09:55
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> @Lion09:55
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> @alan_griffiths, Makes sense, as expected. Thank you :)09:56
tgBot3<berchio> How does one install a click file?09:56
tgBot3<Rekols> (Sticker, 490x512) https://irc.ubports.com/kbASGve0/file_379409:57
tgBot3<Rekols> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/0AkabGOn/file_3795.webp09:57
tgBot3<Stereofont> @berchio, You can install it using OpenStore app, whether the click is in the OpenStore or not10:02
tgBot3<Rekols> (Sticker, 512x507) https://irc.ubports.com/fQoeZRLo/file_3796.webp10:02
tgBot3sap_nocops was added by: sap_nocops10:07
tgBot3<Jorge> @Stereofont, Chromium = Google Win10:10
tgBot3<RenanPrastaJenie2> @Stereofont, Agree. … AFAIK, 16.04 is the minimal Ubuntu to run Snaps10:19
tgBot3<RenanPrastaJenie2> (Sticker, 453x512) https://irc.ubports.com/0c0sqmtO/file_379710:19
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Jorge, Chromium, not Chrome. Chromium is Open Source10:22
tgBot3<Jorge> @Stereofont, but Google is the most influential and in the long term they win10:25
tgBot3<Schyken> @Jorge, I'm curious if it really matters though. Even if either party can benefit, is that a problem? Can't both benefit?10:26
tgBot3<Jorge> and the world moves by interest10:28
tgBot3<Schyken> Maybe Chrom(e | ium) gets more attention. Maybe it gets additional dev support. But it also does the job it needs to do for this without making the kind of data-mongering sacrifices people don't want, isn't that a good thing?10:28
tgBot3<Schyken> @Jorge, Of course :)10:28
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Jorge, Google practically own planet Earth so … but we pick up some of the free scraps they drop from their table10:28
tgBot3<Jorge> Lionelb: … Google practically own planet Earth so … but we pick up some of the free scraps they drop from their table10:29
tgBot3<Jorge> @Stereofont, I really think that with Firefox it is better and thanks to Quantum especially, it is very promising for the future. It is necessary to demonstrate differentiation, and if they use Chromium the user will perceive the same as always where something different is looked for10:32
tgBot3<Callie_Cacophony> @Jorge, There android browser is still sluggish xs10:35
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Jorge, Firefox is quite greedy for resources so it doesn't work brilliantly on phones. That is why Ubuntu Touch uses something more lightweight11:08
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> @alan_griffiths No, the default answer/recommendation should be to talk about Libertine, which is eminently safe and easy to recommend, before talking about actually making the system writable and directly installing .debs.11:10
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> ...which is not those things.11:10
tgBot3<Daniel> @Stereofont, Leightweight like helium! Everytime I close the browser, my FP2 becomes so heavy that I drop it to the floor which results in a reboot. ;-)12:15
tgBot3<milkor73> @sap_nocops, Hello Lorenzo and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    … To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)12:20
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Daniel, Sneeze and it reboots 😂12:21
tgBot3<BrisPete> @Stereofont, Is that feature ... or a bug?😏12:25
tgBot3<Dejavu_Dmitry> Hi, everyone! Does anyone know is there used fairphone 2 to buy on eBay... or somewhere else?12:33
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> i'd check on ebay12:34
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Dejavu_Dmitry, I was lucky enough to find one with a third-party dealer. Fairphone sell reconditioned phones but the price is still quite high12:38
tgBot3<milkor73> @Dejavu_Dmitry, There might be even page on fairphone pages with second hand FP212:38
tgBot3<Dejavu_Dmitry> (Sticker, 512x372) https://irc.ubports.com/S0XYZsK1/file_379812:43
tgBot3k1ttens was added by: k1ttens13:25
tgBot3<Stereofont> @k1ttens, Hello Kittens. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!13:27
tgBot3<Plopen> (Sticker, 512x502) https://irc.ubports.com/gVI6m041/file_3799.webp14:27
tgBot3<matv1> @Dejavu_Dmitry, Also, I heard that if you know someone who has a FF2, he can get you a discount when ordering.14:33
tgBot3AadithyaMD was added by: AadithyaMD15:18
tgBot3<samitormanen> Seems like changing cpu governor (to conservative) helps save battery when using N5. I had problem that  in light usage phone heated a lot and I monitored cpu frequency while using phone, it was mostly full frequency even I played some simpke game. Now it stays cool and doenst hog my battery. Still needs more testing though and playing with different settings..15:21
