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jimtendoNot sure if this is a Kubuntu issue or I'm doing something wrong (copying from other CMakeLists that I've seen). When trying to build a KDE plugin, I'm using ${PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR} as the location to install the library to. On Kubuntu, this maps to: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/plugins/ where as I think it should be /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/, lest it won't be found otherwise. Anyone know anything about this or has noticed similar behaviour?01:49
shanemikelI've tried a few slightly different examples of using 'expect' from StackExchange to automate my ssh login, but no dice06:31
shanemikelI'm trying to use it simply to enter my password and hand the shell back to me for manual use06:31
shanemikelstupid admins at my school don't allow ssh keys06:32
shanemikelI'm testing it on my local Kubuntu install (local openssh server) until the script works.. I've got as far as a successful login, but as soon as the login succeeds the script terminates06:33
lordievaderGood morning07:04
batteronizerGood morning07:04
batteronizerI removed an account from KMail, but it's folder is still visible and the Delete option is disabled (greyed out)07:05
batteronizerHow can I remove the folder from KMail?07:05
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BluesKajHi folks10:43
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DanaKil#j symfony-fr13:00
DanaKil(oups, sorry)13:00
clayornhowdy fellow kubuntu lovers13:49
BluesKajhi clayorn13:51
clayornhi blues13:55
clayornwhat kubuntu are you running?13:55
BluesKajArtful and I;m testing Bionic 18,0413:58
BluesKajdual boot13:59
clayornbrave dual booter14:03
clayorn14.04 is  me14:04
clayornall kde for me14:04
clayorngot rid of xp14:04
BluesKajnot brave, been doing this type thing for many yrs , always have a fallback OS, and Artful is it14:09
BluesKajNorthern Ontario Canada, how bout you?14:20
clayornsouth carolina14:21
BluesKajnew to kubuntu/linux ?14:22
clayorn6 years user14:22
clayornbig fan of  linux14:23
BluesKajgood :-)14:23
clayornahhthe sweet flavours of disrtos14:23
clayornplaying on a netbook that was running xp14:24
BluesKajyeah, tried quite a few, but I always come back to kubuntu as my main OS14:25
clayorni  love your thinking14:26
BluesKajnetbook must be fairly old14:26
clayornshe is old14:26
clayornbut runs14:26
* BluesKaj nods14:26
clayornwhat pc do you have ?14:27
BluesKajthis HP desktop pc is 9 yrs old , has a few improvements and still runs fine14:28
clayornlove hp solid hardware14:28
clayorni have a hp desktop pavilian 3 years old14:29
clayornrunning 1014:29
BluesKajyup, quite linux friendly in terms of HW drivers etc14:29
BluesKajalso using a Lenovo G500 laptop which is linux friendly too ..more so than the pc in some ways14:32
clayornthink pads are nice14:34
clayorn10 is very nice for microsoft14:34
BluesKajW7 was my fav14:35
clayornas is mine14:35
clayornstill is14:35
clayornmale or female?14:35
clayornim a dude14:35
BluesKajWife still runs it...her pc is the same as mine14:36
BluesKajas mopposed to dudette ? :-)14:37
BluesKajopposed  rather14:37
clayornim a male14:38
BluesKajyeah, kinda figured14:38
clayorndo you like rush?14:42
BluesKajsome of their later stuff yeah, but the earlier albums not so much, couldn't handle Geddy Lee's voice until he dropped it a couple of octaves14:44
clayorni get that answer from lots of people14:45
clayornim an old rush fan14:45
clayornim 5014:45
BluesKajI'm older by quite a few yrs, retired etc14:47
clayornim working14:47
clayornlocal collage14:47
clayornroll the bones14:47
clayornwhy are we here cos we are here roll the bones14:48
clayornsaw them in 0814:54
clayornloved that show14:54
BluesKajnever seen them live except on TV14:58
BluesKajseen quite few bands from the 60's & 70's, then we had kids, so that kind of kept us busy15:08
BluesKajok, gonna boot into bionic ...see you on the other side15:10
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DarinMiller_acheronuk: plasma 5.95 and fw 5.42 is running fineon my work laptop (seems to boot faster than similar config with Neon, but need to directly compare Neon to Kubuntu on my laptop at home.)16:14
acheronukDarinMiller_: cool.16:15
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