evilgeniusjamiehi, anybody around able to answer a question? :)18:25
naccevilgeniusjamie: easiest just to ask.18:25
evilgeniusjamieok - I'm not able to get any kind of 'urgent' animation on icons in the default dock18:26
evilgeniusjamieie, when I get a skype message, for example18:26
evilgeniusjamieany ideas how to fix this?18:26
evilgeniusjamieI've tried google, and other docks - docky doesn't show all running apps, plank won't start at all, and cairo-dock is all over the place, seems to have no clue where the edges of the screen are18:42
doomsi dont know if anybody can help me... since few days, i'm using the 18.04 unstable version of ubuntu. i was using netflix without any problem, but since today, without even an update, i couldnt watch any video on netflix, but other sites works well (youtube, etc...)19:02
doomsanybody got an idea ?19:02
doomsand Hello, btw19:02
evilgeniusjamiedooms which browser are you using?19:15
doomsevilgeniusjamie it always works well with firefox, but now i'm forced to install chrome instead, but in chrome, i dont know why, the pc is not able to use amd graphis card, it using intel graphics and its not enough for HD19:18
doomsi'm searching but for now the only way i found is using netflix in low quality through chrome by using it like an app and using firefox for the rest of internet.19:25
doomsbut i'm not ok with those conditions, even more that it was working yesterday normally19:25

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