hans__does lubuntu live come with openssh server?05:36
krytarikNo, but you can install it there.05:37
hans__k, thanks05:39
hans__krytarik, can confirm, doesn't come but no problem to install post-boot05:52
prince-charmantHello I need a linux specialist to tell me with a command list to on the harddisk using live-usb:16:06
prince-charmantHow to create - a root "/" primary partition of 43 GB - a home "/home" secondary partition of 10 GB - a swap "/swap" secondary partition of 4GB  - and finally format all those in the correct format (mkfs or mkswap I don't know)16:06
prince-charmantWe may go in private16:07
leszekprince-charmant: only on the command line? So no gparted to do this?16:14
prince-charmantleszek I did not know If I have gparted on the lubuntu-live-usb16:15
leszekyou can always install it. But it should be there16:15
prince-charmantIf I install it, he take all the disk in one partition and the swap is not a partition, just a file.16:16
prince-charmantI have tried gparterd now, It says that I cannot reduee the root partition when monunted - SO I unmount it, and after it did not permit me to touch on it16:17
prince-charmantnot If I install it   - but If I install lubuntu on the hd16:18
leszekif you want to reinstall you can just remove all partitions16:19
leszekand create as new16:19
prince-charmantYes, but how to create a root "/" primary partition of 43 GB - a home "/home" secondary partition of 10 GB - a swap "/swap" secondary partition of 4GB  - and finally format all those in the correct format (mkfs or mkswap I don't know)16:20
prince-charmantI am lost in all those commands that exist in linux16:21
prince-charmantgparted is able to create partition and format them in the correct format ?16:22
prince-charmantleszek, OK, I have gparted with the live-usb16:28
leszekprince-charmant: exactly16:28
prince-charmantcould you help mu using it ?16:28
leszekyou can choose which filesystem to use and gparted formats it then when clickin on apply16:28
leszekprince-charmant: if you have questions just ask. If you need a general overview you can try to look for videos on gparted on youtube16:30
prince-charmantOK, the root must be formatted as ext4 , the home as fat32 and the swap as linux-swap  ? Is that correct ?16:34
prince-charmantleszek, ok the root is shrinked as ext4 .... now I will create the /home ... must it be an ext4 or a fat32 ?16:41
leszekfat32 won't work16:42
prince-charmantleszek, thanks, should I label it "home" ?16:48
leszekprince-charmant: I would recommend it then it is easier to find later on even when booting other live systems and so on16:52
prince-charmantok, so the next one I will label it swap and format it as linux-swap16:54
prince-charmantleszek, now gparted tell me about operations pending .. how to execute them ?16:57
leszekclick the apply button16:57
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prince-charmantleszek, now I have my 3 partitions formatted - I will try an instalaltion of lubuntu17:10
leszekdon't forget to select manual partitioning and choosing the partitions as / /home and swap17:10
prince-charmantleszek, too late :-)17:21
leszekhmm... xD17:21
prince-charmantshould I cancel it ?17:21
leszeklet it run and see if it did everything correctly otherwise you know how to reinstall now :)17:22
prince-charmantyes, many thanks17:22
leszeknp :)17:22
JohnDoe_71Russome times you don't need swap partition. you can use swap file17:31
prince-charmantyes, but I,prefer a partition in case of hibernation17:36
prince-charmantleszek, instalaltion finished, I have runned gparted using the live-usb and the two partitions home and swap did not have a mount-point17:37
leszekso it did not use them :P17:37
prince-charmantlooks like this effectively - so I do it again from the beginning17:40
JohnDoe_71RusWhat is the advantage of a swap partition in front of a file for hibernation?17:42
JohnDoe_71Rusfor some time now the system does not reboot and does not turn off. Hangs after message will now halt.17:48
JohnDoe_71Rusbut suspend or hibernate do correct power off17:49
leszekJohnDoe_71Rus: in live mode or installed? Might be syncing to disk stuff17:49
JohnDoe_71Rusinstalled, 14.04.517:49
leszekif it does not shutdown try the magic sysreq keys and see if it was just a coincident or it happens all the time17:50
JohnDoe_71Rushttp://i.imgur.com/b3nOece.jpg before "will now halt" all unmount17:51
leszekJohnDoe_71Rus: could be also an acpi issue. Hard to tell though.17:55
JohnDoe_71RusI do not know exactly when it started. But 12.04 worked correctly17:57
JohnDoe_71Rusand think 14.04 too17:57
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prince-charmantleszek, many thanks YEAH ALL partitions I created are used "/" "home" and [swap]18:32
leszeknice :)18:34
prince-charmantI have another problem I cannot install my wifi-card , the system ask me the name "news.XXXXXX"    could you tell me what must be XXXXX ?19:20
prince-charmantis it normal that leafpad ask for a news server ?20:07
ruby32hi, how can I get involved, I want to contribute to Lubuntu21:07
zleapi guess start by subscribing to the developer list21:10
ruby32where's that? i found the phabricator21:18
ruby32by the way: the skippy-xd program install instructions on the main page doesn't work21:18
ruby32E: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/landronimirc/skippy-xd-daily/ubuntu artful Release' does not have a Release file.21:18
ruby32looks like it broke in 17.1021:18
wxlruby32: lists.ubuntu.com/lubuntu-devel. see also #lubuntu-devel here21:22
wxlruby32: re: any ppa, see the ppa developer for support. ppas are, in general, unsupported.21:23
ruby32i understand that -- just letting you know since the instructions are right on the main page of lubuntu.me and they are not working21:23
ruby32i'll forward the message to #lubuntu-devel21:24
ruby32i ended up building it from source21:28

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