RichardCavellBashing-om: I got an error https://ideone.com/lAzBnd00:01
ProCycleI have an install of 14.04.4 LTS that is stuck and can't update due to an incomplete kernel update with missing dependences00:06
Bashing-omRichardCavell: This a MAc system ? "mount: /dev/sda1 is write-protected, mounting read-only" . Be good to get another opinion here .00:06
RichardCavellBashing-om: It's an iMac, yes.00:07
ProCycleI can't install the missing dependencies because the install breaks due to not enough disk space, even though df -h reports several gigabytes free00:08
RichardCavellBashing-om: The best guy to ask is Branes on #macosx but I can't talk there as I'm logged in as guest00:08
allizomRichardCavell: what's up?00:09
ProCycleIt doesn't seem I have a separate /boot partiton that is full00:09
RichardCavellallizom: Hi. I have an iMac on which I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit. But the power was suddenly turned off while Ubuntu was running and now it won't boot at all.00:10
allizomdid you only have Ubuntu installed on the internal HDD?00:11
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Let's get some other advise . Macs rEFIt boot ??00:11
RichardCavellallizom: correct00:12
RichardCavellBashing-om: I have not installed refit00:12
allizomRichardCavell: and, can you successfully boot something else from DVD/USB drive?00:13
ProCycleNot sure how to fix this besides rolling a new server00:13
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Sorry, I am not qualified to advise about a Mac .00:13
RichardCavellallizom: Yes, I am currently on a Debian live DVD00:13
RichardCavellBashing-om: I understand your reluctance to advise further. I'll get advice from that guy00:13
allizomRichardCavell: what do you see when booting the computer (without selecting any other drive)?00:15
RichardCavellallizom: Take a look here https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0s5Iy2hCP4Fv700:16
allizomsorry, that's not working for me00:17
Bashing-omProCycle: "148 not upgraded." . show us in a pastebin ' df -h ; df -i ' .00:17
allizomjust use a sane image sharing host please00:17
ProCycleOut of inodes00:18
RichardCavellallizom: Try https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0s5Iy2hCP4Fv7;EB85C461-E22D-4153-937D-8A422580A1FC or https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=238261200:19
ProCyclewhat the heck how did it run out of inodes? It's barely used00:19
ProCycleIs there any way to free up unused ones or is my best option creating a new installation?00:20
Bashing-omProCycle: Ouch ! .. all you can do at this point is start removing a *LOT* of un-needed files .00:20
ProCycleAll of the actual files are stored on sdb100:21
ProCycleIt's just OS files on sda100:21
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ProCycleOnly thing I can think of is a logger run amok00:22
allizomRichardCavell: seeing your media requires to 1) enable javascript 2) register on a forum. why unnecessarily complicate things?00:22
Bashing-omProCycle: Logging is a good possibility .. " 1240983 : is a lot of inodes !00:23
ProCycleI think I'm just gonna backup my files and wipe. This server has many other problems00:24
ProCycleThanks for the insight, didn't know df had an option to show inode usage00:25
ProCyclels /00:26
Bashing-omProCycle: By far not the 1st to be bit by out of inodes :)00:26
ProCyclewhoops :S00:26
fishiethere used to be like a favorite applications along the bottom that would pop up when you'd move your cursor to it. did that go away in the latest version or is it just gone by default?00:54
fishiethey weren't on the desktop, they were above it, above all windows. along the bottom, but starting at the left.00:56
allizomfishie: this https://blogs.gnome.org/aday/2017/08/31/status-icons-and-gnome/ ?00:56
fishieyeah that's it.00:56
charlesfrI've tried to install ubuntu twice, it gets to the part where it tries to install grub and then I just get a fatal error.  How can I fix that?00:57
fishiedepends on the error?00:57
allizomfishie: gone. if you want it back https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1031/topicons/ or a similar one00:57
fishieallizom, what should I use instead?00:57
charlesfrunable to install to device /dev/sda and it won't install to anything else in the drop down either00:58
allizomfishie: see above00:59
fishiehrm. no relevant search results for ubuntu "Status Icons" files location01:01
fishiedo you know where that data's kept?01:01
nkeck72What exactly are you looking for?01:02
allizomsorry, was that meant for me fishie?01:02
fishieanyone who knows. :>01:02
allizomjust read what I wrote01:02
fishieI wanted to get the data from a non-functional installation.01:03
nkeck72Is everything just on one big ext4 partition?01:03
allizomfishie: please clarify what are you trying to do01:04
Bashing-omcharlesfr: A thought- EFI system where Windows is a factor and your install is in legacy mode ?01:04
fishieI wish to obtain the data of a legacy tray icon from another installation.01:05
allizomwhich kind of data are you looking for?01:05
fishiethe command it used to launch it.01:05
nkeck72Then jus reinstall the program? :s01:06
allizomfishie: it's only launched when some app uses it01:06
fishiebut I typed that command myself... 3 years ago. and I don't remember how it goes.01:06
CoderEuropeCould this be UPDATED to Xenial ? How do I update this? If-not, why not ?01:06
fishieand I can't launch that installation to read it. but I can access the files.01:06
charlesfrI don't really know what that means, I do have windows... how would I fix it if that is the issue?01:06
nkeck72fishie, what is the tray icon in question?01:07
fishieI've installed the app, but it had a lot of arguments that were required to make it work.01:07
fishieIt's Wine launching World of Warcraft.01:07
CoderEuropecharlesfr, You are tryin' to install ubuntu with a usb ?01:07
charlesfryessir, trying to put it on a third HD if that matters at all01:08
fishiehmmm... so far no luck in /home/username/.config/xfce401:08
nkeck72I think your best bet then is to install WoW with Wine on the new install (assuming that's what you're doing), then making a desktop icon of some kind. I have no idea how you got it to be a tray icon01:08
Bashing-omcharlesfr: Check in the EFI firmware (bios) that you are booting the install USB in EFI mode . If legacy delete the ubuntu partitions and try the instal again in EFI mode by booting the USB in EFI mode .01:09
fishienkeck72, nnnnno. I'm copying the files because "installing WoW" would download 50GB. of course trial-and-error attempts to get a shortcut to launch it should take less time, but I was hoping to just copy/paste.01:10
allizomfishie: ok, forget the status icons. Look into ~/.local/share/applications and /usr/share/applications01:10
fishieallizom, thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I'm very lost.01:11
charlesfrokay i will try that, thank you01:11
Bashing-omcharlesfr: Installing ubuntu to it's own physical hard drive, I would install the boot code to that device (sdc) .01:11
CoderEuropeHow do I install Tyrian on wine ? https://imgur.com/2Uy02qW01:12
charlesfris that an advanced option? it only seemed to let me select that device after it hit the fatal error01:13
Bashing-omcharlesfr: Might be good to make sure at this point that you can still boot Windows .01:13
Bashing-omcharlesfr: IF this is a EFI system .. the settings are in the firmware ... not in the operating system at all .01:14
Bashing-om!dualboot | charlesfr01:15
ubottucharlesfr: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:15
charlesfryea I booted windows to talk here :D I need to get rid of it because of memory leaks in some driver but i still want to be able to move over some data which is why I'm trying to put ubuntu on another drive01:16
CoderEuropecharlesfr, use a separate hard drive, yeah ?01:17
CoderEuropeSo tell me, Whats your problem, then ?01:18
charlesfrgrub gets a fatal error trying to install, I gotta try what bashing-om said01:19
CoderEuropeYou use https://etcher.io/ charlesfr  ??01:20
CoderEuropeWhat laptop model is it ?01:20
charlesfrcustom pc and I used rufus, is this etcher better?01:21
fishiehahahah. I just spent the last 10 minutes looking for that data... on the new installation instead of the old one. >_<01:21
fishieFound it! Thanks so much!01:21
sdencryptionHi all, I'm looking to encrypt my microSD card so that if it gets swiped out of my laptop the data won't be useful. I want it to automount either on system start or on user login (I'm the only user). PW or keyfiles, I don't mind which, as long as there's no additional input needed from me. I've tried with the disks utility and Veracrypt and neither seem to support it01:22
CoderEuropecharlesfr, etcher is by far better - it always works and is fast.01:23
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CoderEuropeits the go-to way of doing it.01:23
CoderEuropesdencryption, please contact @LetEncrypt on twitter etc- they are your friends.01:24
sdencryptionLet's Encrypt? They're for HTTPS certs?01:26
CoderEurope Can someone answer this from a security POV ? I would like to-do the same !01:26
CoderEuropesdencryption, Oh are they ? Never used them, they just help me out with any questions. Sorry I pissed you off with that, It just sprung to mind.01:27
sdencryptionCoderEurope: No worries, sorry for the confusion01:27
CoderEuropesdencryption, coolbeans dude !01:28
sdencryptionCoderEurope: I might fire them a message just in case01:28
sean__Anyone out there?01:31
sean__Or just all staring at a blank screen01:31
krytarikIt's not blank.01:32
sean__Well that's a good thing01:32
krytarikAre you?01:32
sean__Am I what?01:32
krytarikStaring at a blank screen.01:32
sean__Well, not anymore01:32
CoderEuropesean__, you gaining something ?01:36
sean__Probably the same thing you're gaining01:36
CoderEuropetroll do you ?01:37
sean__nay, troll I have not01:37
sean__I just said hi to an open quiet room.  That01:37
sean__is it.  Just to see if there was a pulse01:38
CoderEuropeso what do you think of Rule Britannia ?01:38
asimovwhat is rule britannia?01:39
CoderEuropeyour a bot.01:39
sean__Had to look that up.  Being American, we sort of revolted against the song a bit ago01:39
CoderEuropeoh okay. cool.01:40
sean__No hard feelings though.  WWI and II and all sort of patched that all up01:40
asimovi aint no bot01:40
CoderEuropecop on then !01:40
CoderEurope Can someone answer this from a security POV ? I would like to-do the same !01:41
Kon-CoderEurope, why did you link an advertisement for a portable Windows 10 machine here?01:41
Kon-This is the support channel for Ubuntu01:41
CoderEuropesorry. could run ubuntu. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/01/gpd-win-2-runs-linux-perfectly01:42
Kon-The thumbstick-based interface control doesn't seem great for a desktop environment01:44
Kon-And honestly, for its stated purpose as a gaming device, it's quite bad. The CPU is from the ultra low-power m3 line and has weaker performance than an i5-65001:44
hans__i have a lot of 16.04's to install, and after every installation, i have to run `apt update; apt dist-upgrade`, because the 16.04 iso has outdated packages, and the stupid installer fails to update them during the initial OS installation,  is there some easy-ish way to update the packages on the installation image?01:46
hans__(and among the things that needs to be updated is the kernel, so a reboot after the upgrade too)01:47
arktvrvsno unix pro here but im sure theres a way to do 1 install and then update and clone the disk01:47
CoderEuropeKon-, don't knock it till you've tried it, mate.02:00
kappa1hello, how can I simulate a slow network connection on ubuntu?02:19
kappa1I heard about the ipfw... but how can I install it?02:19
arktvrvswhat do you mean 'simulate' ?02:20
kappa1arktvrvs: I want to make my network connection slow on purpose02:20
arktvrvson a per-case basis you can use trickle02:21
GrandPa-GIf I have a assembly line where there are 3 stations that put something together for the next station and I want to tell the next station the assembly is coming, how could I connect a computer at each station to signal the next computer?02:23
GrandPa-GThey will be connected on a LAN.02:23
arktvrvsany way you want?02:23
arktvrvsare you writing code?02:23
GrandPa-GI can think of some type of udp packet sequence with a listner at each station. I can write code or find something simple as standard programs. Completely open to ideas.02:24
arktvrvsudp is a good idea.  netcat can probably do it02:24
arktvrvsbut i may be wrong02:24
Pinkamena_DHello, recently hibernate stopped working for me. I run the hibernate command (systemctl hibernate) and the hard drive writes for a while and it shuts down. Upon coming up it loads for a few seconds and then just stops with black screen, cant get to other tty or anything, must hard shut down.02:26
Pinkamena_DAny common cause or way to view the pervious dmesg to check whats going on?02:26
GrandPa-GBasically I want a way to send an interrupt signal from one computer to another over ethernet.02:26
arktvrvsless /var/log/syslog.1?02:27
arktvrvsubuntu seems to not use dmesg, but rather syslog02:27
arktvrvsplasmatix do you need some laggy mustard?02:27
arktvrvsI have laggy mustard for sale, 30 gil each02:28
PlasmatixMy RPi3 keeps on lagging.02:28
arktvrvshello gladys02:28
arktvrvsthe sultans, played creole (creole!)02:29
PlasmatixIt promotes my being to a Level 8 Salt.02:29
arktvrvswow that is major salt02:29
arktvrvshave you checked top?02:29
PlasmatixJust wait till i level up cause the chat.02:29
arktvrvsyea this place is kind of hit or miss02:30
PlasmatixYou see people in and out?02:30
arktvrvswell sometimes the only people who answer are the ones that say THATS OFFTOPIC GO SOMEWHERE ELSE02:31
PlasmatixHow much RAM does you computer have?02:32
arktvrvs6g? 8?02:32
* arktvrvs lookin for a place called lee ho fooks02:32
PlasmatixI got 1GB of RAM.02:32
arktvrvs<- jelly02:32
arktvrvsmy old lappy crapped out so i stole parts from another and melded them together02:33
PlasmatixOne sec, gotta enter chrome02:33
PlasmatixFound it.02:33
Plasmatix( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)02:33
arktvrvs./flip $table(1)02:34
Pinkamena_Darktvrvs: I am having trouble sorting through it, can I write something long to syslog manually now so I can tell exactly that the part I want is after that?02:34
Pinkamena_Dwould just a regular echo "" >> work ok?02:35
PlasmatixAgain, Dunno.02:35
arktvrvslikely so02:35
PlasmatixI had to use a crappy CRT television for my Wii and X360 though.02:36
arktvrvsif the timestamps arent sufficient02:36
Pinkamena_Dcan I RM all of those files safely so it spawns more?02:36
Pinkamena_Dthe timestamps are like off by a few hours or something idsk02:36
arktvrvssyslog? should be removable02:38
PlasmatixSystemLog, Sould be.02:39
PlasmatixI am the biggest Linux n00b, yet I know how to use sudo.02:41
arktvrvswait till you figure out sudo -i :D02:41
thinquehey someone here?02:41
arktvrvsnobody but us mice02:42
thinqueIM SAD TODAY02:42
arktvrvsim sad everyday02:42
PlasmatixI still use a GBA02:42
arktvrvsyet I couldnt ask for another02:42
arktvrvsi still play super metroid02:42
PlasmatixI play my mom's NES02:42
H1d3anyone good with networking02:43
thinqueyou know Dolores went away?02:43
PlasmatixNot at all.02:43
thinqueextremely sad for me02:43
Plasmatix(° ͜ʖ °)02:43
arktvrvsyes a part of me died02:44
PlasmatixBe right back02:44
thinquewhy you say that02:44
arktvrvs<-- 90s kid02:44
hwdykiwhy does ubuntu expect a reboot after uninstalling an old kernel and how can i disable this?02:44
H1d3got 2 nics in a server eno1 no ip eno2 has ip, both plugged into same switch, any ideas why no ip on eno102:44
thinqueseems all of you still alive02:44
thinquehwdyki you can search on Google02:45
arktvrvshwd, probably cause it reconfigures grub?02:45
arktvrvsno definitely some dead parts02:45
thinquewhich parts in detail?02:46
arktvrvsbrain parts02:46
arktvrvsbasal ganglia02:46
arktvrvsmaybe hypothalamus?02:46
thinqueoo youre joking02:46
thinquewhere are  you from?02:46
arktvrvsthe beuatiful02:46
arktvrvsamber lamps of grain02:47
thinqueMY ENglish is poor so please forgive me02:47
H1d3so is most americans02:47
thinqueim a Chinese haha02:47
arktvrvsyou do well enough02:47
thinquelack in words and phrases02:48
thinque I came here months ago but seemed no one here02:49
WacomUserI am trying to get my Wacom Intuos to work on Ubuntu 16.04. I tried some tutorials, but no luck so far. I last tried following these instructions, but got the v2.00 output, which seems to indicate that the stock version is still in use according to the page. But there is no follow up on what to do in that case... Can anyone please help?02:49
thinqueplease wait a moment and someone may help you02:50
WacomUserBTW, these are the instructions. I forgot to include the link... https://github.com/linuxwacom/input-wacom/wiki/Installing-input-wacom-from-source02:50
arktvrvswhat 'page'02:50
PlasmatixSup boi.02:51
PlasmatixOr boi(s).02:52
arktvrvseww you installed from source :(02:52
arktvrvsdont let anybody here know or you'll be gettin the business02:52
Pinkamena_DHi All, I looked through the /var/log/syslog now after confirming the timestamps and everything - There are absolutely no messages. Here is the procedure, I marked a line in the syslog, ran sudo systemctl hibernate, and waited for the shutdown. I waited a few mins and booted up, which does not work, then I held the button down and turned it on again. I can only see the last message before shutdown and the messages after the hard reboot, nothing in02:53
Pinkamena_Dbetween. Any other idea where I can look for info to find what is going wrong?02:53
Pinkamena_DI can post the syslog if anyone cares to look at it but I don't think its very helpful02:53
PlasmatixTry booting to CMD Line. Tell ya now, I am 15, yet I use MS-DOS more than Windows XP.02:54
WacomUserAnyone knows how to use wacom pads in ubuntu?02:55
PlasmatixThe command line is better than a GUI to me.02:55
thinque15? good boy02:56
Pinkamena_DPlasmatix: I work linux servers for a living. I don't care if I read the syslog through a gui or a terminal, but it nothing is logged there when the error occurs I can not do much.02:56
thinquewacomuser I suggest you searching on github02:58
Pinkamena_DPlasmatix: I started on DOS too btw, QBASIC was quite a fun time, I wish you well.02:58
PlasmatixI sadly do not have Duke Nukem 3D.02:58
arktvrvsthat game was sweet02:59
arktvrvs"i guess pigs do fly!"02:59
PlasmatixYeah well see ya guys.02:59
H1d3anyone know best way to make 1 ubuntu server with 2 nics designate eth1 to virtual machines only and eth2 to the host machine only. I do not want either to have any access to the other.02:59
quazimodoOk guys i'm having a weird time02:59
arktvrvsH1d3, configure them?03:00
quazimodoit looks like my (xubuntu 16.04) install doesn't let me render any fonts below 'regular'03:00
quazimodothe settings manager also doesn't allow 'Helvetica Neue.ttc' to be used as the system font at all03:00
arktvrvsi mean you'll need to give it an ip/subnet and then set routes03:01
arktvrvsdepending on what sort of VM setup you are using youll have to configure it appropriately03:01
WacomUserthinque: I am not suure what to look for. I thought the steps I was following were already from github03:03
quazimodoeven font-mananger doesn't render light fonts03:03
quazimodois this a known ubuntu bug?03:03
H1d3not a networking guy so..iptables and such? or /etc/network/interfaces03:03
arktvrvsinterfaces for that kind of stuff.  unless you have some special whacky setup03:04
pennTellerHi guys, so I have an encrypted LVM is there a way to change the password every month automatically or something like that?03:04
arktvrvsautomatically setting passwords is a scary idea03:04
arktvrvsand thats coming from someone who has used 64 character random alphanumerics as passwords03:05
pennTellerarktvrvs, I know lol but what if I have a short list of 10 passwords and I have the system cycle through them once a month03:05
arktvrvsthen a bash script and a cron job oughtta do you?03:05
H1d3should be fairly simple cron.monthly03:06
thinqueWacomUser:it's a difficult problem for who doesn't use wacom...you'd better ask others later and I'm really sorry03:06
pennTellerH1d3, but how to do it with LVM password_03:07
misty5pennTeller: hey03:07
misty5H1d3: hey03:07
pennTellermisty5, hi there03:07
arktvrvshow do you normally set lvm passwords?03:07
misty5pennTeller: guess what03:07
arktvrvschicken butt!03:07
pennTellerarktvrvs, honestly I have only set LVM password once and it was during install03:08
arktvrvsive only set it 0 times myself03:08
pennTellermisty5, what?03:08
arktvrvs:D maybe google and learn about lvm?03:08
pennTellerarktvrvs, lol03:08
misty5pennTeller: do you really wanna know?03:08
arktvrvsits chicken butt03:08
pennTellermisty5, yes03:08
misty5pennTeller: FUCK YOU, that's what03:08
arktvrvsmisty that was mean03:08
pennTellermisty5, lol03:09
arktvrvsnow hes gonna tell penn03:09
arktvrvsand not clever at all03:09
pennTellerthat was dissapointing xD03:09
arktvrvsi mean you could have at least said chicken butt03:09
arktvrvsi even set it up for you03:09
thinquea problem stuck me..MY wireless network doesn't work in Ubuntu(BTW wire network is OK and wireless adapter in WIN10 or WIN7 is also fine)03:12
pennTellerH1d3, thank you, that seems like it´s "scriptable"03:12
arktvrvsgoogle the name/model of your wifi adapter followed by 'ubuntu'03:12
H1d3is it internal or usb03:12
thinquethen what03:12
H1d3laptop, desktop? chipset?03:13
thinquean old laptop haha03:13
thinqueborn in 200703:13
H1d3old is usually better compatablility03:14
arktvrvs<3 200703:14
arktvrvsway better than 201703:14
arktvrvsseriously, last 10 years have been a waste03:14
arktvrvsthanks obama03:14
thinqueyeah sometimes it works better than new laptop..03:14
