masonHey all. I'm curious about Macs. I just installed Xenial on a macbook5,1 and it's running hot. It looks like there was a mactel archive in the past, but the docs suggest it's long since been abandoned. I see the packages I most want in base now, but is there a group out there that focuses on this hardware?00:19
p00pfaceHey folks00:26
p00pfacewhen I type mysql -u root -p, i et error access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'00:26
Ben64you should put in the correct password then?00:27
p00pfacenot sure if it's ymptomatic that I entered a fancy root pw for mysql ....00:27
p00pfacethhhenn this means I somehow entered, at some previous moment in time, a fancy root password that I dont remember of00:27
p00pfaceplease slap me in the face.00:27
p00pfacethanks Ben, I was already there :D00:29
p00pface(there's still hope with this kid and linux..)00:30
Shibeanybody here got steam running natively on ubuntu without the steam runtime?00:31
Ben64Shibe: what00:32
gambl0reis it safe to transfer files from my ubuntu to windows?00:56
tezogmixHow does the intel microcode update for 16.04 LTS "01:03
tezogmixUSN-3531-1" affect our system if we're running this LTS within vmware as a guest and host windows 7 machine? My laptop mfg is releasing a bios-intel microcode update in a week from now.01:03
tezogmixIf that instance, should we disable that portion of the ubuntu update within the package manager options?01:04
JTechswitching my motherboard took more than an hour. I had to undo and redo the motherboard screws 3 times because of the plate in back to fit different ports. and those screws were not easily accessible. attempt #3 drew blood.01:11
JTechand now I smell burning. yeah, that northbridge chip heatsync was always a bad deal. uncomfortably hot to touch.01:12
JTechis encryption dependent on the motherboard? am I free to change motherboards after the OS is installed with encryption?01:12
JTechyes to the former or the latter?01:13
KipperedSnackladder, full disk encryption eh?01:13
KipperedSnackpretty sure its just the HD, unless ur doing it from the bios01:13
KipperedSnackand i dont even think bios full disk encryption is a thing so01:14
KipperedSnackur good.01:14
JTechdoes encrypting the boot loader change things?01:14
KipperedSnackfree to change all parts. except HD :P01:14
JTechok, thanks.01:14
KipperedSnackme thinks not.01:14
KipperedSnacknot really sure on that. i know if i use say.. regular full disk encryption via linux..01:15
KipperedSnackall i neeed is the HD01:15
JTechI had to disconnect the giant CPU heatsync when I changed motherboards. I have no idea if I did it right. That task is so harrowing. I redid the thermal paste.01:15
KipperedSnackbut with efi etc.. perhaps maybe the motherboard bios chip uses its own method to encrypt a portion of the boot01:15
KipperedSnackjust so long as it fits snug. i always give it a good wiggle before i lock it all down and re-screw01:16
JTechdo I need to redo the thermal paste every time I disconnect the heatsync?01:16
KipperedSnacki wouldn't be messing around with enough to matter..01:17
JTechI wish I could stick the stock CPU heat sync on the northbridge chipset. that bastard makes an unusual amount of heat that the tiny default heatsync is not sufficient for01:17
KipperedSnackalthou i have never really had a cpu burn out so.01:17
JTechthe amount of work this took... makes me want to give up. I can't leave it as is, because it smells like it's burning. but that took a few hours.01:18
JTechI guess most of that time was looking for the missing plate for the ports in back. and redoing the screws 3 times. but still.01:19
* Cvar1984 hi01:23
JTechI want to murder all the designers who make bad motherboards and bad computer cases.01:28
JTechall the designers who make bad anything, really. they're a plague on humanity.01:28
JTechI shouldn't spend an hour getting screws of and on to a motherboard because the "moderately" priced case wasn't designed for easy access.01:29
A_Person_1234567I can't get LightDM to work01:42
A_Person_1234567I get stuck in a login loop01:42
A_Person_1234567I can get LXDE to work01:43
A_Person_1234567Anyone have anything to try?01:43
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JTechcan I use metal to scrap the factory-applied adhesive thermal connector thing on the heatsync off?01:59
JTechit's on this northbridge chipset heatsync.01:59
JTechmaybe I should ask in a general help.01:59
A_Person_1234567I wouldn't reccomend scraping it off01:59
JTechwell I was holding the motherboard by the heatsync and it snapped off.02:00
JTechso I need to apply some decent thermal paste to replace it. I mean the whole northbridge chipset heat dissipation thing is garbage on the Gigabyte motherboards.02:00
JTechit burns really hot on both the motherboards I have. the heatsync is held on by only two pins with really weak springs on them.02:01
JTechI tried to scrape it off with a plastic credit card but it's not working. I'm not sure there's anything even left there.02:01
A_Person_1234567that might help you02:02
JTechI can't see youtube videos on this computer02:02
A_Person_1234567why's that?02:03
JTechi dont know02:03
A_Person_1234567What browser?02:03
A_Person_1234567and Ubuntu I'm assuming?02:04
JTechhm. it's version 44. and the latest is 5702:04
A_Person_1234567can the video not load or the page02:04
JTechit freezes the browser02:04
A_Person_1234567try chromium02:05
A_Person_1234567I have to go02:05
JTechhow do I upgrade from Xubuntu 15.04 to 16.04?02:06
JTechah. someone else asked that.02:06
sud0x3JTech: you should be able to do apt upgrade02:06
sud0x3just dropped in whilst you were asking about removal of thermal paste, can you provide a picture ive not seen paste get to the point where it is a stuggle to remove02:08
JTechI can't get pictures.02:08
sud0x3well usually its a sticky mess but should never get to the point it phsically hard to remove02:08
JTechit's not paste. it's an adhesive strip they applied to the heatsync02:08
sud0x3so it comletely fused to the chip?02:09
JTechI dunno if it's adhesive, but it's a huge square much larger than the contact area, and it has very clean edges.02:09
sud0x3i wouldntuse metal anyway02:09
JTechit was previously glued to the chip. until I accidentally snapped it off.02:09
sud0x3you could try heating it? if you have a heat gun or hairdryer handy02:09
krytarikThis is more suited for ##hardware02:10
JTechah, thanks.02:10
JTechthat ## means I need to be registered to talk there?02:10
sud0x3Okay a last pointer would be to check the manufaacturers website for maintenence manual so ou can get an idea of what your looking at02:11
JTechapt upgrade doesn't actually upgrade Xubuntu.02:13
JTechsudo do-release-upgrade still not working. no new release found???02:13
JTechit's still version 15.0402:14
krytarik..Didn't you just install it? O_o02:14
reznaeousWhen I tried to upgrade an Ubuntu install from about that age I wound up having to download the ISo of the current version to get the system updated. apt just couldn't manage an upgrade of an install that old.02:15
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:15
Kara1982Hi guys I love sum help with my issue please External is showing an i/o error can open/access all folders in the dir but the one i need (install iso's) any suggestions to carry out checks on disk02:16
Kara1982let me know what you need outputs from and the commands please02:16
Kara1982wondering if Fdisk is something to consider (not read into it just a guess)02:17
Kara1982meant to say fsck02:18
JTechwhat an idiot I've been to keep juggling items in the mail in WoW. now that my computer died it's all going to get deleted.02:18
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JJLunaoerheks: you here?02:20
Kara1982hi all i need help with running fsck for an external hard disk please02:23
mattflyi installed the package vocproc but cant find how to start it02:26
mattflywhats the executable that comes with it? how to call from terminal02:26
krytarikmattfly: "dpkg -L vocproc" and have a look.02:26
JJLunamattfly: vocproc is not an executable02:27
mattflyi apt installed it02:27
mattflyhow to use it?02:27
krytarik!info vocproc02:27
ubottuvocproc (source: vocproc): LV2 plugin for pitch shifting and vocoding. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.1-2 (artful), package size 27 kB, installed size 105 kB02:27
JJLunamattfly: if you do dpkg -L vocproc, you realize there are no entries in either /bin or /usr/bin02:28
mattflyi saw02:28
mattflyis it a pulseaudio plugin or what?02:28
mattflyi saw this gui02:29
mattflythought was a program02:29
mattflywell damn02:29
JJLunamattfly: apparently vocproc is needed for certain effects like autotune02:29
mattflyi basically want a program to make a distortion program02:30
JJLunamattfly: but no, it's not an executable, so you can't "run it"02:30
mattflywell i dont want to make it02:30
mattflyi want to have a synth like, distorced voice while talking on skype02:30
mattflyisnt there anything build up for that?02:30
Kara1982guys may i please have some help am able to access my external via windows not ubuntu 17.1002:34
Kara1982clarification i can access multiple folders on the external but not the 1 i really need access to atm02:35
mattflya voice changer02:35
Kara1982how can i check the disk02:35
fishiehow do I get the more advanced start menu in Xubuntu?02:35
Kara1982for errors that would show i/o error when trying to access via linux02:36
Kara1982format is ntfs its an external seagate02:36
Kara19823.0 usb tried both 2.0 and 3.0 ports02:36
JJLunaKara1982: are you getting any errors?02:37
krytarikfishie: In what sense?02:37
Kara1982i am when i try to open one folder the rest of drive is fine02:37
Kara1982i can open other folders on that drive02:37
Kara1982on windows no drama02:38
fishiekrytarik, ... hm. I thought there were missing things in the menu but maybe I was mistaken.02:38
JJLunaKara1982: what error are you getting?02:38
Kara1982in 17.10 it just wont open02:38
Kara1982burning an iso via another os will post error in less than 5mins02:39
Kara1982cant disconnect it atm to replicate error02:39
Kara1982its in another pc02:39
Kara1982wont b a sec02:41
Kara1982this is the error i get wen i try to access folder on the HD02:43
Kara1982its really strange iv not had issues accessing the folder in the past on 16.04(recently upgraded)02:45
JTechI'm so tired of working. I don't have any method of relaxing because I did everything on the computer.02:45
Kara1982windows opens the same folder on external02:45
JJLunaKara1982: have some patience, people on IRC are typically idle. If someone can help, they'll get back to you02:45
Kara1982so it cant be too stuffed can it02:45
Kara1982soz thinking out loud02:45
Kara1982could be worse mate i just lost my job have a child wife n bills comming out my ears need work asap an threating02:47
JJLunaKara1982: Is ntfs-3g installed?02:48
Kara1982no but can if needed02:48
Kara1982via terminal pls02:48
JJLunaKara1982: sudo apt install ntfs-3g02:48
JJLunaKAra1982: you can check if it's already installed using 'dpkg -l ntfs-3g'02:49
Kara1982installed and ready to follow instruction02:50
JJLunaKara1982: can you paste the output of 'sudo fdisk -l'?02:51
Kara1982just to be on safe side https://thepasteb.in/p/Mjhx3KlNyAPfV02:51
JJLunaKara1982: just to be safe, consider backuping your data first02:52
Kara1982already bup'd02:52
JJLunaKara1982: /dev/sdc is your external drive, it seems?02:53
Kara1982yes and its inside ntfs102:54
Kara1982i hav two ntfs partitions02:55
JJLunaKara1982: /dev/sdc2, and /dev/sdc6?02:55
JJLunaKara1982: The folder you're looking for, which one is it in?02:57
Kara1982not sure command to list names of partitons mounted (name iv given not sda/x/y/ format02:57
JJLunaKara1982: can you paste output of 'df -h'?02:58
JJLunaKara1982: Right, so it's definitely under either /dev/sdc2 or /dev/sdc6. I don't know what each of them are used for03:00
rockycoderWiFi logo disappared03:01
JJLunaKara1982: Do you have any idea where this folder of yours fall under?03:01
Kara1982checking brb03:01
rockycoderHow to check brb?03:01
Kara1982most def sdc603:02
JJLunarockycoder: what version are you on? Is networkmanager running?03:02
rockycoderI'm online03:02
rockycoderJust the icon missed03:03
JJLunarockycoder: I'm not on MATE tho, try restarting network-manager (systemctl restart network-manager)03:04
JJLunaKara1982: right03:04
JJLunaKara1982: try: 'sudo umount /dev/sdc6'03:05
Kara1982the folder i need access to is definitely  inside partition /dev/sdc603:05
Kara1982k soz03:05
JJLunaKara1982: and then 'sudo mkdir /mnt/ntfs-drive'03:06
JJLunaKara1982: Next try manually remounting it: 'sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdc6 /mnt/ntfs-drive'03:07
Kara1982not mounting03:14
Kara1982should i restart03:14
JJLunaKara1982: what error?03:14
Kara1982no error but unresponsive can see other partitions on drive but not that ntfs03:15
Kara1982gui fyi03:15
JJLunaKara1982: can you show me your terminal output?03:15
JJLunascreenshot or something03:16
nicomachus!info pastebinit03:16
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component main, is optional. Version 1.5-1 (artful), package size 14 kB, installed size 156 kB03:16
nicomachususe pastebinit. `sudo apt install pastebinit` and then `<command> | pastebinit`03:16
nicomachuswill output a link to paste.ubuntu.com03:16
JJLunaKara1982: 'cd /mnt/ntfs-drive && ls -al'03:17
JJLunaKara1982: It's been successfully mounted, do you know the path to your desired folder?03:19
JJLunaKara1982: do you know the name of the folder? Even a part of its name, let me know03:19
Kara1982this is the folder the drive is mounted now i unpluged and pluged back in the drive03:21
luomingwhere  are you ?03:22
JJLunaKara1982: ?03:22
Kara1982huh pastbin above has location of the folder i need to access03:22
JJLunaKara1982: 'cd os_SWare/OS''03:23
Kara1982full address03:23
Kara1982cant open the folder still03:23
Kara1982same error03:23
JJLunaKara1982: note that the mountpoint has changed to '/mnt/ntfs-drive'03:23
JJLunadump error03:23
Kara1982im sorry but im still learning and i dont undestand what is meant by that03:24
Kara1982how to proceed03:24
JJLunaKara1982: show me the error you get after 'cd os_SWare/OS'03:24
JJLunaKara1982: make sure do you that in /mnt/ntfs-drive03:25
Kara1982no error able to access via terminal but not via gui03:26
JJLunaKara1982: What're you trying to access? A file within the folder?03:26
Kara1982Nautilus can access it03:27
Kara1982a iso file03:27
JJLunaKara1982: oh? so are we good?03:28
Kara1982shit cant i mean03:28
JJLunaKara1982: First tell me what you're trying to do lol03:28
Kara1982can i make a dd copy of the iso i want with rel ease03:28
JJLunaKara1982: What ISO? You wanna burn it to a stick?03:28
Kara1982so long as i read up carefully b4 my attempt to minimize accidental delete03:29
JJLunaKara1982: do you have access to the iso via terminal? Screw nautilus for now03:29
Kara1982numerous iso all day03:29
Kara1982yes i do03:29
Kara1982hav access03:29
JJLunaKara1982: show me the contents within 'os_SWare/OS''03:30
JJLunaKara1982: using 'ls -al'03:30
JJLunaKara1982: Sorry I don't really understand you03:32
JJLunaKara1982: so you wanna burn an ISO to a medium?03:32
JJLunaKara1982: I don't think you can just use dd for a Windows iso, IIRC03:33
Kara1982can you walk me through how i can move the files from location to another via terminal03:33
Kara1982o dam03:33
JJLunaKara1982: can you be more detailed? Move while file? To where?03:33
Kara1982so that then i may access via nautlis03:33
nicomachusyou'll have to check with #windows for that, but ubuntu has a built in disk utility03:33
JJLunaMove which file*03:34
Kara1982id like to make a copy of this on my /Desktop03:35
Kara1982then ill try access it thru file manager gui see if that changes anything03:35
JJLunaKara1982: make sure you're in '/mnt/ntfs-drive/os_SWare/OS/WINDOWS OS03:35
Kara1982i am03:36
nicomachusKara1982: can I ask what your original goal is here?03:36
JJLunaKara1982: then do "sudo cp 'Windows XP Professional SP3 X86 - Black *" /home/$user/Desktop03:36
JJLunaKara1982: replace $user with your username03:37
Kara1982to be able to access the files in this directory via file manager i cant atm it throws i/o error for only this one folder on the drive03:37
JJLunaKara1982: you can hit tab for autocomplete while typing out the file name03:37
Kara1982when i try to access the folder via the gui03:38
Kara1982i get the error03:38
nicomachusKara1982: have you tried opening nautilus as root?03:39
Kara1982how to03:41
Kara1982sudo nautlis03:41
Kara1982or gksudo nautilus03:42
JJLunaKara1982: gksu nautilus would be better03:42
allizomplease don't do that. nautilus can open as superuser with the admin:/// scheme03:42
Kara1982please explain guy03:43
Kara1982dont gk and why03:43
JJLunaKara1982: that's outdated, my bad. sudo apt install nautilus-admin03:43
cfhowlettKara1982, using sudo anything without clear understanding that you are in God mode will lead to broken systems and broken hearts03:44
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo03:44
JJLunaoerheks: Dude, I had to leave urgently yesterday03:44
Kara1982noted but wanted to know diff between gksu and sudo both god mode yeah03:44
oerheksJJLuna, no sweat, we will meet him again03:45
oerhekskara one is for gui, other for terminal/tty03:46
nicomachusKara1982: sudo is for terminal/cli, gksu is for GUI.03:46
JJLunaoerheks: oerheks: this is for him, if you ever run into him again: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26389568/03:47
oerheksJJLuna, thnx, bookmarked03:47
Kara1982problems problems03:47
JJLunaKara1982: What is it?03:48
Kara1982how should i ammend the command for 3.0 please03:49
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JJLunaKara1982: We could have done it without nautilus...03:49
Kara1982i do want to be able to access things via naut long term so i would really like it fixed but i am copying the iso as you instructed me to via terminal03:50
Kara1982and thank you for that03:51
JJLunaKara1982: yeah, let me know how it goes, we can figure nautilus out later03:51
donofrioyah me https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsBlZbBf72iNoL42xP3-yS7Vn_kIag got the Displaylink usb to dvi working on my imac ;)  now I just need to know how to drive more of these with my hardware http://paste.ubuntu.com/26389554/ https://apaste.info/Oyjc ;)03:54
Kara1982lolz will do. The iso is 3GB average anyway to pipe out progess percentage or bar etc in future runs03:54
donofrioso far the pid takes upwards of 125%03:54
donofriosys cpu at 51%03:54
