lubot<Jacob Kim> @VikingRedwolf i heard from @tsimonq2 that you were in charge of the design and aesthetics00:36
lubot<Schyken> @VikingRedwolf, Hwat00:46
lubot<VikingRedwolf> (Photo, 16x16) https://i.imgur.com/xBSTrQc.jpg this is a glyph01:20
lubot<Schyken> Yeah01:20
lubot<Schyken> And like01:20
lubot<Schyken> Ew01:20
lubot<Schyken> :301:20
lubot<VikingRedwolf> O.o01:20
lubot<VikingRedwolf> elaborate01:20
lubot<Schyken> I'm not a fan, ignore me :p01:20
lubot<VikingRedwolf> why? I like to hear all opinions. I insist01:21
lubot<Schyken> The solution is a complete icon set, but of course, people don't make those nowadays :)01:21
lubot<Schyken> Or use them, rather.01:21
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Papirus is complete01:21
lubot<Schyken> @VikingRedwolf, One of the few.01:21
lubot<VikingRedwolf> also Box has a wide support for many needs01:22
lubot<VikingRedwolf> and we need icons though 😐01:23
lubot<Schyken> (Sticker, 512x399) http://vps.tsimonq2.net:8080//file_348501:24
lubot<Schyken> You do you man. :)01:24
lubot<VikingRedwolf> but we're supposed to need sex too, and here I am, like a forbiden meteorite    o____o01:24
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf I'm pretty much done...02:17
lubot<tsimonq2> (with the program)02:17
lubot<VikingRedwolf> O.O02:17
lubot<tsimonq2> Well, still have tiny things to do02:17
lubot<tsimonq2> Wanna see a prototype?02:17
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Yer!02:17
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Screenshot!02:17
lubot<tsimonq2> (Document) http://vps.tsimonq2.net:8080//file_3487.png02:18
lubot<tsimonq2> Not 100% done yet02:18
lubot<tsimonq2> But pretty close02:18
lubot<tsimonq2> Thoughts? Suggestions?02:18
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Yes, the glyphs 😊02:19
lubot<VikingRedwolf> But it looks awesome!02:19
lubot<tsimonq2> Yeah, I still need to figure those out02:19
lubot<tsimonq2> Any suggestions are welcome, man02:19
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf And the best part? All of the logic is in Python πŸ˜‰02:19
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Not much. It looks like my mockup.02:19
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @tsimonq2, ❀️02:20
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Maybe adding a bit of padding to that window.02:20
lubot<VikingRedwolf> The icons and logo are too close to the border. But nice anyway.02:21
lubot<tsimonq2> Right02:21
lubot<VikingRedwolf> 😍02:21
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf Let me finish up the logic for the specs and I'll do some tweaking on those02:21
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Of course.02:22
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf So the hard drive is a bit tricky, I think.02:29
lubot<tsimonq2> Someone could have more than one hard drive02:29
lubot<tsimonq2> They could even have /home on a different directory02:30
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Yes, that's what agaida explained to me.02:30
lubot<tsimonq2> Should I just search for the mounted top-level directories and display those?02:30
lubot<VikingRedwolf> About what free space really is.02:30
lubot<tsimonq2> (`/`, `/home`, etc.?)02:30
lubot<VikingRedwolf> We could miss that one.02:30
lubot<tsimonq2> I can replace it with "hostname" if that's OK with you?02:31
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Or maybe we could use the whole disk percentage.02:31
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Hostname sounds great.02:31
lubot<tsimonq2> But what if someone has multiple disks? :/02:31
lubot<tsimonq2> Alright02:31
lubot<tsimonq2> I'll replace hard drive space with hostname02:31
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @tsimonq2, :)02:31
lubot<tsimonq2> Because like I said, hard drive space is tricky02:31
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Hostname it is.02:31
lubot<tsimonq2> Cool cool02:31
lubot<VikingRedwolf> And my phone number 😐02:32
lubot<tsimonq2> .___.02:40
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf What icon should be used for the hostname?03:08
lubotdawz0r was added by: dawz0r08:48
lubot<dawz0r> jjjmm08:58
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @dawz0r, o/09:41