H1d3best laptop i ever had was thinkpad t40003:15
arktvrvsbest computer i ever had was 128mb athlon 550mhz03:15
thinqueI wanna buy Microsoft Surface Laptop.is it OK?03:15
arktvrvsi wouldnt touch it.03:15
H1d3buy me one and ill let you know03:15
thinque(maybe to expensive03:15
thinquehaha youre funny03:16
Neo4on my server mail finction doesn't work, what does it might mean?03:17
H1d3later all need to get back to my networking problem thanks for the info03:17
Neo4I used this code for test https://hastebin.com/agotisoxim.bash03:18
Neo4I want to create mails like name@kselax.ru, what I must do for it?03:23
Neo4What I have to for it?03:23
Neo4What I've got to do for it?03:24
arktvrvsregister a domain name03:24
arktvrvsfind an email host03:24
Neo4what the email host? Where I've got to find it?03:25
arktvrvsgoogle? i think sometimes a domain registrar will even host for you.. if i remember correctly03:25
Neo4arktvrvs: see I installed only LAMP, might be I must install some mail server?03:25
arktvrvsfor example, i used to own bigfatdoobies.com and ircii.us03:25
arktvrvsyou can run your own server, if you want.  you dont have to though.03:26
Neo4arktvrvs: why on my server not accessible mail function? https://kselax.ru/test.php03:27
Neo4arktvrvs: what is postfix and sendmail?03:27
arktvrvsnot sure about postfix, but sendmail is your worst nightmare03:28
Neo4I read it must be default installed03:28
Neo4sendmail it's mail server?03:28
Neo4and postfix might be to03:28
arktvrvsyes probably03:29
arktvrvsunless you know what youre doing, running a mail server is a bad idea03:29
Neo4arktvrvs: if I don't run it I won't know...03:29
arktvrvssuit yourself.  easier to pay somebody to host your domain03:30
Neo4I could run on virtual machine for the start03:30
Neo4arktvrvs: oh, I'm learner, want to do it myself :)03:30
arktvrvsa mail server not configured properly can cause a lot of problems.  virtual machine will not help all of those problems03:31
Neo4arktvrvs: really?03:31
arktvrvsas other can use them for spam mails03:31
arktvrvsand those will get your domain blacklisted03:31
Neo4on ubuntu server guide I read there exists many servers03:32
Neo4arktvrvs: I want to try at first and then use it for send spam, domain cost 3$ for first year and server on digital ocean 5$, we might send mails while get ban03:32
Neo4arktvrvs: it's good idea, black ads03:33
arktvrvsif you want to send spam then get lost03:33
Neo4arktvrvs: not I don't want, just I will able to do it as well :)03:33
arktvrvsnot once you are on geoip03:33
arktvrvsyou will be completely ignored. and possibly have your hosting revoked03:34
jerichowasahoaxi believe sending spam is a violation of many providers' terms of service03:34
Neo4arktvrvs: what it means? no, I don't think so03:34
arktvrvsit means you should leave03:34
arktvrvsand grow up.  what are you 12 years old03:35
Neo4jerichowasahoax: no, they don't care about it, you are paying for host and rest are not their problems in general03:35
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax03:35
arktvrvsinternet emergency! weeoooweoooweeoooo03:36
jerichowasahoaxspeaking of mail, actually: i know there's a few different packages in the repositories that provide the "sendmail" command. how do i determine which one i've actually got installed?03:36
Neo4arktvrvs: well, I understood you don't know how to forse mail function to work...03:37
arktvrvsjericho i would ls -l /usr/bin/sendmail03:37
arktvrvsi do know03:37
arktvrvsbut i dont want to encourage you03:37
jerichowasahoaxarktvrvs: how would ls know which package provides that command? all that would do is confirm i've got it03:37
Neo4arktvrvs: you know but not confidently03:37
arktvrvsyeah, i do.03:37
arktvrvsnow get lost03:37
arktvrvsjericho, in debian/ubuntu a lot of symlinks are used03:38
arktvrvsyou may be able to see which program is being used as 'sendmail'03:38
stanley87im learning but i like linux, is it possible to use linux without needed to use again windows or mac?03:38
Neo4arktvrvs: :)03:38
jerichowasahoaxarktvrvs: does not appear to be a symlink here, just a plain file03:38
arktvrvsstan, it depends what you need to do.  generally yea03:38
arktvrvsthen i think dpkg -S sendmail ?03:38
Flanneljerichowasahoax: Then you can `dpkg -S /path/to/file` to figure out which package contains that file.03:39
arktvrvsive used linux since 2008, but i dont play games03:39
jerichowasahoaxFlannel: bingo, thank you03:39
arktvrvsneo4, i've owned 2 domain names and set up my own email and vhosts. so go away.03:39
arktvrvsipv6 vhosts even03:40
stanley87i hate games, i dont like it, i love open source because it is freedom03:40
=== poutined is now known as poutine
arktvrvsick.. a stallmanite ;)03:41
Neo4arktvrvs: from my side I see you are badly know this domain and completely not understand what about you are speaking. Might be this is language restrictions :) :) :)03:41
arktvrvsgrow up child03:42
Neo4arktvrvs: well, it was joke, don't worry )03:42
arktvrvsturn off your computer.  go outside and talk to girls03:42
Flannelarktvrvs: Just drop it.  As far as I can tell, he's stopped.03:42
lapionhow do I reenalbe powermanagement for usb disks ?03:43
lapionEver since the upgrade to 16.04 my usb drives do not spin down anymore03:43
Neo4I watched this in one guy on site https://roundcube.net/03:44
Neo4he gave me one mail for use03:45
Neo4this app require SMTP server and IMAP server with IMAP4 rev1 support03:49
Neo4if I installed ubuntu there isn't SMTP on default?03:49
Neo4SMTP and IMAP servers are needed03:50
ii85hey guys03:51
ii85is it possible to use a liveUSB and install ubuntu on my 16gb stick?03:51
jerichowasahoaxNeo4: SMTP/IMAP doesn't come with any ubuntu install by default because most people tend to use someone else's mail servers03:51
Bashing-omii85: Short answer, Yes .03:52
ii85it says 25gb is the minimum03:53
ii85I only have 1603:53
Neo4see what I managed to find https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-configure-postfix-on-ubuntu-16-0403:54
jerichowasahoaxii85: wait, did you want to install your actual system onto the usb stick or just the liveusb media?03:54
Bashing-omii85: It will be real tight .. and no room for added applications .. and one will have to watch disk space usage .. but can be done .03:54
ii85install the actual system ion the stick03:55
ii85I dont care about any additional os03:55
arktvrvsneeding 25gb for an os.. oh my03:55
ii85I am just trying to do a few tasks and then delete the entire thing03:55
* arktvrvs checks df03:55
ii85It wont do any of these things in live mode03:55
Bashing-omii85: I have run well on 15 gigs ( minimal install ) .03:56
ii85with 14.04?03:56
ii85sorry 16.0403:56
Bashing-omii85: Yes .. was 14.04 .03:57
ii85ok giving it a try03:57
Bashing-omii85: minimal install ... 5G root, 5G /home .. and 5g /var .03:58
* arktvrvs squeals03:59
ii85is there an option for "minimal install"?03:59
arktvrvsall those gigabytes down the drain.. thanks amd_6403:59
ii85In live mode?03:59
Bashing-om!minimal | ii8503:59
ubottuii85: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:59
robby_hey guys. I recently installed ubuntu dualbooted to windows 10. For some reason my bluetooth adapter is not being detected though. So far I've tried hcitool dev which doesnt show any devices, I've looked in lsusb and lspci as well and I couldnt find it in there as well. Any suggestions?04:04
robby_I installed ubuntu dualboot with windows 10 and for some reaosn ^04:04
robby_the first part of the msg got deleted somehwo04:05
arktvrvsdoesnt look like it04:05
arktvrvswas it working before?04:06
robby_It was working on windows 10 and still does but hasn't worked on ubuntu since the beginnign04:06
robby_beginning as in since installation(like yesterday)04:06
p1und3ranyone here running a gpu mining rig using ubuntu?04:09
arktvrvslol unix04:14
amazoniantoadHey guys. If I enable 32bit mode does that mean my entire system will run in 32bit mode? Or allow 32bit applications to execute in 32bit mode?04:18
ii85does Ubuntu 14.04.5 Desktop (32-bit) boot at startup automatically?04:20
ii85It would not boot at startup04:20
daxamazoniantoad: depends on what "enable 32bit mode" means. if you mean enabling multiarch, it's the second thing you said04:21
amazoniantoaddax, I mean sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38604:22
daxamazoniantoad: yep, that's multiarch. 64-bit applications aren't affected, anything you install with the :i386 architecture will be a 32-bit application running on your 64-bit kernel using 32-bit libraries04:23
amazoniantoadAh. thanks04:23
JonelethIrenicuswhy do I have multiple snap cores installed?04:28
amazoniantoadWhen I try to install wine I get the following error: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26395667/ How should I fix this?04:30
JonelethIrenicusamazoniantoad: use crossover04:30
BlankspaceMy Firefox is opening up spam page on its own04:30
BlankspaceWhat should I do to close it04:30
JonelethIrenicusBlankspace: its got some malware04:30
amazoniantoadJonelethIrenicus, I prefer crossover anyway but they rob you with their prices04:30
BlankspaceIts not closing04:30
amazoniantoadBlankspace, killall firefox04:30
JonelethIrenicusamazoniantoad: considering they made it i would say it is worth it04:30
BlankspaceEven the I restarted my pc04:30
amazoniantoadin terminal04:30
BlankspaceWhen I tried opening my Firefox it relaunches itself04:31
amazoniantoadJonelethIrenicus, yeah but I don't agree with the price so I don't use it04:31
amazoniantoadIt is nice software though04:31
BlankspaceHow can I close it04:31
JonelethIrenicusamazoniantoad: they just had big sale04:31
amazoniantoadBlankspace, open terminal and enter, "killall firefox"04:31
amazoniantoadOr you can try and find the virus with your process list04:32
JonelethIrenicusamazoniantoad: his problem is that when he opens his browser the malware is in the browser i think04:32
JonelethIrenicusBlankspace: you should ask in Firefox channel04:32
BlankspaceTy Amazon04:32
BlankspaceIt helped04:32
amazoniantoadBlankspace, sudo apt-get remove --purge firefox04:32
amazoniantoadthen reinstall04:32
amazoniantoadsee if that works04:32
BlankspaceI did killall it worked04:32
amazoniantoadOkay but open firefox again04:33
amazoniantoadsee if it's still there04:33
BlankspaceNot here04:33
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amazoniantoadWhen I try to install wine I get the following error: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26395667/ How should I fix this?05:10
amazoniantoadSorry, lost connection before05:10
trincyoloHi, I'm holding down shift on reboot but my grub menu isn't loading and I need to select an older kernel or my computer doesn't load anything but a login and blank wallpapper05:20
EriC^^try esc05:20
trincyoloEriC^^: thanks. What's the safest way to restart my computer now?05:22
trincyoloI'm currently unable to get a terminal05:23
EriC^^try ctrl+alt+f1 then when you get the tty press ctrl+alt+del05:23
Bashing-om!sysrq | trincyolo05:23
ubottutrincyolo: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key05:23
EriC^^or see above ^05:23
EriC^^if that doesnt work05:23
trincyoloEriC^^: Escape gave me a grub prompt05:24
trincyoloEriC^^: not menu05:24
EriC^^trincyolo: type 'normal'05:25
trincyoloEriC^^: now ubuntu is just loading after typing that. Wasn't able to select my kernel05:25
EdgemanWhat would cause a system (virtual machine) to completely hang a few minutes after finishing boot? This was a 16.04.3 that I just upgraded to 17.10. No output in /var/log/syslog or on the console when it locks up. Network goes down and console is unresponsive afterwards.05:25
EriC^^trincyolo: something is off with the grub menu, try to load it manually05:26
EriC^^trincyolo: type "ls" when you get the prompt05:27
trincyoloEriC^^: how? I haven't been able to get a terminal yet. I've already tried ctrl+alt+f1 ... but now I'm at the ubuntu login screen05:27
EriC^^press ctrl+alt+del05:27
trincyoloEriC^^: the f1 has now hung everything05:28
EriC^^try alt+prntscrn + s05:29
EriC^^the u then b05:29
trincyoloEriC^^: nothing05:30
xs2can I do something about the resolution on my computer? the display was once replaced with HD ready (if such thing exists), it used to have full HD. The max resolution I can set is 1366x768, and 1920x1080 doesn't look well (I can't see entire screen, it's cut on edges) it doesn't look well when hooked up to TV via HDMI; when I switch the laptop screen to be main display it doesn't let me set 1920 x 108005:30
trincyoloEriC^^: it rebooted05:30
EriC^^alt+prntscrn + b05:30
trincyoloEriC^^: I got it. Thanks for your help. Turns out that holding esc was escaping the grub menu. Just needed to tap it at the right moment05:34
schultzaIf i was to completely redo my LVM partitions, how do I deleted them?05:35
The0x539I'm having trouble with getting dhclient to run on boot on my 17.10 server.05:36
The0x539I've got iface eth0 inet dhcp in /etc/network/interfaces and I still need to run dhclient manually before I have connectivity05:36
hans__does ubuntu live come with openssh server?05:36
EriC^^trincyolo: ah cool05:38
EriC^^no hans__ dnt think so05:38
alkisgThe0x539: do you have ifupdown installed?05:46
stanley87how can i know the public ip from the computer not the router?05:48
stanley87i can see local ip from my computer, i want to find the public ip but only i can find router, how can i identify my public ip of my computer ? not router05:50
stanley87or there is not public ip for computer? its only router05:50
oerhekscurl ipinfo.io/ip05:51
oerheks wget -qO- http://ipecho.net/plain ; echo # without installing anything05:51
kk4ewtopen a webbrowser  go to http://www.whatsmyip.org/05:51
alkisgstanley87: your computer doesn't have a public ipv4 IP, only your router has one. That's why when you need to for example expose a web server, do you "port forwarding" on the router05:53
kk4ewtstanley87, if you dont understand what we posted above  take a look at this, watch the whole thing and it explains how the internet works05:56
stanley87_kk4ewt: thanks, but how can identify a computer? not the router, is it possible? out the local networrk06:08
stanley87_you told me a computer doesnt have public ip, only the router, i got it, but is possible to identify it out the local network? or the only way is idenfity the router thats why like you told me we need to open ports in router we expose it on the net06:10
stanley87_is it not like time ago? with modems we could see computer ip06:11
stanley87_so router today is like a wall?06:13
alkisgstanley87_, what are you trying to do? "identify a computer from a web server"? The IP doesn't help with that.06:23
oerhekssudo nmap -A -T4 # works for me06:27
stanley87__alkisg: yes i was trying to do that, but not only from web server, so  how can i identify it?06:28
alkisgstanley87__: this isn't related to ubuntu, try in #networking06:28
alkisgAlso, that's the point of privacy, that you' *can't*06:28
alkisgYou can only use "cookies"06:28
alkisgTo remember a pc06:28
tyilI wanted to try out KDE, so I tried to `apt install kubuntu-desktop`, which for some reason failed to install. Apparently both unity and kde want to make use of a file at `/usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service` and this made apt angry. Now apt won't let me remove the offending kde package (kde-config-telepathy-accounts), the offending unity package (unity-scope-drive), the offending unity dep that06:29
tyilactually owns the file (account-plugin-google) or the kde meta package (kubuntu-desktop)06:29
tyilit basically doesn't let me do anything, just keeps on complaining I should try to `apt-get -f install`, which doesn't do anything except  complain it cant do anything06:29
tyilwhich it does on every apt command I can imagine now06:29
tyilso now I don't have KDE, and I have a broken package manager that doesn't even let me attempt to fix the issue06:31
user___Hello, looking at USN-3522-3  in regards to Meltdown / Spectre, it am told to update my 16.04 LTS to kernel: linux-image-generic but after running dist-upgrade the kernel is  4.4.0-22-generic. How can I get the appropriate kernel ?06:40
oerheksuser___, install HWE i think06:41
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti06:41
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack06:41
stanley87__alkisg: thanks a lot06:43
tyilif only apt would work so I could install updates06:43
xs2is it possible to fix this? https://i.imgur.com/0fGWl9jl.png I've managed to find the overscanning option on TV xmobar appears normally, but as you can see it's... weird06:44
xs2yea I should say that native display is 1366x768 and I'm trying to display full hd on the tv06:45
user___oerheks thanks for the info!06:49
ubottuSpectre is a security issue in almost all modern processors, which was released along with !Meltdown (but is not the same thing). While there are several initiatives underway to mitigate it, there is no "magic bullet" software fix. Ubuntu is monitoring ongoing efforts and will provide security updates as they become available. See !usn for security update notifications.06:49
ubottuKPTI is a mitigation for the !Meltdown security issue. With some workloads on some processors, KPTI has a significant performance impact. KPTI can be disabled by adding "nopti" to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line in /etc/default/grub. This should only be done if absolutely necessary because it will disable protections against Meltdown and thus allow any malicious user process to read memory and probably escalate to root.06:49
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QuenzBecause I'm trying to install Ubuntu Gnome on a partition, I have to manually make the swap partition as well. What would it have set by default? Does anyone know what calculation the installer uses?06:53
tyil4gb is reasonable06:55
jerichowasahoaxQuenz: if you intend to use hibernation/suspend-to-disk you'll probably want to match the amount of RAM you have06:55
jerichowasahoaxQuenz: otherwise, yeah, 4GB is probably a good guess for most people06:55
alkisgtyil: what's the output of `sudo dpkg -S /usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service` ?06:56
oerheksQuenz, you don' t have to calculate that, let ubuntu decide, ubuntu uses 1 partition now for the whole system, and uses a swap-file06:56
alkisgGood morning06:56
tyilalkisg: account-plugin-google: /usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service06:56
alkisgtyil: ok, that's only one package using it... pastebin the whole output of apt-get -f install06:56
CoderEuropeSorry about Dolores O'Riordan, n' stuff - legend !06:57
tyilalkisg: https://cry.nu/p/46iy06:57
alkisgtyil: try: apt purge kde-config-telepathy-accounts06:58
tyilnot allowed, same error as with install -f06:58
Quenzjerichowasahoax sorry to be pedantic, but is that what he installer would have done with the default "erase and install" option? oerheks when I click install after choosing the main partition, is warns me that I haven't assigned a swap partition06:59
jerichowasahoaxQuenz: why does it matter what the installer would have done07:00
alkisgtyil: sudo dpkg --force-all purge kde-config-telepathy-accounts; sudo apt purge --auto-remove kde-desktop07:00
Quenzjerichowasahoax Because I imagine is has some kind of an algorithm to choose the optimal swap size07:00
jerichowasahoaxQuenz: no07:00
jerichowasahoax"the optimal swap size" doesn't exist, really07:00
QuenzDoes it not make a swap partition by default?07:01
Quenzhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq says between equal to your RAM and double, but that's not very specific.07:01
jerichowasahoaxQuenz: well how much RAM have you got07:01
Quenz8 GB07:01
QuenzIf I had to estimate myself, I would choose 12 GB for swap space jerichowasahoax07:02
tyilwhat kind of machine is it, how do you intend to use it, how much ram do you have, how much storage and what kind of storage do you have, Quenz07:02
tyilall those things matter for the "right" choice in swap size07:02
jerichowasahoaxQuenz: that sounds like an okay number to me07:02
QuenzDoes no one know what the installer does by default in terms of the swap partition? Does it not make one at all?07:03
jerichowasahoaxQuenz: again, why does it matter what the installer does07:03
tyilQuenz: correct07:03
jerichowasahoaxQuenz: you're ignoring the advice of experts in favor of some program?07:03
alkisgtyil: sudo dpkg --force-all --purge kde-config-telepathy-accounts; sudo apt purge --auto-remove kde-desktop07:04
tyilalkisg: dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove kde-config-telepathy-accounts which isn't installed07:04
QuenzWell I image experts designed the installer too. The problem is the advice you guys are giving me is not very specific, whereas I know the installer would choose something specific07:05
tyil(and then the usual error that apt is probably the worst package manager in existence and doesnt let  me do anything)07:05
Quenztyil the installer doesn't make a swap partition by default?07:05
tyilQuenz: the info you're giving isn't very specific either07:05
tyillike I said, the "right" swap size depends on many things07:05
jerichowasahoaxQuenz: we gave you an exact number, and approved another exact number, how is that "not very specific"07:05
tyilif you just ask "how much swap guys" I'll givey ou 4gb07:05
tyilif you're dissatisfied, give more info so we can give a better answer07:06
alkisgtyil: ok; temporarily then remove the google accounts package, but don't remove its dependencies. I.e. try this, but don't press yes without pastebining first on the second command: sudo dpkg --purge --force-all account-plugin-google; sudo apt purge kubuntu-desktop07:06
tyiland idk, its been ages since I last touched the ubuntu installer, and I dont intend to ever touch it again07:06