donofriowould like to light up the last left two monitors in the back03:55
donofrio(lost my windows10 notebook that was driving the show) now it's all on the ubuntu awesomeness (imac hardware)03:55
JJLunaKara1982: I don't think cp has a progress feature, but you can use 'pv'(install it) for that if you want to03:56
JJLunaKara1982: but if you did that then the permissions will be lost IIRC03:56
Kara1982legend :)03:57
oerhekshi donofrio , how did you do that, with a static xorg.conf ??03:57
JJLunaKara1982: did you manage to pull it off?03:58
Kara1982lol it copying now bt i hv no idea how long till finished04:00
Kara1982check this out https://thepasteb.in/p/GZhW4xVJ8yxcV04:01
JJLunaKara1982: you can get a rough idea checking the disk usage of your Desktop folder04:01
JJLunaKara1982: 'du -h /home/$USER/Desktop'04:02
oerheksjust be patient04:02
donofriooerheks, took some work, two Displaylinke Plugable UGA-3000 along with the special external cable for imac to vga so yah got it all arranged using xfce4 display applet, had to set one to disabled so I could move them around in the gui then apply a few time enable the display and poof all fout online and usable (well taking guessing 50% cpu his as far as each usb display04:02
Kara1982f<*! me!!04:05
JJLunaKara1982: It's obviously your freedom, but I'll be weary of anything with 'black edition' in its name04:05
Kara1982can u please tell me which is my username i have written command wrong04:06
Kara1982i dont know which part is my username which is the computer04:06
JJLunaKara1982: which command?04:06
JJLunaKara1982: you can just leave $USER as it is, it's an environmental variable04:07
Kara1982wicked which is my user which is my computer (correct me if im off i wanna learn)04:07
Kara1982will try as well04:08
JJLunaKara1982: which corresponds to your username04:08
JJLunaKara1982: you can see for yourself using 'echo $USER'04:08
donofriooerheks, it looks like this https://1drv.ms/i/s!AsBlZbBf72iNoL43j6StO1aypmDONQ04:08
Kara1982u rock04:09
donofriojust was klinkie cause for a day or so I couldn't rearrage the order, only when I disabled one of them in the display xfce4 control then I could move them around and finnaly enable the last one04:11
donofrioand still taking theis pid high cpu usage in top like 12504:11
donofrio126% sometimes04:11
donofrioneed to get two more work then I'm all set in my "home office"04:11
JJLunaKara1982: let me know once you're done copying...will take a while prob04:12
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payredscan some one help me04:17
cfhowlett!ask | payreds welcome.  your question is ... ?04:17
ubottupayreds welcome.  your question is ... ?: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:17
donofrioanyone know how I can spawn a seprate process (say remmina) when it seems like each time I try it just pulls up the running one already (would like two runing) (one for each closer displays)04:22
jon_hi. has anyone had success with installing simplified chinese language support and input  in 17.10?04:22
Kara1982omg dam dam dam i cant do it04:23
JJLunaKara1982: do what04:23
donofrioanyone know how I would be able to drive four of these if my top (with only two usb to dvi) has 126% for the Displaylink driver(s)?04:23
Kara1982cant access the folder04:23
JJLunaKara1982: which folder?04:24
JJLunaKara1982: Wasn't everything fine before?04:24
Kara1982tryed command with user but closed the window not cant get back in04:24
Kara1982closed terminal i cant get back04:24
Kara1982im sry04:24
JJLunaKara1982: it's fine, we're going to do this again04:25
JJLunaKara1982: pm me04:25
Kara1982thank u04:25
Kara1982lol how04:25
hotbobbyhi im having an issue with dpkg having an unrecoverable fatal error04:37
hotbobbyapt update works just fine, but i cannot install packages due to some kind of error with the debconf one04:37
JJLunaoerheks: he quit too just as I found the solution..the curse is real04:39
nicomachushotbobby: `sudo dpkg --configure -a`04:39
fishiechannels with ## require me to register, right?04:39
JJLunafishie: not necessarily, depends on channel mode04:40
hotbobbynicomachus: i did that, it did not resolve the error04:40
fishiecan't type in ##hardware04:40
nicomachus!register > fishie04:40
ubottufishie, please see my private message04:40
nicomachushotbobby: what was the output from it?04:40
hotbobbynicomachus: running the command gives 0 lines of output04:41
nicomachushotbobby: try `sudo dpkg --clear-avail` and then `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade`04:44
JTechI don't want to work on this any more. I'm so overworked. T_T04:46
hotbobbynicomachus: unfortunately this did not resolve the issue :( https://pastebin.com/raw/12CrEKDN04:47
hotbobbywhat im so worried about is its the -debconf- package returning the error04:48
JTechif I had just installed without encryption I could have been back to normal. but I pushed my luck.04:48
JTechand now both my motherboards have their northbridge heatsyncs detached. the old that should be able to boot USB devices the heatsync runs real hot after only a few minutes and smells like it's burning.04:48
nicomachushotbobby: have you tried `apt install -f`?04:49
hotbobby'sudo apt install -f fail2ban' leads to the same error04:50
hotbobbycould you explain what is going on? apt package manager doesnt like my dpkg status file?04:50
SweepyofacePosting this here as well. I need to use aufs with docker so I need to install linux-image-extra but there isn't a version of that for my kernel (4.13.0-041300rc6-generic)04:51
Sweepyofacewould linux-image-extra-4.13.0-26-generic suffice?04:51
lotuspsychjeSweepyoface: wich ubuntu version?04:52
nicomachushotbobby: dpkg is getting hung up for some reason. either the original install was aborted or it's some sort of random error. a reboot would probably fix it easy if you have the time, otherwise it's about inching it back a few steps at a time to clear out the error and then reinstall the fail2ban package04:53
Sweepyofacelotuspsychje: 16.04.304:53
oerheksmainline kernel ?04:53
hotbobbynicomachus: thank you for the explanation, first i will attempt a restart before bothering you further :)04:53
SweepyofaceI think so? How would I check that?04:54
nicomachushotbobby: usually dpkg --configure -a takes care of it, but sometimes you have to clear out /var/lib/dpkg/available04:54
nicomachusthen recreate it.04:54
hotbobbynicomachus: all those apt updates recreate the available file though04:55
nicomachushotbobby: yes.04:56
williamI have gnu grub installed but now i need to reinstall windows04:56
SweepyofaceAnyone know which one I should install?04:56
oerheksSweepyoface, why not using the supported HWE kernel, instead of the mainline testing?04:56
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack04:56
hotbobbynicomachus: unfortunately, restarting did not work04:57
SweepyofaceI don't know enough to begin to answer that question04:57
SweepyofaceI'm not sure which I'm using04:57
SweepyofaceIf I install this, would I break any functionality I currently have?04:58
nicomachushotbobby: ok, let's try to manually clear /available04:58
nicomachushotbobby: `sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/available `04:59
oerheksSweepyoface, who installed that kernel, you?04:59
nicomachushotbobby: `sudo touch /var/lib/dpkg/available  `04:59
nicomachushotbobby: `sudo sh -c 'for i in /var/lib/apt/lists/*_Packages; do dpkg --merge-avail "$i"; done' `04:59
Sweepyofaceoerheks: I think so. I had to replace the server provider's kernel for certain functionality, but I don't remember how I did it04:59
oerheksSweepyoface, i think you followed the !mainline factoid05:00
Sweepyofaceand it's just been upgrading with apt since05:00
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds05:00
oerheksnow use the !hwe factoid to get the latest, and you are fine05:00
SweepyofaceAh ok, so I shouldn't have any problems with the hwe?05:00
Sweepyoface(docker virtualization should work fine)?05:00
oerheksmaybe ..05:01
hotbobbynicomachus: information about the packages was updated successfully05:01
hotbobbybut i cannot install any new packages05:01
hotbobbyis it dangerous to blindly restore /var/backups versions of /var/lib/dpkg/status?05:02
nicomachusI'm not sure.05:03
hotbobbyoh wow you do not want to delete the debconf package description from the status file05:06
hotbobbywhat a terrible error. this server had no problems for years, and a failed package install can destroy the entire package database? gross05:07
Kara1hello all i need help accessing a folder on external hard disk (17.10) {PS3 NTFS located at /media/noj05:16
Kara1i can access other drives but not the one i need to05:17
skwingarHey all, I asked #bash already and they sent me here for next try. I use bash on ubuntu on windows (win10, x64) and can not CTRL-V paste into terminal. Have dealt with it since it arrived on system, now at point of desperation because its one of those simple things that over time take up way too much time.05:18
nicomachusskwingar: try CTRL+SHIFT+V05:18
nicomachusskwingar: that's default for a lot of terminals, because it shouldn't be easy to copy+paste commands.05:18
nicomachusKara1: `cd PS3\ NTFS`05:19
nicomachusKara1: you have to escape the space character, otherwise the shell reads it as a separate argument05:20
skwingarman, I was so excited it could possibly be that simple @micomachus. CTRL-SHIFT-V did not work for me, however. I will try and keep researching though. Not such an important thing to be bothering the room with though. Thanks man!05:21
Kara1what am i doing wrong05:22
nicomachusKara1: wrong slash05:23
hotbobbytype PS3*tab*05:23
nicomachus\ not /05:23
nicomachusbut yes, as hotbobby says, you can use the TAB key to auto-complete paths and commands05:23
oerheks!ubuwin | skwingar they might have the answer05:25
ubottuskwingar they might have the answer: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide05:25
Kara1i love you05:25
hotbobbyalso note you can press tab many times to see all the possibilities05:25
nicomachusalso true.05:25
Kara1why do i use the \ instead of the / ? the tab button wont autocomplete why05:25
nicomachusKara1: \ is the escape character in the bash shell.05:26
nicomachusmost shells, really.05:26
nicomachuswhereas / usually denotes a location or directory05:26
Kara1any other instances where i may need to apply same rule another random eg so i can learn05:26
nicomachusthe escape character is very helpful to know.05:27
nicomachus!bash | Kara1 see here for more tips and tricks.05:27
ubottuKara1 see here for more tips and tricks.: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. In Unity or GNOME, search the dash for "terminal" and press ENTER. Other desktops: Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal (MATE), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:27
fg5hello is it possible to prevent samba from displaying disk free space to windows/all clients?05:28
Kara1omg cant access any files inside the drive I/O error05:30
hotbobbyis it mounted05:30
Kara1i am in the folder b4 the folder i want to copy05:31
Kara1gt an io error05:31
hotbobbymove the folder one more time, then look at the last lines of your /var/log/messages05:32
hotbobbyit shoudl say exactly how itw as failing, if its a read error or something. you can try fsck but the drive is dying05:32
Kara1im in termina05:35
hotbobbysudo ls the folder05:35
hotbobbysee if you get an error05:35
hotbobbyif you dont get an error "sudo chown -r *urusername*:*urusername* *folder*"05:36
hotbobbyno harm in making sure youre the owner of a folder and all files i think if its just roms05:36
mopdprobedd should go first then fsck05:37
Kara1think i did something wrong will show img05:37
hotbobbywhat is the output of "file /media/noj/..../.../OS"05:40
hotbobbyit should say its a directory05:40
mopdprobehotbobby: try hitting tab more when typing addresses05:40
hotbobbyyes he has the space in there05:40
mopdprobehotbobby: it will autocomplete including slashes05:40
hotbobbyput a \ after PS305:41
nicomachusKara1: you used a space again. anytime you need a space you need to use `\ `05:41
nicomachusKara1: let's do this: `sudo mv /media/noj/PS3\ NTFS /media/noj/PS3NTFS`05:42
Kara1im in the folder which is good now i need to make a copy on my desktop05:42
hotbobbycp -r * ~/Desktop05:43
hotbobbycp -r * ~/Desktop/NewFolder05:43
Kara1im in the folder which is good now i need to make a copy on my desktop05:45
Kara1cant get ls thing going write replaced space with \ not sure of my error05:46
NetwinIs zorin os (ubuntu based distro) questions welcomed in this channel?05:46
cfhowlettNetwin, nope05:46
Netwinthought both works on same baseline05:46
hotbobbyKara1: "cp -r * ~/Desktop/DestinationFolder" from where you are, you invoke cp (copy command) with the recursive -r (all files and folders recursivly)05:47
cfhowlettsorry, Netwin but this channel is for OFFICIAL ubuntu OS's, not derivatives.05:47
nicomachus!flavors | Netwin05:47
ubottuNetwin: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours05:47
cfhowlettdang, nicomachus!  Your fingers fly faster than mine ...05:47
nicomachusI credit my low ping05:48
cfhowlettstill faster than I could crank it out ...05:48
Kara1can you show me where i went wrong in my syntax for ls05:48
hotbobbyif you have a SPACE in a folder name05:49
hotbobbyyou must preceed the SPACE with a \05:49
nicomachusKara1: please rename the directory and make everyone's life easier05:49
nicomachusKara1: let's do this: `sudo mv /media/noj/PS3\ NTFS /media/noj/PS3NTFS`05:49
Kara1dude soz i will now05:49
hotbobbywhy dont you just copy with nautilus anyway05:49
nicomachushotbobby: they were having trouble getting nautilus to open with root.05:50
Kara1it says resource is busy all windows are closed05:50
Netwinwhile selecting zorin channel it was deserted and there was at max 4 users.where do i go for help??05:50
AnatzumI am installing ubuntu on a family members laptop for them, It has a hdd + a ssd which does not seem to be bootable and was used for caching purposes. I wanted to use the 24GB sdd for something and was wondering I the bootloader had to be installed on the same drive as the one with the / partition. I was thinking of having the / on the sdd and a /home on the hdd but when I did this and the bootloder was on the ssd with the / it05:51
Anatzumdid not work.05:51
hotbobbyare you copying from it currently Kara105:51
oerheksNetwin, try #zorinos05:51
hotbobbyAnatzum: no it does not05:51
nicomachusNetwin: stackexchange, reddit, perhaps another irc server. that's the risk of using an obscure distro. check documentation and manuals05:51
cfhowlettNetwin, can't help you.  Ubuntu has zero to do with Zorin support.  and the fact that they don't provide needed support for their own OS is ... disturbing.  Consider your options.05:51
hotbobbyAnatzum: in the most recent ubuntu installers, you can change partition method to "Manual", it will allow you to specifi the EFI partition yourself05:51
hotbobbyAnatzum: however, the bootloader -will- always be on the / because its a symlink to /boot/efi05:52
Kara1not that im aware of i tried earlier via terminal but closed all those terminal window prior to completion05:52
hotbobbyyou can see it with "mount"05:52
Kara1nothing is open so i assume all is terminated05:52
alkisgAnatzum: you can put the boot loader wherever you like; usually that would be the drive that the bios/uefi boots from. Are you on a live cd on that system now?05:53
Kara1im in the dir im trying to move i need to cd .. out of it aye lols?05:53
Kara1i am a tard05:53
Anatzumhotbobby: I tried doing the EFI installation and it kept giving me a force UEFI installation error and would not install. I'm just doing mbr/bios on it now05:54
Kara1no dice eitherway05:54
hotbobbyKara1: you dont need to leave a directory you're copying05:54
Kara1says resource busy05:54
hotbobbybeing inside the directory isnt causing that error05:55
Anatzumalkisg: yeah i'm on the live cd right now05:55
alkisgAnatzum: ok, do you want to fix the existing installation, or are you currently e.g. reinstalling in mbr mode?05:55
hotbobbyKara1: what happens when you close all windows and then open a terminal and type "sudo nautilus"05:56
hotbobbyits because youre putting random \'s in there05:57
Kara1do u want me to close the browser as well or just all file explorers05:57
hotbobbyonly file explorer05:57
Anatzumalkisg: it would not install at all in uefi so i'm just doing mbr which did install but would not boot when i had the bootloader on the ssd which is only 25GB and I looked at the laptop specs and it seems it was only meant for caching so i'm gonna try with the bootloader on the hdd with /home and have the ssd with the /05:58
alkisgAnatzum: you can reinstall the bootloader with a couple of commands from the live cd, without reinstalling the whole os06:00
Kara1sadly this06:01
Kara1pls fix it for me06:02
Kara1cant accesss folder i need to also06:02
oerheksKara1, nautilus does not work in Wayland, logou, and choose xorg06:03
=== himcesjf_ is now known as him-cesjf
oerheksknown issue, we are working on it06:03
Kara1i dont understand what i need to do sorry06:04
Kara1i dont know how to choose xorg06:04
oerhekslogout, choose session > xorg, login again06:04
hotbobbyclick the GEAR next to yourt name06:04
hotbobbythat is how you choose session06:04
hanasakiwhat can be used to mount remote filesystems and does encryption?06:05
hotbobbywayland is trash sorry you are having so many problems Kara1 , you unknowingly picked the latest ubuntu06:05
hotbobbyhanasaki: sshfs06:05
Anatzumalkisg: That would work if the os was installed but it would freeze in uefi so nothing was actually done. Right now i'm doing / on the ssd and /home on the hdd with the bootloader on the hdd if that doesnt work I might just pretend the ssd doesnt exist since it's not for me and the webbrowser is the only thing they are gonna use anyways :p06:05
Kara1so which is a better version to be on for the time being06:06
hanasakihotbobby:  can sshfs be used by mac/win/lin clients?06:06
hanasakiwith autofs?06:06
hanasakidoesn't samba or nfs encrypt?06:06
hotbobbyremote client with samba?!?06:06
hotbobbyKara1: the one youre on now, just login with xorg06:07
hanasakiexplain please06:07
hotbobbysmb is designed for lan06:07
hanasakiwhat about DAV?06:08
hotbobbyhow does using webdav make more sense :(06:08
hanasakigoes through http/https proxies06:08
Kara1call me stupid but i cant logout or see little gear i can only see in the top left power speaker and nework06:09
hotbobbytype uhh06:09
hotbobbygnome-session-quit in a terminal06:09
hanasakidoes SMB have encryption?06:10