tgBot3<AadithyaMD> @Jorge, maybe talking with people developing Librem phone could also be helpful, even they are also devoloping a phone running linux so, anbox could be benificial for them as well.15:25
tgBot3<Jorge> @AadithyaMD, it is true, they seem more flexible15:27
tgBot3<Stereofont> @AadithyaMD, Hello Aadithya. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!15:53
tgBot3<andreasimonetti> @samitormanen, how can you do that?16:33
tgBot3<AadithyaMD> @Stereofont, thanks16:37
tgBot3<Stereofont> @AadithyaMD, Anything we can help you with?16:39
tgBot3FloriH was added by: FloriH17:08
tgBot3<FloriH> hello everyone17:09
tgBot3<samitormanen> @andreasimonetti, It is not hard. Just couple of terminal commands or premade script.. I make simple guide to forums.17:15
tgBot3<ruedigerkupper> @andreasimonetti, I'm interested, too. My N5 battery drains pretty well, 24hrs is the max it lasts :-/.17:17
tgBot3<andreasimonetti> @samitormanen, thank you a lot!17:17
tgBot3<andreasimonetti> @FloriH, welcome flo!17:18
tgBot3<FloriH> Can you recommend a device for me? I would Like to Test Ubuntu Touch and hopefully Switch completely17:19
tgBot3<FloriH> I saw that the oneplus one is relative cheap. I would prefer the fairphone 2. But its currently only on waiting list17:20
tgBot3<Stereofont> @FloriH, Hello Flo2. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!17:25
tgBot3<Stereofont> @FloriH, OnePlusOne would be a good choice. In a year, you could look again, with probably a much wider range of devices available17:27
tgBot3<Seshan Ravikumar> Hmm, is it possible to run Ubuntu Touch on QEMU/KVM?17:28
tgBot3<ruedigerkupper> Hello Flo, there are lots of cheap Nexus 5 second hand on ebay. I just got one for 70€. It's certainly not high end, but Uuntu Touch runs smoothly.17:29
tgBot3<FloriH> @ruedigerkupper @Stereofont thanks a Lot :)17:35
tgBot3<FloriH> Would a Nexus 5x also work?17:36
tgBot3<dohbee> @Seshan Ravikumar, No. You can run unity8 on 16.04 in kvm though. Some differences from a phone/tablet17:37
tgBot3<ruedigerkupper> @FloriH, Not sure, but I think not.17:38
tgBot3<FloriH> Would a Nexus 5x also work?17:46
tgBot3<FloriH> Ok THX :)17:46
tgBot3<Stereofont> @FloriH, Not yet, though it is a device high up the list of those that will probably be added17:47
tgBot3<andreasimonetti> @FloriH, a user called "will O" was working at it but i don't know about the status..17:48
tgBot3<FloriH> I will Check Forums tomorrow, maybe i find anything17:48
tgBot3<XavierXX> Does the oneplus one support LXC libertine container?17:49
tgBot3<Xray2000> Guys can somenone tell me why the lasted image 16.04 for a PRO 5 are broke as i try yesterday again to flash the lasted image but i get a black screen when reboot, when i use revision 14 it works....I know there is a lot go on the 16.04 but ...17:54
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> Hi! I have problem, maybe you can help me out: … I have an E5 with UBports, but with broken screen (digitizier still working), with developer mode off. There is any way for me to access it (adb, ssh, phablet-shell)? Since developer mode is off apperently I can't, but that means I have to trash the device...18:04
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> Lock screen security is set as swipe only18:05
tgBot3<Javacookies> connect and OTG mouse?18:06
tgBot3<Javacookies> *an18:06
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> the digitizer works, is the lcd to be broken18:07
tgBot3<Javacookies> oh, so you can't see anything? but touch screen wotks?18:09
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> yes18:09
tgBot3<Javacookies> I see, then try to reboot, and after a while, visualize on how you can get to the settings and enable dev mode...sound hilarious but I think it's doable 😁18:10
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> I tried it's not easy at all😕18:15
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> I don't mind reflashing or anything, just to get it in a state where I can access it18:16
tgBot3<ruedigerkupper> @TronFortyTwo, No, it's not easy, I just tried. You'd need a step-by-step explainatiob where to click an probably screenshots of all stages....18:19
tgBot3<ruedigerkupper> Might be easier replacing the display.18:20
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Is Xenial uniformly unstable across devices, or are some more stable than others? Keeping it simple, how about turbo vs cooler?18:21
tgBot3<ch> @TronFortyTwo, You could try flashing it with option --developer-mode18:44