QuenzThe specific question I'm asking is how much swap space the installer would make by default. Otherwise, I'll just go with 12 GB. But I would rather know what the installer would do (if it even makes a partition at all)07:06
jerichowasahoaxQuenz: again, WHY07:07
jerichowasahoaxQuenz: the installer isn't some magical oracle that can automatically understand every possible answer to every scenario you could have07:07
tyilalkisg: the first command succeeded, the second gives the usual error that I need to apt-get -f install07:07
alkisgtyil: ok, try apt -f install but if you see that it REMOVES packages, don't accept07:07
tyilI can try  it at this point I guess, since the conflict is now resolved07:08
QuenzBecause that's what I would have done in the first place. I would have just let the installer do what it does, and not bother with customizing it. The only reason I'm asking is because I have to do the partitioning myself, because I don't want it to just format the whole drive.07:08
tyilalkisg: 0 to remove, but installation fails anyway, saying it tries to overwrite /usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service (this persists even after invoking sudo rm on it beforehand)07:09
alkisgtyil: pastebin please07:09
tyilalso, ls: cannot access '/usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service': No such file or directory07:10
alkisgtyil: sudo dpkg --purge --force-all account-plugin-google; sudo dpkg-divert --divert /usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service.bak --rename /usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service; sudo apt install -f07:11
tyilalkisg: same error as in the previous paste07:12
alkisgtyil: did the divert command succeed?07:13
oerheksalkisg, tyil , this answer might be a help, https://askubuntu.com/a/969623  sudo apt clean && sudo apt -f install  # still wonder why this stupid bug is still alive, since 201507:13
tyilalkisg: it did07:13
tyiloerheks: it does not07:13
tyilalkisg: Adding 'local diversion of /usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service to /usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service.bak'07:13
tyilthat was the output  of the divert07:13
tyilidk why apt is so fucking shit it completely shits itself when you're trying to install a package, which I thought was the primary goal of the entire thing in the first place07:14
QuenzI just went to use the "Install Ubuntu Gnome alongside..." option, and it does make a swap partition by default. It doesn't say what size, but I guess I can find out by installing. Hopefully it doesn't delete any other partitions, which is what I was worried about07:14
alkisgtyil: what's the output of dpkg -l '*kde*' | nc termbin.com 9999 ?07:15
alkisgtyil: can you pastebin the output of sudo dpkg --purge --force-all kde-config-telepathy-accounts ?07:17
tyilthat seems to have actually done something07:18
alkisgtyil: right, because the last time you said it wasn't installed07:18
alkisgtyil: ok now try apt purge --auto-remove kubuntu-desktop07:18
tyilsweet apt07:18
alkisgtyil: at this point we want to have account-plugin-google installed, before removing kubuntu-desktop07:19
alkisgIs it?07:19
tyilI wanted to install kubuntu-desktop to try out kde for a change, actually07:20
tyilbut  that was before I knew  apt cant deal with installing packages07:20
alkisgtyil: let's first get apt into a consistent state07:20
tyilI'm not sure it ever is07:20
alkisgSo, the plan is: have account-plugin-google installed, kde-config-telepathy-accounts purged, and at that point try to apt purge --auto-remove kubuntu-desktop07:21
tyilthen I'm back at where I began when I thought to myself "I should check up on KDE"07:21
alkisgRight, undoing the damage is the first step07:22
alkisgUnless you don't want that, and I should stop helping at that direction07:22
tyilI kinda want to have a decent package manager that can install a package, but that's not going to happen with ubuntu it seems, so I'll have to do with just spending my morning before work  with undoing the damage that apt is causing07:23
alkisgOK, I stop, maybe someone else can cope with that07:23
alkisgRemember that here are volunteers that may want to help others, not "developers that maintain ubuntu and are the ones to blame when things go wrong"07:24
tyilyeah, its kinda frustrating to have apt blow up in your face and refuse to do anything *at all* at this point too07:24
tyiland #ubuntu has yet to ever solve an apt issue for me, no matter how nice anyone is trying  to be07:24
alkisgHelping you is no longer fun, bye from me07:24
tyilthe only  thing that ever fixes the horror that is apt has been using another package manager07:25
lotuspsychjetyil: not smart when someone is helping you refuse trying to do steps07:25
tyillotuspsychje: I've been doing their steps for the past half hour07:25
tyilwe're in the same position still07:25
lotuspsychjetyil: thats why we trying to help..07:25
tyilbecause I tried to *install a package* with a *package manager*07:26
tyillotuspsychje: the last advice I seem to have gotten has been "yeah no lets just roll back completely, you wasted 1 hours to solve a fuckup from a program whose sole purpose is to perform that single install action07:26
lotuspsychjetyil: no need for bad language here07:26
lotuspsychjetyil: with your attitude now, nobody is gonna help you07:27
jerichowasahoaxtyil: inhale. count to four. exhale. count to four.07:27
jerichowasahoaxtyil: i promise it works07:27
tyilI've been counting time for the past half hour, doesn't seem to solve apt being garbage07:28
Flanneltyil: Initially you said that a package unity-scope-drive was causing problems.  I don't see that in the repos.  Where did you get that?07:28
lotuspsychjetyil: apt isnt garbage, you scrambled your own system somehow07:28
alkisgtyil: "- I slipped on a banana and I fell. - Let me help you up! - No I don't want your f*** help because someone is responsible for the banana and I want them punished". ==> OK, I won't help you up.07:29
tyilFlannel: I have no clue, I dont even use unity, I use xmonad, maybe some part of apt could be persuaded to answer the question if we sacrifice some goats07:29
MonoMonkeyHey guys, I'm currently faced with a server that's missing loads and loads of updates. So before I do dist-upgrade, I wanted to make a backup of the OS, so I can revert to it in case anything goes wrong. For that, I wanted to do an image of the disk with dd. Disk size is 250 GB, but only 8GB of that are used. It takes incredibly long because with dd, I'm copying all the empty parts of the disk as well. Any07:29
MonoMonkeyother suggestions?07:30
tyillotuspsychje: apt is most definately garbage, the only package manager to break pretty much always07:30
tyilnot even pacman breaks this often07:30
Flanneltyil: That package doesn't exist, so... you must have installed some additional repository or something.  Lets find out what that is.  Can you please pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get update`07:30
jerichowasahoaxtyil: so do you actually want ubuntu support or are you a disguised shill from some other distro07:30
CoderEuropetyil, /i feel you pal. Consider a sh*t umbrella.07:30
lotuspsychjeCoderEurope: thats offtopic07:30
tyilalkisg: "I want to install X" -> ubuntu shits itself -> "No just roll back completely" is more of a course thats taken here, whereas I wanted to install this particular package, that apt cant deal with and decides to just stop working altogether07:31
lotuspsychjeMonoMonkey: there is #ubuntu-server if you like07:31
tyiljerichowasahoax: I actually want apt to work and have kde installed07:31
Flanneltyil: Can you please pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get update`07:31
tyilnot one or the other07:31
MonoMonkeylotuspsychje: ah thanks!07:31
alkisgtyil: if your problem is that you are using a bad repository, YOU are to blame, and UNDOING is the correct thing to do, then REMOVING the bad source, and then saying THANKS and SORRY07:32
Flannelalkisg: Please stop.07:32
tyilalkisg: if a package manager fucking destroys itself completely when you're trying to use the most common command for it, then the package manager is absolute fucking trash07:32
lotuspsychje!language | tyil07:33
ubottutyil: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList07:33
tyilI have yet to experience this kind of garbage behaviour with pacman, emerge or urpmi07:33
tyilwhy can every other package manager handle installation properly, except apt?07:33
FlannelLets not get carried away here.  tyil, the current situation *appears* to be that you've driven your car into a lake, and are now complaining when it refuses to start while under water.  So, calm down and lets get this fixed.07:33
MonoMonkeytyil: So far apt has served me perfectly well, aside from that, I don't think complaining about it on here will help you solve your problem any quicker07:34
Flanneltyil: It's not apts fault that you have extra third-party packages that are conflicting with the ones in the repository.  If anything, you should be complaining to the third-party packagers.07:34
tyilMonoMonkey: doesnt seem like apt problems get fixed no matter where you complain anyway, so that includes here, yes07:34
Flanneltyil: But again, that's not important, lets fix this.07:34
jerichowasahoaxit's like that webcomic. "i don't want a solution. i want to be mad."07:35
Flanneljerichowasahoax: Please stop.  Thanks.07:35
tyilI want apt to be capable ;)07:35
jerichowasahoaxFlannel: I'm sorry, but I've yet to be convinced that his intentions are entirely altruistic.07:35
tyil>apt breaks07:35
Flanneljerichowasahoax, alkisg: Then go somewhere else and complain.  Thanks.07:35
tyil>someone is frustrated by this07:36
CoderEuropehow about Lets make Ubuntu practico ?07:36
alkisgFlannel: no, go somewhere else to support trolls07:36
tyilI kinda want to have kde available, thats all07:36
tyiland I chose to try it on me desktop (ubuntu) because I dont have the time to compile it before work on my laptop (gentoo)07:36
=== led2 is now known as led1
tyilnow my desktop broke, and it's frustrating because apt is nowhere near as helpful as portage in troubleshoootig07:37
Flanneltyil: Alright, you've got a bunch of pastes up there and I'm not sure where we stand.  So lets just try again and get a new error.  Can you pastebin the results of `apt-get --simulate install kubuntu-desktop`07:37
Flanneltyil: Alright, now `apt-cache policy kde-config-telepathy-accounts kde-telepathy-minimal unity-scope-gdrive account-plugin-google`07:39
Kon-Is he trying to install KDE from Ubuntu GNOME?07:39
tyilFlannel: https://cry.nu/p/1vd907:39
tyilKon-: no, this is mainline ubuntu 16.0407:40
Kon-tyil, why not start with Kubuntu 16.04?07:40
tyilbecause I dont have kubuntu installed07:40
tyiland installing a whole new OS just to try out another DE for a couple days sounds pretty silly07:40
tyilespecially if there's a package manager available that *should* be able to just install the package07:41
samcvthat sounds pretty reasonable tyil07:41
Flanneltyil: Again, this problem is NOT caused by apt.  It's caused by your third party repositories.  We're just not sure which one yet.07:41
Flanneltyil: So please, stop complaining for the duration of this.  Because you don't actually appear to understand the problem.07:41
=== nicolo is now known as Guest22681
Flanneltyil: pastebin `apt-get --simulate install kde-telepathy-minimal kde-config-telepathy-accounts`.  We're just going to keep following the "not going to be installed" chain down until we find the culprit.07:43
Flanneltyil: Did you include kde-config-telepathy-accounts in that?07:45
krocosFlannel, unity-scope-gdrive07:45
krocosMaby just remove this?07:46
Flannelok.  Those aren't the problematic ones then.  It's the other half.  Lets try `apt-get --simulate install unity-scope-gdrive account-plugin-google`07:46
krocosWhy yo try to install unity-scope-gdrive if "account-plugin-google but it is not going to be installed"?07:47
tyilI am not trying  to install unity-scope-gdrive07:47
tyilI dont use unity or gdrive07:47
Flanneltyil: Fine, lets just do `apt-get --simulate install account-plugin-google`07:48
tyilI'm  trying to follow Flannel's advice and not complain and just relay responses as requested though07:48
Flanneltyil: alright, now the same for kde-config-telepathy-accounts  (`apt-get --simulate install kde-config-telepathy-accounts`)07:49
CoderEuropetyil Is that a script to hack my computer ?07:49
Flanneler, wait.07:49
FlannelWe already did that before.07:49
tyilCoderEurope: not sure what script youre trying to refer to with this07:50
CoderEuropeokay np07:50
jerichowasahoaxtyil: if you're not using unity, or google drive, wouldn't it make sense to uninstall that package then anyway? because apt reports it's already installed07:50
tyiljerichowasahoax: if apt would let me, sure07:50
tyilI'm not sure why you think I haven't tried that yet07:50
tyilI came here clearly indicating apt didnt want to do anything anymore07:51
Flanneltyil: Nothing looks horribly broken so far, so lets do `sudo apt-get -f install` and see where that leads us.07:51
jerichowasahoaxwell at least we know what apt's complaining about now07:56
FlannelYeah, that file definitely is in both packages. That's a packaging error.07:56
oerheksthis bug is still alive, since 2015 ...07:56
tyiloerheks: I was just informed by many people that this is not a bug, but a packaging error, most quite definately not a bug07:57
oerheksa package bug07:57
FlannelSo, in the next ubuntu version, the KDE version is services/kde/google-im.service, but that won't help you in xenial.07:58
tyilI dont intend to go onto a non-LTS ubuntu version after The Last Try(tm)07:58
Flanneltyil: No, it is a bug.  It's just not an apt bug.  Apt is doing exactly what you want, not clobbering packages.07:58
FlannelIt's just a matter of how best to work around this.07:58
tyilidk, the complete and utter refusal to do anything sounds like an apt issue07:58
krocosMaybe try to do it with aptitude with its conflict resolving options it зкщмшву?07:59
tyilit should check for the issue, refuse installation and still continue to be usable07:59
krocosMaybe try to do it with aptitude with its conflict resolving options it provides?07:59
tyilI've only heard of myths and legends that anyone was ever able to resolve a conflict in apt08:01
FlannelLooks like we can grab a package from backports to fix it.  But first we need to resolve the weirdness in apt.08:01
Flanneltyil: You're doing it again....08:01
Flanneltyil: Ok, so lets do this one step at a time.  If things complete OK, then you don't need to pastebin: sudo apt-get purge kde-config-telepathy-accounts08:03
tyilalso, I have to leave in 5 minutes08:04
Flanneltyil: Alright, so... In case we can't finish before you have to go, here's the link for next time, to get people caught up: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+bug/145172808:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451728 in kaccounts-integration (Ubuntu) "[master] kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error" [Critical,In progress]08:05
Flanneltyil: In the mean time, you can try `sudo dpkg --remove unity-scope-gdrive` and `sudo dpkg --remove account-plugin-google` and `sudo apt-get -f install`08:06
Flanneltyil: That should fix your package stuff.  To fix it long term, it looks like there's a package in xenial-backports that fixes it.  That bug report should provide enough information for the next people in here to help you.08:07
tyilthat seems to do anything08:07
oerheksno errors is oke08:07
Borw3how to turn off animations in kde? or make it faster?08:07
tyilit still seems like a massive bug in apt to me, to completely break itself beyond use when trying to install a package, but I'll read up on that link and decide what to do when I get home08:08
Flanneltyil: Like I said, the next time you have time, people in here will be glad to help you finish.  I'm sorry we ran out of time today.08:08
tyilidk, seems like most people were mostly glad to inform me its 100% a user error, but we'll see08:09
tyilthanks for your help Flannel08:09
tyilI do appreciate the time you took for me08:09
Flanneltyil: That bug report is your shibboleet.08:09
=== r0Oter is now known as r00ter
HubbahHeya, i've customized a ubuntu machine, i would like to make a copy of it to an iso that would be portable live-cd(usb). Anyone got any idea of software that would help me achive this? Or a guide.08:21
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/08:23
tyilFlannel: I'm not sure what a shibboleet is08:24
Flanneltyil: it's ok.  Just provide that bug report.08:24
Hubbahhateball: but all those articles are only showing how to make a custom iso based on an iso. I've got mine fully setup with scripts and everything.08:25
hateballHubbah: so you dont want it to be persistent? only liveboot into ramfs?08:25
oerheksuck is dead, IIRC, Cubic is current https://askubuntu.com/questions/741753/how-to-use-cubic-to-create-a-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-image08:27
oerheksand live cd is wrong in the title, it will be a DVD08:29
Hubbahhateball: yes, non-persistent08:34
CoderEuropeHubbah, use https://etcher.io/ to get ubuntu on your usb stick. np.08:38
HubbahCoderEurope: yeah but i  don't just want any ubuntu. I want to compress my machine that is already running everything to a iso which i can put on a usb that is non-persistent. I.e reboot and all changes have been reverted.08:40
hateballHubbah: Afraid I don't know how08:42
Hubbah:( It's okey, hopefully i search the right thing on google and it'll show me the way. Thanks anyway hateball08:42
user___Ok so I am trying to get from kernel 4.4.0-22-generic to kernel 4.4.0-109-generic and apt-get install gives me linux-image-4.4.0-109-generic is already the newest version.08:43
user___Any Ideas ? Thanks.08:43
farruinnHubbah: Not sure this will help you exactly, but appears to be the recommended practice: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization08:44
hanabishihello everyone08:44
Hubbahyeah i'll check it out farruinn thanks08:45
oerheksuser___, reboot, and you should get the newer kernel, else hold shift @ boot to select that kernel?08:46
user___ oerheks  doing that now.08:51
user___oerheks thanks that was it.  Funnily enough after running updates yesterday and then running the checkrestart from the debian-goodies I never actually restarted the server, just the services that needed it.08:52
user___oerheks Cheers mate!08:53
oerheksuser___, have fun!08:53
ubottuSpectre is a security issue in almost all modern processors, which was released along with !Meltdown (but is not the same thing). While there are several initiatives underway to mitigate it, there is no "magic bullet" software fix. Ubuntu is monitoring ongoing efforts and will provide security updates as they become available. See !usn for security update notifications.08:56
hz_Hi. what tools can I use to debug an ethernet interface? i'm getting UP+RUNNING and negotiated/link ok and link status: yes on a port that has been disabled on the other end. my ubuntu box does not detect it going down at any point and still considers it up.08:58
oerhekshz_, socat, and there are tons more ... https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/50098/linux-network-troubleshooting-and-debugging09:01
oerhekshz_, is it blocked by any firewall perhaps?09:01
hz_oerheks: this port is being disabled on the switch, no firewall, direct connection from my machine to the switch. to ubuntu, it is still considered up instead of no carrier09:02
hanabishityil: hello09:02
oerhekshz_, bad cable?09:02
hz_doesn't seem like it based on testing while it was undisabled09:02
hz_have been trying to debug this for 2 days now. ubuntu apparently does not get any link changes, just always considers it up (packets stop being routed ofc)09:03
hz_the problem is that i cannot detect _any_ state change when this happens - ethtool is reporting Link detected: yes the entire time, mii-tool says negotiated, link ok09:04
hz_in /sys/class/net, the iface still reports operstate:up and carrier:1 when the port is disabled on the switch09:09
oerheksinterface is up, but not seen on the switch.. try an other cable? or port?09:09
oerheksi guess you have tried that09:10
hz_the interface should not be up, is my problem09:10
hz_it should go down when the switch turns off my port09:10
Quetzlcoatlhz_: did you tried with different cable/switch/eth nic?09:13
hz_i do not control the hardware, but there are a dozen others on the same switch that don't have this issue09:13
hz_new cable has been tried though09:14
Quetzlcoatlhz_:is your machine connected directly to that switch or it's connected to an intermediate switch?09:19
Quetzlcoatlhz_: i'm assuming that you issued a ping command to another machine :D09:21
hz_when the port is disabled, i can't ping the gw09:21
hz_i was told it was directly to their gear09:21
hz_while i can theoretically detect state via just a continuous ping, for obvious reasons they have problems with this kind of setup09:22
Quetzlcoatlhz_: correct. you cant ping the gw while that port is disabled/disconnected.09:28
=== grimguy is now known as zenguy
Quetzlcoatlhz_: did you try to disconnect the cable and see if your eth nic goes down ?09:34
hz_i do get notified when the cable is physically pulled.09:38
hz_but it never, ever will be for this in the future09:38
Quetzlcoatlhz_: so the eth nic is not faulty, nor the cable.09:40
hz_as far as i can tell, during testing i've gotten 0 ploss and can max out line rate easily, so i don't think anything is broken09:41
hz_my big problem right now is just that i can't figure out when the other end has shut down my switchport for technical or administrative reasons - the ethernet cable will never be unplugged physically during operation09:43
Quetzlcoatlhz_:maybe a script that check the connection, lets say at every 4h :D ?09:48
