Acceleratorpopey: I have a question...Ubuntu did not apply for GCI in 2016...Will there be Ubuntu in 2018 for GCI?07:22
heesen_elopio could you please take a look at this https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/187215:08
ubot93Pull 1872 in snapcore/snapcraft "adding option to decompress tar.lzma cleanly" [Open]15:08
heesen_elopio, could you please take a look at this https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/187215:09
elopioheesen_: wait, I suggested you to start with a different task. How is that going?15:10
heesen_elopio, i am doing that but my snap is empty15:11
heesen_elopio, i need to add content15:11
heesen_elopio, could you please tell me of elopio could you please tell me if this is good or not  https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/187215:12
ubot93Pull 1872 in snapcore/snapcraft "adding option to decompress tar.lzma cleanly" [Open]15:12
heesen_elopio, could you please tell me if this is good or not  https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/187215:12
elopioheesen_: It's better, but not good to land yet15:13
heesen_elopio,could you please tell me what isnt good with it15:13
elopioThe tests are not passing, and you are missing tests for your new feature. Your if statements are not good, you need an 'else'.15:14
elopioAs I said, you need to improve your python before trying this again.15:15
heesen_elopio, I wil change the if if to if else15:16
elopioheesen_: reviewing your PRs requires time and patience for us. We have a limited amount of both. Of you want to keep contributing with us as mentors, we need you to follow our advice. Otherwise we'll better switch to other tasks.15:17
elopioheesen_: so please stop sending pull requests until you are more comfortable with python. I told you this requires time, and to start learning with smaller projects.15:19
Acceleratorcoolpolygons[m]: Hello15:26
coolpolygons[m]i see that...15:27
coolpolygons[m]but no logs in riot @Ac15:27
Acceleratorcoolpolygons[m]: Seems that Riot does not keep logs until you joined15:27
m4sk1nyup, and there’s no way to change it, because even if some matrix users would be opped, they will only get 50 level, but you need 100 level to make history visible for everyone15:30
m4sk1nwith 50 level one can change visible name and room photo15:30
Acceleratorm4sk1n: Levels? XD15:31
m4sk1nyup, level of permissions15:31
Acceleratorm4sk1n: Hmm so everyone starts with level 50..how do we increase our level?15:31
Acceleratornvm i think we have to go premium for that one :(15:32
wxlooh someone should snap spectre-meltdown-checker15:41
coolpolygonswxl what does the spectre-meltdown-checker do?15:50
coolpolygonsim guessing it has to do sth with the recent intel CPU security flaws?15:50
wxlyep. checks for vulnerability15:50
coolpolygonshmm what language is it in?15:51
coolpolygonsdepending on that i may try to make one15:52
coolpolygonsoh wait it's just a script file?15:52
daniellimwsprobably easiest since nothing to be built15:52
coolpolygonsshell script?15:52
daniellimwsi was planning of doing it but coolpolygons you called it first15:54
coolpolygonsu can always make it while i'm giving it a shot15:55
coolpolygonsi'm just trying it for a challenge cuz im a novice programmer15:55
daniellimwsok sure then15:55
Nissaarelopio: hi16:15
Nissaarpopey: hi16:15
Nissaarpopey: still having probleams16:16
popeyI'm sadly not a python expert, I wonder if elopio can helpl with ^ that?16:17
heesenpopey, is sergiusens16:17
Nissaarpopey: do you know abt what time hell be online ?16:17
konrad11901heber: hi, are you there?16:17
heesenpopey is sergiusens here16:18
Nissaarkonrad11901: can you help me with my task ?16:18
konrad11901Nissaar: I'm sorry, but my Python skills are very, very basic, so I'd suggest to wait for somebody more experienced16:19
flexiondotorgNissaar: Looks like the upstream code for pyradio has a bug.16:21
konrad11901didrocks: hi, are you there?16:21
heesen_kyrofa,could you please take a look at this https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5911781492916224/16:21
flexiondotorgNissaar: Can you share your `snapcraft.yaml` with me.16:21
didrockskonrad11901: going to leave soon, but still for a little bit16:21
heesen_sergiusens,could you please take a look at this https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5911781492916224/16:21
popeyNissaar: are you building the stable version? or the latest commit?16:21
Nissaarpopey: stable16:22
daniellimwsheesen_, weren't you packaging a python snap?16:22
konrad11901didrocks: I've claimed the GNOME Software tests task and I have problems with running the already written tests locally - the "check_installed_deb" test just freezes, without either passing or failing. Any idea how to solve this?16:22
heesen_waiting for approval16:23
konrad11901other tests run fine16:23
