brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:04
SuperMatttop of the morning to you all10:14
diploMorning all11:20
foobarryali1234: looked at OBS over the weekend, looks really powerful12:44
foobarrybit of a learning curve, but certainly looks decent12:45
daftykinswhat sad news for all Cranberries fans, Dolores O'Riordan passing at 4618:57
daftykinsi nearly caught a gig early last year but she cancelled it due to 'doctors orders'18:57
m0nkey_What's a 1150 socket motherboard I can still get that's any good? Need to go from ITX to ATX because more pcie slots.19:03
m0nkey_I want to reuse everything, inc CPU/RAM, etc.19:04
daftykinsjust look for H chipsets for middle o' the road and Z if you wanna get premium features / overclock19:07
daftykinsm0nkey_: how'd it die?19:16
m0nkey_nothing died. just need more pcie slots. figured it'll be cheaper to just replace the board/case than buying into a whole new system19:19
m0nkey_especially since ram prices are ridiculous.19:20
daftykinsdiddledan: today's little physicist proceeded to knock the empty amazon box off the desk, then leap into it ;) https://i.imgur.com/ylTggiU.jpg19:24
diddledanmy sister lost her kitty before xmas - she jumped into a delivery van while nobody was looking and was only discovered as the driver stopped for a delivery a couple miles down the road. unfortunately she leapt out at that point and into the woodlands. someone found her yesterday and she's finally home after over a month in the wild. she's thin and tired but ok *phew*19:27
daftykinshope she's locking the little devil in for several weeks for recovery19:28
diddledanshe's totes adorbs19:30
daftykinsare those both prior?19:31
diddledannope, they're today and yesterday resp19:31
daftykinsoh have a bonus Mischief enjoying more of her premium toys - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrfZoNpYNyo19:32
daftykinsshe's a classy lady19:32
diddledangotta love a bit of paper19:33
m0nkey_OK, so I've been informed my work cell phone is due for renewal/upgrade19:40
m0nkey_I got a chose of Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7. What should I take?19:40
m0nkey_Before any asks, it's just for work. Will not be used for music, photos, etc. just voice calls & email.19:42
daftykinsi avoid both xD19:49
daftykinsi think the most sensible decision would be based around what you own at home for use of charger sharing etc19:50
m0nkey_S7 in that case19:54
daftykinsvewy gewd19:54
m0nkey_And it's done. S719:54
m0nkey_Order is awaiting approval by management19:54
diddledanI think someone just threatened the Trumpet: https://twitter.com/kerbito/status/95299332088781619419:59
diddledanit's all a bit voodoo to me20:00
daftykinshaha the voodoo who do what you won't dare do, people20:00
diddledanwtf did I just watch..? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGZDIv7qKPA20:13
daftykinsoh dear tux20:14
daftykinsi don't quite know, but i want no part of it!20:15

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