keithzglwizardl: Yeah it's pretty snazzy, although I'm not sure if you're looking into purely the audio chat portion of Discord or into the more chat-channel nature, which is more what Matrix does, with both web and native clients; you can also do voice communication between users but I've never actually tried it. They have a repo though and it's *super* easy to set up on an Ubuntu server, so it's worth trying it out!00:13
lwizardlkeithzg, I have never used discord but someone told me you can share files, chat, etc. Sort of like how irc does also. but in a single setup and i wan to try and get a similar setup00:21
keithzglwizardl: Ah, yeah Matrix, especially the Riot.im clients for it, can let you do all precisely that. It's very much designed as a more contemporary take on IRC.00:22
lwizardlawesome thanks for the info :)00:26
keithzglwizardl: No problem :)00:30
H1d3anyone here02:54
* keithzg calls it a day, puts on his coat, heads home02:57
Neo4I installed LAMP and have used this code https://hastebin.com/quzaqebugo.php03:00
Neo4and have got message error is not send03:01
Neo4might I install mail server?03:01
Pinkamena_DHello. I have a lubuntu headless machine. In /etc/network/interfaces I specify the config. The ip address and network are used, but the dns-nameservers line is not propogated to the resolveconf file, so I end up manually overwriting it at every boot. Any common reason the dns-nameservers line would be ignored?03:14
lordievaderGood morning07:04
lordievaderPinkamena_D: What is it pointing towards, before you edit it?07:04
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ahasenackrbasak: is there a tool to check a package's Depends (or Build-depends) and tell from which pocket they come from?13:20
ahasenackcase in point is I want to check the dependencies of a main package and make sure none come from non-main13:20
mdeslaurahasenack: check-mir13:33
ahasenackoh, convenient, thx13:34
rbasakahasenack: yeah, check-mir is the best tool we have. Note though that it doesn't always give you a perfect answer.13:37
ahasenackI found a build dep on python-distutils-extra which is in universe, for a main package13:39
ahasenackyet the package is in the archive13:39
ahasenackis that an exception?13:39
ahasenackcase is landscape-client. Check xenial, for example13:39
ahasenackpython-distutils-extra was in main in the trusty days13:40
* ahasenack reads https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2016-April/001179.html13:43
rbasakahasenack: how do you feel about bug 1717040 currently, given my comment 30 and Yann's reply?15:40
ubottubug 1717040 in libzstd (Ubuntu Zesty) "Please backport libzstd 1.3.1+dfsg-1 (universe) from artful" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171704015:40
ahasenackI was going to ask you the same :)15:40
rbasakI'm not comfortable accepting an SRU that we know will break user behaviour (admittedly the number of users is low but unknown, may be nonzero) when I know there's a way round it and nobody else has an opinion.15:41
ahasenackthen so be it15:41
ahasenackwe version the dev package15:42
rbasakMight be worth checking with someone that the Conflicts will work correctly on upgrade.15:44
rbasakI wonder if there should be a Replaces somewhere for example.15:44
ahasenackI will need assistance from somebody for that15:45
rbasakhttps://wiki.debian.org/PackageTransition may be relevant15:45
ahasenackrelevant yes, trivial not15:46
rbasakCase #2 perhaps?15:46
ahasenacknot that simple, I looked at other similar cases15:46
ahasenackthere is a virtual "libfoo-dev" provides15:47
ahasenackmeaning the default dev pkg15:47
ahasenackthere is definitely a pattern to follow15:47
ahasenackI just need to know what is a good package to look at15:47
rbasakPerhaps ask infinity for help on this one15:47
rbasakAnd also, if thinks this is unnecessary, then I'll trust his judgement :)15:48
ahasenackrbasak: should we also provide a zstd1 (with soname) package for the cli linked against the new lib?16:13
ahasenackotherwise, if you have zstd (the 0.5 cli) installed, and upgrade, it will pull in libzstd1 (1.x) with the new zstd 1.x package16:13
ahasenackbut leave libzstd (assumed soname 0) and respetive -dev (if installed) alone16:13
rbasakahasenack: I don't follow your question. I'd expect the SRU to ship a libzstd1 only. libzstd0 would still be shipped in the release pocket. Users could end up with both co-installed if they need.16:27
rbasakThe new zstd CLI would depend on libzstd116:27
nacc(and would need to manually remove it, i believe, if they no longer wanted it)16:30
nacc(the *zstd0 packages)16:30
naccrbasak: you around still?16:30
rbasaknacc: yes16:31
naccrbasak: mind joining the standup HO briefly?16:39
rbasaknacc: omw16:42
kneekiIf I want to set up a subdomain like: api.foo.bar.com, would I use a CNAME record? api > CNAME > foo.bar.com17:54
kneekiNevermind, I got it. * > CNAME > foo.bar.com18:05
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ahasenackrbasak: question was about the zstd cli, if we should ship one in a package named zstd1 which would either conflict or be co-locatable with zstd18:29
ahasenackbut given the new cli can handle files produced by the old library, I think no need for a zstd1 (separate) package, and just let zstd 0.5 upgrade to zstd 1.x18:29