Quetzlcoatlhz_: cables are unplugged when a faulty device is making problems. or when someone disabled by mistake the port from admin interface09:50
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michael2hi, does anyone know if Ubuntu 16.04's sytem which automounts devices containing LUKS containers automatically does the 'cryptsetup close /dev/mapper/foo'  command when my system shuts down?09:54
hz_Quetzlcoatl: that isn't acceptable - i'm expected to know when my port has gone down is the problem, and that seems like a reasonable thing to know09:55
zomaarmichael2: You can check the service that is automatically generated for it09:56
zomaarmichael2: The service that uses /lib/systemd/systemd-cryptsetup09:58
moppyI have Trusty running a Samba server. I am getting very slow shared folder refresh on clients (mac and ubuntu clients).09:58
michael2zomaar: you mean a daemon is started when the automount is done? how do I check it on shutdown - the system will be going through shutdown sequences, I can interupt that - to run lsblk - can I?09:58
zomaarI cannot check on my own system, sorry09:59
zomaarTry to do "sudo systemctl | grep crypt"09:59
zomaarThere should be an "......@<name>.service"09:59
zomaarThen you can do "systemctl show .......@<name>"10:00
zomaarMost likely it will execute as you say10:00
michael2sure, I can check. but basically you are saying I should find  a running daemon for crypt-setup automount ?10:00
zomaarnot a running daemon, a running service10:01
zomaarAnd this service may not execute cryptsetup, but /lib/systemd/systemd-cryptsetup10:03
gt8ost4lvan anybody help me a just reinstalled ubnutu 17.10 and i got no sound?10:05
zomaarNo sound today, my love has gone away10:05
Quetzlcoatlhz_: monitoring network devices/computers from your network can be achieved by using a dedicated software solution(open source) like zabbix, icinga, nagios, libre nms and so on.10:07
michael2zomaar: I think I understand now. A systemd managed service (equivalent to the /etc/init.d scripts) which I can somehow query? I know when a systemd service is configure to _start_ on boot, systemd says its "enabled". but how do you find out if systemd will safely unmount a luks container its managing? ive tried: sudo systemctl status cryptsetup.target10:07
zomaarNo I am sorry for not knowing the service name10:08
zomaarBut the target is not the service10:08
zomaarIf your LUKS container would be called sda5_crypt10:08
zomaarThen there must be a generated service called systemd-cryptsetup@sda5_crypt.service or something of the kind10:08
zomaarBy doing systemctl show on this service you can find out its ExecStop action10:09
zomaarYou could check in /run/systemd/generator.late/10:10
michael2when I run sudo systemctl, I can see an entry like this:10:11
michael2cryptsetup.target    loaded active active    Encrypted Volumes10:11
zomaarIt's in /run/systemd/generator/10:12
michael2the ExecStop action? ill check now10:13
nazarewkso i want to PXE boot Ubuntu Cloud image, where can i find info on it?10:15
michael2hmm I tried grep -Ri stop /run/systemd/generator  and generator.late  and no results10:16
zomaar<zomaar> Then there must be a generated service called systemd-cryptsetup@sda5_crypt.service or something of the kind10:18
zomaar[11:09] <zomaar> By doing systemctl show on this service you can find out its ExecStop action10:18
michael2ok ill keep looking10:20
zomaarI hope you don't mean USB attached devices or devices you double-click on though10:21
zomaarI am talking about base system encryption.10:21
zomaarI thought you were talking about "Encrypted LVM" as you can install your system.10:22
michael2zomaar: ah yeah, USB attached devices. I assumed the encrypted $HOME would - of course be configured to detach the encryption mapper on shutdown right?10:23
zomaarEncrypted $HOME is not LUKS10:23
zomaarIn any case I do not know what your particular desktop environment does10:24
zomaarAnything that's automounted is dismounted10:24
michael2yeah, I figured that would be the case10:25
zomaarClosing a container also does nothing significant, but think you can be assured it happens.10:25
zomaarYour entry is probably udisksctl but I cannot tell10:27
michael2zomaar: I've been in the middle of doing a git commit - and my laptop battery failed unexpectedly. and the git repo was with my $HOME, I assume the mapper didn't get a chance to disconnect properly. the commit seems to get corrupted. I pushed and broke the entire git repo history! so thesedays I want to be careful10:27
zomaarMappers are only mappers though, it seems to me you suffered a delayed write problem10:28
zomaarBy default Linux is configured to keep dirty pages in memory for up to 30 seconds.10:29
zomaarThis is excessive as far as data-safety is concerned10:29
zomaarYou can lower these values tremendously10:29
zomaarIn /etc/sysctl.conf10:30
zomaarThe mapper does not delay writing, and the mapping itself does not cause anything that can corrupt the volume10:30
zomaarIe. it is just a mathematical mapping10:30
zomaarClosing it is significant for "holding" the device, but it does not matter on disk.10:31
zomaarIf you want to make sure this doesn't happen again; that's difficult10:31
zomaarBut you would tremendously have to lower vm.dirty_expire_centisecs10:32
zomaarAnd also lower vm.dirty_writeback_centisecs10:33
michael2so unexpected loss of power to system cant corrupt what has been written to disk through the mapper? you just might lose the last few seconds or minutes of work up until the power loss?10:33
zomaarGenerally yes10:33
zomaarBut if you interrupt some operation that is meant to be atomic10:34
zomaarExt4 also had a problem, or still has a problem10:34
zomaarWith the journal being written first, and the actual data being written later10:34
zomaarI don't remember10:34
zomaarIt was sortof solved later down the road10:35
zomaarBut ext4 is/was less safe than ext310:35
michael2yeah, I guess the hard disk controller cant know when an  atomic transaction" is complete or not - but a program which is written to be sensitive to disk journaling should be safe right?10:36
=== daniel is now known as Guest37873
zomaarThe program doesn't know the memory is not yet written to disc unless it uses "fsync" operations10:36
zomaarYou really have to disable the dirty pages cache10:37
zomaarIf you want it to never happen10:37
zomaarAnd then still10:37
zomaarsyncing a disk (writing the dirty pages) is normally a very expensive operation10:38
michael2when you say dirty pages cache you mean the disk controllers buffer/cache usually something like 32MB- the data waiting to be physically written10:38
zomaarI mean the RAM of your computer10:38
michael2oh right10:39
michael2yeah, there are no guarantees10:40
zomaarTrying to find some stats10:40
zomaarIf you do cat /proc/vmstat | grep nr_dirty you will see the number of pages currently not yet written to disk10:41
BluesKajHi folks10:43
zomaarI would advise you to change /proc/sys/vm/dirty_expire_centisecs to 500 anyway to ensure that after 5 seconds stuff gets written10:43
michael2I get about 31,000 and 15,000 ?10:43
zomaarAnd /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback-centisecs to 100 to ensure it checks every second10:43
zomaarOkay so try this10:44
zomaarecho 1 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches; cat /proc/vmstat | grep nr_dirty10:44
michael2I get more or less the same values10:45
zomaarI meant the first value you get10:45
zomaarNot the 2nd and 3rd10:45
zomaarYou reported nr_dirty_threshold and nr_dirty_background_threshold, I didn't ask for that10:46
zomaarIt would help if you were a little clearer ;-)10:47
zomaarAlso that grep -Ri operation from earlier was not very sensical...10:48
michael2oh the first is 0. sorry10:48
zomaarOkay so that means no dirty pages now10:48
zomaarIf you now start doing something it will go up10:48
zomaarThose are pages not on disk but the program thinks it has written them10:49
zomaarAnyway it has nothing to do with encryption10:50
zomaarEncryption merely introduces a very short delay in calculating the new value and after that it maps it to the harddisk10:50
zomaarAfter that it is completely identical to not using encryption10:50
michael2yeah, dirty pages havent yet reached the mapper right?10:50
zomaarThey have, they haven't reached the harddisk10:51
zomaarI think10:51
zomaarIn any case it's irrlevant10:51
zomaarYou might be right but it's irrelevant10:51
michael2what was wrong with my grep command ?10:52
michael2you think I should have scanned   /lib/systemd/system/10:53
michael2when I run: sudo systemctl, I get a few screens of output. its hard to link that back to the service and configuration.10:54
michael2but maybe on shutdown systemd logs the unmounting?10:54
michael2so I can simply look at sysjournal? or /var/log/syslog?10:54
zomaarNo I just asked you to check the existence of a file, not grep an entire directory10:55
zomaarIf you had just reported that the file was not there, I would have understood that you were using a different kind of mapping10:55
michael2oh ok10:56
zomaarOr if you had just reported that the service was not there10:56
zomaarInstead of giving me the target10:56
zomaarWould have saved some time here in any case...10:57
michael2sorry Im not fully experienced with systemd10:58
zomaarNo the point is you did not report back the output of the commands I gave10:58
zomaarBut anyway10:59
zomaarMapper has nothing to do with it but I am going to have to quit this10:59
michael2no problem. thanks for the help11:00
zomaarAlso $HOME is not using LUKS but eCryptFS11:01
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ThinkT510just installed 17.10.1 and my wifi won't turn on. Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (rev 32). lsmod shows ath, ath10k_core, ath10k_pci all loaded. I suspect win10 has done something on the hardware level. Do I use rfkill?11:04
oerheksThinkT510, could well be win10, holding wifi occupied, did you disable fastboot?11:06
oerhekswhat does ' rflkill list all' give as output?11:08
ThinkT510oerheks: brilliant, thanks. Shows wlan as hard blocked11:09
oerheksThinkT510, laptop?11:09
zomaarThinkT510: Check whether there is not a switch button11:09
oerheksthen there could be a FN + wifi function on the keyboard = hardware switch11:09
zomaarmichael2: As to your last question systemd-journald does not keep logs of the previous boot by default11:10
zomaarmichael2: You have to sudo mkdir /var/log/journal to enable that11:11
michael2previous shutdown is what I would need to watch right?11:11
zomaarMichael2: Yes but the problem is after your root has dismounted it won't write anything anymore11:11
zomaarAnd I think it already stops writing when journald gets shut down so....11:12
zomaarNot sure it will help11:12
zomaar(Just systemd nonsense I guess, Idk)11:12
ThinkT510oerheks: yes, lenevo Y91011:14
ThinkT510oerheks: struggling to find anything resembling wifi11:14
moppyI have Trusty running a Samba server. I am getting very slow shared folder refresh on clients (mac and ubuntu clients).11:28
royal_screwup21I created an export variable like so in my .bashrc: "export HADOOP_HOME=/usr/local/hadoop/" My understanding is that if I type cd HADOOP_HOME, I'd be able to go into the directory assigned, for any child process...But it's not working; cd HADOOP_HOME yields "no file or directory". What am I doing wrong?11:40
Ben64cd $HADOOP_HOME11:42
royal_screwup21holy shit11:42
BanHammorHi! what's the standard procedure for if grub OS scan doesn't detect an earlier Windows install?11:42
royal_screwup21thank ye Ben6411:42
oerheksos-prober # should detect any other OS11:44
SimonNLwindows hibernated maybe ?11:45
oerheksSimonNL +111:45
SimonNLI'm pretty good at guessing.11:45
BluesKajit should still see the partition11:47
oerheksmaybe windows is not in the main menu in grub ?11:47
BluesKajBanHammor, did you just install ubuntu ?11:48
BluesKajjust now that is11:49
BanHammorwell, the user i'm helping did. I thought grub would run OS probing on first install.11:50
BanHammori'm just about through with guiding them to sudo update-grub, maybe that'll work11:50
BanHammoryyyup that worked11:53
BanHammorany idea why it didn't do this out of the box?11:53
roopkumaris there anyone ?11:59
BluesKajBanHammor, if you had a previous grub then the insataller may not have looked for windows during the grub install, that's just a guess12:02
BanHammormeh, whatever. Thanks!12:03
xs2what is the pkg name for Python's `venv` on Ubuntu?12:04
xs2Python 212:04
BluesKajxs2, look in the package manager, depends which ubuntu version is using which python version12:11
stumper_im on ubuntu-gnome 16.04 and i am asked for my credentials twice ? anyone an idea  ?12:12
royal_screwup21if I do this: "$HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop version" -- stuff gets printed out on the command line, as expected. But if I cd into $HADOOP_HOME/bin and THEN type "hadoop version", I get "hadoop: command not found". What am I missing here?12:14
jimb_./hadoop version12:14
royal_screwup21ah holy shit thanks jimb_12:15
royal_screwup21jimb_: so basically haddop was an executable...12:15
jimb_Yeah. Any executable that isn't in your path, needs to have the path expressed. using './' says the path is th directory you are currently in12:16
hsiktasroyal_screwup21: without ./ is it just looking into your $PATH and not the current directory12:16
royal_screwup21alrighty thanks guys12:17
Radkoshello I'm needing some of the dev .a files do you know where I can find them12:18
Radkosfor instance I need libpulse.a  I've installed libpulse-dev but no luck other packages had done well12:18
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
Radkosld -lpulse shows it needs _start point which means I need .a file and it's definitely not on my system12:19
dreamcat4.a is a static lib file right?12:19
dreamcat4there are library search paths the system looks in12:19
RadkosIt's nowhere in my system I've set find to look in all the directories12:21
Radkosmaybe i should check the deb file coming with12:21
oerheksfound @ jb-dev https://android.googlesource.com/platform/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/host/x86_64-linux-glibc2.7-4.6/+/jb-dev12:22
oerheksnot an ubuntu dev, but for android12:22
jimb_What I am reading from the pulseaudio changelog is that they created the option of "--enable-static" to force the creation of the .a file you seek during compilation12:23
dreamcat4yeah a lot of times .a files arent distributed12:23
Radkosyep not in my system12:26
=== thedude is now known as Guest35428
dreamcat4Radkos: libtool is the program that creates library files during compilation ---> https://stackoverflow.com/a/1238079/28751012:26
Radkosnot in the package so do I have to compile all those libraries by myself12:26
dreamcat4static libs '.a' files are usually linked into ---> incorporated into the executable binary12:27
dreamcat4unless there are multiple build targets (binaries) sharing the same static lib12:27
zomaarBut there is not a lot of point installing them in a shared system12:28
zomaarCause they'd be shared libraries12:28
Guest35428I have a kernel module I'm upgrading across multiple Ubuntu 14.04 machines all running the same kernel.  Can I package the precompiled module or is dkms still the recommended approach?12:28
zomaarYou can package if you want12:29
zomaarIt depends solely on the headers12:29
zomaarIt would be the same as a pre-installed module12:29
dreamcat4you know Radkos sometimes a program might print some output asking for a '.a'... but other library type (for example .so) will alternatively be ok12:30
zomaarOtoh if you package for DKMS you get a module you can keep across a kernel upgrade on all of those machines12:30
zomaarSo the extra work for DKMS pays itself off if you create .deb packages anyway12:31
Radkosok I got to somewhere near close to completing it12:33
Guest35428Yeah I initially wanted to so dkms but I would need to use a gcc version not in the Ubuntu repos which made me feel a little iffy12:33
ktongag'day people12:33
ktongaim trying to setup my ubuntu laptop with encryption following https://vitobotta.com/2018/01/11/ubuntu-full-disk-encryption-manual-partitioning-uefi/12:34
ktongabut im struggling at a step when I have to modify some files after running the installer12:34
Radkosafter I've installed libtool as suggested12:34
ktongaas i understand it the just installed system should be under /target12:35
ktongabut the folder is empty12:35
zomaarktonga: Then the installer has already dismounted12:35
RadkosI may manually link some opencv libraries and lets see what happens because installing them from the package manager causes dependency issues with ffmpeg-dev files12:35
zomaarktonga: You can mount back using mount /dev/ubuntu-vg/root /target, for instance12:35
ktongawhen i try to open the luks device it says is already mounted12:36
zomaarThe LUKS is not closed12:36
zomaarBut the volume has been dismounted12:36
frostschutzktonga, is it necessary? seems like what you end up with is what the installer would have done anyway?12:36
Guest35428So I figured I could just package a precompiled one.  So since the module I'm replacing is already packaged and in use by the kernel would I need to do a rmmod on the module dependencies + module then overwrite the .ko driver in the kernel path or just do a insmod on the new module and have that handle it12:37
ktongafrostschutz you mean if that step is necessary?12:38
zomaarYou cannot insert the same module twice12:38
zomaarIt will have the same name12:38
zomaarSo you have to rmmod, or reboot12:38
frostschutzktonga, I'm asking if that blog post as a whole is necessary, what's different compared to Ubuntu's default encrypted install? Ubuntu does LUKS and LVM by default12:39
saberuhi can someone help me with a small problem? I setup a chrooted user and i'm SFTPing in but it says access denied to root, however it still lets me access subdirectories12:39
saberuit's just inconvenient and I'm trying to change permissions of root with chmod but anything else and i can't even connect it12:39
ktongai have to keep osx and the encryptio option is using full disk :(12:39
saberuanything other than chmod 750 and ssh doesn't let it connect12:40
zomaar(that was quite duh, frostschutz)12:40
zomaarAnyway ktonga you only have to remount and then you can fix the crypttab etc12:41
frostschutzktonga, k, have fun. the blog post you linked also describes a full disk install, though. ;)12:41
zomaarRemember the installer does not know about your LUKS, but it does know about your root filesystem12:42
ktongathe diference is that all the partition creation is manual so i get to create everything in the unused space i made after shrinking osx partion12:42
ktongai called my group system12:43
ktongaand created volumes for root and home12:43
zomaarThen it's /dev/system/root12:43
ktongaso i gues i have to mount root on /target and home on /target/home right?12:44
Guest35428Yeah I ran into that insmod error before now that you mentioned it.  I ended up getting frustrated on my first attempt and just overwrote the module...pretty dumb thing to do haha12:44
zomaarYes but home is unnecessary12:44
zomaarFor what you are doing12:44
ktongasunno if home is needed to perform such steps tho12:44
zomaarIdk, unloading modules in a running system can also be annoying, e.g. samba ;-)12:44
ktongawill give it a go, thanks !12:45
zomaarYou only have to create /etc/crypttab and then generate the initramfs and grub config, unless you are doing something special12:45
ktongait's pretty much just that what im missing12:45
zomaarRight, good luck12:46
zomaarThe installer has a bug when it cannot install grub12:46
zomaarDid your grub installation fail or succeed?12:46
saberucan someone help me with file permissions for my apache2 web server? For some reason even though it will open the html page it says permission denied for the images in the images directory12:47
saberubut permissions are identical*12:47
saberunm fixed it xD12:47
ktongaeverything when smootly i guess, straight to the reboot popup which i closed12:48
zomaarThat took like 20 seconds ;-)12:48
zomaarAlright then it's okay12:48
ktongado i also have to mount efi partition on /boot/efi?12:51
zomaarI would think so12:51
zomaarBut not sure if you do not install Grub itself, but I would assume yes12:51
Guest35428eh I guess it doesn't matter since we are rebooting to upgrade the kernel anywhoo awesome thanks zomaar!12:52
ktongai have a separate partition for boot12:52
ktongado i have to mount first the partition in /boot?12:52
zomaarThat also needs to be mounted12:52
zomaarSorry I forgot for a second that that is necessary in the standard method12:52
zomaarMount /dev/system/root in /target, your boot in /target/boot, your efi etc, and then your dev, run, proc and sys12:53
ktongait would be nice to have an option in the installer for guided with encryption using free space only12:53
zomaarThat's a whole lot I know but then you can chroot12:54
ktongato many steps to remember12:54
ktongacan i do it now after changing root?12:54
zomaarIt would be nice if chroot itself had that option.....12:54
zomaarInside the chroot?12:55
ktongaok will unmount and start over :)12:55
zomaarOh, yes you can do it in a different shell12:55
zomaarOutside the chroot12:55
zomaarNo not necessary12:55
ktongaoh i can ?12:55
ktongalemme try12:55
zomaarIn a different shell12:55
zomaarI often copy stuff into chroots I am already in, or out of it12:56
ktongabut mount in /target/boot right?12:56
zomaarOutside the chroot it is /target/boot12:56
zomaarInside it is /boot12:56
ktongawhich one do you recommend?12:57
ktongadid it inside chroot and seemed to work just fine12:59
zomaarOh you are right13:00
zomaarIf you already have /dev13:00
ktongadev was there13:00
ktongai was able to mount both partitions13:00
ktongarebooting fingers crossed13:01
zomaarHaving included /boot is even more steps13:02