didrockskonrad11901: ah, heber is your guy on this task, I didn't follow it closely and he will give you more accurate info16:23
konrad11901ok, thanks anyway :)16:23
heesen_popey,could you please take a look at this https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5911781492916224/16:23
heesen_popey, thanks a lot16:24
Nissaari cant even find the python file in /snap/pyradio/x8/bin/pyradio16:27
Nissaarthe x8 folder is empty to me16:27
heesen_popey,is it good?16:28
heberkonrad11901, hi !16:31
konrad11901heber: hi! I've claimed the GNOME Software tests task and I have problems with running the already written tests locally - the "check_installed_deb" test just freezes, without either passing or failing. Any idea how to solve this?16:32
elopioNissaar: looking.16:34
Nissaarelopio: thx16:34
heberkonrad11901, let me run it in mi machine. Have you identified in which function/step it freezes?16:34
elopioheesen_: your guessit snap builds correctly to me. Can you expand on what's the problem you are seeing?16:34
elopioNissaar: please share your snapcraft.yaml16:35
heesen_elopio, i got a message saying the snap is empty16:36
heesen_elopio,could you please take a look at this https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5911781492916224/16:36
heesen_elopio, the commant  https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5911781492916224/16:37
konrad11901heber: I think that it freezes at results = results_page.get_results(), but I'll double check that16:37
heberkonrad11901, it runs properly in my laptop with Bionic. Which ubuntu version are you using for running the tests?16:37
Nissaarelopio: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26392601/ its this one16:37
konrad11901heber: 17.10.1 in QEMU (host is also 17.10.1)16:37
Nissaarelopio: when i ran pyradio -h it showed me the same output as in the github repo https://github.com/Nissaar/pyradio16:38
konrad11901heber: I checked that again and yes, it freezes at get_results()16:39
Nissaarelopio: can i release it on edge or should i make corrections ?16:42
heesen_elopio,is it good16:42
elopioNissaar: you can put non-working software on edge, if it helps you testing it.16:43
heberkonrad11901, weird, let me check in that version16:43
Nissaarelopio: these are the same. does that mean the snap is working ?16:43
konrad11901heber: oh, thanks :)16:43
Nissaarone is the command i ran in shell and the other is from github16:44
elopioNissaar: I'm confused by what you are saying :)16:45
elopioplease, be patient.16:45
elopioI will try to build your snapcraft.yaml16:45
Nissaarlook at the shell section where it ran pyradio -h16:45
Nissaarwhen i ran the command in shell. i received the same output. does that mean the snap is good ?16:46
Nissaarelopio: okay ill wait. im a bit stressed actually :D16:46
elopioNissaar: stressed, why so?16:46
heesen_elopio, could you please review the task before 900 utc +4 sorry for rushing you16:47
Nissaari wanted to complete 1 more task before the deadline to increase my chance16:47
heesen_me too16:47
daniellimwsthere's 12 mins left ;)16:48
daniellimwsnot meaning to increase the pressure16:48
elopioheesen_: Nissaar : sorry, not going to happen. "Do not be hasty, that is my motto". But I'm happy to keep helping you after the deadline.16:51
elopiothings are building here... I'll be able to test your snaps in a few minutes.16:52
heesen_elopio, ok but please try if you can to see my task16:53
Nissaarelopio: ill wait thx. even after gci will we be allowed to work on snaps ?16:53
elopioheesen_: I'm looking at it.16:53
heesen_ok thanks a lot16:54
elopioNissaar: you will be very welcome to keep working on snaps. We will be happy to mentor you and help you finding a path to keep learning16:54
elopioheesen_: take a look at the other snaps in snapcrafters. For example, https://github.com/snapcrafters/offlineimap16:54
Nissaarelopio: ohhh great ^_^16:55
elopioheesen_: instead of forking the upstream, we fork the snapcrafters checklist, and refer to upstream in the source part of the snapcraft.yaml16:55
elopioheesen: did you fork that one? We need to review your checklist to approve the task.16:55
elopioheesen: please share the link to the repo with the checklist.16:56
elopioheesen: please rename the repo from heesen to guessit. And please complete all the checks until the call for testing.16:58
Nissaarelopio: can i convert the cofinement to strict ? And should i build it again after doing so ?16:58
elopiothe call for testing is the most important part for me, because I can tell you taht it works for me, but we need to check that it works in a wider variety of environments.16:58
heberkonrad11901, you can update qemu_headless to false in ~/.config/ubuntu-system-tests.conf to see the UI while test is running.16:58
elopioNissaar: give it a try Build it again with strict and test it.16:59