hotbobbyi think you can tell it to06:10
hotbobbysshfs + fuse would work just fine for mac+linux06:11
hotbobbywith windows you need a special client but i mean it also works06:11
hotbobbyeven better you can just use sshfs with the windows 10 linux subsystem ;)06:12
hanasakiwhat causes ubuntu/debian to fail to boot on apollo lake?  and isorespin fixes?06:13
hotbobbyKara1: did you find the gear near your name and change it to xorg06:14
Kara1lol yes06:14
hotbobbyshould be able to sudo nautilus now06:14
Kara1i tried to open and i got this error06:14
nicomachusgksu nautilus06:14
Kara1will do06:14
Kara1done the gksu nautilus06:15
Anatzumhanasaki: I'm pretty sure encryption was added in samba 3 and is disabled by default though if you are using wifi then that is also a layer of encryption but lan ethernet would not have any06:15
Kara1it has opened file explorer and i am currently unable to access my folder from there06:16
hanasakiAnatzum:  thanks06:16
hotbobbyKara1: what does it say when you navigate to your folder in the root user nautilus06:16
Kara1will post06:17
hanasakihmmm apollo lake process on my usb cpu stick.... grub hangs on boot.06:17
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hotbobbyi dont know why ubuntu really hates that linux64 file06:19
hotbobbybut it does...06:19
Kara1how can i check the filesystem for errors (possible fix or not worth it)06:20
hotbobbyfsck but its not the problem here06:20
Kara1eg fsk i think not sure if thats a poss use case recover bad sectors06:20
Kara1how can we b sure of that ? just inquisitive nothing else intended06:21
hotbobbythe fact that you could view it from the terminal before06:21
Kara1iv not tryed to copy a file from within the folder to desktop yet cuz they r huge should we giv it a go n see if i actually have access or is seeing the files and folders ls enuf to b sure06:23
hotbobbythat linux64 file has bad permissions and is making your nautilus return an error i believe06:23
Kara1so what chmod something something06:24
hotbobbycan try sudo chown -R yourusername:yourusername /location/to/folder/06:24
hanasakiwhat's a good way to make a http and httpS proxy that can scan pages for porn, remove adverts, scan for virus and require id/pass?06:24
Kara1i have no issue changing the permissions06:24
Kara1they r iso for install i have slow connection06:25
Kara1i have a BUP06:25
Kara1lets if u think is gonna fix it06:25
hotbobbyhanasaki: are you running a wifi accesspoint and want to do all that?06:26
Kara1missed the post above will try06:26
hanasakihotbobby:  for now .. this is for the LAN : I do want to doa captive portal for both wifi and for wired on the lan06:27
Kara1can you give me the syntax i know i will mess it up06:27
hotbobbyKara1: sudo chown -R noj:noj /media/noj/PS3*press tab*/os_SWare/OS/linux6406:29
hotbobbyjust chanign the file its complaining about to be owned by you. maybe it will fix it06:29
hanasakihotbobby:  thoughts?06:29
hotbobbythere are software suites to do this for you but they are centered around managing wifi hotspots06:30
Kara1does it matter where i am when i run that command06:30
hotbobbyto do it yourself would be a serious undetaking06:30
hotbobbyKara1: no06:30
Kara1just dont get whats up06:34
Kara1i copy n paste ur command didnt wk for me06:34
hotbobbyif you want to use linux you need to be able to read the error messages carefully06:36
hotbobbyyou didnt press tab to autocomplete the folder name before typing the rest of the command06:36
hotbobbypress up, erase up to PS3, press tab, then continue06:36
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=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
Kara1i sent the wrong image sorry. i have done as you mentioned that i think and to no avail https://imgur.com/a/elq5C06:39
Kara1*delete 'that'06:40
hotbobbyi dont know why it doesnt like that file06:40
hotbobbybut that's your problem06:41
hotbobbytry copy and pasting this:06:41
hotbobbyfile /media/noj/PS3\ NTFS/os_SWare/OS/linux6406:41
=== xs2` is now known as xs2
alkisgKara1: I'm not watching the conversiation, but input/output error usually means bad sectors or broken usb stick etc06:44
hanasakihotbobby:  what suites?  I am not oppposed to using something existin06:44
alkisgKara1: if you're trying to recover files from an bad ntfs disk, DONT use linux for that, use a windows-based utility, because ntfs is closed source06:45
Kara1gnna try something real quick06:46
hotbobbyhanasaki: sputnik , chilispot06:46
ergodicwalkAnyone around? My laptop is fucked :(06:49
nicomachusergodicwalk: not with that kind of language06:49
oerhekserdplease keep the language in this channel family friendly06:49
cfhowlettergodicwalk, no profanity please06:49
hanasakihotbobby:  chilispot is a captive portal.  l;.... for now the main thing is to be able to content scan through squid on http and httpS06:50
hotbobbythe best way to see whos active in the ubuntu channel is to swear :P06:50
ergodicwalkMy laptop launches to the purple screen and then gets stuck on the black screen with a flickering white line06:50
hotbobbyso all youre concerned about is filtering?06:50
hotbobbyopendns can block that stuff, it can keep a log too06:50
ergodicwalkFrom tty1 I can launch startx but my graphics get messed up. Also it says it’s running in low graphics mode with some issue in graphics config. The Xorg log says “number of creates screens does not match number of detected devices” :/06:51
cfhowlettplab_, ask your support question06:52
plab_HOW are u mister?06:52
ergodicwalkAnyone have any ideas?06:52
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=== anyone is now known as oerheks
cfhowlettplab_, ubuntu support.  chitchat over in #ubuntu-offtopic06:52
plab_any new ubuntu release?06:52
ergodicwalkI have already tried reinstalling Ubuntu desktop and reinstalling unity from tty106:53
cfhowlett!17.10 | plab_06:53
ubottuplab_: Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Release Notes: https://ubottu.com/y/artful06:53
hotbobbyergodicwalk: youve completely reinstalled  and the display issue remains?06:53
oerheksergodicwalk, did it ever boot properly?06:53
ergodicwalkWhat do you mean  by completely reinstall?06:53
hanasakihotbobby:  opendns is good on a doman/dns basis... objective here is to the content scanning IN my firewall06:53
hotbobbyyou want dpi06:53
oerheksif not, see the !nomodeset factoid06:54
hotbobbysorry i am slowly deducing exactly what you want...06:54
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:54
ergodicwalkI issued the command sudo apt-get install -reinstall Ubuntu-desktop06:54
ergodicwalkoerhks: yes it used to boot but after uninstalling kde plasma and kubuntu desktop it stopped working so I must have deleted some graphics thing06:55
oerheksoh, good to mention that, you should have right away06:56
hanasakinomodeset only works IF the boot takes place... some systems won't get past grub... like apollo based that do not have CSM in the uefi options06:56
oerheksany more things you didn' t mention??06:56
ergodicwalkoerkhs no that’s it. Sorry06:56
plab_hey anyone?06:56
ergodicwalkMy apologies06:56
ergodicwalkoerheks any suggestions?06:57
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oerheksergodicwalk, nor worries, what hardware is this exactly? especially videocard06:57
cfhowlettplab no telepaths area on duty.  if you do not ask for support and post the details, no support will be offered.06:57
alkisgergodicwalk: try this: sudo apt purge ubuntu-desktop; sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop. This will pull the recommended packages again.06:57
alkisgIt's not the same as --reinstall06:57
ergodicwalkAlkisg I’ll try this from tty and and update you and oerkhs06:58
cfhowlettalkisg, isn't is apt get && apt install?  or does apt install suffice06:58
Kara1im bak06:59
nicomachusoh yay06:59
alkisgcfhowlett: I suspect this: he installed ubuntu-desktop, THEN removed kde-plasma maybe even with --auto-remove, which maybe removed some ubuntu recommended packages, which would then NOT be reinstalled with the --reinstall ubuntu-desktop, but they would get reinstalled with a purge/install06:59
Kara1got it working in the end had to run a checkdisk from inside that shitty os now accessable from linux07:00
Kara1thanks for all ur help07:00
ergodicwalkAlkisg no luck :/07:00
hotbobbygood to hear Kara107:00
oerheksKara1, have fun!07:00
ergodicwalkStill giving the system is running in low graphics mode warning and07:00
Kara1and patients u taught me a lot thank you07:00
fishcookeri have command certbot that i believe install it via apt install how to determine certbot is part of the xxx package07:00
cfhowlettalkisg, understood.  my query was whether apt install would download the packages again, or (as I suspect) it would merely install the local saved packages in the /cache07:00
Kara1writting it all down now so i dont forget07:00
alkisgergodicwalk: meaning that you successfully completed the steps, but you again get a black screen? Or that it errored while doing those steps?07:00
alkisgcfhowlett: ah, that part doesn't matter, .debs are checksummed before install anyway07:01
oerheksdpkg -S certbot07:01
ergodicwalkThe first one I made it through the steps and then it gave me the black screen again07:01
fishcookerchecking oerheks07:01
cfhowlettunderstood, alkisg07:01
Kara1id never last in programming07:01
Kara1kaboom lolz07:02
alkisgergodicwalk: so, you're not seeing a display manager (login page) at all, correct? Also, do you have autologin enabled?07:02
ergodicwalkAlkisg right. I get past the purple Ubuntu disk encryption and then I get the low graphics mode warning. I try to run in default graphical mode which fails and then it exits to console login07:03
alkisgergodicwalk: what's the output of this? cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager07:03
ergodicwalkI don’t think I have auto login enabled for example on the console login I have to specify my username and password07:03
oerhekslaspci | grep -i VGA07:03
alkisgConsole autologin isn't related to xorg autologin07:03
oerheksergodicwalk, run this, and paste thae output line > lspci | grep -i VGA07:04
ergodicwalkalkisg it is lighten07:04
Kara1I have one more question the only reason i have ntfs is so i can use it to store large files i use with my ps3 are there any alternatives re drive format size being an issue (must be able to handle larger than 4GB&readable to PS3 on CFW)07:04
alkisgergodicwalk: and which ubuntu version is this, e.g. 17.10?07:04
ergodicwalkOerkhs intel 591607:05
Kara1PS3 is linux right07:05
alkisgergodicwalk: grep -r auto /etc/lightdm ==> does that say anything?07:05
alkisgergodicwalk: grep -ri auto /etc/lightdm ==> does that say anything?07:05
alkisg(forgot the i)07:05
Kara1at least it has linux file tree structure07:05
Kara1to my eyes07:06
cfhowlettKara1, wait, what?  sonly spent MILLIONS to kill linux on ps3.  google it07:06
Kara1but i thought that they ran their thing via some version of linux gna google now07:07
ergodicwalkNothing shows up :/07:07
ergodicwalkBut there is lightdm in etc (checked with ls)07:07
hateballKara1: Playstation 3 and 4 runs a customized FreeBSD iirc07:07
cfhowlettKara1, yellow dog linux with a hole lot of work is possible, apparently  https://www.lifewire.com/playstation-3-ps3-into-a-linux-server-271770707:07
alkisgergodicwalk: lightdm logs are at /var/log/lightdm, you can try to pastebin one of them if you want07:07
alkisgOr manually check it07:07
hateballKara1: you can/could put linux on the PS3, it's... not really useful07:08
alkisge.g.: cat /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log | nc termbin.com 999907:08
specialkender_hello guys07:08
specialkender_anybody here that can help me with a processor issue?07:08
Neo4do you think Gimp is good editor?07:08
ergodicwalkAlkisg it says temporary failure in name resolution07:09
cfhowlettNeo4, doesn't matter what we think - it matters what YOU think.  many millions use and like gimp07:09
alkisgergodicwalk: that means you don't have networking, enable networking first07:09
Neo4cfhowlett: I want to be top webdesigner on freelance, might be Gimp right tool?07:10
cfhowlettneo4 entirely doable with gimp.07:10
Neo4cfhowlett: I'm going to create design for sites07:10
cfhowlettwww.reddit.com/r/gimp        /r/web_design might be worth a look07:11
Neo4cfhowlett: ok, will learn it. I think in photoshop will equal operations and I can repeat then07:11
hotbobbyps3 linux was used for clusterd comptuting atleast once07:11
ergodicwalkAlkisg how do I do that07:11
hotbobbythe fat ps3s07:11
ergodicwalkFrom tty107:11
specialkender_so, i came back from the vacations and basically when i run any program that would take like 10% of the CPU of my computer is now taking 100%. Nobody should have touched my pc, so i really dunno what it can be. i have an intel i7-6700 8core. Anyone know what can it be?07:11
cfhowlettNeo4, I'm no coder, but pretty sure that web design doesn't much care how the image is created so long as it meets the specs07:12
alkisgergodicwalk: either create a network-manager connection or run sudo dhclient... in any case, maybe it'll be faster if you reinstall while keeping /home?07:12
Neo4cfhowlett: I'm too, I know there always using psd07:13
hotbobbywhoa alkisg07:13
ergodicwalkAlkisg I would if I had a boot disk or the ability to make one :/07:13
hotbobbyits possible to reinstall keeping /home/?07:13
hotbobbyor must /home be on its on partition07:13
Neo4propably client's will require psd format not gimp07:13
alkisghotbobby: sure, no, it doesn't need to be in a partition07:13
cfhowlettNeo4, that is entirely possible.07:13
hotbobbyalkisg: is that an option in the installer? i am currently trying to back up a server and it will take days to dl/reupload all this stuff07:13
cfhowlettsuggest you take this to reddit.com/r/gimp to inquire about .psd output07:14
hotbobbywhen all i need to do is reinstall and keep /home/07:14
specialkender_please guys i'm pretty desperate >.<07:14
hotbobbyspecialkender_: your question is too vague and cannot be explained by the limited information we're given07:15
Neo4cfhowlett: here exist #gimp channel, but there seems more newbies than I am :)07:15
ergodicwalkAlkisg having trouble connecting to network07:15
alkisghotbobby: the desktop installer, if you select "use / as ext4 without formatting", tells you it'll keep /home etc but not /usr07:15
hotbobbyalkisg: oh. genius!07:15
ergodicwalkIfconfig only shows lo and w1p1s007:15
cfhowlettNeo4, i'm aware of a few design studios that use opensource only so it *can* be done07:15
hotbobbyalkisg: it will be functionally the same as a reformat, right? i wont have any configuration files, etc left over?07:15
alkisgergodicwalk: finding a way to reinstall would be much easier than learning how to salvage this07:15
specialkender_ hotbobby: what info do you need?07:15
alkisghotbobby: no system config will remain, while of course all /home/username/*config will remain07:16
hotbobbyoh i mean things in like /etc/07:16
ergodicwalkI don’t really have access to a machine where I can make a boot disk is the issue.07:16
ergodicwalkI’m at university; the desktops don’t give me sudo access07:16
alkisgYou don't need sudo access to write a stick07:16
its_MansoorHi, i need to clear last logins from my ubuntu xenial. searched a lot but didn't find any help. note: i've disabled motd by commenting lines in /etc/pam.d/sshd07:16
hannibalsudo access for what?07:17
ergodicwalkDon’t you need it for diskutility?07:17
specialkender_sorry but i'm no ubuntu expert, if you need  any info ask me.07:17
Kara1ps3 linux was used for clusterd comptuting atleast once07:18
Kara1interesting stuff guy07:18
cfhowlettNeo4, FYI     https://www.nirmal.com.au/web-design-open-source-tools/07:18
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:19
oerheksKara1, keep this channel free for ubuntu support, there is #ubuntu-offtopic for chitchat, thanks07:20
Kara1apologies later peeeps i loves uz all for rocking my world07:21
alkisgergodicwalk: you can even create the stick from the existing installation there07:22
cfhowlettspecialkender_, open a terminal.  enter the following then press <enter>        enter07:22
cfhowlettyour runnig processes are listed in descending order of CPU demand07:23
specialkender_cfhowlett_ are you seeing my messages?07:26
cfhowlettspecialkender_, none since you posted the question07:26
specialkender_i am using tab, dammit i never used an IRC be4 XD.07:27
oerheks sudo snap install 0ad07:27
cfhowlettspecialkender_, did you run the "top" command?07:27
specialkender_so i dont see what i should type, i saw you typed " enter the following then press <enter>        enter"07:27
cfhowlettspecialkender_, any processes using double digit CPU%?07:28
alkisgergodicwalk: it's just wget + dd07:28
specialkender_cfhowlett _now yes, pulseaudio07:28
specialkender_cfhowlett_ 10.6%07:29
cfhowlettspecialkender_, double digit?  really?  I'm playing an .mp3 in the background but it hits only 3%07:29
cfhowlettwhat are the most demanding processes you have running, specialkender_07:29
specialkender_cfhowlett _ that's what i am saying, every thing running takes huge amounts of CPU. i think there is a problem with the way its using the processor, but i dunno what to look at. now it-s pulseaudio and btw i have no music running. but if i start any program it takes like 98-100% of the cpu07:31
cfhowlettspecialkender_, unless this is a cutting edge machine, I'd be surprised to see a processor malfunction.07:33
cfhowlettram, however, does fail.  try this:   free | nc termbin.com 999907:33
hateballspecialkender_: if eg your HDD is failing that can cause high cpu as well, as things have to wait reading from the drive07:34
hateballor buggy SSD firmware perhaps07:34
specialkender_how can i check?07:34
specialkender_i don't have SSD07:34
hateballspecialkender_: do you get any errors if you run "dmesg" ?07:35
specialkender_[   24.354112] Status code returned 0xc000006d NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE07:36
specialkender_[    7.011929] snd_hda_intel 0000:00:1f.3: failed to add i915_bpo component master (-19)07:36
specialkender_[    0.974766] tpm tpm0: A TPM error (6) occurred attempting to read a pcr value07:36
specialkender_basically these07:37
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specialkender_also cfhowlett_ i run that string, and it gave me a link07:38
cfhowlettspecialkender_, yep.   paste it here07:38
specialkender_sometimes Xorg and Web Content pop up top with around 10% usage. so it's like among them and pulse audio they get 30% total CPU uage. That's clearly not normal07:40
