waldo323good morning15:06
jrwrenGood morning15:47
jrwrenI'm, apparently, still on pacific time.15:47
cmaloneyjrwren: Did you fly out there?15:48
jrwrencmaloney: yes, vegas a few days last week for CES.15:49
cmaloneyjrwren: Oh I am both thrilled and sorry for you15:49
cmaloneythrilled because vegas, and sorry because CES15:50
jrwrenoh, just be sorry for both.15:51
cmaloneyOnly so many 4K / 8K TVs one can see in one lifetime15:51
jrwreni definitely liked the CES part better than the vegas part.15:51
cmaloneyYeah, Vegas can be a bit of a shithole15:51
* cmaloney hasn't been there since 2000 and that's OK15:52
jrwrenthat isn't saying much. The CES part was pretty weak too, but it did spark some ideas, which I think is the point.15:52
cmaloneyThat's cool15:52
rick_hmorning for a bit longer16:01
rick_hski weekend went ok. Love the nintendo switch for non-sking16:02
jrwrensome of the team brought switches to CES and were playing during downtime. I'm not a gamer, so I was just annoyed by their high volume setting.16:04
rick_hoh I play volume down/off16:05
jrwrenyou are courteous.  ;)16:08
rick_hwell tbh the game sound doesn't do much for me I guess. I tend to put a podcast/etc on when I'm playing my zelda16:09
jrwrenI do that when playing sometimes, when I rarely do game.16:12
rick_hyea, we got the switch for christmas and with zelda on it I'm hooked so gaming a lot more than usual16:19
cmaloneyi've heard a lot of fokjs getting into zelda on the switch16:20
jrwrenIts a Zelda16:20
rick_hyea, it's really good. I haven't really spent any time on zelda since windraker? and that I only played a bit16:21
cmaloneywind walker16:25
cmaloneywind raker is a james bond movie.16:25
jrwrenand windrunners are the radiants from stormlight archive.  :)16:25
cmaloneyNot to be confused with WindJammers, which is an awesome Neo Geo arcade game16:27
rick_hlol, windrunners are awesome16:29
rick_hjrwren: did you finish book 3? I liked it better than book 216:29
jrwrenrick_h: I did not. I'm still re-reading book 2.16:31
jrwrenReading it slowly, really enjoying it.16:31
jrwrenI feel its very good on second read, which is rare for me to say about a book.16:31
rick_hyea, same16:33
cmaloneyjust finished pushing the snow with a shovel16:59
cmaloneyI think it took longer to work up the courage to go out there than actually shovel the snow16:59
jrwrenyour back may thank you17:00
cmaloneyYeah, I don't lift when I don't have to17:00
waldo323my license plate may say cosmere18:35
cmaloneyhint: it does18:35
jrwrenha!  waldo323 AWESOME18:36
waldo323thanks, have you read edgedancer?18:37
waldo323and warbreaker?18:37
jrwrenEdgedancer, yes.  Warbreaker, no.  What is the later?18:43
jrwrenEdgedancer was super fun. I hope he writes with those characters more. I forget her name, but she is super fun and the way her spren tollerates her is too fun.18:43
cmaloneyI haven't finished Warbreaker yet18:44
* cmaloney has the audiobook for that18:44
* cmaloney also has this one: https://www.audiobookstand.com/Authors/Brandon%20Sanderson/Books/Shadows%2bfor%2bSilence%2bin%2bthe%2bForest%2bof%2bHell%2b%2526%2bPerfect%2bState/Format/MP3-CD%20Unabridged/ISBN/978-1-5113-7270-118:50
cmaloneysorry re: The URL18:50
waldo323warbreaker is on another planet but has some characters you've read in WoR and will see more of in oathbringer18:53
cmaloney<3 MP3 audio books18:53
waldo323words of radiance.   I'd recommend reading warbreaker before Oathbringer - it helps you know the voices of the characters which are also in oathbringer18:55
waldo323also warbreaker was a book Brandon wrote more publicly and is available free via his website18:56
waldo323it has a creative commons license - so when he was at penguicon I thought it was the most appropriate book for him to sign(I have the hardcover...which you can borrow if you would rather read it that way)18:57
cmaloneyI have the eBook and the audio book19:00
cmaloneyBut thank you19:00
cmaloneyIt's more that the audiobook player that I have is a little clunky19:01
jrwrenwell heck, now I need to find Warbreaker.19:01
cmaloneyhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ak.alizandro.smartaudiobookplayer&hl=en <- This is the one that I use19:01
jrwrenis it in that recent Arcanum book?19:02
waldo323double checking19:04
jrwrenbut... pub date 2009. that doesn't make sense.19:06
waldo323it is one of his earlier works, it happens before word of radiance19:07
jrwrenit was published before the way of kinds.19:08
jrwrenbut maybe he write it while writing the way of kings.19:08
waldo323i couldn't say read before words of radiance since you're rereading it19:08
jrwrenha! i see.19:08
waldo323i think he had an early draft back then19:08
waldo323i've heard some characters have changed a lot since the early drafts and some live who didn't then etc19:09
jrwrenbut, the only warbreaker I find is from 2009.19:13
jrwreni just requested it. I'll read it soon :)19:13
waldo323yes that is when it was published19:16
waldo323he typically has a long game in mind and there is always another secret19:17
rick_hyea, in the front of the third book it talks about how he's actually gotten subtle connections between his different series and such19:20

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