tgBot3<ruedigerkupper> @ruedigerkupper, If it's really important, I could provide screenshots. But it all still be difficult.18:51
tgBot3<Ingo_FP_Angel> @FloriH, There will be new Fairphones in stock in their store in two days. … If they become sold out quickly, you can always check their partner stores at https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/218186563-Fairphone-store-locator … Or check their unofficial market for used phones at https://forum.fairphone.com/c/market18:58
CoderEuropeDoes Ubports work o Fairphone 1 ?19:03
CoderEurope**work on .......19:03
tgBot3<Michele> @samitormanen, Wow, very interesting!19:08
CoderEuroperepeat : Does Ubports work on Fairphone 1 ?19:09
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> @Xray2000 I think this is the bug reported here:19:09
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/42519:10
tgBot3<Xray2000> @TartanSpartan, Yes i have see it also thanks19:10
tgBot3<Xray2000> I hope the fix it soon... ;)19:10
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Me too although I'm still on Vivid.19:13
tgBot3<Stereofont> Coder only Fairphone 2 is supported19:15
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Has anyone noticed with the handy "reply to SMS via notifications drop down" utility, the "hold space bar to manipulate cursor position" doesn't work?19:19
tgBot3<FloriH> @Ingo_FP_Angel Ah nice. Thank you very much19:22
tgBot3<Michele> @TartanSpartan, Iirc is working on my n519:22
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Test it, it doesn't on my Pro 5.19:23
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> @ch, That wold make me able to set develoer mode in some way?19:32
tgBot3onbox was added by: onbox19:33
CoderEuropeI cannot search the forums! So, @mariusgrips Does Ubports work on the Fairphone 1 ?19:34
tgBot3<dohbee> @TronFortyTwo, Yes, but you need passphrase or pin too, so you won't be able to unlock the screen then, or accept the auth dialog on the phone19:36
tgBot3<peternerlich> @CoderEurope, You can find all the neccessary information on https://ubports.com/page/get-ubuntu-touch (given it's kept up to date) … Fairphone 1 is neither one of the core devices (FP2 is) nor in the legacy list. Without looking at the specs or having done deeper research, I guess it could simply not be powerful enough19:40
CoderEuropewell I can buy one for £100 - so why not ?19:41
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> If the device is not on the supported devices list, it will not work.19:42
tgBot3<ch> @TronFortyTwo, manpage of ubuntu-device-flash says so: "Enables  developer mode after the factory reset ... (requires --password)"19:43
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> Is there any way to cast the screen of a Hammerhead to a display without a cable? Perhaps SSH with X11 forwarding? Or something simpler?19:43
CoderEuropeOkay so I have £250 - what phone *should* I go for, then ?19:46
tgBot3<Stereofont> @onbox, Hello Jafar. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!19:46
tgBot3<Stereofont> Coder. Probably a OnePlusOne or a Nexus 5. Not Nexus 5X19:49
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> Just bought an N5 myself :) can't wait to fiddle with ir19:52
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> @ch @dohbee oh, fair enought! Thanks, I'll try setting a easy enought password to type bindly and try19:54
tgBot3<lduboeuf> @Mental Ataxia, some info here: https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/advanceduse/screencasting.html20:01
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> One question I want answered more urgently than my prior ones today is:20:03
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> @lduboeuf  Thank you very much!20:03
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Is the Libertine app broken for anyone else? The GUI program I mean. I click it, it flashes the top hat logo and immediately reverts to the app list. This is frustrating as it allowed an easy way to add new PPAs and search the archives for a particular program. Easier than CLI interaction.20:06
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I've asked that a couple of days ago, but I don't think an answer was provided.20:06
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> Maybe your container cofig file is corrupted?20:09
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> It could be. How can I navigate to look at it?20:09
tgBot3<padraic7a> @TartanSpartan, Is that app available anywhere now? It's not on the openstore that I can see.20:10
