Nissaarm4skin: 1309:49
heesenelopio,could you please take a look at my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5911781492916224/10:40
balloonslast day rush :-)11:40
popeyAlways :)11:46
Nissaarpopey: hi14:46
Nissaarelopio: hi14:46
Nissaarive successfully packaged the python snap: pyradio14:47
Nissaari need to ask the snapchat admin to fork my repository14:47
daniellimwslol snapchat14:48
Nissaari need to pull it on my github14:48
Nissaarits locally in the folder pyradio-snap14:48
konrad11901elopio: you there?14:49
Nissaarhow do i put in on github to allow the admin to make the pull request ?14:49
daniellimwshave you made the call for testing?14:49
daniellimwswait you had14:49
daniellimwsbut you can ping popey to help you with that ^14:49
AcceleratorLike you already pinged him XD14:50
daniellimwsyea haha14:50
Acceleratorbtw konrad11901 the one you were looking for is now online hehe14:50
Nissaarpopey: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/call-for-testing-pyradio-snap/353714:50
konrad11901Accelerator: I know :D14:51
Nissaarbtw is the deadline to submit the task passed ?14:51
Nissaargreat !14:52
konrad11901popey: hi! since you have bigger experience than me in almost everything, can you suggest something that is available both in GNOME Software AND Snap Store?14:52
konrad11901and is quite light14:52
popeykonrad11901: pulsemixer14:53
konrad11901popey: I see that it's not available in GNOME Software :(14:54
popeyhuh, it should be if you search for it14:54
konrad11901popey: https://i.imgur.com/vg70k6k.png14:56
konrad11901oh umm14:57
konrad11901I see that other people are able to find it14:57
Nissaarpopey: is mine good ?14:57
konrad11901maybe it's because I'm on bionic14:57
heesenelopio,could you please task a look at my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5911781492916224/15:03
popeysorry, I got disconnected, bad internet here today15:05
Nissaarpopey: should i send you the link again ?15:06
popeyno, iam replying on the forum15:06
popeyjust had to wait till my connection came back :)15:06
popeykonrad11901: interesting!15:07
Nissaarpopey: on my pc its running with the audio15:07
Nissaarthe radio is playing15:07
popeyNissaar: are you sure you're running the snap? "snap run pyradio"?15:07
Nissaari ran only: pyradio --play15:08
popeyi bet you have it in your path15:08
popeywhat happens if you run "which pyradio"?15:08
popeybet it's not /snap/bin/pyradio15:08
Nissaaryes im running it in the path ive built15:08
popeyright, run the snap15:08
popey"snap run pyradio"15:09
Nissaarit opens the interface to play the radio15:09
popeykonrad11901: i don't understand - @flexiondotorg does pulsemixer show up for you in gnome software?15:09
popeyNissaar: choose one and press enter15:09
popeyflexiondotorg: https://i.imgur.com/vg70k6k.png from konrad1190115:09
Nissaarit plays with the sound15:10
Nissaarpopey: the radio plays15:10
Nissaarpopey: im pushing it into the beta channel again just in case15:12
wxlpopey: had a busy day yesterday and didn't have a chance to deal with this request for more time which i would have granted. anything we can do at this point? https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5208549753880576/15:12
* popey looks15:13
Nissaarpopey: ill add the stage-packages you mentionned, build it again, and release it on the beta channel again15:13
popeywxl: not a lot you can do now I think.15:15
wxlk thx for looking…15:15
Nissaarpopey: ive already rreleased it again. can you please look into it now ?15:21
Nissaarit says revision 5 of pyradio rleased15:22
popeyare you sure you added pulseaudio to the plugs?15:25
popeysnap interfaces pyradio shows no pulseaudio interface connected15:25
popey stage-packages should say "libpulse0" not pulseaudio, as I said on the forum15:27
Nissaarahhh okay. im on it. thx15:27
popeynp :)15:29
Nissaarpopey: fixed15:33
popeystill not playing here. Looks like you're shipping mplayer in your snap, which likely wants x11.15:35
