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knomeslickymasterWork, do you think you'd like a documentation sprint for 18.04 at some point?12:11
slickymasterWorkyes, I think that's a good idea12:22
slickymasterWorkthe rest of January will be somewhat frantic for me12:23
knomeok, then let's schedule it for february12:23
slickymasterWorkbut we can schedule it to the beginning of February12:23
slickymasterWorkthere's still the installer also, which is in a pre-draft state12:25
knomei just thought i need to work on that before the sprint12:25
knomeso we'd have a better basis12:25
slickymasterWorkyou still have that pad we worked on a couple of months ago?12:26
knomeiirc i have it all in a new branch with new visuals12:26
knomeit might also be in launchpad, or if not, i'll have it at least locally12:26
slickymasterWorkright, you did mention that back then12:26
knomeand the pad should be online too...12:27
knomesounds right12:27
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knomeflocculant, were you able to break anything?19:48
ochosiknome: did you give my POC a shot?19:51
ochosii'd rather take the decision wrt gtk-theme-config soonish19:51
ochosidon't want to run into a last-minute hackathon situation19:52
knomeochosi, realistically i'll have time for that later this week19:56
flocculantknome: well - it let me add something - wouldn't let me add things I shouldn't19:56
flocculantcouldn't vote - didn't even see how19:56
flocculanthi ochosi :)19:56
knomeflocculant, voting is broken for some reason, but you'll find it in the usual admin under contests - hover over the contest you want to vote in and the vote action will show up19:57
knomeflocculant, there's also this annoying bug that wp wants to show me (at least me) my "own" contests when loading that page, eg. not all contests registered by anyone19:58
knomewhich is likely not a problem for anybody who hasn't registered any contests though..19:58
flocculantmmm - seems the only way to login is login to submit19:58
knomeor go to url/wp-admin/19:59
flocculantif when logged in I try to Vew Submissions from the menu - nothing there19:59
knomethis is semi-intentionally not very visible :)19:59
flocculantif I got to contest - I see the 2 submissions20:00
knomethen i might know what's happening and it should be trivialish20:00
knomebut i'll have time later to look at it20:00
flocculanthovering over things does nothing for me 20:00
flocculantokey doke20:00
knomenot hovering in the site20:00
knomebut in the admin20:00
knomeeg. in domain/wp-admin/20:00
knomeand then contests from there20:01
flocculantaah ok20:01
knomehovering over the table rows gives those action links -- voting is there20:01
knome(yes i know i need to write instructions for this)20:01
knomegood thing is that we can have a direct link to the voting page too20:02
knomewhich also makes you log in if not logged in20:02
knomeso it's a non-problem20:02
flocculantok - no idea how to get to somewhere to not be able to vote :p20:03
flocculantI'll wait till you've looked later and look again20:03
knomei'm again on my phone so can't dig up the link20:04
flocculantyup - ok - later :)20:04
knomebut yes, even if you got there, it'd show a blank page, so fun20:04
knomecould take some time tomorrow to hack on it20:04
knomeunless i decide to sit in the sauna all evening :P20:05

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