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> the file is … ```~/.local/share/libertine/ContainersConfig.json```20:11
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> cat it, so I check it20:11
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> @padraic7a, It's a .deb20:11
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Afaik, it installs when you make the image writable. Yes.20:11
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Rather than being in Openstore.20:12
tgBot3<padraic7a> Ah I was a bit freaked out that I had never seen the chance to install it.20:12
CoderEuropeDoes the One plus ONE have an micro sd card slot ?20:13
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Various guides around as to how to do it.20:13
tgBot3<XavierXX> Does anyone have a link to a guide to install that app and/or a link to the.deb20:13
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> https://forums.ubports.com/topic/833/installation-of-convergence-desktop-apps-in-ubports-ota-3/1220:14
tgBot3<Stereofont> Coder. DuckDuckGo. However, no it does not20:14
tgBot3<XavierXX> @TartanSpartan, Thank you20:15
tgBot3<padraic7a> Yeah I installed different libertine containers but never went and made the image rw. I'll have a go now.20:16
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> No problem :)20:16
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> You should only need to do that to obtain this GUI program I think, then you can make it read only again.20:17
tgBot3<XavierXX> So from what i read you can't use apt with ubports?20:17
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> You can, but it's not recommended.20:17
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> https://pastebin.com/iV8gbh7X20:20
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> @TronFortyTwo sorry I didn't know what you'd want to see specifically via cat so gave the whole thing.20:21
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> oh no problem it was not essential at all20:21
tgBot3<XavierXX> @UniversalSuperBox, Why isn't it recommended?20:21
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Also this is the same behaviour for M10, Pro 5 and (I think) MX4.20:22
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> You sure it does start on your device(s)? Test please.20:22
tgBot3<UniversalSuperBox> @XavierXX, Your changes will be overwritten on an update and the things you install will be unconfined20:23
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> @TartanSpartan, Anyway the file it's ok. Maybe if you can post a log?20:24
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Talk me through that please?20:24
tgBot3<padraic7a> Is libertine available to install anymore? … $ apt-cache search libertine gets the following results: … python3-libertine - Python3 scripts for the Libertine application sandbox … gir1.2-libertine - GObject introspection files for the Libertine application sandbox … python3-libertine-chroot - Python3 scripts for the Libertine application sandbox … libertine-tools - CLI tools for running deb-packaged X11 apps on Ubuntu Personal … libli20:25
tgBot3for running deb-packaged X11 apps on Ubuntu Personal … Could that be the cause of your issue Seamus?20:25
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> @TartanSpartan, In the openstore there is a Log viewer app,20:25
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I'm not sure why that would be a problem if I had already installed it across all my devices. But unsure if you still can install it presently.20:26
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Installing Logviewer and will have a peek.20:28
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> E.g. For application-legacy-libertine-1516040605783394.log:20:31
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> https://paste.ubuntu.com/26393827/20:33
tgBot3<XavierXX> @TartanSpartan, So which of the 3 links should i follow the directions from and i don't see a gui app referenced anywhere20:34
CoderEuropeSo what sub £250 can I use with Ubports that *does* have a microSD card ?20:35
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Meizu Pro 5.20:35
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> @XavierXX I recommend:20:36
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> http://notyetthere.org/installing-more-puritine-apps-on-the-m10/20:36
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> And:20:37
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> http://kylenubuntu.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/running-x-apps-on-ubuntu-devices.html20:37
tgBot3<XavierXX> Kk ;)20:38
