miscible21Hi all. I have a technical question that I'm hoping someone can help with...00:36
miscible21I installed kxstudio repositories and I had some broken packages. Namely Ardour, Lmms and jack-FFADO. I eventually disabled all kxstudio repositories but I'm still having issues running LMMS and Ardour. they won't open but they have both been completely removed and installed again. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?00:39
krytarikmiscible21: Get any error messages when you run "ardour" from a terminal?00:43
miscible21Will try that and get back to you immediately00:46
miscible21Realised I unistalled Ardour. tried starting lmms from the terminal and got this error...00:48
miscible21VST sync support disabled in your configuration *** Error in `lmms': free(): invalid pointer: 0x00007ffe28293c16 *** Aborted (core dumped)00:48
krytarikPlease pastebin the result of "apt-cache policy lmms"00:51
krytarikHow about Ardour on both?01:01
miscible21Completely removed all Ardour packages and reinstalled them. No luck.01:07
krytarikPlease pastebin the result of "dpkg -l | grep 'kxstudio'"01:17
krytarikHahaha - have fun! :P01:21
miscible21I can't see any ardour packages in the grep list.01:25
miscible21I'm a first time Ubuntu studio user. Should I just do a fresh install? I realise my mistake was installing kxstudio meta packages which may have conflicted with Ubuntu studio packages. I really just wanted a select few packages from kxstudio that unbuntu studio does not ship with so if I do a fresh install I would just install those.01:30
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Guest65044Hi. First time here! I have a small issue with an ubuntustudio installation audio (HDA_Intel). JACK and ALSA seem to work. Applications like Audacity and others work fine, but no browser audio sound. Sound control VU display shows action but sound control icon is on mute, its output device is default and only S/PDIFF port is available. Audio output (speakers) are on analog. Any suggestion?02:50
akhuis this a good place to get some help with ubuntustudio audio setup?03:02
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