knomeflocculant, ok, figured it out -- we had submitted to a non 19:51
knome...non-test contest19:51
knomeflocculant, submissions here: https://contest.xubuntu.org/wallpaper_contest/con-test/19:52
knomeflocculant, viewing them here: https://contest.xubuntu.org/wallpaper_contest/con-test/?action=view19:52
knomeflocculant, and find voting at https://contest.xubuntu.org/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=wallpaper_contest -- hover over the "con/test" row and you'll see a "vote" link appear19:52
knomeflocculant, the link has a nonce so i can't paste you one that works directly19:53
flocculantknome: going to contest/wp-admin - no contest thing there that I can see20:26
flocculantI don't really understand why we have to make exerything so complicated every time we want to do something :(20:27
knomeflocculant, in the left menu under comments?20:42
knomeit's also possible it isn't visible for you...20:42
knomei need to double-check20:43
flocculantat https://contest.xubuntu.org/wp-admin/edit-comments.php20:44
flocculantlogged in as xubuntu-team via sso20:44
knomei mean under comments...20:45
knomevisually under :)20:45
knomebut ok, you can't see that20:45
knomei'll fix it20:45
knomeonce i figure out the "right" way to do it20:45
flocculantI've been bleating on about us doing this contest for months20:46
knomei think i'll just give editors edit rights20:46
flocculantnow when we want to actually run the thing - we can't 20:46
knomecan you do a hard refresh and see if the menu pops up?20:46
flocculantyea it does20:46
knomethis is a trivial issue, it's not something that blocks everything20:46
knomethis is why i needed this testing20:46
flocculantok - able to vote20:46
knometo smooth out the small bumps20:47
flocculantknome: this might be a trivial thing - but we've been talking about this for ages 20:47
knomeok, just to double-check -- where you see "vote", you don't see "vote results", right?20:47
flocculantwhat I'm finding not trivial is how we ALWATS leave things until the last minute20:47
flocculantnope - not seeing vote results20:48
knomei'm not being paid to do this, that's why20:48
knomegood - you shouldn't :)20:48
flocculantI know that20:48
flocculantneither am I20:48
knomei know you know, but that's the reason20:48
flocculantneither is anyone20:48
flocculantbut everything everytime is like this20:48
knomethere are other things that are of more priority, whether we like it or not20:48
knomeindeed it is always like this20:48
flocculantknome: re vote20:49
flocculantare the plus/minus supposed to be 'greyed out' - not grey obviously20:49
knomeyes, until you vote20:49
flocculantI'd expect that to happen the other way round lol20:50
flocculantbut yup - it did it20:50
knomehmm, right20:50
flocculantchanging vote works20:50
knomei guess it could be the other way too20:50
flocculantnot that important ...20:50
knomeit's css thought so again it's tricial20:51
knometrivial too20:51
knomefixing other small things atm20:51
flocculantjust to me it appears that 'not a thing I can do' 20:51
knomewow, that's ugly code :)20:55
flocculantnothing to do with me lol20:55
knomenope :P20:55
knomei'll fix that code and make the buttons work a different way20:57
knomei mean, technically the same but visually different20:57
knomethings will be awkwar for a while20:57
flocculantnot too bothered by it - just threw me (I think it threw me last time too) but I'll be ok :p20:57
knomeflocculant, better?21:05
flocculantknome: that makes more sense - at least to me :p21:06
knomei'm fine with this so, good21:06
flocculantok :)21:06

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