JTechso the boot ISO I wrote to USB isn't working. "isolinux.bin missing or corrupt" Would it be easier to put something on USB that tells it to download the installer? rather than to try and fix this?07:42
lotuspsychjeplab_: welcome what can we do for you?07:44
specialkender_mmm maybe i'll post on the forums, can you maybe tell me what info should i include?07:44
ergodicwalkOk alksig I have a boot disk how do I reinstall without deleting data on my user account?07:45
specialkender_lotuspsychje_ help me? O.O07:45
plab_how can I help?07:45
alkisgergodicwalk: if you use <tab> in irc, e.g. alk<tab>, it correctly autocompletes the user names07:45
plab_alkisg: yerah07:45
specialkender_hateball: can you read me?07:46
alkisgergodicwalk: check https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuReinstallation07:46
alkisgergodicwalk: or if you want pictures, something like this: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/install-ubuntu-mate-using-something-else-method/651 BUT WITHOUT CHECKING TO FORMAT THE DISK07:47
lotuspsychjespecialkender_: to get your issue solved, re-ask your question in the channel once in a while with all details07:48
hateballspecialkender_: Yes07:49
specialkender_so, i came back from the vacations and basically when i run any program that would take like 10% of the CPU of my computer is now taking 100%. Nobody should have touched my pc, so i really dunno what it can be. i have an intel i7-6700 8core. Anyone know what can it be?07:49
lotuspsychjespecialkender_: ubuntu version? kernel?07:50
ergodicwalkalkisg: but the problem is that when I get to that screen it says this computer has no detected operating system07:51
hateballspecialkender_: just for the sake of it you can check your HDD health by first installing "sudo apt install smartmontools" (when sendmail asks, just say no configuration) then run "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | nc termbin.com 9999"07:51
alkisgergodicwalk: what's the output of this from the live cd? ( sudo lsblk --fs; sudo parted -l ) | nc termbin.com 999907:52
specialkender_lotuspsychje: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS  4.4.0-109-generic07:52
specialkender_hateball: will do07:52
lotuspsychjespecialkender_: update to .307:53
specialkender_lotuspsychje: ok i'll try in a moment07:54
specialkender_lotuspsychje: would it have anything to do with this though?07:54
specialkender_hateball: http://termbin.com/9vwv07:54
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lotuspsychjespecialkender_: always keep your system up to date07:55
JTechis Xfce known for having windows that are insanely difficult to resize, or is that something I can fix with a setting?07:56
JTechjust wondering if my choice of Xubuntu that I went with for the past 3 years is a good one.07:57
ergodicwalkalkisg: termbin.com/ede6c07:57
cfhowlettJTech, ask #xubuntu or #xfce07:57
JTechthere's a channel for everything, isn't there?07:57
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SweepyofaceSo I just ran the 16.04 server command from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack and rebooted, but my kernel is still 4.13.0-041300rc6-generic08:02
SweepyofaceHow would I switch it08:02
specialkender_dammit i disconnected08:03
specialkender_hateball: sorry anything strange in the end?08:03
alkisgSweepyoface: did you manually install that kernel?08:03
ergodicwalkalkisg: any ideas?08:04
SweepyofaceI'm not sure, I may have, what do you mean by that?08:04
specialkender_so, i came back from the vacations and basically when i run any program that would have took 10% before takes like 10% of the CPU of my computer is now taking 100%. Like pulse audio takes 13% without any audio running. Nobody should have touched my pc, so i really dunno what it can be. i have an intel i7-6700 8core. Anyone know what can it be?08:04
SweepyofaceI ran autoremove and it removed the old packages but nothing changed08:04
alkisgSweepyoface: sudo apt-get dist-upgade normally installs new kernel. wget + dpkg -i means you manually installed it08:04
alkisgergodicwalk: I don't know what the current issue is08:04
SweepyofaceLet's assume manual then, how do I install this one?08:04
hateballspecialkender_: well there are raw values for both read and write errors, but the problem is that they are vendor specific so it is not so easy to interpret08:04
lotuspsychjespecialkender_: are you updating system yet?08:04
ergodicwalkI don’t know how to install without deleting home. The link you provided didn’t help, since my machine thinks there’s no Ubuntu for some reason :/08:05
lotuspsychjespecialkender_: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade08:05
specialkender_lotuspsychje: i am doung it right now08:05
alkisgergodicwalk: ah, that's because you're using encryption08:05
SweepyofaceThere's nothing to dist-upgrade, but I don't have the kernel08:06
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ergodicwalkIs there anything I can do to get around that?08:06
alkisgergodicwalk: I avoid full disk encryption for such cases :) See if anyone else knows how to handle  this.08:06
alkisgergodicwalk: of course one way would be to shrink your encrypted partitions, then copy your existing /home to a new one08:07
ergodicwalkAlkisg can you explain a bit more what you mean by that08:08
alkisgergodicwalk: let's say that nvme0n1p3 is 200 GB. You use gparted to make it 150 GB, and you create a new one called HOME with 50 GB. Then you boot to your normal installation and run cp -a /home /path/to/newhomepartition08:09
Sweepyofacehttps://hastebin.com/rokoqorafi.vbs anyone know how I would switch this to the HWE kernel?08:10
alkisg(you didn't paste the output of parted -l that I asked, so I don't know the exact size)08:10
alkisgSweepyoface: what's the output of ls -l /boot | nc termbin.com 999908:10
Sweepyofacealkisg: http://termbin.com/s88808:11
alkisgSweepyoface: also, use names when replying to someone specific, so that we notice your answers08:11
alkisgSweepyoface: ok, so now you have: 4.4 old, 4.13 correct, 4.13 manual, and are booted in 4.13 manual08:11
alkisgSweepyoface: now you're supposed to reboot, and select 4.13 correct from grub08:11
alkisgSpecifically, 4.13.0-2608:11
alkisgOnce you're booted into that, you'll be able to remove the unneeded kernels08:12
SweepyofaceIs there a way to do that without physical access to the machine?08:12
Sweepyofaceit's from a provider08:12
alkisgAre you sure it will boot with that kernel? Some clients fail to boot with that one08:12
alkisgAn update is expected that will solve that issue08:12
specialkender_lotuspsychje: it's going, it will take a while though08:13
Sweepyofaceshouldn't it?08:13
alkisgSweepyoface: let's say it has a 5% chance of failing. Are you ok with that?08:13
alkisgI.e. will you be able then to ask someone with physical access to select another kernel from the menu?08:13
Sweepyofacei.e, the control panel08:13
ergodicwalkalkisg: so let’s say nvme0n1p3 is 500 gb and my home folder is 190gb. I use gparted to make a new partition called home and copy my home folder recursively there. Then I reinstall Ubuntu on the remaining 300gb?08:14
ergodicwalk(The new home partition would be 200gb)08:15
EriC^^300gb is huge for a root fs08:15
EriC^^20gb would be more than enough08:15
ergodicwalkI mean that’s where my new home folder would be08:16
EriC^^yeah, make it around 20gb and 480gb for /home08:16
ergodicwalkBut is that what you’d suggest alksig08:17
EriC^^do you want hibernation?08:17
Sweepyofacealkisg: I see you can edit GRUB_DEFAULT with a number but I don't know which one 4.4 would be08:17
alkisgergodicwalk: leave 50 gb for /, and make the rest /home08:17
ergodicwalkbut i mean for the old stuff08:18
alkisgSweepyoface: you can use the string from /boot/grub/grub.cfg08:18
JTechhow do I search for how to install via internet? I tried: xubuntu install "via internet"08:18
alkisgergodicwalk: you're right, you can resize it later after the copy08:18
alkisgmake it 200 initially, resize it to 400 later08:18
specialkender_so, i came back from the vacations and basically when i run any program that would have took 10% before takes like 10% of the CPU of my computer is now taking 100%. Like pulse audio takes 13% without any audio running. If i open youtube Web content takes 80% CPU. Nobody should have touched my pc, so i really dunno what it can be. i have an intel i7-6700 8core. Anyone know what can it be?08:19
ergodicwalkOk and repartitioning won’t delete any data08:19
Sweepyofacealkisg: sorry, which string?08:19
Neo4I'm going to install photoshop on wine08:19
alkisgergodicwalk: as long as you don't delete partitions, yes08:19
Neo4will it work?08:19
SweepyofaceI see menuentry 'Ubuntu, with Linux 4.4.0-109-generic'08:20
hateball!wine | Neo408:20
ubottuNeo4: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:20
alkisgSweepyoface: you want the 4.13-26 one08:21
Neo4hateball: how install wine on ubuntu? I used ' sudo apt-get install wine ' but then I read there other method08:21
alkisgSweepyoface: GRUB_DEFAULT="Ubuntu, with Linux 4.13.0-26-generic"08:21
Neo4here is https://askubuntu.com/questions/316025/how-to-install-and-configure-wine08:21
Sweepyofaceah thanks08:22
nicomachusNeo4: do you absolutely need photoshop? GIMP is a very good alternative08:22
nicomachus!info gimp | Neo408:22
alkisgSweepyoface: and then sudo update-grub08:22
ubottuNeo4: gimp (source: gimp): GNU Image Manipulation Program. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.20-1 (artful), package size 3765 kB, installed size 17296 kB08:22
jeffmrJTech, did the usb install not work?08:22
Neo4nicomachus: no, gimp is not suited for professional web design08:22
nicomachus¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sure it is08:22
JTechOMG I'm so exhausted I put in the wrong USB stick! it... it works??? and... and I think the new thermal paste on the northbridge chipset heatsync might be working too.08:22
Neo4nicomachus: clients require PSD files08:22
nicomachusyou can save as PSD from gimp08:23
Neo4photoshop is standard in this domain, if I use gimp I won't find client08:23
specialkender_hateball: no other ideas? :(08:23
Neo4nicomachus: really? I didn't know it08:23
JTech.... aw what? (initramfs) unable to find a medium containing a live file system ???08:24
Sweepyofacealkisg: did that, rebooted, still on 4.13.0-041300rc6-generic :/08:26
alkisgSweepyoface: pastebin your current /boot/grub/grub.cfg08:26
Sweepyofacealkisg: http://termbin.com/gewp08:26
alkisgSweepyoface: I didn't ask that one :) Check again08:26
Sweepyofaceah sorry08:27
JTechno, I was wrong. the northbridge chipset heatsync is still running pretty hot. :(08:27
Sweepyofacealkisg: http://termbin.com/leww08:27
alkisgSweepyoface: try this: GRUB_DEFAULT="Advanced options for Ubuntu>Ubuntu, with Linux 4.13.0-26-generic" and update-grub08:28
Sweepyofacealkisg: thanks! that fixed it08:30
SweepyofaceNow can I delete the other kernels to get rid of the clutter?08:31
alkisgSweepyoface: yes08:31
Sweepyofacesorry was asking how lol08:31
alkisgSweepyoface: dpkg -l '*linux*' | grep ^ii | nc termbin.com 999908:32
SweepyofaceSo I can just remove those with dpkg then, got it08:32
alkisgSweepyoface: wait08:32
Neo4nicomachus: yes, really can Export and type psd, on #gimp channel I was said I can't save, There newbies. won't use photoshop, will try gimp and on yotube one guy praised it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PON13bncOZE08:33
alkisgSweepyoface: sudo apt purge  linux-headers-4.13.0-041300rc6  linux-headers-4.13.0-041300rc6-generic   linux-headers-4.13.0-999   linux-headers-4.13.0-999-generic  linux-headers-4.4.0-109  linux-headers-4.4.0-109-generic    linux-image-extra-4.4.0-109-generic    linux-image-4.13.0-999-generic   linux-image-4.4.0-109-generic   linux-image-4.13.0-041300rc6-generic08:33
alkisgIt'll also remove linux-generic, it's ok08:33
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alkisgSweepyoface: once you're done, remember to revert your GRUB_DEFAULT, so that it works on future updates08:38
Sweepyofacealkisg: thanks, so the reason I wanted to do this was to get aufs support with linux-image-extra, but now that's installed and I don't have aufs08:39
alkisgSweepyoface: what do you mean, modprobe aufs fails?08:39
hateballspecialkender_: did you fully upgrade your system as suggested ?08:40
Sweepyofacealkisg: oh, that worked thanks08:40
alkisgSweepyoface: also, aufs is in NOT in extra: linux-image-4.13.0-26-generic: /lib/modules/4.13.0-26-generic/kernel/fs/aufs/aufs.ko08:40
alkisgSweepyoface: it's in the main package08:40
ionidoes somebody know why qemu fix related to spectre is stuck as proposed in security ppa?08:41
ioniqemu package is still needed https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2017/CVE-2017-5715.html08:41
SweepyofaceYeah I think I was looking at a tutorial for trusty08:42
beakI am trying to install amdgpupro on Ubuntu 16.04 and I cannot login in to my session08:45
beakHow to get amdgpupro working?08:45
=== jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod
hateballHasnt mesa surpassed amdgpu-pro by now?08:46
beakhateball, i need special drivers for video editing08:47
specialkender_hateball: yes, it might have fixed it08:48
hotbobbyany help for a broken debconf preventing use of apt? https://pastebin.com/raw/Rjupq3Zf08:48
hateballbeak: I have very little knowledge about AMD so I wont suggest anything, I was just under the impression that the latest mesa (found in oibaf ppa for instance) was on par with amdgpu-pro08:48
hateballor even surpasses it08:49
specialkender_hateball: i am not really really sure of how to try it out, things are still using 100% cpu, but at least now if i open 2 programs it splits the CPU among the 208:49
beakhateball, it depends08:50
beakFor gaming, yeah. For editing graphics, no.08:51
alkisghotbobby:   reading files list for package 'debconf': Input/output error ==> that suggests a broken disk or a bad file system. Start with dmesg => check for errors , smartctl -a, fsck, etc08:53
JTechis the login password for Xubuntu what it uses to encrypt the home folder? because I picked a weak password for that. :(08:54
JTechalso it only asked to encrypt one storage device, my SSD. how do I get it to encrypt the new HDD as well?08:54
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urdhwhen I got to work today Ubuntu decided it's no longer possible to rotate my external monitors, does anyone have any idea what might be going on?08:55
hotbobbyalkisg: ill take a look08:56
hotbobbyi cant do too much as i back it up, though bu i can look at logs and smart status08:57
hotbobbythis just "happened one day", i tried to use apt and its broken. i hope the drive is not kinda dead. will be hard to convince the host to replace until its 100% dead08:57
JTechcrap crap crap. I think it used my Xubuntu login password to do encryption09:00
JTechwhy didn't they warn me about that?!?! do I have to reinstall the whole thing??09:00
SeveasJTech: you can change that password without reinstalling09:01
JTechoh ok. whew.09:01
hotbobbyalkisg: sorry to bother you, but are these 'bad' errors? https://pastebin.com/raw/acCKJdhC09:01
hotbobbyit looks like its just timing out waiting for data?09:02
hotbobby[13634.465965] blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 868248009:02
hotbobbynevermind , bad drive :(09:02
JTechi really hope my other motherboard's northbridge chipset heatsync performs better than this one... I'm in the home stretch09:04
quantumkoenhi all, on the odd chance someone in here has been through this before: anyone managed to get 'python3 -m venv env' working on ubuntu 16.04? it complains ensurepip is not available, even though python3-pip is installed..09:04
alkisghotbobby: yes, replace it09:04
dragetThe OpenBSD SSHD documentation says, that ClientAliveInterval and ClientAliveCountMax is 15/3 per default: https://man.openbsd.org/sshd_config#ClientAliveInterval09:07
dragetWhen checking this on ubuntu (sshd -T to see config), it says the values are set to 0. Eventho they are not listed in the sshd_config.09:08
dragetIs the documentation wrong or does ubuntu set this somewhere else?09:08
JTechhow do I encrypt an HDD and set it to my home folder? the installation only encrypted my SSD.09:16
hotbobbyin the installation you can set a drive to have a /home/ mountpoint, and specify encryption09:16
hotbobbychoose manual partitioning and look at all the options09:17
JTechdoes that only work if you forgo LVM and do it manually?09:17
hotbobbyi am not sure. there is a menu in the installation that's like Guided, Use Free Space On /dev/sda/ , ... Manual09:18
hotbobbyi dont think you have to do anything with lvm you just create partitions and assign mountpoints from that menu09:19
JTechI'm nervous about running it with that scalding hot heatsync. is there any way I can prepare to know all the steps in advance so I'm not researching it when it pops up?09:20
oerheksfull disk = lvm, encrypted home = encryptfs + luks09:20
JTechI'm going to swap motherboards after it's installed.09:21
oerheksbad idea09:22
JTechoerheks, what? but I did both. but it wouldn't let me pick the HDD for my home folder or encryption or anything.09:22
JTechbut I can't install on the other motherboard. and people told me encryption would be fine even if I change motherboards.09:22
oerheksso you ask question and you know the answer already .. and you run debian :-D09:23
JTechI managed to install Debian 2 years ago and didn't stay with it because it was so difficult.09:24
JTechno I don't know the answer.09:24
akikJTech: the hd encryption is not connected with the motherboard per se, so if the disk boots in your new machine, the encryption should just work09:26
JTechin order to set my /home on a 2nd drive, with encryption, I have to set up the partitions manually? and forgo LVM?09:27
JTechit's been ages since I dealt with partitions. is there some way I can look up all the decisions I have to make in advance? for encryption and putting /home on the 2nd drive.09:29
oerhekshit ' something different'  in the installer, for manual partitioning09:30
oerheksor read the wiki ?09:31
JTechwhy am I getting the wrong images on the ubuntu wiki? please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting. no sites are blocked according to noscript.09:36
JTech... I globally allowed all scripts and still no change.09:38
JTechwhy is the simplest thing always an obstacle for me???09:38
neureis it possible to make dual boot ubuntu & windows with existing ubuntu installation?09:38
neureall guides i see first install windows, then ubuntu09:38
neurecan i do it the other way around?09:39