zomaarYou don't even want to know how many more steps it requires to include /boot in the encrytion ;-)13:02
t3kg33kAnyone know if there is a good way/tool to sniff your home network traffic to trace MDNS packets?13:03
ktongai do13:03
t3kg33kApparently, there is a recent issue with Google devices on your network causing Wi-Fi issues13:03
ktongastarted with oficial guide from ubuntu wiki13:03
zomaarOh great, mDNS mayhem, I love that13:04
ktongaand gave up and decided to try unencrypted boot13:04
zomaarOh okay13:04
zomaarI didn't know there was a guide for it13:04
ktongano luck :(13:04
zomaarBad guide then ;-).13:04
ktonga(initramfs) prompt :(13:04
zomaarI have had encrypted boot on so many systems...13:05
zomaarI can almost dream those steps13:05
ktongalucky you :) it would mean the world to me getting just one working :D13:06
zomaarYeah not lucky13:06
zomaarI have had thousands of initramfs prompts13:06
zomaarCause I'm often forgetful13:07
t3kg33ktcpdump perhaps a good tool to sniff our mdns traffic on a network?13:07
zomaarAnd always manage to miss at least one important step13:07
zomaart3kg33k: I would assume, it uses a standard port, but it depends on what you want to do with it13:07
tcpdumppretty good deal on storage if anyones interested13:08
zomaartcpdump awakens13:08
zomaarNow your problems are solved13:08
t3kg33kwhat did I do?13:08
tcpdumpt3kg33k: yes, you can use tcpdunp to capture mdns traffic.13:08
zomaarYou wrote his name and it gave a beep ...13:09
tcpdumpbut really  Iwas just sharing the good deals anyhow. :)13:09
tcpdumpIts  -5 degrees here13:10
tcpdumpI was already awake. :)13:10
t3kg33kgood. it seems to be working13:10
t3kg33kI'm seeing a lot of mdns traffic on Fire TV stick too13:10
zomaarMy first encounter with mdns was also having to filter it out of a firewall13:10
ktongais there a way to know what's the problem ? i run exit command as some people suggest to see the boot problem but nothing13:10
zomaarktonga: Did the key get copied?13:11
zomaarktonga: Did the root fs activate?13:11
zomaarktonga: I assume the key was in /key.bin or something, was it there?13:11
ktongai never was aske for the passphrase13:12
zomaarThen you didn't have an encrypted grub13:12
zomaarI mean it means your boot was not encrypted13:12
ktongathat's the idea i thought13:13
zomaarBecause you cannot have encrypted boot, and still have initramfs prompt, but no grub encryption prompt13:13
ktongaencrypt onle root and home but not boot13:13
zomaarWait what, what are you doing13:13
zomaarDid you successfully boot now?13:13
tcpdumpt3kg33k: whats the actual issue with MDNS?  Shit tons of devices generate it, its pretty normal.13:14
ktonganope, it wont boot ofter restarting13:14
zomaarThere's some Chromecast issue13:14
zomaarSo are you in the prompt now?13:14
ktongaand i didn't have to enter pass at any point during boot13:14
zomaarDid you run update-initramfs -u?13:14
zomaarBefore rebooting?13:15
t3kg33kNot just Chromecast but most Google devices. Articles were popping up all over yesterday13:15
zomaarRun /sbin/lvm lvs13:15
ylwghsti'm trying to load setpci.mod grub module13:15
ktongafailed to connect to lvmetad13:16
zomaarCause mDNS is such an awesome technology13:16
ylwghstthe module is present in /boot/grub/x86_64-efi/setpci.mod13:16
zomaarNot necessarily a problem13:16
zomaarAny output?13:16
ylwghstbut I get13:16
ylwghstinsmod: ERROR: could not load module setpci: No such file or directory13:16
zomaarylwghst: Require modprobe13:17
ylwghstwhen I run update-grub13:17
ylwghstzomaar: how?13:17
ktongait's a WARNING tho13:17
zomaarylwghst: never mind13:17
zomaarktonga: I ask about the other output13:17
ktongai'll try to boot in recovery13:17
ktongaotherwise i just see the kubuntu logo during boot13:18
zomaarktonga: Come on, does it gives a listing of volumes or not?13:18
ktongajust a single line with  a warning13:18
zomaarRecovery won't help because you won't have a root filesystem13:18
=== tcpdump is now known as passwd
zomaarType ls /dev/mapper13:18
zomaarSee if your luks device is in there13:19
ktongajust that13:19
zomaarThen it's not there13:19
zomaarType cryptsetup open /dev/sda5 (or whatever) sda5_crypt13:19
zomaarYour crypttab must be faulty13:20
ktongathat's the exact partion :)13:20
zomaarI don't need laurels :)13:20
zomaarJust get going13:20
zomaarBtw, version is 16.04?13:21
ktongai dont have cryptsetup in this prompt it seems13:21
zomaarNo /sbin/cryptsetup?13:21
ktongaoh sorry didn't include /sbin13:22
ktongano, with sbin i dont have it either13:22
zomaarI myself do not know what has changed with Zesty because they are trying to incorporate systemd into the initramfs13:23
zomaarOn 16.04 it should normally copy cryptsetup into the initramfs13:23
zomaarYour only recourse is now to reboot into the live environment again13:24
zomaarAnd to make sure it gets copied13:24
ktongawill do13:24
zomaarBut I don't know if everything will work out alright now13:24
zomaarBecause I am ignorant about the new system13:24
ktongai can run teh grub steps again13:24
zomaarGrub is fine13:25
zomaarUnless you booted the wrong initramfs13:25
zomaarBut this is a new install right13:25
zomaarNo other ubuntu there13:25
* passwd eats grub.13:25
zomaarReboot to live, cryptsetup open, get back into the chroot.....13:26
zomaarAnd first run lsinitramfs /boot/init* | grep cryptsetup13:26
zomaarAlso show me the crypttab line13:27
=== Joneleth1 is now known as JonelethIrenicus
saberuI'm getting permission denied with sftp on this chrooted account when i login via sftp13:30
saberuany ideas?13:30
leftyfbsaberu: test with ssh and look at /var/log/auth.log13:34
saberui looked at the auth log already and didn't see any errors that's why im stumped. I assume it must be a file/directory permissions error but already tried various chmod flags on the root directory etc13:35
=== RAX is now known as rax-
ktongazomaar grep cryptsetup does not find anything13:38
=== daniel is now known as Guest22387
=== QA is now known as Guest42696
zomaarktonga: here14:05
ktongazomaar: content for crypttab is `sda5_crypt UUID=628c1039-8a5b-49de-ba89-6a3530e2e7af none luks,discard`14:05
ktongaoutput for `blkid /dev/sda5` is:14:06
ktonga`/dev/sda5: UUID="628c1039-8a5b-49de-ba89-6a3530e2e7af" TYPE="crypto_LUKS" PARTUUID="862cf70f-bf4a-4586-86c7-f4476e00aeb2"`14:06
zomaarI assume your UUID is correct although discard is not directly required, I assume you have an SSD14:06
=== bs_ is now known as bs
ktongai just copypasted from the guide :(14:07
zomaarAnd what did lsinitramfs /boot/init* | grep cryptsetup give?14:07
ktongadont really know the proper syntax for that file14:07
ktongaremoved the grep and lot of output to double check14:07
zomaarSo this is fun, Zesty changed something and now I can figure out what ;-)14:08
zomaarI don't even know if the cryptroot in initramfs is still the same14:09
zomaarI can get you the cryptsetup into the initramfs14:09
zomaarAnd the crypttab, but I don't know if it will be run14:09
zomaarOn the other hand if we are still using initramfs we should be able to get it running anyway but it will be manual hacking14:10
zomaarIn addition to that I don't know how to get you the password prompt14:12
recursivebeatsHi all :)14:12
zomaarIf it works at all it may just give you a text prompt14:13
zomaarThe full /boot encryption would at this point be a lot easier14:13
koleonHello guys, once I set gather_facts: True then I'm getting following error FAILED! => {"msg": "module (setup) is missing interpreter line"} Could you help me with that please?14:13
zomaarBut we can give it a shot if you want14:13
ktongaim open to anything14:14
ktongai really dont know what to do14:14
davidioHi, I use ubuntu 16.04. From the last 2 days i expereience screen freeze when using youtube. The whole screen freezes and i have to reboot the machine. This happens with firefox as well with chromium. What can i do ?14:14
zomaarFirst just run update-initramfs -u again14:14
zomaarAnd then the lsinitramfs line again14:14
zomaarJust to be sure14:14
ktongai didnt run that command14:15
ktongai run it with -ck all14:15
ktongain both guides it says so14:15
zomaarShouldn't make a lot of difference but do it anyway14:15
ktongaso i should try -u?14:16
zomaarYou only have 1 kernel and you don' t need to create it14:16
recursivebeatsDoes anyone have any idea how I refer to different drives in the terminal? I'm trying to change the data directory for a program using the command: "<progname> -datadir="XXX"    - where the "XXX" is needing to refer to a harddrive that ubuntu is not installed on14:17
ktongaindeed it finished with some warns for 4.13.0-2514:17
zomaarWhat warns14:18
nils_hey guys14:18
zomaarAnd repeat the lsinitramfs line plz14:18
ktonganow i do have cryptsetup14:18
zomaarOkay then it should boot now and we're done14:18
zomaarThat makes life a lot easier14:19
ktongarebooting now...14:19
recursivebeatsHi, is there anyone here that might be able to answer a question regarding using the terminal?14:20
Southern_Gentlemrecursivebeats, more detail please14:21
recursivebeatsI'm trying to change the data directory for a program using the command: "<progname> -datadir="XXX"    - where the "XXX" is needing to refer to a harddrive that ubuntu is not installed on14:21
Southern_Gentlemrecursivebeats, more detail14:21
recursivebeatsI can't figure out how to refer to the drive I'd like to put the data on14:21
Southern_Gentlemso where have you mounted that drive14:22
Southern_Gentlemis that drive in your computer like i have said details14:22
recursivebeatsit's located (as far as I can tell) at "/media/"myname"/HDD2TBB/"foldername"14:22
recursivebeatshowever I can't make terminal recognise that as a valid location14:23
Southern_Gentlemso its an external drive you plugged into usb14:23
recursivebeatsnope, physical hard-drive mounted oin the MOBO14:23
recursivebeatsSorry for noob-ness, I'm coming from windows14:23
Southern_Gentlemi am an winblows admin14:23
recursivebeatsMy system is a windows 10 / Ubuntu dual boot14:23
Southern_Gentlemmount |pastebin14:24
recursivebeatspastebin: command not found14:25
Southern_Gentlemmount |pastebinit14:25
recursivebeatsit shows them all here, same location I thought14:27
Southern_Gentlemcd /media/robbie/HDD2TB14:27
Southern_Gentlemwhat happens14:27
recursivebeatsYep, that works. I'm in the directory14:28
Southern_Gentlemls -la |pastebinit14:28
SubCoolHey, whats with /home/usr/.private?14:29
SubCoolMine is HUGE! - and its preventing me from booting properly14:30
Southern_Gentlemrecursivebeats,  ok so what exactly are you trying to do14:31
recursivebeatschange the data directory of the bitcoin core program14:31
recursivebeatsthe help file shows this:14:31
=== nat is now known as Natkeeran
Southern_Gentlemand what dir do you want to use14:32
recursivebeatsso i type "bitcoind -datadir=/media/robbie/2TBHDD/bitcoin"14:32
recursivebeatsThen it says no such directory exists14:32
Southern_Gentlemadd a / at the end14:33
Netwinsudo openvpn --configure vpnbook-euro2-udp25000.ovpn14:33
NetwinOptions error: Unrecognized option or missing parameter(s) in [CMD-LINE]:1: configure (2.3.10)14:33
Netwin.What am i missing?14:33
recursivebeatsIt still says that doesn't exist14:33
recursivebeatsDo I need a "$" in there somewhere?14:34
Southern_Gentlemalso maybe bitcoin doesnt like the permissions on the folders14:34
Southern_Gentlemsince they are all owned by you14:34
ironhoofI tried installing fontforge PPA, but I keep getting the older fontforge when I reinstall. How do I fix this?14:34
recursivebeatsSo could I create a folder some other way that will allow for writing?14:34
jimb_Netwin: instead of --configure, please try --config14:35
yossarianukhi - I have the latest 16.04 HWE kernel (4.13.0-26-generic) - when running the spectre-meltdown checker I can see Meltdown is 'fixed' - but  it is still showing 'IBRS enabled for Kernel space : No' - why is this ? I know retpoline support is coming soon but IBRS kernel support is included in other Distros (Centos7 for example)14:35
recursivebeats@Southern_Gentlem - I think I've done it14:38
Netwinjimb_, thanks sequence initiated but no internet14:39
recursivebeatsIt wouldn't let me navigate into the "bitcoin" folder on the drive using "cd" in terminal so I deleted it, used mkdir to create a new folder, and now the command to change the directory seems to have worked14:39
recursivebeatsThanks for the help man14:39
jimb_Netwin: I am not sure about your other settings, do you have any new rules in `route -n` ? Did you get any message about permissions or the need to use `sudo` ?14:40
jimb_Netwin: Sorry, I see you used sudo.14:41
oerheksirongeeks, for what ubuntu version ?14:43
Radkoshello again I've been trying to compile a static library by myself14:43
oerhekshttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fontforge <> https://launchpad.net/~fontforge/+archive/ubuntu/fontforge14:43
oerheksoh, sorry irongeeks, ironhoofs left14:44
Radkos for instance i'm trying to download libpulse with apt-get source libpulse14:44
Radkosbut it can't find it in the repository14:45
oerhekslibpulse-dev perhaps?14:45
brainwashdid you enable "sources"?14:46
ironhoofI lost connection. Right after posting14:46
Radkosyes i did14:46
Radkostried with libpulse-dev still no luck14:46
oerheksironhoof,  for what ubuntu version ?14:46
oerhekshttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fontforge <> https://launchpad.net/~fontforge/+archive/ubuntu/fontforge14:46
ironhoofAwesome, I will try that.14:47
Netwinjimb_,why iam not getting my vpn connection14:47
oerheksnot sure what version you have now ..14:47
jimb_Netwin: I am not sure. Did openvpn stay running or did it close? Can you pastebin the output? Is this a server you set up or are you using a paid/free service for the VPN?14:48
RadkosI know i can download it from the sourceforge repo or else but to ensure all dep are settled i would like to use the repo from the system14:48
ironhoof16.04 I stick with LTS only14:49
brainwashRadkos: so, the deb-src lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list are not commented?14:49
oerheksironhoof, version of fontforge*14:50
Netwinjimb_, Yes the terminal was open until i cancelled it.iam on my ISP.iam using the free version VPN14:51
jimb_Can you run this... `route -n | nc termbin.com 9999`14:52
Radkoscat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep deb-src | sort -n; deb-src http://archive.canonical.com/ precise partner; deb-src http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu trusty partner; deb-src http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu trusty main; # deb-src https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu/ trusty main14:52
ironhoofOh wait I geuss it did update, it says 2017... odd.14:52
Radkosit's not commented and apt is updated14:53
Radkosi mean apt-cache14:53
ironhoofThanks Oerheks anyway!14:53
brainwashRadkos: that's all?14:53
Radkosyes it seems i have to add more to it doesn't it :D14:54
Radkosi'm curous what is precise partner doing here14:54
Radkoshmmmm as I'm on trusty versoin14:54
brainwashyou've upgraded from precise, but that line was commented out, and therefore not switched to trusty14:57
Radkosactually i did not update from precise14:57
brainwashI guess that it's some legacy stuff then14:58
brainwashtry to obtain a clean sources.list14:58
brainwashand compare them14:58
Netwinjimb_, http://termbin.com/2hxw14:58
Radkosanyway do i need to add deb-src for multiverse universe main and restricted14:58
Radkosto catch those source files14:59
oerheksRadkos, just go in the sources gui, and enable it there14:59
oerheksone click14:59
brainwashpulseaudio package should be in main14:59
brainwashyou may also want to enable it for -updates and -security15:00
brainwashtrusty has a newer pulseaudio version in main-updates15:01
brainwashnewer package version I mean, not software version15:01
ironhoofI really like pulse audio. Once you understand it esp with the control panel it is really quick to switch everything out.15:02
brainwashthat's the reason why it exists15:02
=== tom is now known as Guest66246
mark__Hi all had quick question is there a way (preferably using compiz or terminal) to stop this annoying behaviour15:40
mark__the window minimises into this "line" like imho i really think its a bit useless also when doing keyboard shorcuts it normally happens accidentally15:41
mark__when switching windows*15:41
=== Fuchs is now known as zombiefox
jimb_mark__ I have seen this happen, very seldom, is it a KB shortcut that is causing it?15:43
jimb_What is the keyboard shortcut?15:44
mark__jimb_: tbh15:45
mark__im not sure15:45
mark__it contians15:45
mark__contains CTRL + Windows Key (aka super)15:45
mark__and then one or more of the arrow keys15:45
jimb_mark__ Ok. I was going to suggest that you should be able to change the shortcut using compizconfig-settings-manager or such15:46
jimb_I use the CTRL-SUPER-ARROW keys all day long, it's not simply one of those combinations... maybe with a shift or something.15:47
mark__is there a way to prevent it in general15:48
mark__stop the window from being able to be minimised beyond the title bar?15:48
jimb_I know the program in question can have a min window size set in it's source... thinking about Ubuntu in general15:48
mark__atleast that way if it happens i can see whwere the window is easily15:48
mark__jimb_: ok dw about it i will try to figure out what key it is15:49
mark__i mean i would normally checkout askubuntu.com its just i have no idea how to phrase the question in googlelol15:49
mark__check out*15:49
jimb_I am looking for "ubuntu set minimum window size"15:49
jimb_mark__ If you discover it, I would love to know as well15:50
mark__I will indeed let you know jimb_15:50
mark__https://askubuntu.com/a/944571/662944 jimb_  is all i found but basically no solution for it15:53
jimb_mark__ thanks.15:54
mark__jimb_: https://askubuntu.com/a/2645/662944 this implies a solution but compiz has removed the `Window rules` option under `Window Management` since I cannot find it15:57
jimb_mark__ lol, that's exactly where I am looking in compizConfig15:58
oerheksi think it is part of compiz-plugins-extra15:59
mark__jimb_: btw when i said they removed15:59
mark__i assumed. since it's not there15:59
mark__oo oerheks will give it a try16:00
LTCDHey. I followed the advice in this thread, now I am unable to boot a VM without my whole computer crashing so badly I have to hold down the power key. Any help? https://askubuntu.com/questions/498900/vbox-on-14-04-kernel-driver-not-installed-rc-1908/499040?noredirect=1#comment1315833_49904016:00
oerheksmark as i see it here as descried, in 17.1016:00
mark__oerheks: you got it jimb_ download compiz-plugins-extra !!!16:01
jimb_mark__ I installed and see the Window Rules app now ! YAY16:01
jimb_oerheks Thank you.16:01
mark__however i lost the askubuntu page LOL16:01
mark__ah wait forgot i sent link here above :P16:02
Netwinjimb_, i would like to know if you are working on my issue ?16:06
jimb_Netwin: Yes, I posted a few things to grab the output from while connected to the VPN in the other channel. I can post again if needed16:07
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
mocxzanyone here16:08
DocVellI am but not good at answering questions about Ubuntu16:09
mocxzhelo docvell16:09
leftyfbNetwin: if you're running Zorin, you should not be asking for help here. It's not supported.16:09
jimb_mocxz - If you have a question, you can just post it. If someone can help,. they will16:09
leftyfb!ask | mocxz16:09
ubottumocxz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:09
DocVelldoes Ubuntu work the same way to allow users to access another desktop remotely?16:10
mark__DocVell: i mean u can use stuff like teamviewer16:10
mark__the same way u can do in windows if you want16:11
jimb_DocVell - You can give others access to your desktop via 'Desktop Sharing' app... You can also control other computers desktops, I like Remmina for that16:11
AjeeshHi I am using Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS with kernel 4.2.0-38-generic. Can you please tell me do i have the latest patching for the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerability16:11
naccAjeesh: 4.2 is not supported16:12
Ajeesh@nacc so how can i update my kernel for this issue16:12
Ajeeshupgrade to 4.4 kernel ?16:12
DocVellI am thinking of getting a second laptop and I want to access it remotely16:12
oerheksAjeesh, upgrade to 14.04.5 ?16:14
oerheksthen install !hwe16:14
AjeeshIt is a production server ... so if i install linux-image-4.4.0-109-generic this kernel will fix the issue16:14
naccAjeesh: you want linux-image-generic16:15
naccAjeesh: not a specific numbered one16:15
mark__jimb_: is it just me but its basically working good with height16:16
mark__but terrible with width16:16
mark__like width i set to 1000 but its just ignoring it16:16
jimb_mark__ I haven't messed with it yet. I'll try now though16:16
mark__https://imgur.com/a/6JyDN jimb_16:17
mark__dont bother with title16:17
mark__if u want it to apply to all windows16:17
Ajeeshmy ubuntu version is : Description:Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS16:18
mark__ofc 10000 was just me testing but it basically doesnt do more that16:18
AjeeshHow can i upgrade to 4.04.516:18
oerheksuse the dist-upgrade way16:18
oerheksapt-get dist-upgrade16:19
oerheksand read the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes/ChangeSummary/14.04.516:19
mark__jimb_: lol so as i was moaning that it only works for like height and width only works for like 10 pixels...16:20
mark__i managed to make it not work AT ALL for width :(16:20
jimb_mark__ agreed, doesn't seem to be working as expected. I do suspect it will work, I figure I am either not doing something correctly or have another setting that is conflicting16:24
mark__yeah :(16:24
mark__i figured out16:24
mark__why it stopped working16:25
mark__but now16:25
mark__somethings in ubuntu just make me sad16:25