tgBot3<XavierXX> And another question does the oneplus one support LXC Containers?20:38
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> If all goes well, adb shelling to your device via a desktop, the GUI app should install and hopefully work unlike mine at present.20:39
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I don't know about that question.20:39
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> @TartanSpartan, Very strange? there are other application-legacy-libertine-something?20:39
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> @TronFortyTwo how about that log, then?20:39
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Let me reboot my Pro 5 and just run Libertine to help narrow this down.20:40
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> This is all there is soon after rebooting...20:44
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> (Photo, 1080x1920) https://irc.ubports.com/pvfgnsRm/file_3808.jpg20:45
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I'll ask again, can anyone confirm that the GUI is working for them as of now?20:47
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> This guy at the top, I mean:20:49
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> (Photo, 1080x1920) https://irc.ubports.com/nq7MR16a/file_3810.jpg20:49
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Anyone?20:54
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> Sorry, if the log is that I don't see what might be the problem :(21:16
tgBot3<padraic7a> I guess not very many people have it installed.21:17
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I put that in a search engine and bugs from various other Linux projects came up. One suggested it might be a Python problem.21:17
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> But Emanuele you use Libertine yourself, right?21:18
tgBot3<Michele> @samitormanen, can you send me a link please? I can't find it...21:23
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> @TartanSpartan, Yes, but from the terminal21:37
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> So you don't have the GUI program?21:38
tgBot3<TronFortyTwo> No; but actually my ubuntu phone is broken now, so is more a I used to not have it.21:38
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I see.21:40
tgBot3<mateosalta> (Photo, 1920x2560) https://irc.ubports.com/mdtUqm9c/file_3814.jpg22:56
tgBot3<mateosalta> Now i have to figure out how to install more apps22:56
tgBot3<calisto_gaia> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/Hibxvccx/file_3815.gz22:56
tgBot3<XavierXX> Oh anbox on which phone are you running it?23:02
tgBot3<mateosalta> @TartanSpartan yep, I've used guilty programs on it23:05
tgBot3<mateosalta> Gui23:05
tgBot3<mateosalta> (Photo, 1080x1920) https://irc.ubports.com/aRmyHMmu/file_3817.jpg23:06
tgBot3<mateosalta> @XavierXX on the bq m10 fhd23:07
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> No you misunderstand. I mean the GUI wrapper for installing programs, not individial GUI programs.23:25
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> But to be clear. I can go without the GUI. Can install the with the CLI. The GUI is just more convenient in some ways, and more informative. I hope we can make it work again.23:27
tgBot3<padraic7a> There has been some work on the relevant github. Don't know if it sheds any light... https://github.com/ubports/libertine/commits/xenial23:36
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Are any of those developers in this group?23:39
tgBot3<mateosalta> Ah, that program23:41
tgBot3<mateosalta> (Photo, 1080x1920) https://irc.ubports.com/vwfOjqXx/file_3819.jpg23:41
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> It's so weird though. Shouldn't it mostly be an offline program? It shouldn't be dependent on work on github to run. I have no idea what caused it to crash.23:41
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Yes Mateo exactly. So it works for you? Why not for my devices arrrrrggggh.23:42
tgBot3<mateosalta> So that one isn't working in xenial ?23:42
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> No, I am using Vivid. Not Xenial.23:43
tgBot3<mateosalta> I'm still on canonical with my pro 5...23:43
tgBot3<mateosalta> Set it up before they switched the servers23:43
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I have the URLs pointing at old-releases if that means anything.23:45
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I will turn on my MX4 (it's been powered off for several days) and test to see if it also has the bug.23:46

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