JTechin the past I've been told it's possible but recommended to do the other way around, because Windows is really picky.09:39
JTechIt's just easier to let that bully Windows have it's way.09:39
alkisg!grub | echo neure:09:41
ubottuecho neure:: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:41
JTechis it just me that can't see the images? is it permanently screwed since I had noscript enabled once? what's going on? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition/CreatingPartitions09:41
alkisgneure: in other words, you install windows, and then follow that ^ page to reinstall grub in your existing installation09:41
oerheksJTech, it is not you, we' ll contact the maintainer09:41
JTechoerheks, ok, thanks. sorry I'm a huge baby.09:42
Ben64JTech: what page are you seeing that on09:43
JTech{that wasn't sarcasm. I'm being self-deferrential or whatever you call it}09:43
JTechBen64, the one I just linked.09:43
oerheksBen64, https://imgur.com/a/gsiwt09:44
JTechwhich search engine lets you view cached versions? only direct from google?09:44
JTechaw damn. that didn't work either.09:46
oerhekshere also,.. https://web.archive.org/web/20180115094625/https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition/CreatingPartitions09:47
JTech2015?? :>09:48
JTechoh wait I read that wrong. sorry.09:48
oerheks*if* there were changes, there would be an archive of it09:49
JTechoh, I don't know how that works.09:49
JTech.... it's so hard to think after 3 days of work. my brain is mush from a life of ...09:54
JTechI mean it wasn't a very good brain even before the 3 days.09:55
oerheksyeah yeah, we heard that nonsense before09:55
JTechwhat am I gonna do. if I avoid further strain caused by figuring out partitions with encryption, I could just get it running right now.09:56
noob_on_railshey all , i seem to have an issue with programs in the opt folder , linux doesn't show the program's icons in the quick launch bar , any ideas ?10:04
deemnoob_on_rails: if you manually installed those applications you also need to manually create an icon for them10:06
noob_on_railsi think Postman was installed with dpkg10:07
noob_on_railsfirefox on the other hand was just decompressed an pasted10:07
deemnoob_on_rails: https://askubuntu.com/a/22402110:07
noob_on_railsumm this isn't about showing the icon10:09
noob_on_railsi mean , i have locked firefox in my launch bar , but it's just a 'gear' for an icon10:09
noob_on_railsnow that i check again what you said initially should be true , Postman has an icon after all10:10
deemit's for the dash. didn't you talked about the dash?10:10
noob_on_railsno no , quick launch bar , the left one :D10:10
deemyeah. if there is an icon in dash, you can lock it to the quick launch bar. i'm not aware of another way10:11
deemthe gear icon you mentioned is the default icon if there is none10:11
deemto specifiy one you need a .desktop file10:11
noob_on_railsyea seems like it10:11
deemin the post i linked, there is an example .desktop file which has an "icon" line to specify the icon10:12
deembesides, why didn't you just installed the firefox package provided with ubuntu?10:13
JTechdoesn't encrypting the SSD with the HDD mean if one fails they're both unusable? does that mean it's better or possible to encrypt them separately?10:13
JTecham I complicating things? I don't know how to think.10:13
georgios_hello, how to install languages?10:14
JTechisn't it really easy to install languages?10:15
georgios_what command10:15
noob_on_railsdeem: uhh i was very impatient when quantum came out10:15
noob_on_railsso i started from the beta10:15
noob_on_railskinda messed up the whole thing for some reason10:16
deemnoob_on_rails: you could remove the manually installed package and install the packaged one10:16
noob_on_railsi think i deleted and installed from aptitude tho , only to find out that the icon still wasn't tehre10:16
JTechgeorgios_, did you use a search engine to look for the answer? I think it might be a keyboard layout you add rather than any specific "language" setting.10:17
JTechwait, no. because that still doesn't let you VIEW other languages, does it?10:18
JTechoh yeah. there it is in Ubuntu's settings. "Language support" how did I miss that?10:19
georgios_you use command but what command is it?10:19
JTechI don't use a command for that. I use the GUI.10:20
georgios_what GUI?10:20
JTechGUI: Graphical User Interface. windows, icons, mouse cursors.10:21
JTechwhat a strange experience that was.10:23
noob_on_railsdeem: you believe there's any difference if i use firefox-bin to launch rather than firefox ?10:25
deemnoob_on_rails: i don't know where this firefox-bin comes from. i don't have such a file, but the linked "firefox" binary is a bash script which starts firefox10:33
noob_on_railsto my /usr/bin/firefox folder , there's firefox and firefox-bin , i changed the icons to both via right click and linking the icon , but only firefox-bin understands10:35
noob_on_railsworking with the .desktop atm tho10:35
noob_on_railstrying to fix it :)10:35
deemwhich version of ubuntu are you using?10:35
deemok. might differ between my version. i'm on 17.10 right now10:35
gt8ost4ldoes anybody know how to fall back on the linux kernel10:37
rory_"apt update" is sticking on 97% "reading package lists" is there some way to remove this cache and force it to download all again?10:39
jimb_rory: sudo apt-get clean10:40
EriC^^rory_: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*10:41
EriC^^rory_: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*10:41
rory_EriC^^: that's what I was looking for, thanks, I know I've done it in the past.10:42
EriC^^rory_: no problem10:42
noob_on_railsi think i've completely messed up my ff installation ,pfff10:48
=== madagu is now known as MadAGu
XXCoderbleh it happened again11:14
XXCoderxscreensaver froze on wakeup11:15
XXCoderso had to ssh from other computer in order to kill process11:15
goptimushi guys11:19
kostkongoptimus, hey11:19
goptimuslate i have a bug11:20
goptimusin my first installation of ubuntu 16.0411:20
goptimuswhen opening the session11:21
goptimusfailed when opening the session11:22
goptimussame invite session11:22
goptimuswhat is solution ?11:22
neurehow do i make ubuntu not to boot to X11?11:35
kostkon!nox | neure11:36
ubottuneure: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode11:36
georges-duperonHi! Does anyone know how to enable xfs support on GRUB, so that it can load the kernel from an XFS root partition?11:45
georges-duperonI previously used the grub of another distro (NixOS) which supported XFS to boot my ubuntu,11:46
georges-duperonbut a kernel upgrade installed ubuntu's version of GRUB, and listing the partitions shows that Grub cannot read from an XFS one :-(11:46
neureis there version or flags to mkdir to make all parent directories if needed?11:51
EriC^^neure: mkdir -p11:52
georges-duperonneure: mkdir -p also won't complain if the directory itself already exists. Very handy.11:53
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
BluesKajHowdy all12:13
JTechI can't take this.12:18
JTechI'm going to buy a new computer.12:18
JTech3 days of this constant stress with no relief.12:18
BluesKaja new pc probly won't solve your problem, some help might12:24
DevrimHmm..I just switched from OVH default kernel to the 'normal' ubuntu kernel, looks like I am protected for meltdown now. I guess I now have to wait for OVH to update the firmware of my server12:40
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti12:41
zomaarOld Valour & Honour?12:41
HermanDEMorning all....  I'm having a bit of difficulty netbooting the Debian installer using iPXE on a UEFI box.  No rootfs found.12:41
Devrimhttps://www.ovh.com zomaar ;)12:41
zomaarCannot open links12:42
Devrimzomaar OVH is a (french) hosting company12:43
oerheksHermanDE, #debian please12:43
DevrimI have a server with them :)12:43
DevrimThey are using some old kernel (3.14) as default and there is no update for it yet12:44
DevrimSo I switched to the 'normal' ubuntu one12:44
zomaarYou mean VPS?12:44
andreas_sHi. I'm currently facing an issue with the xenial-proposed repository. The package initramfs-tools-core 0.122ubuntu8.11 depends on initramfs-tools-bin 0.122ubuntu8.11. But that version of the -bin package does not exist for s390x. the new version got released on Thursday last week. till then it is broken. How to proceed with such things? Just open a bug or is there a chance for a quick fix?12:44
DevrimDedicated server12:44
zomaarMy VPS host I think just uses plain images from the distros12:45
DevrimYeah OVH offers their own custom kernel by default on installation12:45
DevrimThat's great for optimizations but not so great when they don't update it12:45
zomaarExcept for the commercial admin packages12:45
zomaar(The plesk stuff etc. is all based on CentOS)12:46
zomaarI am still curious how you could escalate to root based on information alone12:47
HermanDEoerheks, It's Arty.....12:48
HermanDEGotta love the debian-ubuntu family tree.12:48
zomaarOerheks just always tries to be cuter than she should be and I guess I am really annoying right now.12:50
tomreynandreas_s: a bug report is the way to go, i'd say. and maybe ping the package maintainer in case there's no action for a week.12:50
=== andreslara501_ is now known as andreslara501
zomaarHermanDE: But I have no experience with iPXE nor with UEFI so can't help you there.12:51
oerhekszomaar, HermanDE not sure netboot works with UEFI, better ask in #debian12:51
zomaarOerheks: that sounds a lot sweeter already lol12:52
tomreynandreas_s: and keep in mind that while s390x is fully supported for 16.04, this refers to ubuntu-main but not -proposed.12:53
zomaar(I just can't stand how cute you are when you say "I still think it is ......" ;-))12:53
tomreynandreas_s: you could also ask this in #ubuntu-s390x12:54
andreas_stomreyn: thx.12:54
zomaarOerheks, remember the guy with the failing USB?12:55
joaopaulosrhello guys, anybody in here know anything about nvidia drivers for GEForce 7200GS? I'm trying to use it in ubuntu 16 but the screen effects are so slow that I can only use the computeder in TTY mode =(12:55
zomaarIt could never be an exFAT problem if the device was not even recognised :).12:55
andreas_stomreyn: the issue is, that the proposed repo is automatically added when working with preseed. I didn't find a way to disable it so far... I'll open a bug, thx!12:56
tomreyngood luck12:56
zomaarjoaopaulosr: So you have used both Nouveau and nVidia?12:57
joaopaulosrzomaar, actually i only tried to install the 304 driver12:58
joaopaulosrnouveau is the opensource version of legacy drivers, right?12:58
joaopaulosris it stable enough so it's worth a try?12:59
zomaarjoaopaulosr: But the system comes installed with Nouveau, so you only have issues with nVidia?12:59
zomaarNo Nouveau is more like reverse-engineered12:59
joaopaulosrow, it thats the case i have had problems with both of them12:59
zomaarI think12:59
joaopaulosri tried to install the proprietary drivers in order to fix the speed neck i was facing13:00
joaopaulosrafterall, nothing changed13:00
oerheksjoaopaulosr, that gpu from 2005 is way old, even for Nouveau13:00
zomaarFor me it's hard to help, I don't know all the details13:00
zomaarAbout their systems13:00
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
zomaarAgreed it would be better investing in some $40 modern card if you have the money13:01
zomaarI had a similar card without much good luck13:02
zomaarSome GT 7800 or something13:02
zomaarDidn't work in KDE, worked in Cinnamon but only Nouveau, Cinnamon crashed with nVidia13:02
zomaarGave standby issues with Nouveau, still some with NVidia13:03
oerheks$10.20 https://www.ebay.com/itm/GALAXY-Technology-NVIDIA-GeForce-GT-520-52GGS4HX9DTX/332516725900 and you fly youtube13:05
=== dan_ is now known as Guest70392
zomaarAye, in the Netherlands they often ask a high price on marktplaats13:05
=== pc is now known as Guest6655
oerheksindeed, and this is the old pciXpress 1.313:07
zomaar(Ik heb er zelf ook nog eentje nodig, ik heb die oude weggeflikkerd) oops13:08
zomaarWhat is tudelft.net nowadays?13:10
zomaarWhen I was in the TU there were only some student servers like panic.tudelft.nl but no tudelft.net13:11
zomaarOkay offtopic I guess13:11
DJAnonimohello, I'm running ubuntu on Orange Pi and I would like to start an app when system boot. app is liquidsoap which I get the follwoing messag when started as root init: security exit, root euid (user).13:11
DJAnonimoUbuntu 16.0413:12
DJAnonimoanyone can help?13:12
zomaarSo it wants to be started as a regular user13:12
zomaarYou can start it with su <user> -c command13:13
zomaarOr sudo -u <user> command13:13
=== Sven_vB_ is now known as Sven_vB
zomaarApplications are capable of changing their own euid but it wouldn't know what to change it to13:14
DJAnonimozomaar: ok... I can put this line in rc.local and it will run on startup?13:17
bobuhi there13:17
zomaarDJAnonimo: As long as it doesn't require a graphical environment13:19
DJAnonimono it doesn't13:19
zomaarBe sure to put it in front of the 'exit 0' and not behind ;-)13:20
EriC^^DJAnonimo: start it as your user using crontab @reboot /path/to/program13:20
EriC^^rc.local won't work if it's saying root euid exit, rc.local runs as root, crontab @reboot would just be easier and cleaner13:21
EriC^^DJAnonimo: try it first using * * * * * cause crontab's environment is different than your shell13:21
EriC^^that'll run every minute13:21
DJAnonimoEriC^^: where I need to add cronta line?13:21
zomaarOf course what I said would work13:21
zomaarThis is just more complex13:22
EriC^^DJAnonimo: type 'crontab -e'13:22
bobuhi. how can I set a shared folder without restarting to make it work? Gigolo won't list it if I don't reboot.13:22
EriC^^zomaar: not really13:22
zomaarSo it's not easier and cleaner at all, but anyway13:22
EriC^^zomaar: it is :)13:23
zomaarCrontab path issues are many and common13:23
zomaarJust because you say so doesn't make it so, but anyway13:23
EriC^^to use rc.local you'd have to use su - <user name> /path/to/program so it doesnt run as root13:23
EriC^^fine, you gave your advice, i gave mine, no need for this whole.. whatever it is13:24
EriC^^(butt hurting)13:24
zomaarI just said the equivalent of that13:24
zomaarJust don't say that what I said won't work when it will13:25
EriC^^so using crontab -e as your user to add a service is more complex than editing rc.local and dropping to the user then running the program13:25
EriC^^zomaar: it won't, you never told him to use su to change user13:25
zomaarYes I did13:26
EriC^^can you paste that i missed it13:26
DJAnonimosudo -u orangepi liquidsoap /etc/liquidsoap/radio.liq13:26
DJAnonimothis one to rc.local... ?13:26
noob_on_rails/j rubyonrails13:26
noob_on_railsopps :D13:26
EriC^^zomaar: oh, my apologies13:26
ppfis there a way to get notified as a user of a specific keyboard being plugged in ?13:27
zomaarYes that will work13:28
zomaarBut try it first from root to be sure13:28
hateballppf: you could write a udev rule I perhaps13:28
ppfhateball: yeah i can, but is there nothing pre-built?13:29
DJAnonimoI get: Home directory not accessible: Permission denied13:29
DJAnonimoW: [pulseaudio] core-util.c: Failed to open configuration file '/root/.config/pulse//daemon.conf': Permission denied13:29
DJAnonimoW: [pulseaudio] daemon-conf.c: Failed to open configuration file: Permission denied13:29
hateballppf: highly doubt it. you need to specify the vendor strings anyhow13:29
DJAnonimothis three lines...13:29
zomaarYou used sudo -u right?13:29
zomaarCan you try su <user> -c still? Or su - <user> -c?13:30
ppfhateball: i was imagining being able to do this with dbus13:32
akikzomaar: using sudo without -i leaves the process in the "wrong" directory, i.e. in the calling user's directory13:32
geirhawith sudo -u, you'll want -H as well. sudo -Hu username cmd ...13:32
DJAnonimowith "su <user> -c" I get like no config passed13:33
DJAnonimoliquidsoap output: No output defined, nothing to do.13:33
zomaarYes I am sorry, it would be su - root -c "command parameter"13:33
zomaarakik: Okay learned something13:34
geirhasudo -Hu orangepi liquidsoap /etc/liquidsoap/radio.liq13:34
DJAnonimogeirha this one works13:34
DJAnonimowith H13:34
zomaarThank you13:34
DJAnonimobut for some reasons worked after 4 retry's13:35
DJAnonimoerror: Thread 6 killed on uncaught exception Alsa.Device_busy13:35
BluesKajDJAnonimo, what are trying to to with the pulse daemon.config file ?13:36
BluesKajto do13:36
DJAnonimoI dont know whats this file and where is located13:36
zomaarNo it is just being read by the sound program13:36
zomaarWell if you must try you can still try Eric's approach13:37
EriC^^DJAnonimo: first try sudo -i <user> <program> and see how it works13:38
* BluesKaj wonders what he's trying to achieve13:38
EriC^^DJAnonimo: sudo -iu <user> <program>13:38
DJAnonimoboth commands do not fail on execution13:39
DJAnonimonow I can try to put it in rc.local and reboot?13:39
DJAnonimook. rebooting13:40
zomaarBluesKaj: He wanted to run a specific program as a specific user at bootup13:42
BluesKajcreating pulse.config fille seems drastic13:43
DJAnonimoprogram is not running13:43
ppfis there something like udev, but for a user session?13:43
zomaarDidn't want to13:43
DJAnonimolog is not created...13:44
EriC^^DJAnonimo: try adding > /var/tmp/liquidsoaplog 2>&1 to add13:44
zomaarDJAnonimo: There may already be output in sudo journalctl as well13:45
zomaarsudo journalctl | grep "rc.local"13:45
akikppf: if you create a udev rule, it'll be ran for all users when an event happens13:46
zomaarppf: Are you talking monitor?13:46
ppfakik: i know, but i want to trigger things in the user session13:46
DJAnonimono recent logs in journalctl13:46
ppfzonum: monitor?13:46
akikppf: that's what i meant :)13:46
ppfakik: then i didn't understand :)13:47
zomaarppf: Maybe it was about monitor events...13:47
ppfso how do i inject something in the user session13:47
zomaarWhat user "session"13:47
ppfzomaar: what's a monitor event13:47
zomaarAn event that happens when you turn on a monitor13:47
akikppf: it's run as root. ok now i got what you meant, sorry13:47
ppfzomaar: no, it's for when i plug in a keyboard13:48
akikppf: even though if it's run as root, you can use sudo to run processes as the user13:48
zomaarDJAnonimo: Eric's tip should help13:48
DJAnonimooh. i need to put it in /etc/rc.local rigth=13:48
ppfakik: sure, but it's only supposed to happen when a user session is active13:49
zomaarThe original command or the > /var/tmp thing?13:49
DJAnonimothe line sudo -i....13:49
ppfand only if it's a graphical session13:49
DJAnonimomy bad. there is rc.local in init.d13:49
DJAnonimoi'm rebooting13:49
