tgBot3<dohbee> No it should work indeed00:00
tgBot3<dohbee> Not what that's for I guess00:11
tgBot3<ch> what's the slash for? are there irc-like commands?00:20
tgBot3<dohbee> Not really00:24
tgBot3<chhahn> how can i hide my telefon number in the contact details?00:27
tgBot3<dohbee> Of what?00:28
tgBot3<dohbee> I don't see your number00:28
tgBot3<chhahn> ok, thx00:29
tgBot3<gab11010> do you know if it is possible to install clickable in debian? I´m trying to add the ppa without much luck :(03:21
tgBot3<lastdon82> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwhH_Xbup0U04:07
tgBot3<lastdon82> i would love to have UBtouc on it :)04:08
tgBot3<XavierXX> shame they didn't make it a native linux04:24
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> ❤️04:24
tgBot3<Schyken> @lastdon82, Nice!05:40
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @XavierXX, not sure what you mea. itr boots to debian.05:48
tgBot3<XavierXX> https://youtu.be/OwhH_Xbup0U?t=1m19s that  log is the logo of JuiceSSH https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonelli.juicessh&hl=en05:51
tgBot3<XavierXX> @KrisJacewicz, https://youtu.be/OwhH_Xbup0U?t=1m19s that  log is the logo of JuiceSSH https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonelli.juicessh&hl=en05:52
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> so in other words the device does not bootinto linux? It's linux atop android?05:52
tgBot3<XavierXX> yes05:53
tgBot3<XavierXX> they are just running it in  chroot05:53
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> I see, they falsely claim it is dual boot05:53
tgBot3<XavierXX> unfortunately yes as it would beann awsome phone if it could run linux natively05:55
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> well, I tell you what, looks like that entire device is just a combo of a smartphone with a keyboard assembled into a clam design. … Probably the hardware platform is not easily supported by Linux due to close source drivers etc. … However, it has been pitched here few times already, that raspberry pi woul dbe amazing platform to port to. And with it, you get PDA/UMPC setups as well, among plethora of other configurations05:56
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-fPb5VF1P405:56
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> pure native linux05:56
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yGAGzaefbY05:56
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> and so on05:57
tgBot3<XavierXX> https://hackaday.io/project/19035-zerophone-a-raspberry-pi-smartphone/log/51839-project-description-and-frequently-asked-questions05:57
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> it already is good with Ubutu Mate, or debian on it, but having UT on it would open up an ocean of possibilities.05:57
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> on the other hand, if that PDA there just uses chroot-like approach, I am not excited, since that exact same approach is going to be far more interesting in a convergence scenario like Samsung has demonstrated: … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC0yVtu7NYw&t=2s06:00
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @XavierXX, ❤️06:02
tgBot3<XavierXX> i am so hoping the librem 5 will come out right that would be evenn better but the zerophone is also very intresting as it ennables you to run any linux os that's arm compatible and it's convergent in the sense that you can hook it up to a screen and you have a full06:03
tgBot3<XavierXX> and another thing i like about the zerophone setup is that you can mod the thing to your needs06:05
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @XavierXX, I guess many of us have high anticipation fr librem 5. Zerophone is th I was not aware of, interesting!06:05
tgBot3<XavierXX> @KrisJacewicz, i am currently looking where to source all the parts for the best price so i can build one from scratch myself06:08
tgBot3<XavierXX> this doesn't have anything to do with phones but this is such a handy and cute thing: https://n-o-d-e.net/nfckey.html06:10
tgBot3<samitormanen> @Michele, It is now in Support section in Ubports forum.06:30
tgBot3<gab11010> hi, I´m trying to learn how to make a screen recorder app.  … I´m looking into ubports sdk documentation and qtmir (https://github.com/ubports/qtmir) but I can´t find how to get a video feed of the screen. Any help would be appreciated.06:58
tgBot3Turning21 was added by: Turning2107:10