popeyThis has turned out to be a complex snap, for what it does!15:35
Nissaar popey: yes it seemed easy but it isnt15:35
Nissaarpopey: you must have mplayer installed to be able to play15:36
Nissaarand vlc also15:36
popeyi have both and that won't work15:36
popeythe snap won't see them outside the snap15:36
popeybut having them inside the snap should work15:36
popeybut then it needs x11 plug15:37
Nissaari should add another plug then ?15:37
Nissaarhow is it working on my laptop ? i dnt have any other software installed :(15:37
popeyyou can try adding x1115:37
popeysnappy-debug.security scanlog15:37
popeyrun that, then in another terminal run "snap run pyradio" and see if it work15:38
popeyI dont understand why it works for you, unless you're running "pyradio"15:38
popeyyou need to be sure you're running the snapped version, not any other version15:38
Nissaareven with snap run pyradio its running15:38
Nissaarpopey:snappy-debug.security: command not foundsnappy-debug.security: command not found15:39
popeyoh, sorry, you have to install it, "sudo snap install snappy-debug"15:39
Nissaarpopey: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26398492/15:43
popeyyeah, as expected15:45
Nissaarpopey: what should i do ?15:45
popeytest it with x1115:46
Nissaarhow ?15:46
Nissaarpopey :ah edit snapcraft.yaml and rebuild and so on ?15:46
Nissaarim on it15:47
heesenelopio,could you please task a look at my task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5911781492916224/15:49
Nissaarpopey: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26398532/15:50
popeytry pushing and I'll test here15:50
Nissaarits processing... should be ready in a few minutes. im going to have dinner15:51
Nissaarpopey: brb in abt 20 min15:51
Nissaarpopey: back16:05
Nissaarpopey: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26398628/16:05
popeyugh, x11 interface requires a desktop file.16:06
popeyyou might be able to get away with making an empty pyradio.desktop in snap/gui ...16:06
popeytry it16:06
Nissaarpopey :uhm can you explain a bit more ?16:07
popeyx11 plug assumes you're making a graphical desktop application (which you're not) and the store enforces that, and said you _must_ ship a .desktop file16:08
popeywhich is a file desktop apps usually ship which tell the desktop (unity, gnome) how to launch your application16:08
popeythe file should be in snap/gui/pyradio.desktop16:08
popeyand you _may_ be able to ship it empty in your snap, to work around the store requirement16:08
popeyor you could add just a few lines like this:-16:08
Nissaarpopey: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26398674/16:12
Nissaarshpuld i change the version to 1.3.2 as my snap ?16:13
popeydid you rebuild it?16:13
popeyand the desktop file is called pyradio.desktop and is in snap/gui ?16:16
Nissaarpopey: yes it is16:17
popeyapproved it!16:18
popey(the snap)16:18
popeyyou need to release it to a channel16:19
Nissaarpopey: i release it to beta ?16:19
Nissaarpopey: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26398718/16:21
popeyyou dont need to push16:21
popeyjust release16:21
popeysnapcraft release pyradio 8 beta16:22
Nissaarwhat command should i type ?\16:22
popey^ that16:22
Nissaarahh ok ok sry didnt see that16:23
Nissaarpopey: revision 8 is not approved16:23
popeybah, it's complaining about the desktop file again16:25
popeyone moment16:25
popeySeems it didn't like the desktop file16:27
popeythe file is snap/gui/pyradio.desktop ?16:27
Nissaarpopey: https://imgur.com/a/miwMP16:28
popeyit needs to be pyradio.desktop16:29
popeyin the terminal, make sure it's pyradio.desktop (no capitals)16:29
Nissaarwhy should it be in the tterminal ?16:30
popeybecause if you double click a .desktop file in nautilus, nautilus can mangle it16:30
Nissaarive modified the file name16:31
Nissaarive tried push16:31
Nissaarive tried release16:31
Nissaarim obtaining the ssame errors16:32
popeydid you rebuild?16:32
