mbffHello! I've just setup pfsense in KVM on Ubuntu server as the host however my clients cannot ping or curl pfsense and they aren't getting internet. pfsense on the other hand has internet, but cannot ping lan devices.04:18
mbffThe folks over at #pfsense believe it is a KVM/bridge issue. My interfaces file is https://gist.github.com/marshallford/cbf917a9cf8cbd8d23c641b04c19356904:18
mbffMy KVM Nics look like https://imgur.com/a/y5HrC  My question in short is: Am I configuring the bridge (br0) correctly?04:19
masonmbff: Doesn't look like you're bridging.04:39
masonmbff: I have: Network source: Bridge br0: Host device whatever.04:39
masonDo you have your bridge set up?04:40
mbffok... I'm not following completely04:40
mbffmason, what do you mean setup?04:40
masonIf you have a bridge set up, then you just pick that off the list. If it's not set up, it won't be there.04:41
mbffI have a bridge setup, see https://gist.github.com/marshallford/cbf917a9cf8cbd8d23c641b04c19356904:42
mbffI am telling kvm to use the bridge. So when the guest boots, vnet0 is created and added to the bridge (br0)04:43
masonkk, so, creating a vm, if you're doing it in virt-manager, on the last screen before you click "finish" there's a network selection drop-down.04:43
mbffmason, right see https://imgur.com/a/y5HrC04:43
masonYou should see "Bridge br0: Host device enp8s0" based on what you show.04:43
masonNow we circle.04:44
masonHost device foo: macvtap isn't the bridging you wanted. See my first two notes.04:44
mbffThere are two screenshots in the link04:44
mbffThe first is the WAN NIC04:44
masonOh, didn't look at the second.04:45
mbffI am using macvtap to pass though the WAN NIC has the host OS has no need for "raw" internet04:45
mbffThe screenshot is slightly out of date. It now reads br0 not br104:45
masonAh, that's fancier than what I do, so I'm not qualified to comment. Sorry.04:46
mbffthanks anyway04:46
lordievaderGood morning07:07
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cpaelzerrbasak: for 1738062 and 1740160 I linked MPs, but since seed changes are not a daily task for me I always feel unsure11:28
cpaelzerit is only demotions, so it should be simple - but I'd appreciate if you could take a look11:29
cpaelzerI already run germinate and see that the effective delta will be what I want11:29
cpaelzerjamespage: https://github.com/canonical-server/dev-summary14:02
cpaelzerjamespage: I think we got your issue16:55
cpaelzerjamespage: can you re-run that on a 4.15-rc8 mainline kernel build?16:56
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lwizardlI was wondering if there is a similar service that can be self hosted on a server that acts similar to discord?22:27
keithzglwizardl: Matrix/Riot.im is not entirely dissimilar to Discord.23:30
lwizardlkeithzg, okay thanks I will look into them23:57

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