Kilosmorning everyone09:30
paddatrappermorning oom Kilos 09:33
paddatrapperand everyone else09:33
Kilosyay my alerts sound works09:34
Kiloskeys packing up but09:35
paddatrapperJust have to type slowly then :)09:44
Kilosyou ok paddatrapper?10:53
paddatrapperKilos: I'm good thanks. Back at work. And you? 11:24
Kilosim ok ty lad11:26
Kilosdoing some data recoveries for ians clients11:26
Kilosvery slow on dual core and 1tb drives lol11:27
Kiloskeep well lad and tell the others i say stay well11:27
paddatrapperwill do. Good to see you back here11:30
andrewlsd /join #ubuntu-za12:30
andrewlsdall quiet on the cyber-front.12:30

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