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> @gab11010, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ScreenRecording07:42
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> To follow up on yesterday's woes, I did an apt-get upgrade libertine on the rootfs, it picked up several new packages including libertine-lxc but it didn't fix the problem.08:16
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> This was on turbo.08:16
tgBot3<DanChapman> @TartanSpartan could you file a bug report please and i will take a look.08:18
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I will attempt that after work today yes, thanks.08:19
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I will pertain it more to the problem that GUI just doesn't work, rather than specifically to upgrading libertine.08:20
tgBot3<DanChapman> oh darn. That libertine-manager-app shouldn't have been installed on vivid at that version number. That will be the reason it doesn't work.08:31
tgBot3<DanChapman> I need to figure out how that happened...08:34
tgBot3Michael Liu was added by: Michael Liu09:04
tgBot3<Michael Liu> Hello everyone 😁😁😁09:08
tgBot3<peternerlich> Hi Michael! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. Please look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get up to speed and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!09:10
tgBot3<Michael Liu> Thank you, and nice to see you 😀😀😀09:12
tgBot3<Stereofont> @chhahn, If you add someone by their telephone number, that person can see yours. Otherwise it does not appear09:20
tgBot3<Michael Liu> https://raspad.sunfounder.com/09:22
tgBot3<Michael Liu> Does anyone see this project ?09:23
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Turning21, Hello Ninja. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!09:25
tgBot3<petya230> @Michael Liu, https://raspad.sunfounder.com/?kid=KN1MG09:54
tgBot3<petya230> :o09:54
tgBot3<delijati> https://stats.ubports.com/ is down09:55
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> It's a 503, likely some change being made09:59
tgBot3<padraic7a> @DanChapman, Are the later versions of Libertine in the repos likely to be useful once we move to 16.04? … Unrelated question - if Ubuntu is moving to a snap based install will it require something like Libertine to run deb installed packages or is that a faulty analogy? Does the move back to Gnome mean Libertine is irrelevant on the desktop?10:27
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> @DanChapman let's be sure we're on the same page here. I updated libertine and other apps by making my system writable. So IDK if libertine-manager-app and other dependencies were installed on my turbo before updating but- I don't think so. Will check the terminal log.10:28
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Moreover, it didn't work before the upgrade, nor does it on my M10, and need to test but presumably not on my MX4 either.10:29
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Hmm not there in the log. How do you query in the terminal as to which apps have recently been updated; not click apps but packages in a writable system, much like how one might do it on a desktop installation?10:33
tgBot3<DanChapman> @TartanSpartan, libertine-manager-app is only supposed to be on xenial. But for some reason it ended up in the vivid archive (so i screwed something up somewhere). On vivid all you are supposed to have right now is the cli and libertine UI in system settings.10:41
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Woah there hold the phone. In system settings? Where is it within that?10:43
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> And is that why the "top hat" Libertine app just doesn't work? Or are we having miscommunication?10:48
tgBot3<DanChapman> It's as simple as that libertine-manager-app shouldn't be installed on vivid10:49
tgBot3<DanChapman> You should see a top hat in system settings though. Do you not?10:50
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I had no idea the Libertine GUI had been moved into system settings. Where exactly?10:51
tgBot3<DanChapman> What do you mean moved>10:51
tgBot3<DanChapman> ?10:51
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> (Photo, 1920x1080) https://irc.ubports.com/XdqlsteF/file_3823.jpg10:51
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Where would it be under that?10:51
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I think we're misunderstanding each other...10:52
