studio-user786surprised people still use IRC.  glad to see it still running05:38
pragomeractually trying to switch from macbook&logicpro to free software on a linux-laptop. ardour works great. do you have any suggestions for quality natural software instruments / samples for piano and strings?05:58
OvenWerk1pragomer: this is probably not the best channel to ask06:05
pragomerdo you know a good channel or forum where could ask such things?06:05
OvenWerk1 try on #ardour but probably not right now as they are mostly UTC and easter06:06
OvenWerk1east US06:06
OvenWerk1The only two I know are fluid synth (should be a part of ardour as a-fluid synth or linux sampler.06:08
OvenWerk1a-fluidsynth plays and sf2 sound fonts you can find. Linux sampler plays gigasampler and SFZ as well06:10
pragomerok.. yesterday I discovered fluidsynth as player of soundfonts sf2.. so it could be the right way searching for good sf2 instruments.06:10
pragomerah yes.. same tought at the same time :-906:10
OvenWerk1Linux sampler is not available as a package (unless on their own home page) so it needs to be built06:11
pragomera 2nd and perhaps really ubuntustudio question for a linux-audio-newbie (on the non-audio-side I am ubuntuuser since 2007):06:11
pragomerin prior versions of ubuntu studio I always had to use the (for me complicated) jack-system, connecting these virtual cables and all stuff like this..06:12
pragomeron the newest us 17.10 I could just open ardour, choose alsa as driver and I could play fluid synth and playback my loops, etc...06:12
pragomerdoes this mean jack and jack-driver is obsolete for me06:12
OvenWerk1if you are using Ardour 5.* you can use it directly with alsa and no jack06:12
pragomeroh perfect... that was the conclusion I was getting to and what I hoped.. this is so much easier just with alsa.. thank god :-)06:13
OvenWerk1You can get away without jack and in fact Ardour devs suggest running without jack.06:13
pragomerok thats pretty cool ;-)06:14
OvenWerk1:) I use jackd for my system and in fact use it as the device for pulse. But that doesn't mean you have to for sure.06:14
OvenWerk1I have a custom startup script for my sessions which most people would find non-trivial.06:15
OvenWerk1So if just using alsa works for you great. Do be warned that it is not possible to use two different audio devices such as  a USB mic and system output.06:16
OvenWerk1Jack doesn't really like it either but at least it is possible.06:17
pragomerok.. I did not yet try both, playback and recording via my usb-interface focusrite scarlett 18i606:21
pragomerso there could come some surprises06:21
OvenWerk1that should be fine, you are using the same interface for both in and out06:21
pragomerah ok..06:21
OvenWerk1The problem is people buying those cheap "pro" USB mics06:22
pragomerbut yesterday I discovered that I could play fluidsynth via my usb-keyboard (evolution mk-something...) but not while I press record.. but this can be a different problem.06:22
OvenWerk1that is just routing.06:23
OvenWerk1I don't rememeber the answer to that one... I am running a very alpha version of Ardour right now (6.0 alpha) which works different in that exact area.06:24
OvenWerk1but do ask in #ardour.06:24
pragomerok.. but thank you very much for your help. very kind. I hope I will get everything I need to work under linux so that this last "bastion" of non-free-software will fall too in the future in m y household ;-)06:29
OvenWerk1anyway, I am off to bed. If there are more questions you can leave them and I will answer in the morning :) If you irc is still running06:33
pragomerthanks and goodnight (whereever u are). here in germany I just begun my day ;-)06:34
OvenWerk1I am the west coast of Canada06:34
OvenWerk1Its not real late (1035 pm) but I have to get up early tomorrow06:35
pragomerdepending on someone's age 1035pm CAN be very late *LOL*06:37
pragomermm. does it have licence-background that linuxsampler isnt part of ubuntu-studio like it is for example in kxstudio: http://i.imgur.com/AguT1Kf.png ?07:04
OvenWerk1pragomer: linuxsampler has licencing that makes hard to package. LS is also harder to use having 16 outputs.15:56

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