ppfso here's what i wanna do: upon login i run setxkbmap and a tool that manages hotkeys and lighting13:50
ppfif i unplug and replug the keyboard, though, all of that is lost13:50
ppfso i need to restart it13:50
ppfudev can detect the replug event, but i'm not very sure how to handle it properly13:52
akikppf: here's just an example of plugging in a usb stick and touching a file when that happens: https://pastebin.com/raw/G3bEXJgT13:52
EriC^^DJAnonimo: yeah13:53
EriC^^DJAnonimo: this program is a cli daemon right?13:53
DJAnonimostrange. program run and stopped13:53
DJAnonimomaybe need to add & ?13:53
ppfakik: yeah, i know udev13:53
DJAnonimosudo -Hu orangepi liquidsoap /etc/liquidsoap/radio.liq &13:53
zomaarOh yes haha13:53
zomaarThat would be smart13:53
zomaar-iu is better13:53
ppfakik: so you're sugginst monitoring that file in the user session?13:55
akikppf: i think you wanted to run commands when you plug in a usb keyboard13:55
DJAnonimozomaar: rebooting with -iu and & at the end of the line13:55
zomaarpff You can just run a command with sudo -u user13:55
ppfakik: i do13:55
zomaarOr sudo -iu user13:55
DJAnonimoalsa problems: Thread "input.alsa_8637" aborts with exception Alsa error: Device or resource busy!13:57
zomaarDJAnonimo: There could be some pulseaudio problems...13:59
DJAnonimomaybe it runs liquidsoap before alsa drivers?13:59
zomaarThat's also possible13:59
zomaarBut normally rc.local really runs last14:00
DJAnonimoi'm trying with 5 seconds delay14:00
DJAnonimomaybe removing pulseaudio and installing again would help...14:01
ppfakik: the difficulty is how to run programs _within_ the active user session14:02
zomaarDJAnonimo: ALSA only runs alsactl restore, which loads stuff like mixer settings14:03
zomaarDJAnonimo: unlikely14:03
zomaarDJAnonimo: What happens if you never log in as user and execute this from a root login?14:04
zomaarYou will need to give root a password with "sudo passwd <....>"14:04
akikppf: i think i have a solution for you14:04
ppfakik: oh?14:05
zomaarppf: That would require .Xauthority likely14:05
akikppf: for example: this is for running apps from virtual console to xorg: from console to xorg: env DISPLAY=:0 XAUTHORITY=/home/USERNAME/.Xauthority dconf14:05
zomaarppf: And current DISPLAY14:05
ppfonly thing i came up with so far is a two-step thing: have an udev rule watch for the keyboard events, and send a message to dbus. and have a user application within the session watch the dbus14:06
zomaar(that's why I asked about monitor events ;-))14:06
DJAnonimozomaar: for some reason I cant login directy to root... im connecting over SSH14:06
DJAnonimoI can be root just with su command14:06
zomaarOh yeah of course14:06
zomaarRoot login is denied in /etc/ssh/sshd_config14:07
ppfakik: i believe i need additional environment settings, such as the dbus connection14:07
zomaarPulseaudio is a daemon that only starts with a user14:07
DJAnonimoPermitRootLogin prohibit-password14:08
zomaarDJAnonimo: PermitRootLogin14:08
zomaarYou can change it to "yes" I think14:08
DJAnonimocomment it?14:08
zomaarYou may need to restart sshd14:09
zomaarsudo systemctl restart sshd14:10
zomaarWhen pulseaudio is present it is set to be the default sink14:10
zomaarThis happens upon every invocation14:10
DJAnonimoalready rebooted :D14:10
DJAnonimonow i'm in with root14:10
DJAnonimosudo -Hu orangepi liquidsoap /etc/liquidsoap/radio.liq14:11
DJAnonimofirst try failed14:11
DJAnonimosecond worked14:11
zomaarThat tends to be a pulseaudio thing... :-/14:11
BluesKajsometimes pulseaudio gets in the way14:12
zomaarYou can also do without pulseaudio since this is a non-graphical system anyway14:12
zomaarYou can uninstall it or temporarily mess with /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf.d/pulse.conf14:13
zomaarTo make sure the default sink is no longer "pulse"14:14
zomaarThen ideally you create a /home/orangepi/.asoundrc14:15
BluesKajespecially if you have intel audio (snd-hda-intel) then it can run directly with alsa, even in browsers with flash14:15
DJAnonimoreally strange, as I see in PACKAGES file I dindnt compiled liquidsoap with pulseaudio14:15
zomaarOr you just pick the device via your config14:15
zomaarNo ALSA is configured to use pulse14:15
p00pfacehey folks14:15
p00pfaceI've been working to install and use Dolibarr and I've uninstalled the software in order to reinstall and start fresh14:15
DJAnonimoapt-get remove pulseaudio ?14:16
BluesKajpulse configure to use alsa is mor elike it14:16
zomaarThere is a directive in a alsa pulse file that says pcm.!default = pulse or something14:16
p00pfaceand I dug myself into a shithold of errors/dependencies14:16
p00pfacehow do I clean the system... ?14:16
zomaarDJAnonimo: You could try that14:16
zomaarBut don't proceed if it removes too much14:16
oerheksp00pface, toiletpaper & chlorine?14:16
BluesKajDJAnonimo, you can always reinstall pulseaudio and pavucontrol if needed , but you probly need to purge pulseaudio and pulseaudio utils to work directly with alsa14:18
xdijehow can i check installed package content, i used to use rpm -ql packagename under redhat14:18
DJAnonimoi've removed puseaudio14:18
BluesKajremoving still won't take it out of the loop14:19
zomaarYes it will14:19
zomaarIt would have removed the culprit /usr/share/alsa/pulse-alsa.conf14:20
* BluesKaj shrugs ... purging is best, but be my guest14:20
zomaarxdije: dpkg -L14:20
zomaarxdije: dpkg-deb -c14:20
zomaarBluesKaj: You are right14:20
xdijei found it, it was dpkg --listfiles packagename14:21
DJAnonimozomaar: application started14:21
DJAnonimoI will do few reboots to see if it will fail sometimes14:21
xdijezomaar, it is the same as -L ,,Thanks14:21
zomaarBluesKaj: (but in /usr/share it's not a conffile luckily)14:21
zomaarI always forget to purge14:22
zomaarIt's a bit counterintuitive to me14:22
BluesKajzomaar, in my experience it's best to rid the system of pulseaudio period by purging. one can always reinstall if it doesn't work14:24
zomaarYes and my systems are generally full of unpurged but removed packages14:25
zomaar(The less Lennart Poettering software on my system, the better I am off)14:26
BluesKajzomaar, my sentiments exactly :-)14:29
zomaarIt's not even about the guy, it's just about the software, but anyway14:30
alkisgPersonally I think the exact opposite, let's hopefully systemd takes over most system processes14:30
alkisgAll that diversity just for the sake of it is very frustrating14:31
zomaarI had to gain control of ALSA because of a crashing 32-bit pulse library14:31
alkisgYou want to do a simple program and you need to support it in 12345 different distros, 12345 DEs, 12345 different init systems etc14:31
zomaarAnd even though it should work my entire sound system is in shambles14:31
alkisgNo wonder companies don't want to program for linux14:31
zomaarEvery time I want to play something in Clementine I have to start it twice because the first time the pulseaudio daemon bugs out14:32
BluesKajzomaar, linux needs unified audio suite, it's chaos atm14:33
zomaarI have set pulse to directly use the alsa default, and the alsa default directly uses a device14:33
zomaarThis is enough to break the entire KDE phonon system14:34
zomaarI've set it up this way so that ALSA uses a dmix device, which means that pulse and other types of software can use the same device14:35
zomaarBut KDE switches pulse to something other than what I have configured14:35
zomaarSo after start I have to kill pulseaudio with pulseaudio -k14:36
zomaarThen it restarts, but the phonon thing is completely broken then14:36
akikzomaar: i'm using plasma 5 with pulseaudio and it seems to work fine14:37
BluesKajI have to use pulseaudio with my m-audio soundcard if I want audio to work in browsers (flashaudio) mostly, otherwise I would purge pulse and b=never use it.14:37
zomaarThe problem in Linux is often that the default system works fine until you want to tweak 1% of it14:39
DJAnonimolooks like its working good14:39
zomaarNice, thank you14:39
DJAnonimogood work :)14:40
zomaarBut Lennart always has this approach "I control the master switch"14:40
zomaar(Even though mine is just a plugin)14:40
zomaarI started raving and cursing when Debian put his mdns_minimal after dns14:41
BluesKajwhen HTML5 is finally universally adopted then I can say goodbye to pulse14:42
zomaarDemanding that they changed his trademarked libnss_mdns name to something else14:42
zomaarI actually wrote a libnss_dns_local that can use libnss_dns when a local SOA is found14:43
zomaarTo put it in front of libnss_mdns_minimal14:44
zomaarI am using SqueezePlay14:46
zomaarWhich is older 32-bit program14:46
zomaarThat crashes on pulse library for alsa14:46
DJAnonimoI just attached an USB audio device but its not found in alsa mixer14:46
DJAnonimolsusb gives: Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0d8c:013c C-Media Electronics, Inc. CM108 Audio Controller14:47
DJAnonimoon my laptop running ubuntu detect without problems... on the orange pi there is no device installed14:47
DJAnonimoaplay -l14:48
zomaarSo if you type amixer controls it's not there14:48
DJAnonimowhich could be the reason ? Both OS are 16.0414:48
zomaarBoth 64-bit or 32-bit?14:49
DJAnonimozomaar:  amixer -c 0 and  amixer -c 1 give output14:49
DJAnonimoits a builtin HDMI and a local mix14:50
DJAnonimolocal mix14:50
DJAnonimodamn, local mic X)14:50
leeyaadoes anyone know how the heck to setup nut on xenial ?14:50
leeyaai cant figure it out14:50
DJAnonimoarm64 arch is the orange pi14:50
leeyaatrying to setup my aeg ups14:50
FirewaveI am looking into a potential issue regarding Qt/xcb14:50
Firewaveon 16.0414:51
leeyaathere used to be /etc/init.d/nut14:52
zomaarBut you don't want to use 0 and 114:52
DJAnonimohow to add this device... pis a cheap plug n play card14:52
DJAnonimoits Raspbian... I have ubuntu...14:55
zomaarIdk I just think looking at other people's experiences is the best approach now14:56
DJAnonimoI can try to upgrade14:56
DJAnonimodoing upgrade14:57
zomaarJust google okay, cause i can't.14:58
DJAnonimoyes. I will try with google and youtube14:59
FirewaveQXcbKeyboard::updateKeymap() calls xkb_x11_keymap_new_from_device() which ultimately seems to result into an out-of-bounds read in get_atom_name() in the x11 code when reading the xcb reply15:00
Firewavethe weird thing is, that the same code was just working about a week ago15:00
Firewaveit looks like t might be related to some additional locales I installed15:01
anddamonce I add ppa:mercurial-ppa/releases is there a way I can switch between repo's and PPA mercurial package without adding and removing the PPA?15:02
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=== jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod
yeatsanddam: nope - but why would you want to?15:19
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
anddamyeats: I switched my config to newer mercurial (some extension got builtin since 3.7) but vscode's Hg extension breaks with 4.4, for whatever reason15:23
oerheksyeats, anddam could perform pinning, though?15:23
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto15:23
anddamand it's not even reproducible, that is sometimes vscode works fine with 4.4, sometime its source control paanel gets blank15:24
anddamwith 3.7 it Just Works (tm)15:24
anddamI have a switching script that goes through add-apt-repository add/remove, update and then install15:24
anddambut I figure if there was local caching and a way to select the version it'd be way easier15:25
oerheksanddam, ot sure what you are doing: how many times do you need to install mercurial?15:28
Joel16.04 - Pigdin - The menu bar is missing, I've renamed .purple to .purple.back, and restarted, still missing. I'm not using unity, thoughts on why the menu bar is missing from this app?15:29
Joelinitctl restart unity-panel-service - fixed it, even though I'm not using unity15:30
Joelvery odd15:30
anddamoerheks: just the one, my issue is vscode at times won't like the upgraded version15:34
oerheksanddam,  then don' t use the upgraded ppa? i don' t get this issue15:35
TeaboI wrote about light)))15:40
zomaarubottu, why was libpng12-0 removed from ubuntu?15:42
ubottuzomaar: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:42
zomaarubottu, why was libpng12-0 removed from yakkety?15:42
ubottuzomaar: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:42
zomaarubottu, why is libpng12-0 not in yakkety?15:43
oerheksbecause  superseded by libpng1.6; Debian bug #822318; LP: #1595485 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/yakkety/amd64/libpng12-015:46
ubottuDebian bug 822318 in ftp.debian.org "RM: libpng -- RoQA; superseded by libpng1.6" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/82231815:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1595485 in vtk (Ubuntu) "packages to remove from zesty" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159548515:46
zomaarI want a bot like that :)15:46
zomaarBut thank you honey15:47
zomaarshe smiles15:53
Teaboare you about sun or moon?)))15:57
tyamurhi all16:00
beogradi am using ubuntu server 17.10, fresh install, dont know what kill my process.. what to check..16:06
blackflowbeograd: journalctl -p err  for starters.16:07
beogradblackflow nothing there..16:09
blackflowbeograd: so what's the actual problem?16:09
oerheksbeograd, what process exactly?16:10
oerhekssure journalctl should say something..16:12
beogradoerheks https://pastebin.com/gaLGAx6P16:15
blackflowbeograd: is that from journalctl -p err ?   If that doesn't show you any relevant info, try without -p. If that's a service or there's a unit file for it, try -u <servicename>  (replace <servicename> with actual service name)16:16
oerheksgloria kernel ?16:16
blackflowbut really, just start from the beginning and explain what's going on. which process (you say psybnc), and what exactly is happening to it, what's the symptom.16:16
oerheksthat is mint, no ?16:17
blackflowoerheks: "gloria" is the hostname :)16:17
blackflow"kernel" is the channel for the log16:17
TeaboI like it)16:17
Borw3shell means desktop environment?16:20
Teaboyou are right16:21
Borw3so XFCE shell? is right?16:21
TeaboIt is very comfortable to use hotkeys16:22
Teabofor only 1 window)16:22
TeaboI think that you must/have about people, not money.16:23
Teabom/h care16:23
dil hello16:24
dil  seeking assistane with instaling a Ricoh IS450 scanner but cannot locate how to install scsci driver to use with sane16:24
lordcirth_workBorw3, XFCE is a shell, though usually people would call it more specifically a DE.  A terminal is also a kind of shell, and is usually what people mean.16:24
Teabodelete dil ))))16:24
Teaboi dont understand huh16:25
saberucan someone help me get chrooted ftp login working? I'm getting this error ill paste it here16:25
alkisgdil: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/zesty/man5/sane-hs2p.5.html ==> you should already have that installed, right?16:26
dilalkisg,: yes16:27
nykhow to hack in wi fi16:27
alkisgdil: what's the output of `sudo sane-find-scanner`, of course with your scanner connected and powered on?16:27
alkisgnyk: this is for ubuntu support, go to #hacking for hacking16:28
oerheksTeabo, please stop the funny comments, this is ubuntu support only16:28
dilalkisg: only usb it has a kofax scsi crad16:28
Borw3I wonder, is it possible to get banned in an IRC?16:29
rud0lfBorw3: banned from irc server? sure16:29
alkisgdil: so that command shows nothing?16:29
dilalkisg:just USB devices as well a 3 lines of pipr error16:30
dilpipe error16:31
alkisgdil: so you think the problem is that there are no drivers for your scsi card, and it's not a problem with the scanner drivers?16:32
dilwell the documentation for sane say its supported, so i am assuminig its a scsi driver issue16:33
alkisgIs this a pci card? What's the pci id?16:33
dilit is pci16:33
alkisglspci -nn -k should tell you about the id and the driver, if any16:34
dil01:06.0 Scanner controller: Kofax Image Products Device 000016:34
alkisgThe pci id is a number like 1234:567816:35
alkisgAnd the driver would be under that16:35
alkisgIf you use pastebin, it'll be easier16:35
alkisglspci -nn -k | nc termbin.com 999916:35
dil01:06.0 Scanner controller [0903]: Kofax Image Products Device [1296:0000]16:36
alkisgI don't see any such device in /lib/modules16:38
alkisgSo it's probably not supported16:38
dilthank you16:38
mustmodifyAt some point in the past, someone said I should `apt purge --auto-remove` every few months. Why doesn't this automatically happen?16:40
alkisgmustmodify: because people may want their configs not purged16:41
alkisgOr they may have removed a package but not want its dependencies autoremoved16:41
mustmodifyconfigs? I thought it was just getting rid of old kernels no longer being used?16:41
alkisgThat's why you're supposed to run it, see if you need anything, and if not, then use it16:41
mustmodifyI see.16:42
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
mustmodifyAh, it was you who said that. :P16:42
alkisgMaybe, I've said it a few times, but not recently16:42
mustmodifyYes, it was a few months ago.16:43
mustmodifyok thanks.16:43
saberuhey guys networking is completely fubar on my VPS and I now only have chroot access from a rescue image. How can i debug this?16:45
blackflowsaberu: what happened?16:46
B14CK-SPID3Rhi, i have a problem after upgrading ubuntu 16.04 to 17.04. it shows "no symbol table. press any key to continue" in grub. and it stuck at login page. ( mouse/keyboard doesn't work )16:47
B14CK-SPID3Rcan you please help me to solve it?16:47
saberublackflow, I suspect it's been hacked. I was trying to setup a chroot ftp account and I was following this guide which told me to use this command that was some kind of node symantic link files and put them in the directory, like tty, zero etc16:48
saberubut tty is like a shell isn't it16:48
saberuand that directory was also the website root16:48
blackflowsaberu: "node symantic link files" -- the what now?16:48
rud0lfsymbolic maybe?16:48
beogradso any hints guys.. why does it blocks process :(16:50
saberumknod -m 666 tty c 5 0 and some other mknod commands for zero, random and null16:50
saberuis it possible that caused a vulnerability?16:50
blackflowbeograd: what is "it"? you never answered any of the follow up questions.16:50
saberuor perhaps those commands messed up the vps completely :(16:51
beogradi send you pastebin16:53
B14CK-SPID3Rcan anyone help me please?16:53
blackflowbeograd: no, sorry, I have msgs blocked.16:55
saberuOhhh the VPS is working now but I can't login via SSH16:55