tgBot3<DanChapman> apt install ubuntu-system-settings-libertine.10:52
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Ok will try that.10:52
tgBot3<DanChapman> I see the packaging issue now. Will fix it this afternoon10:52
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> (Photo, 1920x1080) https://irc.ubports.com/h1bNsVpD/file_3825.jpg10:53
tgBot3<DanChapman> You do have the ubports vivid repo added right? as it's definitely there http://repo.ubports.com/pool/vivid/main/libe/libertine/10:54
tgBot3<Stereofont> @padraic7a, It seems very unlikely that Libertine will have any future relevance. Back to 2016 is not going to interest developers?10:54
tgBot3<DanChapman> I think it will have relevance for us on xenial because of the use of newer qt libraries etc in the platform. Which will break compatability with the xenial archive in some situations. So users would be forced to use libertine to install desktop apps. Snaps are just too large for phones IMO and libertine seems the best compromise. I don't think we should let it die11:00
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> ^this very much11:02
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I'll check my repos later, just come off my lunch break so back to slaving away :)11:03
tgBot3<padraic7a> That's interesting, thanks Dan.11:03
tgBot3<olisax> @neothethird Hi Jan ! I'm quite noob with the github... Can you confirm that with my last commit on docs.ubports it is ok for DAV wiki?11:25
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> Hey guys, I have a question about Anbox(I know this isn't an Anbox group) - On the FAQ for it, it states "If your application depends on particular hardware functionality like WiFi, Bluetooth or telephony, we need additional work to bridge those over from the host system.". However, over on their forum, apparently some people seem to be getting connection(can link if need be). I feel I'm interpreting something wrong here :)11:48
tgBot3<Petr Mašek> Seumas, run it without dot at the end of command line.12:06
tgBot3<dohbee> @DanChapman, Snaps aren't too big generally, just there is no longer any impetus to build a snap based system for gui, so it's just not designed for it.12:09
tgBot3<dohbee> But at least with Wayland on top of Mir, libertine should be able to get more reliable and simpler12:10
tgBot3<mateosalta> @Mental Ataxia, I assumed it meant apps that need to controll the wifi, say like the apps for certain devices that use the wifi setup to connect.12:22
tgBot3<DanChapman> @dohbee, I dunno. I think they're fine if using base snap / platform snap (whatever they're called now) which helps reduce the size. But for a bundle everything in the snap app i feel they are too big for the limited storage of a phone. But i suppose that's just a personal preference on how my storage is used 😃12:26
tgBot3<unknown> @Mental Ataxia, As far as I know internet access is available. However wifi information (like connected network..) are not implemented yet12:31
tgBot3<lungwitz> @matv1, oh, the irony :P12:43
tgBot3<matv1> haha I didnt even consider the irony of that12:46
tgBot3<lungwitz> 😂12:47
tgBot3<matv1> I expect that @mariogrip has that running off his pinebook which he accidently switched off :D12:47
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @KrisJacewicz, that keyboard is slower than my 5 year old. lol.  I think I get that this is some kind of headless server kind of something for maybe a sysmin or someone?  haha.  painful to watch typing speed but it looks cool.12:49
tgBot3<lungwitz> @matv1, really? a server running on a notebook?12:50
tgBot3<neothethird> @olisax, yes, that was correct, but you could have just done it in one commit12:51
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @KrisJacewicz, now this one my 5 year old will like.  pretty blue lights makes everything better12:52
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @petya230, cool.12:54
tgBot3<neothethird> @neothethird, see what i did now, i added a commit to the same branch, that way the pull-request can be automatically tested as a whole12:55
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @Mental Ataxia, faq is a work in progress which is ...progressing!12:55
tgBot3<neothethird> @olisax, see my comments on https://github.com/ubports/docs.ubports.com/pull/7113:00
tgBot3<neothethird> @olisax you decide if you want to fix it yourself (because it'll help you learn the restructuredtext syntax), or if i fix it for you (probably quicker)13:02