rbasakahasenack: I assumed the latter.18:57
rbasakNo need to ship two zstd binaries, AIUI.18:57
ahasenacksounds good18:58
ahasenackhm, I copied ~/.gnupg to a container I have running (lxd), but gpg --list-keys on the container shows no output, as if there were no keys19:52
ahasenackI checked ~/.gnupg/*.conf files, nothing obvious19:53
ahasenackany idea what could be wrong?19:53
ahasenackI'm at the strace level now19:53
ahasenackI can see it opening several files in ~/.gnupg inside the container, but that's it, no output from the tool19:53
ahasenackboth the host and the container are the same ubuntu release (artful)19:56
ahasenackok, worked now19:57
ahasenackcosmic rays for sure19:57
naccahasenack: did you restart teh agent?20:02
naccahasenack: or perhaps sighup or something20:02
ahasenackthere was no agent inside the container20:03
naccahasenack: what os was the container?20:03
ahasenackor shouldn't be, at least20:03
ahasenackartful too20:03
ahasenackI actually tried starting one20:03
naccahasenack: hrm, if it's gpg2 (which i think artfull was), there's always an agent20:04
naccahasenack: or were you specifically invoking gpg1?20:04
ahasenackthen maybe I inadvertently restarted it when I tried to start a new one20:04
ahasenackno, just "gpg"20:04
ahasenackalso removed "use-agent" from the conf file in ~/.gnupg at some point20:04
naccyeah, that's gpg2 in artful20:04
naccahasenack: per `man gpg2`, that has no effect any longer :)20:05
nacc"gpg always requires the agent"20:05
naccahasenack: that optionn, that is20:05
nacci spent some time dealing with this when we had it in the snap before20:05
naccyeah looks like zesty+ is gpg2 by default20:06
naccxnox: is there a way with sysv to say that if corosync starts that it should start pacemaker, if pacemaker is available? The phrasing of "Should-Start" is close, but then I think it's semantics don't make a ton of sense (or I misunderstand them)20:55
xnoxnacc, i do not speak sysv init... my first linux machine ran upstart; my first unix machine ran launchd20:56
naccxnox: ok :/20:56
xnoxmaybe slangasek can help, but he is not on this channel.20:56
xnoxtry on #ubuntu-devel20:56
naccxnox: we could switch the packages to upstart, but that's a bigger SRU, of course20:56
naccxnox: ack20:56
micalexanderI have a newly installed version of ubuntu 16.0.4 installed on a 2010 imac in efforts to get better at sever administration, lol, however I can not seem to be able to gain access to it via ssh on my local network. I have installed openssh-server and openssh-client, allowed port 22 with ufw and iptables and still nothing. It just hangs on ssh. Is there something obvious that I am missing?22:04
masonmicalexander: Test basic networking before you start using fancier things.22:04
masonCan you ping it? Can you telnet to port 22 and see a listener?22:04
masonFrom the console, make sure your network is configured properly.22:05
micalexandermason: yes I can ping it22:05
Ussatis it in a VM or direct hardware ?22:05
masonIt's a virtual 2010 imac. :P22:05
micalexandermason:  " From the console, make sure your network is configured properly."22:07
masonMore or less, yes. :)22:07
micalexanderI can ping it but telneting it seems to hang22:07
masonSo, can you ping out from it?22:07
micalexanderyou mean telnet from another computer on the same network right?22:08
micalexanderwait not out from it22:08
micalexanderlet me try22:08
Ussatdoes it have a IP ?22:08
masonIf you can ping, then the next thing is, is the service you want running? Is it holding a port listener? Is there firewalling blocking you?22:08
masonIf you set it up to learn, this is the perfect sort of problem to have. :)22:09
micalexanderI can ping a web address22:10
masonThat's useful then. So, you want ssh - is it installed? Is it running?22:11
micalexanderand nstat seems to show port 2222:11
masonps axuww | grep ssh22:11
masonDo you have telnet installed on it? Can you telnet localhost 22 ?22:11
masonAlso, a random note, wifi can be flaky - you might have a happier time, especially on Mac hardware, if you're plugged in.22:11
masonI installed on a macboot5,1 the other day, and wireless performance is disappointingly spotty.22:12
micalexanderI am plugged in22:12
micalexanderlooks like its connected to 22. said connecting and just hanging out there22:14
Ussatreverse dns22:14
masonmicalexander: But if nothing answers that's no good. You should see "SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_7.2p2 Ubuntu-4ubuntu2.2" or similar.22:14
masonfrom your telnet localhost 2222:15
micalexanderthat is what I see22:15
masonAh, good.22:15
micalexanderI can not seem to ping my local ip of my macbook from it. Is that a problem? Seems li it,22:16
masonmicalexander: So, if you can ping out but not ping yourself, that's probably some sort of issue. I'd make sure you don't have firewall rules next.22:16
masonsudo iptables -n --list22:17
masonBut with that I have to take off. You're making progress though. I'll check back later.22:18
micalexanderiptables show 2222:21
micalexanderK, so it was because I was not on the wifi 5g connection on the computer I was sshing from.23:03

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