oerheksB14CK-SPID3R, login with ctrl alt F2, then run sudo update-grub, and boot again, but i think it will come back https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/163383916:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1620678 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1633839 grub2 fails to boot when built using binutils 2.27" [High,In progress]16:55
saberuUser not allowed to login because none of user's groups are listed in AllowGroups16:56
B14CK-SPID3Roerheks: i tried it but after press key to continue, nothing works. i couldn't spawn a tty!16:56
blackflowbeograd: yes, you've posted that already. and the question was, is this from journalctl -p err? If so, try without -p, or if it's a service, try journalctl -u <servicename>  (replacing <servicename> with actual service name)16:56
saberuso I just need to add the user to AllowGroups in the sshd_config and anything else?16:56
Borw3LOL, isn't 16.10 EOL16:56
blackflowsaberu: yes, if you have any AllowGroups and/or AllowUsers directives, you must specify them then.16:57
blackflowsaberu: note that root is blocked too unless explicitly listed there.16:57
saberuyeah it's fixed now, I actually caused this problem when I was trying to add a chrooted ftp user yesterday, unsuccessfully16:58
blackflowsaberu: so you're actually talking about SFTP (ssh FTP), not FTP?16:58
saberusftp yes16:59
blackflowiirc you don't need to mknod anything for that. the only requirement is that home dir is owned by root and not world accessible.16:59
blackflowif you want to LOG sftp actions, though, you need to put a syslog socket soemwhere in the chroot, yes.16:59
saberu: fatal: bad ownership or modes for chroot directory component "/srv/"17:00
B14CK-SPID3Roerheks: furthermore i try recovery mode, and choose update grab option and fix broken packages. but nothing changed !17:00
saberumodes on /srv are drwxrwxrwx  4 root   root17:00
blackflowsaberu: the chroot home dir has to be    owned by root:<user_group> and have 750 perms.17:00
saberudoes the chrooted user need to be in the same user group?17:01
blackflowso if <someuser>'s home is /srv/someuser, that has to be root:someuser and 75017:01
saberuahh ill try that thanks17:01
blackflowsaberu: that also means the user can't write directly into their home dir. you'll need to pre-create username:username owned subdirectories there.17:02
saberuyeh i see17:02
blackflowlike a ~/public_html or whatever.17:02
saberuso I need something like chgrp root:user_group /srv ?17:03
saberuoh it's chown nm17:04
oerheksB14CK-SPID3R, not sure what is going on, it seems a long term issue, did you run ubuntu 16.04 beta before? this bugreport claims grub2 buld with binutils 2.27 is the issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/162067817:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1620678 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub2 fails to boot when built using binutils 2.27" [High,In progress]17:04
oerheksboot from a live 17.10,  and reinstall grub perhaps?17:05
=== rainbow is now known as Guest98145
B14CK-SPID3Roerheks : i run ubuntu 16.04 LTS before.17:06
Guest98145if i want to use opencv or linux  himself ? should i use eclipse17:06
alkisg(06:47:01 μμ) B14CK-SPID3R: hi, i have a problem after upgrading ubuntu 16.04 to 17.04. ==> this isn't possible, unless you first upgraded to 16.10 and THEN to 17.0417:06
ubuntu_addicti got a problem. since few days, my pc turn onto hibernate without reason. i want to turn it off but i didnt find anything about into settings and i even try to changer it with few apps, without sucess. can anyone help me ?17:07
B14CK-SPID3Ralkisg : i use update-manager. it prompts that do you want to upgrade to 17.04 .. and it didn't show me anything about ubuntu 16.1017:08
saberuthanks for your help btw blackflow17:08
blackflowsaberu: yw17:09
alkisgB14CK-SPID3R: anyway, 17.04 is unsupported as well...17:09
B14CK-SPID3ROMG :( so i have to reinstall it again?17:10
alkisgB14CK-SPID3R: install 17.10 and select to keep your documents17:10
alkisgB14CK-SPID3R: yes, 16.04 was supported, you shouldn't have updated it17:10
ubuntu_addicti got a problem. since few days, my pc turn onto hibernate without reason. i want to turn it off but i didnt find anything about into settings and i even try to changer it with few apps, without sucess. can anyone help me ?17:10
B14CK-SPID3Ralkisg: ok, no way :( Thank you17:11
oerheksB14CK-SPID3R, make sure you reinstall grub, that is the main issue17:12
blackflowalkisg: couldn't they just have used the EOL upgrade procedure?17:16
oerheksif he could loging, he could upgrade again i guess17:18
oerheksc/log in17:18
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=== all is now known as DouglasK
alkisgblackflow: afaik he installed 16.04 2 days ago17:28
saberuI'm getting forbidden errors with apache2 after I changed the permissions on the files/directories, any idea how I can fix it?17:28
saberuI've tried the recommendations i found from searching like chmod 750 directories, 755 files etc17:28
alkisgblackflow: and I really doubt he upgraded from 16.04 to 17.0417:28
alkisg(in one step)17:28
saberui set chown www-data:sftp so the www-data user owns and sftp group also17:29
blackflowsaberu: no, the sftp chroot has to be owned by root:<usergroup>. You then have to put www-data user in each user's group. I suppose you could make a shared group, and put www-data into only that one additional group, but I wouldn't advise it.17:31
blackflowsaberu: that assumes www-data only has to read stuff from those dirs.17:31
saberuaccess to /toofaced/main.html denied (filesystem path '/srv/sites') because search permissions are missing on a component of the path17:32
hoseinHi, It's been a month I haven't received any new updates17:32
saberuthis is the error in the apache2 log17:32
hoseinapt gives me no error17:32
hoseinany idea what's going on?17:32
alkisghosein: what's the output of `sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`?17:33
blackflowsaberu: all the elements paths have to be readable by www-data.17:33
alkisgPut ALL of it to pastebin17:33
blackflowsaberu: elements of the path17:33
hoseinalkisg, https://paste.unixcorn.org/?ffd6d36501abdbf0#yqaTmNyxqTNO276IBtkELso579Sy8/z8tV5CXJINv/s=17:34
blackflowsaberu: so let's say /srv is root:root 755, /srv/sites is too. /srv/sites/somesite.com is root:somesite 750.   www-data has to be in group somesite.   usermod -a -G somesite www-data.   FOR EXAMPLE.17:34
saberuahh i see17:35
saberui can add www-data to sftp user group17:35
blackflow(you'll have to restart the apache service after that (or a similar) usermod)17:35
blackflowsaberu: yes, but then somesite.com would have to be root:sftp  not root:somesite17:35
saberuyep it is i think17:35
blackflowsaberu: just because user and www-data are in a shared group, doesn't mean www-data has access to paths owned by groups the user is in, but www-data isn't17:35
alkisghosein: and the output of `tail -n 50 /var/log/apt/history.log`17:35
blackflowsaberu: but that defeats the purpose of chroot17:36
zomaarDoesn't saberu mean sitting?17:36
blackflowsaberu: technically, sftp chroot ensures that / is in that path, so you can't `cd ..` out of it. I still wouldn't trust it, if the group was shared. And frankly, I don't even know if OpenSSH would allow that.17:37
hoseinalkisg, https://paste.unixcorn.org/?1768d7f1b3fe85ee#YdxMwkrFNRZ1VF7BpeMBsO+tHd3S5SxcFlYdFFNlgOg=17:37
saberuinteresting i'll see if my sftp client can cd .. out of it17:38
alkisghosein: as you can see, you do have updates17:39
blackflowsaberu: shouldn't be able to, if properly set up. but the part I don't know is if OpenSSH would allow root:sftp instead of root:user ownership on the chroot dir.17:40
hoseinalkisg, How can I install and download them then? apt upgrade and even dist-upgrade don't do much17:40
saberuyour right it doesnt17:41
grimguyhi is it normal for adobe flash to be the first thing that wants to update after a new installation of ubuntu17:41
saberuill have to put the web root as a subdir of the chroot17:41
grimguyjust really unusual17:42
kostkongrimguy, quite normal17:42
blackflowsaberu: www-data still won't be able to penetrate that 750 on root:someuser owned parent dir, if www-data is NOT in someuser group17:42
grimguyhmm interesting kostkon, um can i ask have there been any bugs since the meltdown, spectre update ?17:43
kostkongrimguy, regarding flash?17:43
grimguyregarding, dropbox, chrome and firefox17:43
blackflowsaberu: you could whip up a simple script that creates new user, sets perms on home dir, and adds www-data to that group, and use it to add website users instead of useradd directly.17:43
kostkongrimguy, lots, especially firefox and the kernel17:43
grimguyok so i should expect that np :) ty kostkon17:44
kostkongrimguy, np17:44
raidghostWHY is it not OKEY to make raid 6 with 5 8TB drives where 2 of 8TB is spare ?17:45
saberublackflow,  that's a good idea. luckily I'm not having to add more users yet. But I'll keep that in mind!17:45
lordcirth_workraidghost, do you mean 5 drives in raid6 and 2 spare, or 5 total, 2 of which are spare?  Because the latter won't work17:49
lordcirth_workraidghost, also, consider using ZFS with raidz317:51
hoseinalkisg ?17:52
alkisghosein: sorry i'm afk for a while, but you do receive updates normally, no need to do something17:53
saberublackflow: I did the subdirectory stuff and I can login now on sftp but I get 'permission denied' on the / root directory17:54
hoseinalkisg, okay thank you very much!17:54
saberufor chown i used root:user17:54
saberufatal: bad ownership or modes for chroot directory component "/srv/sites/somesite" error is like that17:55
Southern_Gentlemok stupid question if i wanted to list every package installed in my computer how should i do that17:55
saberuoh it has to be the usergroup sftp again sorry xD17:56
saberuso i just need to remove www-data from the sftp group17:56
Southern_Gentlemof course i want to send it to a txt file17:56
blackflowsaberu: I suppose so, I don't have a clear picture of how you've set it up there.17:57
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kostkonSouthern_Gentlem, https://askubuntu.com/a/17829/17:59
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
Southern_Gentlemkostkon, thanks18:05
saberublackflow, I'm able to login with the user but I can't add any files or directories :(18:05
daddy0tried installing ubuntu 16.04.3 onto couple of different pcs... after installing updates and nvidia drivers, i get login loop18:05
alkisgdaddy0: you see the login page, and then you type username/password, and it goes back to login page?18:07
saberuI think i set chown for the publichtml directory as www-data:sftp18:07
saberuso I thought any user in the SFTP group should have write access?18:07
saberui guess chmod problem i have to make chmod give write access to group user18:07
saberuyay worked18:09
saberuchmod g+w command :)18:09
blackflowsaberu: yes, but I wouldn't do that. files created by the user will be user owned and you'l quickly end up with a permission/ownership mess.18:10
blackflowit's simple really. /srv/sites/somesite.com/public_html, mkay?    /(root:root:755)/(root:root:755)/(root:user:750)/user:user:750-or-755)   with www-data in 'user' group.18:10
saberuAhhhhh it all makes sense now thanks18:11
blackflowanything else will lead to a messs when user, whose primary group is "user" creates a file under public_html. You'll expect user:sftp owned file but it'll be user:user owned one. And if the user in some way uploads a 750 chmodded file, www-data won't read it.18:11
saberui see18:12
blackflowwhich can easily happen if the said user uses linux on their computer and there's a file with 640 permission, which is transported directly via sftp into a 640 file on the server.18:12
blackflow(640, not 750 file, 750 is for dirs)18:12
blackflowyou can put users in sftp group to make the sshd_config AllowGroups simple.18:13
blackflowbut that's all the group is for.18:13
saberui see18:13
jimb_alkisg: daddy0: I had problems with the amdgpu-pro installer failing and leaving APT broken. I was experiencing the behavior of logging into the GUI, only for it to chime and greet me with the login again. I was able to CTRL-ALT-5 to regain console access. I wound up doing 'dpkg --force-all -P ' the new amdgpu-pro packages almost one by one, then the new ones and then re-installing.18:15
AnthaasQuestion: Why would I snap install over apt install?18:16
blackflowAnthaas: because snaps are pre-made little containers that contain everything needed for the app to run, without messing with the system and having a dependency hell, plus it's somewhat isolated and armored security-wise?18:17
AnthaasSo the preference is snap everything if possible?18:17
saberublackflow, apache2 forbidden again :(18:17
kostkonAnthaas, and generally more up-to-date than apt packages18:18
kostkonAnthaas, something along those lines18:18
blackflowAnthaas: depends on the vendor. One can easily do broken/crap snaps and make the hell of it. But in general, yes. Properly done and maintained snaps are better in terms of isolating that software from the rest of the system. So one can install latest and greatest something without needing to upgrade halfa system to bring up the shares libs to required versions.18:19
blackflowsaberu: did you restart apache after adding to users group?18:19
saberublackflow, I added www-data to the user group and the publichtml directory is user:user so I don't know the problem?:18:19
blackflowsaberu: can you pastebin the entire path, and ls all the elements up to it? also add `id www-data` and `id user`  (whichever the user is), to that paste18:20
blackflowsaberu: ls -al18:20
saberuI know the problem18:23
blackflowsaberu: I meant ls all the path elements. If that's under /srv/sites/somesite.com/, then ls -al  each of those. feel free to rename or remove subdirs that aren't relevant. I really want to see just the perms of entire chain from / to say index.php18:23
=== sgautam is now known as GautamS
blackflowsaberu: that's still not it. I meant    ls -l /srv && ls -l /srv/sites && ....    up to the file that's failing in apache18:26
blackflowyou can remove all the subdirs that are irrelevant18:26
blackflow(from the output)18:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:29
root__i need help guys18:30
root__please help me18:30
Southern_Gentlemroot__, no18:30
Southern_Gentlemroot__, read what ubottu posted18:31
saberublackflow: https://pastebin.com/f4qLE0me18:31
root__how to install { Gnome tweak tool }18:31
saberuoh here - access to / denied (filesystem path '/srv/sites') because search permissions are missing on a component of the path18:34
blackflowsaberu: with that setup you need www-data in BOTH sftp and airborne groups. Plus, that index.php will be unreadable to it, as it's 600 and not 640 (group readable)18:34
blackflowit = apache18:34
=== madagu is now known as MadAGu
saberuoh right.. i see your point18:35
blackflowsaberu: yes, line 5 shows root:sftp 750 dir. so apache (www-data) needs to be in sftp group to enter that.18:35
blackflowand then it needs to be in airborne group to enter publichtml and below18:36
blackflowideally you should completely remove that sftp group from FILE/DIR ownership, use it only for AllowGroups in sshd_config.18:36
saberubut if i put it in the sftp group then ssh won't let me login via SFTP / chroot etc18:36
saberuso instead have root:airborne18:37
blackflowright, so get rid of sftp-group-owned directories18:37
saberui mean root:user18:37
blackflowit's not visible from this which of the directories is the chroot for airborne18:37
saberuit's /srv/sites/sitename/ that one18:39
ubuntu-mateHello everyone. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04. I applied recent system updates to get the new kernel (4.13 I think) and it worked but now my computer won't boot.  I am running a liveCD right now.  Is this a common problem?18:39
blackflowsaberu: in which case frist two (/srv/sites) can be root:root owned and 755 chowned. "sitename" must be root:airborne 750. sitename/public_html can be airborne:airborne 750 or 755 doesn't matter18:40
blackflowsaberu: with that you _only_ need to put www-data into group airborne. usermode -a -G airborne www-data18:40
blackflowand then if airborne is in group sftp, you can set AllowGroups sftp in sshd_config18:40
blackflowthat's all. there should be no 'sftp' group on any of the files/dirs in there.18:41
blackflowthat's pretty much it. sorry but I have to flee now. good luck.18:41
saberuAH00035: access to /toofaced/main.html denied (filesystem path '/srv/sites') because search permissions are missing on a component of the path18:41
saberuisn't the problem here having the wrong chmod permissions on /srv/sites?18:42
blackflowsaberu: according to your last pastebin, the problem is in line 5, not 318:42
blackflowownership of awsm....18:42
alkisgubuntu-mate: yes, it's common, try booting with the previous kernel (advanced options => 4.10.something)18:42
alkisgubuntu-mate: i.e. the grub menu, advanced options there18:43
blackflowsaberu: it's owned by root:sftp and chmodded 750. www-data can't see into that unless it's in the group sftp18:43
blackflowsaberu: gotta go. good luck.18:43
alkisgubuntu-mate: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/172651918:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1726519 in linux (Ubuntu Bionic) "Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at isci_task_abort_task" [High,In progress]18:44
saberufixed it18:44
caipiblackHi guy's, I am looking for a SIMPLE DHCP server, something easly to configure, just to run tests on a device [...] On windows there is OpenDHCPServer witch is good, on linux dhcpd seems to suck and isc-dhcp-server too. Is there something lighter than these ones ?18:44
saberuchown root:www-data /srv/ && chown root:www-data /srv/sites/ && chmod +x /srv/sites/somesite/ && chmod +x /srv/sites/somesite/publichtml/18:44
alkisgcaipiblack: dnsmasq18:44
saberujust came up with that idea myself xD thanks18:45
alkisgcaipiblack: it's dns, dhcp, proxydhcp, and tftp, all in one, very light18:45
alkisgcaipiblack: you can of course use only the dhcp part if you want18:45
zomaarLP bug #173414718:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1734147 in linux (Ubuntu Artful) "corrupted BIOS due to Intel SPI bug in kernel" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173414718:58
V7Hey all18:59
V7How to get cpu stepping ?18:59
V7lspcu gives: stepping: 218:59
V7dmidecode -t 4 mb doesn't give any info about stepping19:00
V7cpuid gives stepping: 0x219:00
V7So is it possible to get letter and number of stepping revision ?19:00
V7cat /proc/cpuinfo too mb doesn't give any information about stepping19:01
