floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> I think my print head is drunk.  I've never seen a chart like this.02:52
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Do you have a silicone cover for it? It helps keep the temperature steady02:53
floridagram-bot<RazPi> ls03:21
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> I use this cotton tape stuff https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076P7RD9B/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=103:23
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> The printer always goes above the temp at the start, but the weird part is the graph shows the temperature going backwards and up.  I've never seen anything like that.03:27
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> @maxolase1squad, I use Linode03:40
floridagram-bot<RazPi> Howso?03:40
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> For my website03:43
floridagram-bot<RazPi> I mean, how are they getting under yours kin03:50
floridagram-bot<RazPi> *your skin03:50
MaxolasersquadThey are patching their servers hosting the VMs, but are giving us almost no time to plan and prepare for reboots. 04:45
MaxolasersquadEmails after 5 pm are not helpful. Fridays email that after 6pm about a Sunday morning reboot meant Friday evening we all learned we had to work over the weekend. 04:46
MaxolasersquadIt seems this week various people will be up at all hours of the night nursing reboots. 04:46
MaxolasersquadIt would be fine if we could properly plan ahead but their announcement window isn't reasonable. 04:51

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