tgBot3<neothethird> if you need help, let me know13:02
tgBot3<olisax> @neothethird Ok I accept the challenge, and i'll try to fix it myself. Thanks for the help !13:05
tgBot3<neothethird> cool, thanks for the contribution 👍13:05
tgBot3<vince1171> (Photo, 817x327) https://irc.ubports.com/LHzjtNQ0/file_3829.jpg stupid question … how to do this in CLI?13:06
tgBot3<neothethird> @olisax, be sure to select the same branch when editing your file, it's called "patch-2" on your fork of the repo13:06
tgBot3<olisax> @neothethird, Ok ! Apparently the error (Literal block expected; none found) is due to insufficient identation13:08
tgBot3<neothethird> exactly13:08
tgBot3<neothethird> the reason is that you used double colons `::` in the end of the line above13:08
tgBot3<neothethird> that means the lexer expects a code block13:09
tgBot3<neothethird> and not an inline codeblock (as started by the double backticks ``)13:09
tgBot3<neothethird> so remove the double backticks, indent the lines and you should be fine13:10
tgBot3<olisax> aah, that is the difference between codeblock and inline13:10
tgBot3<olisax> Or... I can remove one of the two :: and keep as an inline with double backticks??13:11
tgBot3<neothethird> you could, but since you have two commands that need to be executed in order, a codeblock is probably a better fit13:12
tgBot3<olisax> Initially I did with a code block (that is the reason of the ::) but then in the "preview" the two lines were displayed on the same line13:12
tgBot3<neothethird> @olisax, on github? that can happen. Github does not render rst correctly13:13
tgBot3<Mental Ataxia> @wayneoutthere Oh yeah, I don't doubt it's progressing! 👍13:13
tgBot3<neothethird> @neothethird, but on the website it'll look ok13:13
tgBot3<olisax> ok, now I have 3 commits in my branch.  How can I test if this is building?13:15
tgBot3<neothethird> go back to https://github.com/ubports/docs.ubports.com/pull/71, you'll see a yellow dot next to your commit13:16
tgBot3<neothethird> that means, tests are in progress13:16
tgBot3<neothethird> once it's done, it'll turn into a yellow tick or red x13:16
tgBot3<olisax> Ah, new error to solve :)13:17
tgBot3<olisax> Warning, treated as error: … /home/travis/build/ubports/docs.ubports.com/userguide/advanceduse/index.rst:9:toctree contains reference to document u'userguide/advanceduse/dav' that doesn't have a title: no link will be generated13:17
tgBot3<olisax> I need to add a title13:18
tgBot3<neothethird> exactly13:18
tgBot3<neothethird> underline it with `=========`13:18
tgBot3<olisax> All checks have passed … 1 successful check13:23
tgBot3<neothethird> awesome, good job13:23
tgBot3<olisax> Yeah 👍13:23
tgBot3<olisax> Now what is the next step? You have to validate the merge or sth like that?13:23
tgBot3<olisax> Ah, done 😊13:25
tgBot3<neothethird> Just did13:25
tgBot3<neothethird> https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/advanceduse/dav.html13:26
tgBot3<neothethird> The list of sources is a little funky13:26
tgBot3<neothethird> what you could do is add asterisks `*` infront of every line13:27
tgBot3<olisax> yes, we should add * indentation13:27
tgBot3<olisax> can I still do that in my branch-2 ?13:27
tgBot3<neothethird> no, send a new pr13:27
tgBot3<olisax> ah, ok !13:27
tgBot3<neothethird> well, yeahm you can do it in the same branch, but you have to create a new pull-request13:27
tgBot3<olisax> ok !13:28
tgBot3<olisax> by the way, I see that my last commit (on the installation prerequisites a.o. setup ADB) was not pulled, so it's why it was not integrated !13:28
tgBot3<neothethird> I don't know what exactly you mean13:31
tgBot3<olisax> I did a new pull request but now I have conflicting files 😢13:35
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/1rXn2L3E/file_3831.jpg13:40
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> balls2 snap X-)13:41
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> snap install balls213:41
tgBot3<neothethird> @popescu_sorin, nice 👌13:41
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> unfortunately it's running with Xmir13:41
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> but at least it is running :D launch from the dash13:41
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> i do expose a wayland interface but i think it needs more glue13:42
tgBot3<neothethird> @olisax, Ok, so this is where github can get tricky... If two branches are on different stages, it can get very messy13:42