mark__although i love it16:25
mark__lol somethings are super annoying16:25
mark__anyway gotta run have a nice dayy all16:25
jimb_mark__ You too16:26
AjeeshWhile executing the apt-get dist-upgrade it is showing:16:28
AjeeshThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:   linux-headers-3.19.0-69 linux-headers-3.19.0-69-generic   linux-image-3.19.0-69-generic linux-image-extra-3.19.0-69-generic16:28
Ajeeshshowing the old kernels16:28
Ajeeshnot the current one16:28
oerheksAjeesh, that would be logical, the current one is the one you need for recovery16:29
oerheksyou always have the current and 1 previous kernel.16:29
=== zombiefox is now known as Fuchs
AjeeshBut the some other packages are also showing upgrade warning. But those versions will not working with my application.16:32
AjeeshSo for me dist-upgrade is not an option for me16:33
oerheksAjeesh, ask the maintainer of your application to update?16:33
oerheksand how are you so sure it will not work?16:33
=== Solitaire is now known as Guest23671
oerheksif it is a production server, you should test it on a testserver, simple16:34
NombreIm speak spanish16:34
Ajeeshoerheks how can check that one, i am not sure that16:34
oerheksAjeesh, how can i tell? no info about what application you run, nor what packages16:35
AjeeshDocker and custom application16:35
Ajeeshand for the application to run at the moment i need to keep the current version16:36
oerheks' custom application'  is so vague ...16:36
oerheksnobody can answer that, except the maintainer of it16:37
AjeeshJava, springboot16:37
oerheks+if+ it is this app on github, it is actively maintained.16:39
oerheksAjeesh, oh, there is #spring here on #freenode :-)16:41
BudgiiHi All! can someone help me delete a folder in usr/share/..?16:41
naccBudgii: so usr?16:41
naccBudgii: do you mean /usr ?16:41
leftyfbBudgii: what directory and why do you want/need to delete it?16:41
naccleftyfb: also good questions :)16:41
Budgiileaftyb, i need to delete /usr/share/osbuddy16:42
BudgiiI'm having trouble getting the game to run16:42
Borw3Budgii: sudo rm -r ./folder16:42
Budgiiwhat ive read says delete it. I don't think I have permissions to do so16:42
Borw3Budgii: sudo rm -r /usr/share/osbuddy16:43
OolAjeesh: You use certainly use the LTS HWE stack for 14.04 from the 15.10 , this version is End of life, so you don't have any protection against spectre/meldown16:43
leftyfbBudgii: sudo apt-get remove --purge osbuddy16:43
oerheksOol, oops, didn' t think abou tthat, thnx16:44
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti16:44
Budgiithat removed it. thanks guys! now to get it to install correctly.. :)16:45
Borw3Budgii: The game is free on ubuntu repos?16:46
BudgiiOK.. so this may not be a question here, but ill ask anway. When I open osbuddy i get this error: Error overwriting old loader /usr/share/osbuddy/OSBuddy.jar (Permission denied) Couldn't launch OSBuddy null16:46
Budgiiit's a client for another game16:46
BudgiiHow can I gain permissions?16:47
Borw3Budgii: I can play runescape from using osbuddy?16:48
Budgiiyes, OSBuddy is a client that runs it with additional feaetures16:49
Budgiii'd be happy with just playing standard runescape, but i cant get that to load either haha16:49
Borw3Budgii: LOL, java doesn't work?16:49
lesshastewhen you run nautilus why doesn't it start from the directory you run it from?16:50
Budgiiwell, what happens is you have to download the .msi application loader. I download it and have Java, i'm just unable to get it to open.16:50
akikBudgii: not sure about that app but if it requires you to run it as your user: sudo chown -R username /usr/share/osbuddy16:51
samlgiven a package, how can I print its version and all dependencies' versions?  doesn't have to be recursive. just immediate dependencies are good enough16:51
Budgiiit got me permissions but now just this: Couldn't launch OSBuddy null - the website recomends deleting the folder and re-installing. i'll give it one more go16:52
hggdhsaml: apt-cache depends <package>16:52
Borw3saml: for version-> apt-cache madison [package]16:52
hggdhsaml: and apt-cache rdepends  for the reverse dependencies16:53
samlso i have to do it for each dependencies16:53
akiksaml: somebody pasted this a few days ago: apt-rdepends package --state-follow=Installed16:54
akiksaml: you need to install apt-rdepends separately16:54
Budgiiboo, still fails. shame.16:55
Budgiiat least i got the permissions and how to delete a folder through tilix. thank you so much!16:55
sud0x3Budgii: Tilix the terminal emulator? you would deleete a file the same way you would with any other terminal, rm filename, rm -r foldername16:57
BudgiiYes very new to linux. Thank you!16:57
BudgiiI'm trying to get OSBuddy installed on Budgie16:57
akikBudgii: if osbuddy installs with root permissions, you need root permissions to update it16:58
akikBudgii: but if the update happens "automatically" at program startup, it's problematic16:58
Budgiihow would I get myself root permissions?16:59
sud0x3Budgii: Dint realise runscape was still a thing, have you tried installing the deb they provide?17:00
Budgiiyes. that is the one I am trying to do.17:00
BudgiiI download the debian package and instsall it17:01
Budgiithen i get the error null17:01
akikBudgii: were you able to fix it by using the chown command to change permissions of /usr/share/osbuddy ?17:02
BudgiiI was able to get past denial of access part with that, just still got the null error17:02
AjeeshOol, my Ubuntu is showing :17:03
AjeeshDistributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS Release:14.04 Codename:trusty17:03
AjeeshCould not find HWE17:03
akikBudgii: could you pastebin the command and the error you get? pastebin.com17:04
sud0x3Budgii: try java -jar /usr/share/osbuddy/OSBuddy.jar17:04
oerheksAjeesh, you would see it with 14.04.5 ...17:04
oerheksAjeesh, oh, there is #spring here on #freenode, if your app is not working17:05
Budgiithat executed it but still got this error: Couldn't launch OSBuddy null17:05
Ajeeshoerheks , so my best option is to dist-upgrade here17:06
sud0x3Budgii: Might be best contacting the deleopers as those errors arent helpful in the slightest17:06
Budgiiagreed :)17:06
BudgiiThanks guys!17:06
oerheksAjeesh, that is up to you, but i would recommend it.17:06
oerheksAjeesh, and a ' production server'  needs a test-server setup to find out about this17:07
AjeeshIf i go with installing the 4.4.0-109 is fine ?17:08
oerheksAjeesh, and how would you do that?17:08
oerheksi am not sure there is a safe way to do that, without problems17:09
Ajeeshapt-get install linux-image-4.4.0-109-generic linux-image-extra-4.4.0-109-generic17:10
oerhekstry it, with the -d option ( dryrun)17:10
Ajeeshoerheks, You mean apt-get install --dry-run linux-image-4.4.0-109-generic linux-image-extra-4.4.0-109-generic17:11
oerheksthat would be the same, i guess17:12
Ajeeshoh ok17:12
Budgiihey guys - i was ableto download the unix version of runescape and it worked for me. thanks for all the answers!17:14
Ajeeshoerheks ,https://pastebin.com/p4x6UNeR17:15
Ajeeshcan you check , oerheks17:15
BudgiiWhat IRC client do you all recommend?17:16
oerheksAjeesh, add the suggested packages too17:17
leftyfbBudgii: the one that fits your personal preferences and needs17:17
leftyfbBudgii: search for irc client in the software center or apt-cache. Pick 1 and try it out17:17
Bashing-omAjeesh: oerheks :: Note too " and 101 not upgraded.  " .17:19
oerheksBashing-om,  i suggested to upgrade to 14.04.5, but he wants to do differently17:20
oerheksi give no guarantee :-D17:20
oerheksyeah, i make a joke about it, production server bla bla app does not work bla bla17:21
Ajeeshoerheks, okay17:22
s10gopalHow to create ubuntu UFEI/EFi bootable pendrive ? using rufs17:23
Ajeeshlinux-lts-xenial-tools for this package i am getting this error17:23
AjeeshE: Package 'linux-lts-xenial-tools' has no installation candidate17:23
oerhekss10gopal, our ubuntu iso' s are uefi compatible17:23
=== alien_ is now known as Budgii
s10gopalplz tell rufs setting17:24
ianthiusi am running default 16.04LTS and the alt-tab behavior is so annoying with the process grouping, any chance I can just get regular alt-tab by window? I have googled a bunch and ended up empty handed17:27
ianthiusthanks in advance17:27
leftyfbianthius: I installed compizconfig-settings-manager and enabled "Application Switcher" and modified the Bindings accordingly17:29
oerheks!pm | s10gopal17:30
ubottus10gopal: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.17:30
Budgii*testing colors17:30
kostkonBudgii, no colours to be seen17:30
BudgiiHexChat color interface :)17:30
kostkons10gopal, have you downloaded the Ubuntu iso17:31
s10gopali want to format my whole drive  , i need to create EFI partation again ? if yes please tell me how ?17:31
BudgiiChanged the background color to be a bit darker.. now the text is pretty dim.17:32
Budgiigot it! finally!17:32
kostkonBudgii, there's also themes yuo could try out https://hexchat.github.io/themes.html17:32
s10gopal@kostkon yes17:34
BudgiiAnyone know how to cloak my IP/use SASL/SSL what ever in HexChat?17:35
tati_hello, im new to ubuntu. I am not sure if this is the place to ask a question17:35
leftyfbs10gopal: why do you need to format your drive? If you need to reinstall Ubuntu, just reinstall and pick guided partitioning for the whole drive. Everything will get wiped.17:35
leftyfb!ask | tati_17:35
ubottutati_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:35
s10gopali am on win 1017:36
leftyfbBudgii: hit up #help for cloaks17:36
leftyfbs10gopal: we do not support Windows here17:36
s10gopali want to remove it and format my whole drive17:36
nicomachusleftyfb: #freenode does cloaks.17:36
Budgiileftyb: thanks!17:36
s10gopaland install ubuntu17:36
leftyfbnicomachus: #help forwards to #freenode :)17:36
Budgiithanks nicomachus17:36
SCHAPiEs10gopal: that in itself, is a respectable goal17:36
leftyfbs10gopal: ok, then my original suggest still stands17:36
nicomachusleftyfb: then why not just say #freenode?17:37
s10gopaldowloaded ubuntu -> bootable pendrive -> gpt for ufei -> gat 3217:37
leftyfbs10gopal: the installer will give you the option of installing ubuntu over your Windows install17:37
oerheks!uefi | s10gopal this wiki shows howto make that uefi partition again ..17:37
ubottus10gopal this wiki shows howto make that uefi partition again ..: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:37
glomazHello all, my laptop has frozen while running Rsync to sync a USB backup drive to remote server. I have left my laptop running for about a week and this morning nothing appears on the screen when I move the mouse to log in17:37
leftyfbnicomachus: easier to type and others to remember17:37
s10gopali want to remove windows17:37
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
glomazAlso, I can hear the CPU fan running very fast17:38
leftyfbs10gopal: yes, go through the installer. It will give you the option of installing Ubuntu to the entire drive, essentially wiping out Windows17:38
leftyfbglomaz: reboot17:38
Budgiisl0gopal, when you load the usb into your computer there should be an option to overwrite everything. I just installed linux last night and it was an option17:38
glomaz@leftyfb: the server or laptop?17:38
leftyfbglomaz: the thing that is frozen with the fan spun up17:39
s10gopali want to install ubuntu on 200gb partation17:39
s10gopaland rest for my other work17:39
Budgiithere should be "install alongside" option17:40
glomazleftyfb: Backup drive has an NTFS partition, would it or the files get damaged?17:40
s10gopali dont want any files17:40
leftyfbglomaz: if the machine is locked up and you cannot unmount, then what other options do you have?17:40
leftyfbs10gopal: why do you need a separate partition for "other work"?17:41
tati_Okay I'm sorry! So here it goes. I am copying my /home folder to a freed up primary partition. I have followed these steps up until the end -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving#Moving_.2Fhome_into_.2Fold_home            Where I must move /home into /old_home. I get an error saying resource is busy. I tried to log in via virtual command to perform the move but my ctrl+alt+f1 doesnt work. What can I  do?17:41
s10gopali need 2 drives , on for ubuntu and other for data17:41
oerhekstati_, try ctrl alt f2?17:42
s10gopalshould i disable secure boot?17:43
glomazleftyfb: I could try rebooting the server, it also seems it hasn't run out of free space yet17:43
tati_oerheks_, ctrl+alt+f1 freezes the mouse. I will try f2 again although it didn't seem to work17:43
glomazleftyfb: laptop is currently running 17.04, so is it try to automatically upgrade?17:44
Budgii@sl0gopal: To reiterate you are wanting to install on a partition you made, correct?17:44
s10gopallike in windows , we install window in one drive and other drive for data backup17:45
s10gopali want to do that in ubuntu17:45
Budgii@sl0gopal: i'd think you'd just want another partition. I don't know17:47
jimb_Budgii & s10gopal - That is how I do it, a data partition on the main drive and generally additional data only drives that are mounted.17:48
Nick21_How can I improve my youtube experience in Ubuntu?17:48
jimb_s10gopal - The pre-installed GUI utility for this is GParted17:48
Nick21_I am currently using flash player17:48
BudgiiNick21 is it lagging?17:48
Nick21_In some videos where they are HD, they freeze for a moment17:49
Nick21_And pop back up and freezes again17:49
Nick21_As in the frames of the video17:49
Budgiiis it buffering?17:49
kostkonNick21_, youtube is html5 only now17:49
tati__@oerheks unfortunately, alt+ctrl+f2 also freezes the move. I can regain access to the mouse if i press f7. Is there another way of enter virtual console to allow this command to work? cd / && sudo mv /home /old_home && sudo mkdir /home17:49
s10gopalit is must to disable secure boot ?17:49
Nick21_I mean17:49
Nick21_It loads perfectly17:49
Nick21_It freezes sometimes17:50
BudgiiIs the computer it self fast?17:50
Budgiido you have enough RAM?17:51
Nick21_Uhhhh, not that fast, but I am able to play Youtube videos well on Windows 817:51
Nick21_I have 2GB RAM17:51
BudgiiWhat version of Linux are you using?17:51
Nick21_Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS17:51
oerheksand what videocard?17:51
Nick21_How can I check the video card?17:51
Nick21_Is there a command?17:51
oerhekssystemsettings > details17:52
Nick21_Intel® 945GM x86/MMX/SSE217:52
oerheksoh, surprising that win8 plays video on that old chip17:53
jose-phillipsim trying to install ubuntu 16.04 over iscsi disk on uefi mod17:53
jose-phillipsbut for one reason is always installing in legacy mode17:53
Nick21_But I am trying to make it work for Ubuntu @oerheks17:54
s10gopalit is must to disable secure boot ?17:54
oerheksNick21_, good luck i wish you, i think it will never run youtube properly17:54
Budgii@sl0gopal, usually you need to to install an OS from newer windows versions17:54
Nick21_Yeah, because of the graphics they've implemented.... oerheks17:55
Budgii@sl0gopal try a quick google tutorial17:55
Budgii@Nick21_ i'd try Xubuntu or something that is not as graphically intensive17:56
BudgiiI used that on an old one and it was fast17:56
Budgiiolder computer17:56
Budgiithere is one that is a step below that as well17:56
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours17:57
jose-phillipssecure boot is disabled17:57
oerheksmate, xubuntu, budgie ..17:57
jose-phillipsbut when try to reinstall i always get the message that the data stored is for legacy boot . if i want to "force uefi installation" i hit yes17:58
jose-phillipsand still doesn't work17:58
Nick21_I will try that.17:58
Budgiiyeah I'm on budgie and I love it.17:58
Budgiiid go with Xubuntu though, haven't tried mate17:59
Budgiithere is a live one that you can test like 10 flavors17:59
Budgiiyou should do that then you'll know what you need17:59
oerheksone can always play youtube in terminal .. https://www.npmjs.com/package/youtube-terminal18:02
nicomachussee also `youtube-dl`18:02
Budgiitry that link Nick2118:04
Nick21_Thank you, Budgii.18:04
BudgiiNp :)18:04
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deckihello all18:15
deckiwhere am I?18:16
BudgiiI would not know the answer to that.18:16
deckijust opened Hexchat and arrived here !18:16
BudgiiThis is #Ubuntu :)18:16
akikdecki: this is internet relay chat, channel #ubuntu for technical support18:16
deckiI'm using Zorin18:17
oerheksZorin is not supported here :-)18:17
dax/join #zorinos for zorin18:18
deckihow ?18:18
daxliterally just type /join #zorinos18:18
daxin the same place you're typing messages18:18
oerheksor hoover over #zorinos and right click, join18:18
deckiThank you !18:19
oerhekshave fun!18:19
s10gopalinstalled ubuntu :) but i cant see wifi18:19
s10gopaland when i turn off bt , airplane mode gets on18:20
jose-phillipsany ideas of how to fix my issue18:21
s10gopalinstalled ubuntu :) but i cant see wifi18:24
s10gopaland when i turn off bt , airplane mode gets on18:24
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ianthiusleftyfb: thanks for the clue18:26
DJAnonimomy USB audio device is listed in lsusb but not visible in alsamixer18:27
DJAnonimoanyone can help me?18:27
DJAnonimoBus 002 Device 003: ID 0d8c:013c C-Media Electronics, Inc. CM108 Audio Controller18:27
oerheksDJAnonimo, open terminal: alsamixer, hit F6, select soundcard usb18:33
DJAnonimooerheks: soundcard is not visible in F618:33
DJAnonimoonly builtin interfaces18:33
oerhekscat /proc/asound/cards # this should show it too18:34
DJAnonimoash: /proc/asound/cards: Permission denied18:35
oerheksworks fine here18:36
Nick21_You know what, oerheks18:37
Nick21_I will stay with this version.18:37
oerhekssee the ' configuration '  part, might help18:37
Nick21_I am too lazy to change OS right now18:37
Nick21_After working hard on this OS (configuring wifi, and installing a lot of packages)18:37
DJAnonimoim running ubuntu 16.04 arm6418:38
jimb_Nick21_ That video card isn't even officially supported for Win >7, but it does work (for most). You may have some BIOS settings you can change that will improve matters though, such as RAM assigned to the internal video card18:38
eminyou wont believe im typing on the first version of ubuntu18:38
eminrunning in virtualbox18:39
Nick21_jimb, perhaps how can I change or look for those settings?18:39
oerheksDJAnonimo, arm64 or amd64 ?18:39
DJAnonimooerheks: i was missing cats18:39
jimb_Nick21_ Probably need to press DEL while booting18:39
oerheksno clue about arm, if it works18:39
DJAnonimo 0 [sndhdmi        ]: sndhdmi - sndhdmi18:39
DJAnonimo                      sndhdmi18:39
DJAnonimo 1 [audiocodec     ]: audiocodec - audiocodec18:39
DJAnonimo                      audiocodec18:39
DJAnonimohere is the output18:39
DJAnonimowell there is no USB listed18:39
nicomachus!paste | DJAnonimo18:40
ubottuDJAnonimo: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:40
Nick21_Yes, I have entered the BIOS before, jimb_, but how can I specifically look for that part18:40
jimb_Nick21_ I am not sure what it will be called in your BIOS, should be something like "SHARED RAM" or similar and be right around any other video settings such as "primary video display"18:40
Nick21_Thank you very much, jimb_, perhaps this is an Aspire 9410Z18:41
jimb_I'll look real quick, one moment18:41
DJAnonimooerheks: did you see the ouput?18:41
BluesKajDJAnonimo, try sudo modprobe snd_usb_audio, if there are no errors then reboot18:41
Nick21_Thank you so much, jimb_18:41
oerheksDJAnonimo, yes, but i have no clue about arm, if it works18:41
oerheksthere is #ubuntu-arm too, here on #freenode18:42
DJAnonimomodprobe: FATAL: Module snd_usb_audio not found in directory /lib/modules/3.10.102+18:42
BluesKajbummer even18:43
jimb_Well, I see it's F2 to enter the BIOS, having trouble finding a doc that shows it18:43
Nick21_Yeah, let me wander around the BIOS, jimb_, thank you mate, I will be back and tell you of the outcome18:44
jimb_Nick21_ You are very welcome18:44
DJAnonimoBluesKaj: any idea why there is no modeule and how to get it installed?18:44
BluesKajDJAnonimo, there doesn't seem to be a linux driver available, so far18:46
DJAnonimoon my laptop with ubuntu is detected without problems and listed in the mixer18:47
Nick21jimb_, all I found was Max DVMT, 128 MB and 64 MB for the video memory allocation setting.18:51
jimb_Was it at 128MB?18:51
Nick21It was at Max DVMT.18:52
jimb_Oh, OK. Then that's probably the best you can do if your system has dynamic memory allocation like that :(18:52
Nick21Ah dammit.18:52
jimb_Nick21_ Although, it might be worth trying the 128MB setting as perhaps the DVMT portion isn't playing nice with Ubuntu18:53
Nick21Hm, I will try that :)18:53
Nick21Thank you mate. jimb_ I will let you know about the outcome :)18:53
jimb_Nick21_ You are welcome :)18:54
BluesKajDJAnonimo, well then find the driver name of the CM108 Audio Controller on your laptop so we can use it to load the correct module, sudo lshw -C sound18:57
DJAnonimoBluesKaj: ok. i will try. let me power on the laptop18:58
Nick21jimb_, I am not feeling a difference in the performance or whatsoever, the same YouTube streaming issue (when playing fast motion images and HD videos)19:00
doomsi dont know if anybody can help me... since few days, i'm using the 18.04 unstable version of ubuntu. i was using netflix without any problem, but since today, without even an update, i couldnt watch any video on netflix, but other sites works well (youtube, etc...)19:00
doomsanybody got an idea ?19:00
leftyfbdooms: go to #ubuntu+1 for unreleased versions of ubuntu19:00
doomsleftyfb thx19:01
Nick21jimb_ is there a way I can change the VRAM allocated, manually?19:02
jimb_Nick21 Sorry, that's about all I can think of at the moment. You may want to run `sudo dmesg | grep -i drm` with the settings at 128MB and then again with Max DVMT...  There is a 'Memory usable by device' line that you will want to check. With only 2G of total RAM, it's kinda stealing from Peter to pay Paul when it comes to shared video memory19:02