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @tsimonq2, damn, let me search for one09:41
lubot<dawz0r> Hello. I am an long time user of xubuntu. I decided to give lubuntu a try. The installation intro was only partial translated to swedish. Is this something I can help with?09:44
lubot<VikingRedwolf> the installation itself is part of the Ubiquity project, same as Xubuntu's09:46
lubot<VikingRedwolf> have you joined the LoCo Team?09:47
lubot<VikingRedwolf> http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-se/09:47
lubot<dawz0r> Ok. No. I have never contributed to anything. Must start somewhere:)09:47
lubot<VikingRedwolf> there's information there about where and what to join in :)09:47
lubot<dawz0r> Great thanx!09:48
lubot<VikingRedwolf> you're welcome09:48
lubot<VikingRedwolf> how's the beautiful Sweden this morning?09:48
lubot<dawz0r> Lots of snow today. I live in the south so we have not had mutch snow this winter. But today we got 10 cm09:49
lubot<dawz0r> Where you from?09:49
lubot<Jacob Kim> @dawz0r hi :D09:50
lubot<dawz0r> @Jacob Kim, Hello. Glad to join the group.09:51
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @dawz0r, 😍09:51
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @dawz0r, I'm in the sunny Spain for now πŸ™‚09:51
lubot<Jacob Kim> i just joined recent;y also, and i want to contribute to the art/aesthetics of lubuntu if i can09:51
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @Jacob Kim, o/09:52
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @Jacob Kim, Then we might be in touch, Jacob. I'm the artwork guy.09:52
lubot<Jacob Kim> @VikingRedwolf yeah i heard from @tsimonq2 that you are in charge of the artworks09:53
lubot<Jacob Kim> i read through the chat and saw some of your window designs, and i think i like it :D09:53
lubot<dawz0r> @VikingRedwolf, Nice. that is where I dream om going this time of year:)09:53
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @Jacob Kim, Thanks09:54
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @dawz0r, Yayyy09:54
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Well, I might visit a friend in Gâteborg next year. I'm snow-friendly 😁09:55
lubot<dawz0r> Time to get some dinner done for my doughter. I am on parental leave. See you around!09:55
lubot<VikingRedwolf> Bon apetit09:56
lubot<VikingRedwolf> SIMON!!19:18
gilirredwolf: I'm here if you want :-)19:55
lubot<VikingRedwolf> oh nice :D19:55
lubot<VikingRedwolf> well, I have a couple questions19:55
lubot<VikingRedwolf> we create an artwork  package every release, so they're different ones, right? I mean, if I remove all that "useless" stuff in the latest one (bionic), previous releases won't be affected, will they?19:56
lubot<VikingRedwolf> my idea is to remove the "lubuntu" compatibility folder, the "box1, box2, box9..." folders, all the community wallpapers, and former release wallies. is it possible? artwork is too huge now19:57
gilirno, it's only here for people who want to recreate the old themes on new release19:58
lubot<VikingRedwolf> they should download it. also, artwork is supposed to be more compatible with newer apps also, if they access to older themes, it might look awful19:58
lubot<VikingRedwolf> keeping only latest version. I think that's neat19:58
gilirI'm ok to remove theme directory, but you don't want to keep the wallpapers ? I think it's still nice :-)19:59
lubot<VikingRedwolf> maybe the official ones, but we have many community ones19:59
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @gilir> diretory=, I meant that icon folder with nothing inside19:59
lubot<VikingRedwolf> so, my idea was to keep Box, Arc and Papirus19:59
lubot<VikingRedwolf> have you tried it?20:00
gilirthe lubuntu directory is for compatibility reason, I don't remember when we change to Lubuntu :-/20:00
lubot<VikingRedwolf> we can get rid of it20:00
gilironly if the Lubuntu directory is in 16.04, we need to keep such compatibility stuff for 1 LTS20:02
lubot<VikingRedwolf> ah20:02
gilirand no, I didn't test yet the links you send me :-/20:02
lubot<VikingRedwolf> but no longer after that20:02
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @gilir, I forgot his one, in case you use Openbox: https://github.com/dglava/arc-openbox20:02

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