tgBot3<olisax> @neothethird, Ok so perhaps the best is to close this and open a new branch?13:42
tgBot3<neothethird> If you plan to work more on the docs, it might be a good idea for you to learn the actual git workflow, as documented here https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/contribute/documentation.html#manually-forking-the-repository … If you just want to fix the issue at hand, the easiest would be to close the pr and start from scratch using the edit link https://github.com/ubports/docs.ubports.com/blob/master/userguide/advanceduse/dav.rst13:45
tgBot3<olisax> Ok, I'll read the tuto ! Many thanks 😊13:45
tgBot3<neothethird> sure, if you need help, i'm there13:45
tgBot3<neothethird> @popescu_sorin, upside: it works in x desktops as well ;)13:48
tgBot3<neothethird> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/CCwQLC5O/file_3833.jpg13:48
tgBot3<neothethird> it's captioned "An SDL2 window" though13:48
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> @neothethird, yep X11, mir, wayland13:49
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> hehe :))13:49
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> forgot to change that :))13:49
tgBot3<Javacookies> was it suppose to work natively in mir since SDL2 is used?13:51
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> it does work native on mir13:52
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> it is in open store, you can run the game on the phone/tablet13:52
tgBot3<Javacookies> but you said it was running in xmir on your desktop?13:53
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> i can run it native (the binary)13:54
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> but this is the snap version13:54
tgBot3<popescu_sorin> balls2 snap runs with Xmir13:54
tgBot3<Big ET> There is an sdl2 lbrary backend that works with mir directly, neverball uses that you could use the same.13:55
tgBot3<Big ET> the upside is that with that sdl you can get even opengl.14:00
tgBot3<KrisJacewicz> @wayneoutthere, raspi is a board for prototyping so that is what kind of projwcts you get to find people doing. Somw projects go from prototype to production.14:08
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Petr, thank you, my silly mistake14:33
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I now have a functional Libertine Manager again :)14:52
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> @neothethird on a different note, which do you think is less stable, turbo or cooler, for Xenial?14:53
tgBot3<neothethird> @TartanSpartan, turbo doesn't have rotation at the moment, if you don't mind that it runs in portrait, it's ok. Turbo, i don't own one, so i'm not sure. We have some reports that the version on the channel at the moment does not boot, but marius has changes locally that work (still work in progress) and i heard they are pretty solid14:55
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> Right. Did you mean cooler rather than turbo, to begin with?15:12
tgBot3<neothethird> yep, sry15:13
tgBot3<ignorare> Guys, does UBports run already with Android 6 on Fairphone 2?15:13
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> No problem, I figured, because I do know that turbo has the boot problem at present. I think I'll still hold off on installing for now.15:14
tgBot3<delijati> can someone tell me what libs are needed for a qmake app build ... i would like to prevent installing `ubuntu-sdk` as its huge and i anyway only need the `ubuntu-ui-toolkit` and `qmake`15:35
tgBot3<TartanSpartan> I've looked through the issues on the Ubports Telegram github and can't seem to find this bug so wonder if anyone else has noticed it. In group chats (or 1:1 chats too I guess) with members who don't have a Telegram handle like e.g. @TartanSpartan I can't tag them by their given name. According to my brother who uses Android, you can there, and I guess I would see the correct behaviour on desktop builds too. Anyone know about this?15:46
tgBot3<milkor73> @delijati, would not you prefer to ask this at Openstore telegram group?15:48
tgBot3<Javacookies> @delijati, have your tried clickable?15:48
tgBot3<milkor73> https://open.uappexplorer.com/telegram15:49
tgBot3<matv1> @lungwitz, only joking, though the posibility has been coined before. I wouldnt worry too much.16:17
tgBot3<lungwitz> hahah16:17
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> proper idea, nice built-in UPS16:31