popeyyou have to rebuild the snap whenever you change the desktop file16:32
Nissaarim rebuilding again16:32
Nissaarpopey: same errors16:34
Nissaarpopey: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26398781/16:36
popeyin the terminal, can you run "ls -l snap/gui" ?16:36
Nissaarno such file or directory16:37
Nissaarpopey: https://imgur.com/a/miwMP16:37
Nissaarthe file is in the path in the screenshot16:37
popeyhang on16:37
popeyin the directory where you're doing the snap creation16:37
Nissaaryes ?16:37
popeyyou should have a snap directory, and in that a gui directory, and in _that_ the desktop file16:37
Nissaarahhh okaaaaaaaay16:38
Nissaardnnt understand that part16:38
popeyI wondered why it could never find it :D16:38
Nissaarpopey: https://imgur.com/a/wtH3b16:39
Nissaaris it good ?16:39
Nissaarpopey: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26398808/ aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhh16:42
popeyno thats fine16:42
popeyi can fiddle teh store to allow that16:42
popeyProgress! :D16:44
popey"Could not find 'Exec=' in desktop file lint-snap-v2_desktop_file (pyradio.desktop.desktop)"16:44
popeySo add one line to the desktop file, "Exec=pyradio", rebuild, re-upload16:45
Nissaarpopey: under name ?16:45
popeyat the bottom16:45
popeyjust add an extra line16:45
popeydon't put the quotes in16:45
popeyI appreciate this is a bit more painful than it should be :)16:46
Nissaar[Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Name=pyradio Exec=pyradio16:46
popeyBut this is amazingly good feedback16:46
popeywe will improve our documentation as a result of this!16:46
Nissaaryay. at least i helped in something xD16:46
popeyit failed the same way. says the exec line is missing16:49
Nissaaryes i received that too16:50
popeythose  are separate lines, right?16:50
Nissaaryes separate lines16:50
Nissaarive rebuild16:50
popeyyour desktop file is called pyradio.desktop.desktop16:51
popey(this is what i said about nautilus mangling the file)16:51
popeyyou need to rename it, but don't use nautilus.16:51
popeymv snap/gui/pyradio.desktop.desktop snap/gui/pyradio.desktop16:51
popeydon't double click it in nautilus16:51
popeyand then rebuild16:52
Nissaarit released !!!!!!16:59
Nissaarpopey: here's the call https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/call-for-testing-pyradio-snap/3537/716:59
popey\o/ it works17:00
Nissaarpopey: now what should i do so that you can fork and tranfer the name ?17:00
popeyfork that and rename it to pyradio (or do you already have a git repo?)17:02
popeyI will pm you an address to email, ask them to transfer to snapcrafters17:03
Nissaarpopey: right thanks17:03
popeyOnce that's done, I'll import the repo into snapcrafters17:03
Nissaarim on it17:04
popeyNice work17:04
Nissaarpopey: should i submit the link ?17:05
Nissaaruhm ive one question17:05
popeysubmit what link where?17:05
Nissaari should upload the files in this:https://github.com/Nissaar/Pyradio-snap-creation right ?17:05
Nissaarthe github link in the mail ?17:05
popeyyeah, that wouldn't hurt :)17:06
Nissaarpopey: i cannot upload the files in my forked repository17:08
popeywhich files?17:08
popeyit only needs the snapcraft.yaml and the desktop file, surely?17:09
Nissaarpopey: ive sent the mail17:14
popeyNissaar: feel free to submit the gci task now :)17:16
popeyyou dont need to wait for the rename/import17:16
Nissaarpopey: thank you very much17:18
Nissaarpopey: how may contact you i want to package other snaps after gci ?17:31
popeyon irc or via the email address I gave you earlier :)17:32
Nissaarthe irc chat will still be on ?17:32
Nissaarok thx17:32
popeywell, I will always be on irc :) so you can pm me17:33
popeywe also have a #snappy channel :)17:33
popeyand the forum17:33
Nissaarok ill try to work when i have free time17:33
Nissaarthank you very much :D17:34
Acceleratorkyrofa: Are you free?...Could you review my task?17:45

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