jimb_I think the VRAM needs to be managed by the BIOS, but I could be wrong. It was my understanding that's why DVMT was implemented.19:02
Nick21Oh alright, jimb_. Also don't be sorry, I just ran the command and it showed me some of the details for my graphics card if not all...19:03
DJAnonimoBluesKaj: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26399639/19:04
Nick21It says 256 M19:04
Nick21I see what you mean within the stealing thing, haha19:04
Nick21It doesn't have enough resources to share with the graphics card19:05
jimb_Nick21 Then you probably do want to leave DVMT at Max so your system has a chance to use all of it if needed. Odd that halving the RAM (by setting to 128MB) didn't greatly impact the video playback quality19:05
Nick21Yeah it's odd... It ran the same... :P19:05
jimb_Nick21 For educational purposes only... you may want to try using one of those YouTube video download sites... grab one of these videos and see if it plays better with something like VLC or not19:06
Nick21jimb_, I remember I used to run Ubuntu on this laptop and everything ran smoothly, perhaps it was because older versions needed less graphical processing19:06
Nick21Oh, yes, I will do that.19:06
jimb_Nick21 That... and HD could be different. Also, to save space, YouTube could be using a higher level of encoding now19:06
Nick21Yes exactly. jimb_19:07
Nick21I hate using this old potato19:07
sud0x3Nick21: I sometimes user youtube-viewer from teh cli and play videos with mpv19:08
jimb_Nick21 - When ready, plant it in the ground... maybe more will grow from it and you can cluster j/k19:08
Nick21jimb_ LMAO19:09
BluesKajDJAnonimo, ok, now in the problem pc, run sudo modprobe snd_usbhid with the usb sound device plugged in, then reboot if there are no errors19:09
Nick21sud0x3 How exactly does that work? Is it a youtube application for Linux?19:09
jimb_This one? sud0x3    https://github.com/trizen/youtube-viewer19:10
Nick21jimb_ I wish I had potatoes to harvest, it would be better than using this actual potato19:10
jimb_Nick21 I know how it is, by main 2 machines were put together from garbage bin parts... but they work19:10
V7Can't kill pid19:11
Nick21Yeah, they work19:11
Nick21Sadly :P19:11
Nick21Should I use that viewer perhaps?19:11
jimb_Nick21 I don't know about you, but I'll be checking it out. That could be a useful reference for others with similar issues19:12
Nick21jimb_ I will install it19:12
sud0x3jimb_: Yes thats the one19:14
Nick21Which version of Ubuntu are you using, jimb_?19:14
jimb_Nick21 16.04.0319:14
Nick21jimb_ Ah me too.19:14
sud0x3Search results do differ from what you get in the web interface of youtube but generally gives me the results i want19:15
Nick21I'm confused on how to install it, I already added the repository19:18
Nick21For youtube-viewer19:18
Nick21I used the commands below19:18
Nick21Can't open perl script "Build.PL": No such file or directory19:18
Nick21jimb_  -  sud0x319:19
jimb_sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install youtube-viewer19:19
Nick21Right, I had to update my system...19:19
Nick21I'm dumb. thanks mate, jimb_19:19
jimb_Nick21 No worries at all. I almost went the route of building from source19:20
DJAnonimoBluesKaj: modprobe: FATAL: Module snd_usbhid not found in directory /lib/modules/3.10.102+19:20
Nick21jimb_ Well dang.19:20
naccDJAnonimo: is that the exact messag?19:20
Nick21jimb_ You are an expert using Ubuntu19:21
jimb_Nick21 Not even close, but I can move around and get by ;)19:21
naccDJAnonimo: you are not running an ubuntu kernel; what version is this?19:21
Nick21jimb_ Ahhh, alright.19:21
leftyfbDJAnonimo: what version of ubuntu is this? What type of hardware are you running it on?19:22
Nick21jimb_ Then, you got the moves, mate19:22
jimb_Nick21 Thanks19:22
Nick21jimb_ Haha, you are very welcome :)19:22
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DJAnonimoUbuntu 16.04 arm64 on Orange PI19:23
Nick21Can I do some pentesting on Ubuntu?19:23
Nick21Just wondering.19:23
naccDJAnonimo: that is not a 16.04 kernel.19:23
DJAnonimoKeernel: 3.10.102+19:23
naccleftyfb: --^ you got a handle on figuring that out? :)19:24
jimb_Nick21 - You can do plenty. See Kali Linux, the packages installed on it or whatever it's new version is called.19:24
leftyfbnacc: negative19:24
naccNick21: jimb_: kali is offtopic here, fwiw19:24
Nick21jimb_ Wow, thanks. Amazing information to my ears.19:24
jimb_Nick21 nacc I new it would come up pretty soon, this channel is for support/help... chatter should be at #ubuntu-discuss or such19:25
naccjimb_: no, kali is not ubuntu at all19:25
naccjimb_: so that would be offtopic for #ubuntu-discuss as well19:25
jimb_Right nacc, but you can install the same packages, too many to list... so I use it as my goto19:26
naccjimb_: not really relevant, my point was it's offtopic. nothing more.19:26
Nick21jimb_ I installed youtube-viewer, how can I install its interface?19:26
Nick21jimb_ let me guess19:26
vvolandHow can I disable "negating numlock" with shift when pressing buttons from numpad? For example I have numpad button 7/HOME. Numlock switches the function of button. But when pressed with shift it produces the alternate key.19:26
Nick21sudo apt-get install gtk-youtube-viewer ???19:26
jimb_Nick21 The interface should be there... use dash to find the graphical version19:27
jimb_Windows key... then start typing youtube19:28
Nick21Oh got it, thanks jimb_19:28
Nick21Uhhh what's happening to my brain19:28
jimb_Nick21 As usual, you are welcome19:28
Nick21jimb_ And as usual, I thank you lots :)19:28
sud0x3Nick21: you can also use youtube-viewer at the cli19:31
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Nick21_jimb_ I just had the biggest crash in history...It was exactly a crash, but the functions the mouse didn't work, as I hovered over the video it would show the playback controls, yes, but I had to restart Ubuntu using ctrl-alt-f219:41
mircx1Hello i need please help i try find mbedtls to install that and i not see this someone can help to me?19:41
Nick21_It wasn't exactly* jimb_19:41
jimb_Nick21_ I'll watch out for that when I play around with youtube-viewer19:41
Nick21_jimb_ Yeah, it's like a bug or something./19:42
Nick21_Also, don't click fullscreen... jimb_19:42
jimb_Nick21_ I'm actually taking notes :)19:42
naccmircx1: do you mean libmbedtls10? i donn't thinnk mbedtls is a binary19:42
naccjimb_: Nick21_: fwiw, PPAs are not supported here either ... contact the PPA owner if there are issues19:43
jimb_Wow nacc, I didn't realize. Will do.19:43
Nick21_jimb_ Yeah, haha, this are some strong tips19:43
nacc!ppa | jimb_: for reference19:44
ubottujimb_: for reference: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:44
naccjimb_: you are basically giving the PPA owner root on your system, also, so it's important to definitively trust the author(s)19:44
naccmircx1: what are you looking for precisely?19:44
Nick21_nacc Wow, I didn't know all of this19:45
Bashing-om!info libmbedtls10 xenial | mircx1 this one ? ::19:45
Nick21_nacc So basically he can control my PC?19:45
ubottumircx1 this one ? ::: libmbedtls10 (source: mbedtls): lightweight crypto and SSL/TLS library - tls library. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.1-2ubuntu0.2 (xenial), package size 65 kB, installed size 189 kB19:45
mircx1i try install from ubuntu that mbedtls SSL/TLS19:45
Nick21_jimb_ These are spooky informations19:45
mircx1but i am not find for this19:45
naccNick21_: well, a) you are installing the packages as root, so ... you should know what you're doing; 2) any package you install is installed by the root user, which means the installing process has root permissions19:46
jimb_Nick21_ I knew that it allows them to install whatever they want on top of what you are asking for. In this case, it's a project that is also on github. But, as nacc says, not supported here and potentially dangerous19:46
naccNick21_: PPAs are not special in this regard19:46
naccmircx1: what did you try to install?19:46
mircx1i try install inspircd version 3 and when i will try install the module i get error19:47
mircx1this a error19:47
Nick21_jimb_ | nacc, so I should uninstall this application, also it isn't helping me so...It's safer to uninstall it completely right?19:47
nacc!ppa-purge | Nick21_19:48
ubottuNick21_: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html19:48
naccmircx1: please don't describe your problem, but show a pastebin with the exact commands and outputs.19:48
naccmircx1: as your description did not have sufficient details19:48
mircx1i send to you19:48
Nick21_Thanks ubottu, I will use it, and also thank you nacc for the command.19:48
naccmircx1: you need to provide the full URL (it will have a suffix after paste.ubuntu.com)19:49
Nick21_jimb_ Well let's do this xD19:49
jimb_Nick21_ I am going to review the source code and possibly build a local version that doesn't require sudo to install. You should feel free to sudo apt-get purge youtube-viewer as well as purging the PPA19:50
Nick21_Thank you jimb_ I will do this19:51
jimb_Anytime Nick21_19:51
Nick21_I'm installing ppa purge via Synaptics.19:52
Nick21_I am about to purge the app and purge the repo.19:52
Nick21_How do I purge this repo???19:52
Nick21_As in I know there's a directory and a sub directory but I don't know how to put into context19:52
jimb_Nick21_ sudo ppa-purge ppa:nilarimogard/webupd819:53
Nick21_Thank you19:53
Nick21_So the full command would be19:53
jimb_Nick21_ sudo apt-get purge youtube-viewer && sudo ppa-purge ppa:nilarimogard/webupd819:54
Nick21_sudo apt-get purge youtube-viewer  && sudo ppa-purge19:54
BluesKaj                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      19:54
BluesKaj                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       DJAnonimo , arm drivers are hard to find , I wasn't aware you were using one of those small boards, not the same as regular pcs19:54
Nick21_jimb_ I used it like that... I'm learning lol19:54
Nick21_Thank you very much jimb_19:55
jimb_nacc for clarification, is it ok to do these and like explain what certain operators and commands mean/do ? I'm being serious and not a jerk19:55
Nick21_I purged everything.19:56
tech10171968TBH that is NEVER a bad idea19:56
Nick21_From that PPA19:56
Nick21_jimb_ I am having so much fun with the console19:56
xs2is it safe to remove `/ppa` here `add-apt-repository ppa:dockbar-main/ppa`? I'm asking because I have `add-apt-repository -y ppa:webupd8team/java` and it works? safe as in would I still be adding the same repository19:57
tech10171968Nick21 - wait until you find out how much more productive the console can be over GUI19:57
tech10171968once you get used to it, that is19:57
jimb_Nick21_ I live in the console, it's THE way to get things done on remote servers. It's why Ubuntu is the only OS we use in this house.19:58
Nick21_tech10171968   -  I want to get to that right now.19:58
tech10171968well,the best way to learn *anything* in Linux is to screw up. Seriously.19:58
Nick21_jimb_   tech1017196819:58
Nick21_This is so rewarding, yet, I need guidance to learn even more19:59
Nick21_jimb_ So practically you are married to the console19:59
jimb_Nick21_ ok to DM?20:00
tech10171968well, once the console gets routine to you, you are probably going to want to learn some scripting. IYou can automate a lot of stuff that way20:00
Nick21_tech10171968 -   I have watched some videos on how to PIMP Ubuntu and I don't know how screwed I could get doing such commands since my graphics driver aren't that supportive let's say20:00
Nick21_jimb_ Yeah20:01
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Nick21_tech10171968  - You mean, learn how to code20:01
tech10171968Nick21_- Well, if you can call it that20:01
tech10171968I really mean Bash scripting20:02
tech10171968I even wrote a script a while ago to automate the compiling of my new kernels when I update them20:02
BluesKajpimp is the incorrect word for tweaking ubuntu20:03
tech10171968I would advise looking for a copy of the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide. It can be found online and doesn't cost one red cent20:03
sud0x3Nick21_: What do you use your computer for? day to day, may be able to suggest cli replacements for you workflow20:03
xs2can I install Android Studio via PPA?20:04
tech10171968sud0x3 - that's actually a really good idea to get someone used to the terminal20:06
stephiiHi. I cannot use apt-get on ubuntu 16.04 any more, because dpkg stops with an error that it cannot unpack the kernel header files in the package, because the disk is full. But / has more than 1 gigabyte free. apt-get install -f produces that error too.20:06
EriC^^stephii: what about 'df -h /boot' ?20:06
EriC^^oh you said header files, what about 'df -i' ?20:07
naccstephii: perhaps pastebin the exact output, as welll20:07
stephiiEriC^^: oh -i shows almost 100% use20:07
sud0x3tech10171968: Thanks20:07
BluesKajNick21_, are you a windows 'dude', then go pimp windows. linux isn't for sale20:08
EriC^^stephii: aha, do you have lots of small files?20:08
Borw3BluesKaj: LOL20:08
Southern_GentlemBluesKaj, LOL20:08
stephiiEriC^^: I didn't know I had, but I guess. /home is on a seperate partition tho20:08
sud0x3BluesKaj: Talking about what people should call thier customisations, why do people use the term "rice" to descibe this?20:09
tech10171968stephii: i'd probably check /var/log. System logs can *really* pile up after a while, and sometimes cleaning them out can reclaim up to a gig of disk space20:09
EriC^^stephii: hmm20:09
tech10171968it's happened to me before20:09
BluesKajsud0x3, no idea, I guess they think it's some kind of insider "speak"20:09
stephiitech10171968: thanks I already deleted the kern.log.1 file, but its only 1 file. I have to look for many small files somewhere I suppose. Have 1 GB of 9GB free on /20:10
tech10171968sud0x3: it's a term borrowed from motorheads who like to pimp out their Japanese cars20:10
luc4Hello! I’m about to install ubuntu on a new pc. The machine arrived with ubuntu 16.04 and includes a efi partition of 600MB… isn’t this weird? I’m not about to install 17.10 but I’m wondering if ubuntu is recreating the efi partition by itself or not...20:11
stephiiEriC^^: this is what df -i shows for / (which has /boot) /dev/sda5      610800   610140    660  100% /20:11
naccluc4: that's a pretty normal sized efi partition20:11
tech10171968luc4: I'm not sure but I don't think it actually does that. If I'm wrong someone let me know20:12
naccluc4: what do you mean, 'weird'?20:12
BluesKajsud0x3, rice, seem ricing is cosmetic enhancement for starters , but there are all kinds of other customizations20:12
luc4nacc: I see only 33MB are stored…20:12
luc4nacc: why should I waste 500MB?20:12
Borw3luc4: LOL20:13
tech10171968BlueKaj: it's not just cosmetics. For example, Gentoo users are often called "ricers", but I don't think their customization is only skin-deep20:13
sud0x3BluesKaj: tech10171968 Thanks i just wondered as i see it a lot20:13
EriC^^stephii: try "for i in /var /boot /etc; do echo -e "$(sudo find $i | wc -l)\t$i"; done | sort -n"20:14
stephiiI think i could remove old kernel and header files, but with apt-get not working its probably not safe to delete them from the /usr/src/ directories?20:14
naccluc4: if you want to fiddle with it, you can try, but you'll probably make your system unbootable. Is 500M actually enough for you to care on your system?20:14
BluesKajgoogle foo is your friend, sud0x320:14
sud0x3BluesKaj: I know but i didnt want a generic answer20:14
luc4nacc: I’m installing ubuntu now, so now or never :-)20:14
EriC^^stephii: mine reports 624 for boot, 15144 for /var and 3145 for /etc as a reference20:14
naccluc4: i thought it already had ubuntu?20:14
sud0x3Like using google as a term for searching the internet :)20:14
tech10171968stephii: then you may have to do that by hand. Old kernel files can also be pretty hefty20:15
BudgiiBudgie users: can i have my application icons on my panel instead of the dock?20:15
naccluc4: annd you said you're "not about to install 17.10"20:15
luc4nacc: yes, 16.0420:15
EriC^^stephii: try 'sudo apt-get autoclean' to free up some space20:15
BudgiiOr at least what is running to be on there.20:15
luc4nacc: not :-), sorry, I meant now20:15
luc4nacc: just a typo20:15
Borw3LOL, people use Budgie?20:15
sud0x3Budgii: i beleive so, when i tried budgie there was a firefox icon next to the main menu icon20:15
naccluc4: ah ok20:15
Budgiibudgie is awesome I love it20:15
BudgiiJust got it20:15
naccluc4: i mean, i'd just leave it. it's not doing any harm, and i believe might be specified by the efi spec (but that's just my recollection)20:15
BluesKajtech10171968, gentoo users also like hair shirts :-)20:16
stephiithanks EriC^^ I'll look at the find command. I've tried autoremove, but it doesnt work because of unmet dependencies with the kernel headers20:16
tech10171968BluesKaj: LOL!!!20:16
EriC^^luc4: 33mb would work if you're really keen on saving the mb's20:16
stephiiEriC^^: sorry you meant autoclean. didnt free inodes :)20:16
Budgii@Borw3, curiosity; what version do you operate?20:17
EriC^^stephii: literally any deletion would be good, old files in /var/tmp etc20:18
EriC^^stephii: maybe copy stuff temporarily like logs to your /home partition20:18
EriC^^stephii: probably though stick with the find approach and try to see where all the inodes are going20:18
luc4EriC^^: is it supposed to get larger in the future? I’m in doubt now on how to install ubuntu. The installer is asking if I want to use the entire disk: will this keep the efi partition?20:19
EriC^^luc4: i'm not sure about that, can you take a screenshot of it?20:21
tech10171968or you could just run GParted, and it will show you the exact makeup of your disk20:22
stephiiEriC^^: I have 323 in boot, 2313 in etc, 8918 in var and 463769 in usr/src (which I added to your command)20:25
=== passwd is now known as tcpdump
EriC^^stephii: aha that's excessive, i have 50k in /usr/src20:26
rflemingHi!  How do I stop Ubuntu from installing new printers?20:27
rflemingI'm in an office and I don't want them all20:27
EriC^^that's the problem i guess, it's around 75% of your total inodes20:27
stephiiyes. there are tons of old kernel files in usr/src, could i rm -rf the oldest set and then use apt-get to remove what else it wants to autoremove?20:28
EriC^^stephii: what does /usr/src have?20:28
EriC^^stephii: sure go for it20:28
EriC^^check the inode usage again afterwards with df -i20:29
stephii27k free instead of 600 after deleting the oldest kernel files20:30
EriC^^that's still alot20:30
EriC^^stephii: try "for i in /usr/share/*; do echo -e "$(sudo find $i | wc -l)\t$i"; done | sort -n"20:31
luc4EriC^^: https://pasteboard.co/H3eSso6.png20:31
EriC^^luc4: i think that ignores your input and just erases the disk and install ubuntu with its own default specs20:32
luc4EriC^^: will that erase efi and create a new one?20:33
EriC^^luc4: it should create a fat32 though and everything you might need20:33
EriC^^i guess so20:33
Checkmatei have run command on putty to import sql file i want to close the terminal, is the job will be killed or not?20:33
luc4EriC^^: should I backup the previous efi partition?20:33
EriC^^Checkmate: yeah, unless you run it in screen it usually will get killed when you close the terminal20:34
EriC^^luc4: not unless you have another os like windows that boots off it20:35
stephiiEriC^^: in /usr/share the largest one is almost 30k for icons, followed by doc with 8k. But deleting just the oldest headers allowed apt-get to work again :) I also all other old kernel headers that are not seen by grub and which were not removed by autoremove20:35
EriC^^stephii: oh sorry i meant /usr/src, my bad20:35
Checkmateyes Eric i forgot screen command20:35
stephiiEriC^^: I now have 60% of my inodes free. Thanks a lot for your help!20:36
EriC^^stephii: great, no problem!20:36
EriC^^Checkmate: can you kill it and rerun in screen?20:36
CheckmateEriC^^ i cant its already 1 day left with 50% i cant start from beginning , my laptop get update and its needed to restart20:37
luc4EriC^^: thanks!20:37
EriC^^luc4: no problem!20:37
CheckmateEriC^^ there is no way ?20:39
=== pauljw1604 is now known as pauljw
CheckmateEriC^^ are you sure the sqlimport will be killed after the terminal closed!!20:41
EriC^^Checkmate: 1 sec let me try something20:41
BudgiiIs python the main lainguage for Tilix?20:42
Checkmateok THanks20:42
bray90820_Where would be a good place to get help with the ubuntu windows 10 app?20:43
BudgiiI don't know what that is- but it sounds interesting. What does it do?20:43
bray90820_It's basically an ubuntu subsystem for windows20:44
Budgiiis it a VM?20:44
bray90820_It's an app from the windows 10 store20:44
Budgiiah. obvious answer I am giving, but maybe google it haha20:45
BudgiiSorry i'm no help. :)20:45
lordcirth_workbray90820_,  #ubuntu-on-windows20:45
akikBudgii: it's a system call emulator that microsoft and canonical created. it's basically a ubuntu system with no gui and no services20:46
ubottuWindows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide20:46
EriC^^Checkmate: this might work, haven't tested it, https://serverfault.com/questions/55880/moving-an-already-running-process-to-screen20:46
akikBudgii: but people have done things with it that it wasn't designed to do20:47
xs2how can I assume default path and accept license with umake?20:47
EriC^^Checkmate: i just tried ctrl+z , bg, then disown %<job number> and it didn't work, fwiw20:47
CheckmateEriC^^ ok wait a sec20:47
Budgii@akik, gotcha. I think I did see something like that the other day when looking for this OS. What have they done?20:47
naccBudgii: not ontopic here20:47
EriC^^Checkmate: try the link's suggestion on another program first to see if it actually works20:47
