diploMorning all09:14
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:07
diddledanwhy would you put these on the same page with very similar wording?! https://twitter.com/CivilBeat/status/95329603439802368116:02
zmoylan-pibecause management told you to?16:03
daftykinsthose are all pretty messy16:04
zmoylan-pibecause they sent over the exact wording they wanted on the page16:04
zmoylan-pibecause somebody clueless made the decisions16:04
zmoylan-pii usually found on these occasions to send an email warning of the mistakes been made and that your opinion was ignored was the way to go.  then the blame couldn't end up back with me...16:06
daftykinsi popped into a client just earlier in order to do a face to face of similar, so i don't get cast in a bad light16:07
zmoylan-piand if it's outlook, a printout to pdf and even paper of the email in case it goes... missing...16:07
zmoylan-piand with my boss an option in an ini file moylan=wrong to make it appear as he wanted... it helps to train them...16:15
SuperMattAlas, living in London, the extra heat generated by our own self importantance makes it too warm to snow :(16:37
diddledanbasingstoke has the highest skyscrapers between london and newyork16:37
SuperMattI was not aware of that16:38
diddledanthat's a lil fact I thought I'd annoy you with :-p16:38
diddledanobviously london has higher ones16:38
SuperMattLondon has the be the best16:51
SuperMattit's what we strive for16:51
daftykinsdiddledan: but does it have Swindons (iirc?) roundabouts? ;D16:53
daftykins(psst i know practically nothing about England)16:53
diddledannah we don't have one of those16:54
daftykinsquick, get some white paint and make one!16:54
m0nkey_diddledan: lol19:30
m0nkey_you don't have 'snow'19:30
zmoylan-pijust frozen rain?19:31
m0nkey_it's snowing upwards over here19:31
Azelphurtoasty 8c here in Margate19:33
zmoylan-pia balmy 0c here in dublin19:34
daftykins1 deg with wind chill here on Guernsey, though 50mph winds19:37
Azelphurin spite of being one of the windiest places in the country, only 23 mph here \o/19:41
diddledanm0nkey_: tomorrow the country won't work, however19:50
ali1234~info virtualbox bionic20:42
ali1234!info virtualbox bionic20:43
lubotu3virtualbox (source: virtualbox): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 5.2.4-dfsg-2 (bionic), package size 16560 kB, installed size 76071 kB20:43
ali1234has anyone ever tried https://github.com/facebook/watchman?21:07
ali1234monitoring file trees on linux is actually incredibly hard for some reason. i'd expect facebook to have done it properly, but i wonder how well it performs.21:08
ali1234i mean... i'm sure it performs well on whatever cluster facebook uses it on, but i wonder about running it on a regular PC21:11

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