jelmergour: hi08:01
jelmergour: what version of breezy/bzr-git are you using?08:01
gourjelmer: morning. i've installed breezy via pip (no fedora package yet) and pulled bzr-git from the trunk08:02
jelmergour: please use breezy from trunk if you're using brz-git from trunk as well08:02
gourjelmer: can i install trunk via pip?08:03
gour(i know i can for git repos=08:03
jelmergour: possibly, I don't have much experience with pip08:03
gourlet me try...08:04
jelmergour: supposedly "pip install bzr+lp:brz"08:04
jelmerbut I haven't tried08:04
gourjelmer: ok, installed. now i'll try again with -Derror08:19
gourjelmer: same thing happened - see https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/3FKeHUdvZW6bTX6H6PVC2A08:32
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