akikBudgii: you can run xorg apps from it if you install a x windows server on windows side20:48
EriC^^Checkmate: it's actually in the ubuntu repos, sudo apt-get install reptyr20:48
EriC^^*trying it*20:48
xs2what is this today am I blocked or what20:49
BudgiiHmm. Alright20:49
xs2I asked 10 question none of which got answered20:49
=== kkinder is now known as bouncing
BudgiiSo i'm just looking to learn basics of the terminal.. when I type in Google Chrome, it doesn't recognize it to open it.20:49
lordcirth_workxs2, then no one knew the answers.20:49
xs2I'm sure it's a conspiracy20:50
jimb_Budgii google-chrome-stable20:50
Budgii@jimb_ score! thanks. How would I know the name for other programs to open, such as HexChat or Chromium?20:51
jimb_xs2 - I have seen a few messages for you. Not blocked as of 10 minutes ago as far as I can tell20:51
xs2hm for me? as in someone answered me?20:52
jimb_Budgii A good start, is to type the first few chars then hit tab a few times to autocomplete20:52
jimb_xs2 - I don't know offhand how to make umake accept the license etc20:52
xs2no worries20:53
Budgiijimb_ YESSS just what I needed!20:53
lordcirth_workxs2, I haven't used umake, how does it prompt for licence acceptance?20:54
jimb_Budgii - I am lazy, so I overuse autocomplete all the time.20:54
auronandaceoerheks: thanks for the help regarding unblocking the wifi (i was ThinkT510 earlier). I found out that the ideapad_laptop module was to blame so I had to blacklist it and wifi is working again20:55
jimb_xs2 - I did find that some packages allow for `--accept-license` ... however, I don't think it's a standard, so you may have to try each of them in question and find out what they accept via umake -h <lib>20:55
xs2I wasn't prompted for license acceptance but saw a tutorial uses `--accept-license` (for instance when installing Android Studio and SDK), yet man doesn't say anything about --accept-license and some pkg's error out. as for the default path, it just requires you to press enter (or enter the path)20:56
jimb_xs2 - ` --auto-accept` should work for frameworks without licensing to prevent prompting20:59
jimb_xs2 - Maybe not anymore. That's about all I can offer... going dark.20:59
xs2thanks jimb_!20:59
EriC^^Checkmate: seems to be working for me if i use root, and reptyr -T <pid> , i dont get any output from the program but it still shows up in ps aux20:59
xs2might someone know does `--auto-accept` prevents path prompting?21:00
Checkmatei need to stop last session shell by CTRL+Z21:01
Checkmateor i open another session the put the command21:01
Checkmateits work but what about last session21:01
Checkmatei need to kill it ?21:02
EriC^^Checkmate: in a root shell, type "screen" and then type "reptyr -T <pid here>"21:03
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CheckmateEriC^^ ok let me try with simple ping google.fr21:04
CheckmateEriC^^ i think its work21:07
Checkmatebut mysql if get stopped will start from the first right ?21:07
EriC^^no idea there21:08
Checkmate[1]   Killed                  ping google.fr21:08
Checkmate[2]+  Stopped                 ping google.fr21:08
xs2in case someone needs it; you can `umake app destdir arg`21:08
Checkmateafter reptyr21:08
xs2also `umake -h app` to see allowed args21:08
EriC^^just remember to 'ctrl+a -> d' so it detaches and gives a message before exiting21:08
Checkmatei'm using tmux21:09
jimb_In the case of TMUX, it's CTRL-B then D21:09
Checkmatethanks jimb_21:10
CheckmateEriC^^ if i do reptyr on mysql will be stopped ??21:11
Checkmateim afraid that he will return it from the beginning21:11
EriC^^Checkmate: can you try a test on your local pc?21:14
Checkmateyou mean by mysql ok wait i will create another database21:15
rsaw6002Anyone have any idea why ntp:i386 package wont install on 16.04 64 bit machine with i386 arch enabled?21:20
leftyfbrsaw6002: no, but why do you need the 33bit version of ntp if you're not 32bit?21:22
rsaw6002leftyfb: lol. Cause the software im trying to install depends on it and only has a 32 bit .deb package21:23
CheckmateEriC^^ i'm not sure thanks maybe i will use it after some hours21:24
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
rsaw6002leftyfb: just thought i’d check here before wiping and reloading 14.04 32 bit as recommended by the software vendor. Ive ran it on 16.04 64 bit in the past.21:26
leftyfbrsaw6002: what is this software that is requiring you to take steps backward?21:26
rsaw6002ExacqVision Video Management Server21:27
leftyfbrsaw6002: also, what is the error you get when trying to install ntp:i386?21:27
Ben64weird for it to depend on ntp21:27
rsaw6002I forget, something about broken depends,21:28
jimb_Ah, commercial video surveillance... they want a reliable timestamp. Odd to look for the older version though21:28
leftyfbrsaw6002: we can't troubleshoot "something about...". Can you paste the error to pastebin.ubunut.com?21:29
rsaw6002leftyfb: effe it, im reloading a 32bit OS and getting out of here.21:29
leftyfbjimb_: 32bit doesn't necessarily mean older21:29
GumaI was wondering if there is a way to force install low latency kernels when doing initial installation (16.04.3)? I noticed that apt list shows -low latency  versions specific Or Do I have to install it manually after full initial setup21:29
jimb_leftyfb, You are correct.21:30
=== marve is now known as Guest91378
leftyfbrsaw6002: sure, just be aware. You'll need to upgrade to a newer version of ubuntu next year21:30
rsaw6002leftyfb: i know. Im just venting. I hate when vendors wont keep things up to date.21:30
leftyfbGuma: the latter, unless you want to get into preseeding21:30
rsaw6002leftyfb: yep. Im gonna try to get my client off of this software release. Exacq has a 64 bit package now but the client doesnt want to pay for the upgrade since they bought the software just over a year ago21:31
ysteinThunderbird in 16.04 is on version 52.5.0, but the newest from Mozilla is 52.5.2 which fixes several security issues. Will these updates land in the 16.04 repos eventually?21:34
sara_hello world, is there any alternative to maya (graphics program) on Linux, thanks21:43
Gumaleftyfb I just tried it. After installing same kernel version low latency (vs original generic) I can login to my desktop. I type password and I get kicked back to login prompt. But I an ssh to this machine with same credentials jsut fine21:44
Ben64sara_: yes, maya21:48
auronandacesara_: maybe blender21:48
webbbIs it possible to mount something into a folder structure of something else mounted?21:48
webbbor is this not possible? :/21:48
Ben64webbb: it is21:49
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voidDotClassI'm on 16.10. apt-get update gives me a few errors, even on http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-lxc/lxd-stable/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Packages22:11
voidDotClasswhy is http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-lxc/lxd-stable/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Packages giving a 403?22:12
squealingcodeSounds weird. Your date/time is not off by any chance?22:13
squealingcodelol cannot even access it in the browser22:14
ubottuUbuntu Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) was the 25th release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 20th, 2017. See !eol, !eolupgrade and https://ubottu.com/y/yakkety22:14
voidDotClasskrytarik, 1) Is it possible to run apt-get install and not have it exit due to that error, 2) is it possible to upgrade in place?22:17
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:17
voidDotClassI actually have 16.04 LTS sorry22:19
voidDotClassso I should still be supported22:19
krytarikYeah, figured.22:19
krytarikAlso yes, there is something funky with that PPA right now.22:20
voidDotClasskrytarik, is it possible to ignore that error just so i can continue with my installation?22:20
krytarikYou could disable the source for now, yes.22:21
voidDotClassi'm trying to install npm and doing curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_9.x | sudo -E bash -22:21
voidDotClasssudo apt-get install -y nodejs22:21
voidDotClasshow do i do that krytarik? commenting it out in sources.list ?22:21
krytarikYeah, for example.22:21
voidDotClassi'll try that22:22
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is the current LTS release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Read the release notes at https://ubottu.com/y/xenial22:22
EdgemanWhat would cause a system (virtual machine) to completely hang a few minutes after finishing boot? This was a 16.04.3 server that I just upgraded to 17.10. No output in /var/log/syslog or on the console when it locks up. Network goes down and console is unresponsive afterwards.22:23
du5tballhello. i'm trying to open a kernel bug. question: how the heck do i do this? when i try to open the bug, it leads me to a wiki page which isn't helpful at all22:25
du5tballincorrect wording. a kernel bug, which i've found with ubuntu.22:26
voidDotClassi'm seeing a lot of different xenial sources in sources.list22:27
voidDotClassshould i comment all of them?22:27
voidDotClassI commented out all the lines with xenial in /etc/apt/sources.list but still seeing 'E: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-lxc/lxd-stable/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Packages  403  Forbidden' when i try to run apt-get install22:29
Bashing-omvoidDotClass: I would expect that PPA to be in the 3rd party directory : /etc/apt/sources.list.d : ' cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list ' to see the files .22:34
kjarstydoes anyone have experience fixing issues with installing ubuntu on an asus t100taf?22:36
brainwashdu5tball: did you run the command "ubuntu-bug linux"?22:37
du5tballbrainwash: command not found. and if you expect me to do that from the customer server: i'm not gonna do that. who knows what that transmits.22:38
naccdu5tball: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+filebug22:40
naccdu5tball: the reason nthat wiki page exists, depending on what 'when i try to open the bug' means -- is that most people file garbage bug reports22:41
du5tballnacc: understandably. however, in my mind it's also a reflection on ubuntu itself22:42
naccdu5tball: what is?22:43
naccdu5tball: annd which URL did you use?22:43
naccdu5tball: tbh, the llogs that ubutu-bug transmits are goign to need to be transmitted eventually anyways22:43
brainwashalso, there is #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-kernel22:45
brainwashin case you have a more specific question22:45
du5tballnacc: i landed on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/, and clicked the "report a bug" on the right22:47
naccdu5tball: how did you land there?22:47
naccdu5tball: that is reporting a bug in 'ubuntu', which is not a package, but the entire OS22:47
naccerr, wait22:48
naccdu5tball: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ -> "Report a bug" takes me directly to the correct page to report the bug22:48
webbbBen64: I mounted a VirtualBox shared folder and VirtualBox doesn't follow Windows Junctions yet (bug is known but still not fixed, sadly) so I have to mount that junction myself as a 2nd VirtualBox shared folder mount - into the existing folder structure22:48
du5tballnacc: by googling "ubuntu bug". thing is, i have a bug in overlayfs. i assume it's kernel specific, as it doesn't happen on other distributions.22:48
du5tballnacc: then we both see different things apparently. may also be because my account was just created22:48
naccdu5tball: were you logged in?22:49
naccdu5tball: in any case, you can use the url i provided22:49
du5tballyes i was logged in :)22:49
naccdu5tball: please read the documentation on that page to provide a useful bug report22:49
GumaIs there a way to lock current kernel (after some testing) and prevent it in any way from upgrading to any other version?22:50
naccGuma: why would you want to do that?22:50
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto22:50
naccyou don't need pinning to do this22:50
naccjust remove the metapackages22:51
du5tballnacc: i think by now i'm good at writing bug reports :) archlinux and redhat have tortured me in that regard22:51
naccbut again, why is the relevant question for Guma22:51
naccdu5tball: ok22:51
GumaOk so what would be thee exact command to lock/pin current kernel22:51
GumaSo it is pinning that is the best correct way?22:52
naccGuma: what are you trying to do? What you are asking for wil lleave your system unsupported.22:52
GumaI am trying to make master image and set it up by default that it can not be upgraded. I know I can remove user from sudo. But such users will need this access. So all I want to do it lock current kernel so when someone does apt0get diet-upgrade it will not upgrade kernel. Ofcourse he will be able to unlock it if he really wants to.22:54
GumaSo I am just trying to prevent accidental kernel updates.22:54
naccGuma: ... but why?22:55
naccGuma: you want your image to be insecure?22:55
naccand/or have bugs, I guess22:56
GumaNo I want to control what version it is installed by default. Well to tell you the truth I know this is not the best solution. I come from RH so I am new on administration on Ubuntu. I guess I would like to setup "slave" machine where all my client machines point to this machine for any updates. So my master image would point for any updates to my slave machine. But since I am not familiar with this setup yet I am looking for something22:57
Guma quick.22:57
=== mekhami is now known as motsognir
GumaUnless you guys have proper solutions how to control production updates. So everyone is always on the same version22:58
GumaOr at least prevent from untested software to be upgraded22:58
=== motsognir is now known as mekhami
GumaIf that is not to hard and time consuming to setup I would go this route vs pinning like suggested above22:59
naccGuma: it sounds like you a) want to create your own archive mirror, I guess and b) aren't really answering my question22:59
kjarstyI have successfully installed ubuntu 16.04 on an asus t100taf. However the efi partition tries booting windows recovery instead of grub.  How can I force the efi partition to boot grub?22:59
naccGuma: becuase your suggested model does leave your machines insecure and buggy until you choose to update them22:59
naccGuma: if that's really what you want, just remove the linux-image, linux-image-generic metapackages, and the kernel will stop getting new versions23:00
nacc(I believe)23:00
Gumanacc To answer your question I do not wish to leave machines secured. At the same time myself and my team will work on checking for updates and testing them with our home grown software. When we are ok with it then prod would updated from archive server.23:01
GumaSo I do not intend leave machines not updated for months23:01
naccGuma: your home grown software is that intertwined to the kernel?23:01
GumaBut at the same time I wan to control else I might do much more support that I need to23:02
Gumanacc yes some devices drivers for some machines. But not all23:02
GumaSo what it takes to setup archive server?23:03
Gumaon 16.0423:03
naccGuma: I don't think you really want to do that, but better aksed in #ubuntu-server23:04
Gumanacc of I will switch later. On another note when you stated "just remove the metapackages" Can you expend on it?23:13
GumaI see that I could do "apt-mark manual" to lock kernel from auto remove. But it still could be upgraded23:14
dmenezesWhich Los Angles time zone should I use23:18
dmenezesthere are two: one for the airport and one for USC campus23:18
gordonjcpdmenezes: interesting, are there really two time zones in Los Angeles?23:18
dmenezesNo but the clocks app lists two23:18
gordonjcpdmenezes: the answer is, of course, neither23:19
gordonjcpdmenezes: you should be using GMT, like a civilised person23:19
gordonjcpdmenezes: joking aside, I wonder if it pulls NTP from one or the other, or maybe weather data?23:19
semitones_teaIf I'm formatting an external HDD to use with ubuntu, but also read/writable with windows ext2fsd (http://www.ext2fsd.com/?p=236) how can I finetune the partition? Some of the features it doesn't support are 64-bit mode, Journaling (?), Extended Attributes, and ACL support.23:25
naccGuma: sorry, was afk23:42
naccGuma: there are metapackages that ensure you always have the latest kernel update23:42
naccGuma: linux-image which in turn depends on linux-image-generic, iirc23:42
Gumanacc When I do apt list  and grep for linux-image the list I get is a metapackage. So removing such meta package sounds dangerous. What about if I want to enable it back?23:44
Jordan_Usemitones_tea: If you're using it to hold / transfer files like videos / documents that don't tend to need special permissions information it's often easier to use NTFS, as Ubuntu supports NTFS quite well.23:44
GumaSo if I have the meta package name I could to apt-mark manual metap_kg_name to prevent autoremove23:45
semitones_teaJordan_U, fair enough -- although if it will be used for ubuntu 99% of the time, and windows only if necessary, will I get better features/performance out of ext4?23:45
Gumais apt hold meta package will work?23:45
RichardCavellBashing-om, Hello. I'm the guy whose Ubuntu 16.04 won't boot from yesterday23:46
naccGuma: so, for instance, on bionic currently, linux-image-generic ensures that the current version of linux-image-4.13.0-29-generic is installed23:46
Jordan_UGuma: linux-image-generic is the important metapackage to have installed.23:46
naccGuma: in turn, you could pin the linux-image-x.x.x-x-generic package at a specific version23:46
naccGuma: but the way to ensure no *new* kernel packages get installed is to remove the metapackages23:46
naccI guess you could pin the meta package at the current version, alternatively23:47
GumaAha. So I would not pin on linux-image-generic since this is always the latest. I would have to pin on specific version23:47
naccGuma: well pinning generially is to a version23:47
GumaDo I have to pin linux-image-x.x.x-x-generic. That would be the top level package I only need pin? What about any package that this linux-image-x.x.x-x-generic depend on?23:48
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Hey . Ya find a way to boot the Mac ?23:48
RichardCavellNot quite23:49
RichardCavellIt's failing during boot sequence23:49
RichardCavellI have disabled swap, which has solved the problem of swap failing.23:49
RichardCavellBut at a point in the boot sequence about 5 seconds in, it just suddenly powers off23:49
naccGuma: as i said, you might be able to pin linux-image-generic23:49
naccGuma: not sure what you mean, specifically, those packages won't move because of linux-image-x.x.x-x-generic, but might for other reasons23:50
RichardCavellIf I leave the computer unattended, it just does that in a continuous cycle - power on, starts to boot, then sudden reboot as though it has been power-cycled, and repeat23:50
GumaAlso when we state pin real command is "apt hold" unless there is another command. Just making sure23:50
Bashing-omRichardCavell: How about we try amd boot explicitly from grub - still no experience with Mac's but can not hurt to try and see what errors we get .23:50
RichardCavellBashing-om, Okay23:50
RichardCavellI am able to get to a root prompt.  Will that help?23:50
naccGuma: if you really want to statically image the whole OS that's a different problem23:51
naccGuma: no holding and pinning are different23:51
Bashing-omRichardCavell: GPT partitioning .. lemme have a bit to think up how .23:51
GumaSo if I do "apt hold linux-image-generic" that will prevent upgrades until I do "unhold"23:51
naccGuma: please read `man apt-mark` and `man apt_preferences`23:51
naccGuma: former for hold, latter for pinning23:52
naccGuma: to that specific package, which is generally the way most systems get updates23:52
Bashing-omRichardCavell: If you can get a root prompt .. then it is not a grub issue .23:52
Gumanacc Will do so not. Will come back if I have more questions. Thank you all for now :)23:52
naccGuma: yeah, test it all, of course23:52
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Remind me again, what release are we working with ?23:53
Gumanacc One more thing. Any suggested links or tutorials about setting ups archive server so I am read about it as well23:54
RichardCavell16.04 MATE 64-bit and remember that my computer suffers from this issue: https://mattgadient.com/2016/07/11/linux-dvd-images-and-how-to-for-32-bit-efi-macs-late-2006-models/23:54
GumaAlso does archive will allow me to control updates? Or could I also use this server to host out own deb packages as well23:54
Bashing-omRichardCavell: reading .. 32 bit ?? We may have a problem .23:55
naccGuma: as suggested, i'd ask in #ubuntu-server23:56
Gumanacc Yes that is correct. Sorry :)23:56
RichardCavellIt booted fine for a couple of years but stopped working.  I speculate that at some point something has been updated and Ubuntu overwrote the files that are relevant to that URL23:56
=== jthomas is now known as TheDracle
RichardCavellBashing-om, Note that this is the first time that I have tried to boot Ubuntu since the 4.13 kernel and the Spectre/Meltdown patches were applied.23:57
Bashing-omRichardCavell: "you’ve probably got a 64-bit EFI so most 64-bit Linux distros should install and run. " ... is this the later iMac ?23:58
Bashing-omRichardCavell: ^^ and have you tried to boot up with an older kernel ?23:58
mekarpelesAnyone aware of a channel for #festival text to speech?23:59
RichardCavellBashing-om, No, I have a 32-bit EFI!  That's why I have to use the special disk images from that website.  It's an 11 year old iMac, called an iMac5,1.  I have tried to boot with kernel 4.10 (which is still installed, alongside 4.13) but it doesn't work either, even in recovery mode23:59

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