tgBot3<rogieroudshoorn> should host a mailing list on it16:31
tgBot3Der_Sven was added by: Der_Sven17:09
tgBot3<Der_Sven> hello17:10
tgBot3<milkor73> @Der_Sven, Hello Sven and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    … To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)17:20
tgBot3<Der_Sven> someone here familiar with app developing for ubuntu phones AND Sailfish OS (Silicia)? need some help porting an app.17:34
tgBot3<Stereofont> @ignorare, Looks like this got lost. If you mean dual boot, not in any supported way, no. If you mean can Ubuntu Touch be installed on  FP2 currently running Android 6 then yes, certainly17:37
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Der_Sven, @Xray200017:39
tgBot3<milkor73> @Der_Sven, https://open.uappexplorer.com/telegram17:43
tgBot3Formsma was added by: Formsma17:52
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Formsma, Hello Formsma. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!17:53
tgBot3Krishan404 was added by: Krishan40418:05
tgBot3<milkor73> @Krishan404, Hello No One and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    … To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)18:09
tgBot3<dohbee> @Stereofont, I think the question was about halium maybe?19:00
tgBot3<chhahn> 1. can I remount rootfs writeable and the stay up to date via `apt`? … 2. what effect has a writeable mounted rootfs on OTAs? … 3. Should I be bothered? will there ever be an OTA for vegetahd (BQ E5)?19:45
tgBot3HoloItsMe was added by: HoloItsMe19:53
tgBot3<Stereofont> @HoloItsMe, Hello Federico. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!20:05
tgBot3<Andreas> Hello everyone, I'm really going insane here trying to flash my Nexus 4 to UBPorts. 3 days ago it ran on "legacy" (i.e. Canonical) Ubuntu Touch just fine. Now I tried every which way to flash UBports, but can only get the (new) Recovery screen to work anymore. Even tried MDT - which kinda worked well, according to the log output, but it still couldn't get my phone to boot into the proper system.20:15
tgBot3<ebetonro> @Andreas, did you try the appimage?20:24
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Andreas, I suggest head for the Install room. The link is in any welcome message20:24
tgBot3<Andreas> Couldn't fine one to download for direct flash20:24
tgBot3<ebetonro> https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer20:24
tgBot3<Andreas> only found the "regular" U'touch images on cdimages.xy20:24
tgBot3<Stereofont> Appimage is an installer20:25
tgBot3<ebetonro> yes20:25
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> @ignorare, Did anyone answer this question for you Dave?20:26
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> 1200 members!!!20:27
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/VIuRBUHN/file_3834.mp420:27
tgBot3<wayneoutthere> (mini party)20:27
tgBot3<Stereofont> Can't see you there Andreas. Did you find the link button?20:28
tgBot3<Andreas> Oh, no, didn't try appimage, only fastboot flash... and ... uhh no, not my party, can't see me there :-P20:28
tgBot3<Stereofont> @Andreas, https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome button here20:30
tgBot3<Andreas> ... and magic device tool. And of course the "regular" way via sudo ubuntu-device-flash20:31
tgBot3<Andreas> Only ever got into Recovery then became stuck.20:31
tgBot3<Andreas> seemed like the "installer" coldn't get remote conteol the recovery menu20:32
tgBot3<Walid> @Andreas, i think you must wipe data/reset factory before flash, have same issue with ubuntu-device-flash20:33
tgBot3<stuiterveer> @Andreas, When you say it ran on legacy, do you mean you installed a long time ago and it still ran? Or do you mean that you installed it not too long ago through legacy channels?20:45
tgBot3<Andreas> The former. Installed it > 1 year ago and still used Ubuntu Touch (by Canonical) even though they stopped development/upgrades until now20:53
tgBot3<stuiterveer> @Andreas, Yeah that’s probably the issue. I don’t know if the ubuntu versions are online anymore and the ubports version does not support the nexus 420:58
tgBot3<Andreas> It doesn't?20:59
tgBot3<stuiterveer> Wait hang on, now I’m doubting myself xD20:59
tgBot3<stuiterveer> Just a moment, let me check20:59
tgBot3<Andreas> http://ubports.com/page/get-ubuntu-touch20:59
tgBot3<Andreas> when you scroll down it give you a straight forward two-step howto install guide21:00
