infinitymdeslaur: I have a sneaking suspicion Steve and Stephane are both drunk in Cape Town.20:00
infinitymdeslaur: So, if kees doesn't show up in about 30 seconds, I'm calling this one a dud and going to get tacos.20:01
mdeslaurthey did send their apologies to the list20:01
infinityAhh, I hadn't looked yet.20:01
infinityRight, well, two people ain't quorum, so let's taco.20:02
infinity#startmeeting Ubuntu Technical Board Meeting20:02
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Jan 16 20:02:46 2018 UTC.  The chair is infinity. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.20:02
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick20:02
mdeslaurack, thanks!20:02
infinityQuorum not met.20:02
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Jan 16 20:02:54 2018 UTC.20:02
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting-2/2018/ubuntu-meeting-2.2018-01-16-20.02.moin.txt20:02

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