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V7What does Stepping 2 mean not even A1 or B119:06
IanTLoppI'm running ubuntu mate on an Odroid XU4, but I want to run XFCE as my window manager, so I installed xubuntu-desktop19:24
IanTLoppI can't find the command to start XFCE though.19:24
IanTLoppwhat am I missing?19:24
akikIanTLopp: i think it's startxfce419:25
striveIanTLopp: Are you using a display manager? (login screen)19:27
IanTLoppstrive: yeah19:27
striveIanTLopp: There should be an option on your DM (display manager) where you could set your default DE (desktop environment)19:28
IanTLoppstrive: fresh install of Ubuntu on this device. only option I get for login is to login.19:28
striveI think Ubuntu uses lightdm by default; is that what you're using?19:29
IanTLoppso I tried "startxfce4 --replace &" and I get the rerror "sfce4-session: Another session manager is already running"19:29
IanTLoppoh wait, sudo19:29
IanTLopphmm. with sudo it just says "[1] 14683"19:31
brainwas1IanTLopp: xfwm4 is the window manager19:32
IanTLoppokay, that's kind of done it19:34
FrameFeverI cannot ping my ubuntu on my vmware system19:38
FrameFeverI connect from windows host19:38
FrameFeverwith NAT connection19:38
FrameFeverinternet is available on the VM19:38
anonymoushi friends >)19:39
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ca_cabotagehey all, anyone know of a good guide for mounting SFTP with fuse SSHFS on lubuntu 16.04?19:40
ca_cabotageFrameFever, are you sure that you networking is setup correctly on vmware?19:41
FrameFeverca_cabotage: I cannot ping the host system from the VM and I also get internet on the VM19:43
FrameFeverbut I cannot ping the VM from the host19:43
ca_cabotageare you on esxi?19:44
q0_0phave heard of ubuntu 17.10.119:45
q0_0pcurrently using 17.10 do I need to upgrade? or no need19:46
FrameFeverca_cabotage: I am in Win1019:46
ca_cabotageis this on virtualbox?19:46
FrameFeverwhen starting ssh service on my VM I get: Failed to start ssh.service: The name org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1 was not provided by any .service files"19:46
ca_cabotagewhich vmware product? for example, I use vmware, the version of vmware that i use is ESXi19:47
kostkonq0_0p,   lsb_release -a    if you are up-to-date you are already using 17.10.119:48
q0_0p@kostkon, shows Description:Ubuntu 17.1019:49
FrameFeverca_cabotage: vmware version 10.0.419:49
q0_0phave already done apt get update && apt-get dist-upgrade19:49
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krytarikq0_0p: Then you are already on it - there have only been new installation images created.19:52
kostkonq0_0p, they haven't updated the release it seems, looks like you are up-to-date, already patched, and bug 1734147 won't affect you anymore19:53
ubottubug 1734147 in linux (Ubuntu Artful) "corrupted BIOS due to Intel SPI bug in kernel" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173414719:53
q0_0p@kostkon, thanks19:53
zomaarReading up on slashdot opinions of systemd... Poettering is hostile to documenting security issues in systemd apparently because he doesn't want people to know about them.20:10
funabashihey guys how do i get this data when i login via cli ? https://i.imgur.com/aR7XChP.png20:10
sononuovo24hello, help me, I can not install some programs20:10
alkisgsononuovo24: mention specific commands and specific errors20:11
sononuovo24the problem and that does not give me errors, but I can not find the folder20:12
alkisgfunabashi: seems like "landscape-sysinfo"20:12
alkisgsononuovo24: this isn't helpful at all. Copy paste the command you try and the error to pastebin20:13
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:13
funabashialkisg: i cant apt-get install that20:13
alkisgfunabashi: it's a program, not a package. See the package there: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/zesty/man1/landscape-sysinfo.1.html20:14
alkisgfunabashi: note that it's the system managing program of canonical, so it's usually installed on enterprise managed environments or something20:15
zomaarsono is new to Linux and doesn't speak English very well20:15
UbAhtoo much static in the news and google searches, I am looking for up to date inifo on spectre and meltdown patches20:15
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti20:16
zomaarsono: What did you install and what are you looking for?20:16
ubottuSpectre is a security issue in almost all modern processors, which was released along with !Meltdown (but is not the same thing). While there are several initiatives underway to mitigate it, there is no "magic bullet" software fix. Ubuntu is monitoring ongoing efforts and will provide security updates as they become available. See !usn for security update notifications.20:16
UbAhpatch only fixes one of the vulnerabilities20:16
UbAhvariant 1 is fixed by the update but not 2 and 320:17
funabashianyone know any vulnerabilitiy scanner for ubuntu ?20:20
zomaarsononuovo24: What did you install and what are you looking for?20:20
UbAhgit clone https://github.com/speed47/spectre-meltdown-checker.git20:20
sononuovo24zoomaar teamspeak and minecraft, plasma 520:21
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zomaarSo do you mean that it is not in the menu?20:22
UbAhfunabashi, the above git was for you20:23
UbAhif you were talking just spectre and meltdown20:23
jimb_The speed47 checker is making it's determination based on what it can discover about your system, fwiw, it's not actually attempting to use the vuln20:26
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funabashiUbAh: thats just for those vulns. i mean more in general20:51
jimb_funabashi: Such as Trillium's MultiSploit?20:54
jimb_funabashi: There is also Metasploit - Might be more along the lines of what you are looking for.20:55
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Richard_CavellHello everyone. After a power outage my computer won't boot. I posted it here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2382612&p=13730827#post13730827 Any help is most welcome.21:21
Bashing-omRichard_Cavell: After a power outage, 1st thing is to run a file system check/repair .21:24
Richard_CavellI ran fsck as root21:25
Richard_CavellIs that enough?21:25
Bashing-omRichard_Cavell: Ouch ! while the file system was mounted ?21:25
Richard_CavellI am able to boot from a live DVD. Is that what I should do?  And run fsck /dev/sda2?21:26
lordcirth_workfsck normally prints a warning when it's mounted, I don't see that here, though it is mounted.21:27
lordcirth_workIsn't it safe when it's mounted ro?21:27
Bashing-omRichard_Cavell: Smo yes of and only if sda2 is the root filke sustem .21:27
jimb_Is there a /dev/sda3 that is no longer functioning?21:28
lordcirth_worksda3 seems to be swap21:28
Richard_Cavelljimb_: Yeah, sda3 is swap21:28
lordcirth_worksmartctl -a /dev/sda ?21:28
JTechI managed to install encrypted Xubuntu onto an SSD, but when I switched motherboards it won't boot. No error message at all. it just hangs.21:30
JTechshould I just reinstall?21:30
Richard_CavellBashing-om: lordcirth_work jimb_ I'm going to reboot and try that.  Be back soon.21:30
lordcirth_workJTech, reinstall is probably simplest21:31
JTechoh.... crap. I should have paid attention to how it was laid out by default.21:36
JTechoh no oh no .... I was on such a roll.21:37
UbAhalkisg, security patch for 14.04 does not seem to fix the kpi variant.  Is there a ubuntu channel which more specifically relates to this21:39
JTechdo I make a primary and then put all the logical ones inside it? or do I just... well I can see the old one is really simple. it's just one after the other.21:39
akikJTech: a primary partition can not include logical partitions. they're inside an extended partition21:40
Ben64JTech: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition/ExtendedPartition21:41
JTech.... is there somewhere I can just copy the settings from so I don't have to spend a few hours learning about the intricacies of stuff I don't need for this?21:41
lordcirth_workJTech, what settings?  Are you dual booting?21:42
Ben64UbAh: what kernel do you have and how did you test that it does not fix it21:42
JTechthe partitions for Xubuntu. and I'nm guessing also boot ....21:42
daxBen64: already answered the second one, they used https://github.com/speed47/spectre-meltdown-checker . i was about to ask the first question too21:43
daxmy guess would be they're on 4.1021:43
JTechthe default that would go on a blank , primary drive....21:43
akikJTech: if you have the old and the new disk connected simultaneously, you can use sfdisk to copy the partition table21:43
dax(or was that a 16.04 thing, i can't keep track of HWE in my head >.>)21:43
Ben64dax: ah i didn't scroll high enough to see that21:44
UbAhused the test from https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/check-linux-server-for-spectre-meltdown-vulnerability/21:44
JTechakik, no, I deleted it. or at least.... the one I had installed on the SSD with the other motherboard. there's also the broken Xubuntu installation.21:44
UbAhBen64, ^21:44
UbAhBen64, 4.4.0-109-generic21:44
akikJTech: what is the problem you have creating the partition table?21:45
daxUbAh: 32bit or 64bit?21:45
lordcirth_workThe Ubuntu installer is nearly automatic if you aren't dualbooting or anything like that.  Just Auto + encrypt?21:45
JTechoh wait.... ok... there's the old Debian{working}+Xubuntu{broken} on the same drive... this shows an example that looks similar to what I Deleted from the SSD... and it's just a mirror of what the partition menu for the installer shows.21:45
JTechakik, I don't know what to do.21:46
ubuntu-mateHello everyone, I'm back with my problem https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=238261221:46
ubuntu-matesudo fsck /dev/sda2 reports "clean"21:46
ubuntu-mateI am presently running a Live DVD of Ubuntu21:46
lordcirth_workubuntu-mate, and what does 'smartctl -a /dev/sda' show?21:47
daxUbAh: so 32-bit. as far as i know there are no meltdown patches either in the upstream kernel community or in Ubuntu for 32-bit linux yet21:47
akikJTech: have you tried using the xubuntu automatic installation wizard?21:47
JTechwhat partitions do I add and in what order? and what size. and what are they designated?21:47
JTechakik,  I can't. that's only available on the other motherboard.21:47
JTechwhen I don't have an existing OS on one of the HD's I'm booting the installer ISO from21:48
Ben64ubuntu-mate: pastebin the output of "sudo blkid"21:48
JTechit takes me like an hour to disassemble the whole computer to swap motherboards.21:48
lordcirth_workJTech, there is a button to overwrite everything and autoinstall.21:48
UbAhdax, I am looking for a good source on the plans for patching or if I need to port code t work with 64bit kernel21:48
ubuntu-matelordcirth_work, https://ideone.com/IZm5Vd21:48
JTechI have to take apart the CPU heatsink. it's not the factory default one. it's a big honking beSAT21:48
ubuntu-mateBen64, https://ideone.com/SF1wGZ21:49
JTechlordcirth_work, I already explained that's not available to me.21:49
akikJTech: if it's not a requirement, i would skip the encryption at this time if you're a new user. it just complicates things too much21:49
JTechakik, I'm ready to skip encryption. I still don't know how to set up the partitions.21:50
Ben64ubuntu-mate: how much ram do you have21:50
akikJTech: basically you only need one root file system21:50
lordcirth_workubuntu-mate, seems fine, yet swap wouldn't mount... try disabling swap in the /etc/fstab on the hard drive?21:50
akikJTech: ubuntu creates a swap file nowadays, not a swap partition21:50
ubuntu-mateBen64, 3 Gigs.  That's as much as this computer will take21:50
ubuntu-matelordcirth_work, I don't know how to do that21:51
Ben64ubuntu-mate: eh thats fine, i'd say disable swap like lordcirth_work said21:51
Ben64then once you're in you can re-make swap21:51
lordcirth_workubuntu-mate, do you have the hard drive mounted in your live cd?21:51
JTechomg when I went back it undid me erasing the SSD partition so I can see how it was set up!21:51
ubuntu-matelordcirth_work, Right now it's unmounted21:52
daxUbAh: As far as I know there's just back and forth about it on LKML but no definite work done. I was reading about it yesterday but can't find the thread again now that I go looking for it. #ubuntu-hardened might have more info, but I note it's a smaller channel so you might need to wait around for a response.21:52
lordcirth_workubuntu-mate, ok, so mount it read-write, then edit /<mount>/etc/fstab21:52
lordcirth_workThere will be a line like this, comment it out: UUID=8c7dc8d6-75c3-4e5a-9958-3303dfc2a428 none swap    sw   0  021:53
UbAhused to waiting when talking to dev irc dax.  Thanks21:53
ubuntu-matelordcirth_work, Okay done21:54
ubuntu-matelordcirth_work, Shall I reboot?21:54
lordcirth_workubuntu-mate, yes, let's try it21:54
JTechthis is really strange... oh, maybe it's because of encryption. it has /dev/sda, then "free space" 1MB. then /dev/sda1 fat32 536MB, then /dev/sda2 ext2 511MB, then /dev/sda3 [blank file type] 118984MB. then "free space" again, 0MB.21:54
* ubuntu-mate is rebooting. Be right back.21:54
lordcirth_workJTech, fat32 536MB is probably a UEFI partition, and ext2 511MB a /boot partition21:55
JTechso I should just make my SSD 1 ext4 primary partition?21:55
lordcirth_workJTech, if the motherboard is UEFI you will need that fat32 partition I think21:56
JTechhow do I make a boot partition? right now the one with the boot partition needs to move aside for the new guy in town.21:56
JTechthe UEFI motherboard that was involved in installing is not the one I'm using now. maybe that's why it won't boot on the other motherboard too.21:57
JTechdo I just make one ext4 primary partition ... mount point / ?21:58
JTechwill that give me a boot on there as well?21:58
akikJTech: you need to know if you boot in uefi mode or not. if not, then you only need the one partition for root file system21:59
JTechsurely.... surely since it's installing... oh no but how would it know that I want to do that when I'm currently booting from a different boot partition?21:59
JTechgrrrr. nope. it wants a swap partition. I don't MIND that it's formatting an existing swap partition, but I think it might spaz out if I disconnect the drive that it's on later. so I better explicitly give it one.22:02
Ben64you could ignore it22:03
JTechyeah well I wasn't the one who decided to format it.22:03
JTechbut it included it when it saw one in existence.22:03
akikJTech: ubuntu initializes the swap partition if it finds one22:04
JTech...... well now it wants for format both the one I created AND the existing one.22:06
JTech.... I don't know what that means.22:06
JTechdo I need to leave room for the boot loader? how much? 64MB?22:08
JTechit's gotta be real small22:08
akikJTech: if you define the partition manually, make it start at sector 204822:09
akikJTech: but i'd think the installer doesn't ask for sector numbers22:09
gambl0remy computer keeps losing its wifi connection. it never happens when im in windows. only in ubuntu22:12
bray90820Where would be a good place to get help with the ubuntu windows 10 app?22:19
JTechthanks. it booted.22:20
Richard_CavellHello. I'm back with my problem here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2382612 I have commented out /dev/sda3 (swap) in my /etc/fstab and it has worked to disable stop but it still doesn't boot.22:21
Richard_Cavelllordcirth_work: Bashing-om Hi, I'm back.22:33
Bashing-omRichard_Cavell: Were me in your shoes, I would - from the liveUSB- ': sudo e2fsck -C0 -p -f -v /dev/sda2 ' Any errors then follow up with ' sudo e2fsck -f -y -v /dev/sda2 '.22:37
Richard_CavellIf fsck was "clean" from a root login then do you think e2fsck will find anything?22:38
=== rs86 is now known as rs1986
Bashing-omRichard_Cavell: You gave it fsck no target, and I do not know the environment that you ran fsck in .. nor if sda2 was mounted when ran . ( that will really hose up the file system !)22:39
Richard_CavellBashing-om: I'll give it a go but I'm not confident this will work22:39
Bashing-omRichard_Cavell: Failing the file system check, then next is to re-install the boot code .22:40
Richard_CavellBashing-om: I think I might have to do the latter22:41
Richard_CavellBut I'll reboot and give that thing a go, okay?22:41
Bashing-omripazha: I can not proceed in my thought processes else there is a passed file system check .22:43
lwizardlis there any way to setup a discord like server on own hardware ?23:24
RichardCavellHello Bashing-om23:26
RichardCavellIt's me with the Ubuntu-won't-boot problem. I'm really sorry that I have lost those commands you gave me. May I ask you to repost them from the scrollback?23:26
* RichardCavell was previously known as ubuntu-mate23:29
Bashing-omripazha: sure :) ' sudo e2fsck -C0 -p -f -v /dev/sda2 ' Any errors then follow up with ' sudo e2fsck -f -y -v /dev/sda2 '.23:29
Bashing-omRichardCavell: ^^ sitty ripazha for my bad hilights :(23:30
RichardCavellBashing-om: https://ideone.com/oVEtz323:31
Bashing-omRichardCavell: look'n .23:31
Bashing-omRichardCavell: No errors - reboot and let's see what is .23:33
RichardCavellBashing-om: It won't boot.23:33
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Yuk. from the liveUSB .. show me ' sudo fdisk -lu ' So I am sure of the target to re-install the boot code .23:35
Bashing-omRichardCavell: ^ in a pastebin, please .23:35
luxioHow do I check whether I'm running X right now or Wayland?23:36
luxioI don't feel like logging out23:36
RichardCavellBashing-om: https://ideone.com/P2Zg1Z23:37
Bashing-omluxio: ' echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE ' .23:37
luxiothanks Bashing-om23:37
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RichardCavellBashing-om: I'm keen to reinstall boot code if you think that will help. I am presently booted into a Debian live DVD (my Ubuntu live DVD stopped working, and I also have an external hard disk with OS X)23:47
JakethepythonHello room i am having trouble seeting up my samba server23:55
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Try - from the liveUSB; ' sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/ ; sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt ; sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sda ' . UNmount what we mounted: ' sudo umount /mnt/boot /mnt ' . Reboot into the install .23:56
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Be aware that I have no knowledge of how OSX boots .. maybe not too grub friendly ??23:57

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