konrad11901[m]heber: ok, give me a minute16:59
heesenelopio, I have rename it17:00
elopioheesen: thanks. Please follow up with the other checks in the list.17:02
elopioNissaar: Progress: [ 29%], that's as far as I got. Sorry the time's up, but there's a lot more after gci, it will still be awesome to publish this snap and get feeback from users on the following days.17:03
Nissaarelopio: isnt the deadline to submit the 17th ?17:04
daniellimwsyea today's just to claim a new task17:04
elopioI don't know, didn't you tell me 12 minutes left?17:04
elopioso what's the rush?17:04
konrad11901[m]heber: freezes at the rotating spinner17:06
didrocksthe deadline was for claiming new tasks17:07
heesenelopio, i have done the checklist17:07
elopioheesen: really, you should relax and slow down :)17:09
elopioheesen: your repo still says [Project]. You haven't updated the link to the forum post with the call for testing.17:10
heeseni want to do maximum as a cyclone in maurituis then we will get power cut17:10
elopioheesen: you need to update the description of the repo. It still says snapcraft template.17:10
elopioheesen: you also need to update the commented section: The Snapcrafters17:11
elopioheesen: sorry to hear about the cyclone, I hope it will not cause a lot of problems for you.17:12
elopiobut, by rushing you are just doing half of the work. Slow down, we will be here again when you get your power back. And maybe you can find a python book at a library, so you can practice also offline.17:13
heesenelopio, i have done that i submitted a new version at 21.0817:13
elopioheesen: I still don't see the updated link to the call for testing in the README. Also you have broken markdown in "Post an announcement in the Snapcraft Forum"17:16
elopioheesen: I can't follow your pace, sorry. I will check it again tomorrow morning. Please ping me only with questions.17:16
elopioif you keep pinging me every 5 minutes to review your task, I will have to start ignoring your pings because I can't review every 5 minutes.17:17
heesenok sorry17:17
elopioheesen: when you are ready, like triple checked your README, tested everything locally, and you are happy with your task, just hit the button in the google website17:18
elopioone of us will look at it, some time soon. Not immediately, because we have other tasks to do, too.17:18
konrad11901[m]heber: by the way, have you tested the 17.10.1 version?17:22
Nissaarhow do i ask the mentors to fork my repo etc... for packaging a snap ?17:27
daniellimwshave you done the call for testng?17:28
elopioNissaar: you need to ask first on the forum to transfer the name17:28
Nissaaris that good ?17:28
elopioNissaar: nop. You need to give the instructions to install it, you need to give some examples of the things you want them to test. And ideally, you would explain why this project is cool so they join and help you.17:31
elopioyou can put screenshots, or even better, an asciinema. The nicer your text looks, the more testers you will get. You can edit the post to add more info17:32
elopioNissaar: take a look at mine: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/call-for-testing-ipfs/97 Or search for "call for testing" in the forum, there are many nice examples.17:33
Nissaarelopio: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/call-for-testing-pyradio-snap/3537 is that good ?17:38
daniellimwsNissaar, why does it say sudo snap refresh ipfs17:40
elopioNissaar: $ sudo snap refresh ipfs17:40
Nissaaroops forgot to changed that17:41
elopioNissaar: my same comment as above. Take it slow, review three times, do not rush, try it yourself17:41
elopioNissaar: it says that it's in the beta channel, but on the install instructions you are not passing --beta17:41
elopioNissaar: and you are not giving any usage instructions. With those steps, you are telling people that your snap prints a help text. Please add some real usage scenarios.17:42
elopioNissaar: and finally, you give a step for refreshing that makes no sense in this case. You have just pushed one revision. I would remove that part.17:44
elopiotake your time, keep polishing the post and once you are happy, submit the task on google. I will check it again tomorrow.17:45
elopioFor now, it's time for me to do something different. Thanks for your contributions everybody! See you tomorrow.17:46
Acceleratoryeah bye :)17:49
ivanfondegville: davidcalle: I claimed a task (https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5279421646766080/) but it appears to already be done (https://github.com/canonical-websites/tutorials.ubuntu.com/issues/487), is there still any way I can claim a different one? Looks like the deadline to claim tasks already passed.23:40
ubot93Issue 487 in canonical-websites/tutorials.ubuntu.com "Tutorial Wanted - How to debug a snap" [Open]23:40

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