tgBot3<Andreas> for Nexus 421:00
tgBot3<stuiterveer> https://ubports.com/page/devices only mentions the nexus 5, so let me check your link21:00
tgBot3<stuiterveer> @Andreas, Ah cool, I stand corrected then!21:01
tgBot3<Andreas> well hopefully it's not they toehr way... you are right and my page is outdated 8-}21:01
tgBot3<stuiterveer> Haha, I hope not!21:02
tgBot3<Andreas> Oh, I think devices only lists those devices (hardware) that come with Ubuntu Touch right away21:03
tgBot3<stuiterveer> If you try those commands manually, at what step does it give an error if any?21:03
tgBot3<stuiterveer> Yeah that might be, the page you linked actually gives some commands and the legacy image seems to be hosted on ubports now21:03
tgBot3<Andreas> I keep getting "Failes to enter Recovery" both using MDT and ubuntu-device-flash at the point after it boots from fastboot screen into recovery.21:03
tgBot3<Andreas> I can see the recovery screen, but the tool can't seem to be able to remote control the UBports recovery dialog21:04
tgBot3<stuiterveer> That sucks. I have no knowledge about those tools, so I hope someone else can help you out here21:04
tgBot3<Andreas> I actually downloaded the image on system-image.ubpoets.com, unzipped it and flashed the images manually - at least teh recovery image.21:05
tgBot3<Andreas> But same diff21:05
tgBot3<Andreas> I actually remember having a similar issue back when I installed in the first place from the canonical server a year back.21:05
tgBot3<Andreas> But I manages to get the installation process to continue by scolling through the recovery menu , while ubuntu-device-flash was trying to control it21:06
tgBot3<Andreas> Maybe I even selected a particular option and then the tool was able to continue auto-selcting from my ubuntu PC21:07
tgBot3<Andreas> The most unfortunate thing is: I even posted my "solution" to that problem on some ubuntu forum back then, but now I can't find it again, myself :-P21:07
tgBot3Pierre Augier was added by: Pierre Augier21:07
tgBot3<stuiterveer> Is there no way to flash it using adb i wonder21:08
tgBot3<Andreas> I'll try one more thing: I'll install factory image using magic-device-tool. And then try the two-step guide given on ubports.com on a "clean" device.21:12
tgBot3<Stereofont> @paugier, Welcome Pierre! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪21:12
tgBot3<Andreas> Downloading... 50%...51%21:12
tgBot3<Stereofont> https://t.me/UBports_French21:13
tgBot3paugier was added by: paugier21:13
tgBot3<stuiterveer> @Andreas, Might be worth a shot, keep me posted! I have this group muted, so a reply to some message of mine would be appreciated :p21:14
tgBot3<Andreas> @stuiterveer, Ah, is that how "mute" works - you only see replies to your own messages?21:14
tgBot3<ebetonro> @Andreas, Be aware that factory install image for N5 is broken in mdt not sure if it is the case with N4 also but you can use the script to guide you through the hole process at list that was my case for N5's factory image install21:15
tgBot3<Andreas> @stuiterveer, I actually tried flashing LineageOS yesterday, but in essence it was the same story. Recovery worked fine, but the process of flashing the system ROM never worked out.21:16
tgBot3<stuiterveer> @Andreas, Yeah, direct replies, mentions and pinned messages are the only things that are not muted this way. I have most group chats muted by default, as more than 2 notifications in a minute usually tick me off21:20
tgBot3<Andreas> @ebetonro, Alright, flashing factory image via MDT seems to work. Image not broken for N4. "Android is starting... Optimizing app 15 out of 39...."21:24
tgBot3<ebetonro> @Andreas, that is good to know thanks for the heads up21:25
tgBot3<Andreas> @Andreas, Will need to try the UBPorts flash again tomorrow - bed time, But thanks a lot for the hint.21:25
tgBot3<Andreas> Good night everyone. Will post how things worked out tomorrow 😊 o/21:26
tgBot3<ebetonro> night21:27
tgBot3<stuiterveer> @ebetonro, Yeah the problem is that the maintainer manually updates the image link everytime, but this might the reason21:41
tgBot3<stuiterveer> Had this issue with the OPO as well when installing lineage, especially with the rate in which new updates were rolled out and old images were taken off the download mirrors21:42
tgBot3<k1ttens> How well does ubuntu work on the OnePlus One?22:56
tgBot3<dohbee> Well I guess23:04
tgBot3<stuiterveer> It works pretty much very smooth23:43

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