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quazimododoes xubuntu 16.04 have a known issue with rendering 'light' and 'ultralight' fonts?03:05
quazimodoi can't get it to render anything but regular and bold03:05
Valeyardhow so?03:41
hans__does xubuntu live come with openssh server?05:36
krytarikhans__: No cross-posting please.05:37
hans__krytarik, i didn't05:37
krytarikSure you did.05:38
krytarikWell, the answer is the same, anyway.05:38
hans__i did not, xubuntu live != ubuntu live05:38
krytarikOh, you asked there too.05:38
hans__also, lubuntu live != xubuntu live05:38
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nasd4on the website the channel is given but it is generally not said on which irc-server. why does websites dont give the info join: freenode #xubuntu12:19
nasd4why doesnt the website give the info server: freenode channel: #xubuntu12:20
knomenasd4, we do have the link for joining, but sure, that's a fair point. i'll update the website when i'm on my desktop12:22
nasd4ty , i use irc clients so i pref that12:24
knomesure, np12:26
Guest90988Hello ! My PC is not starting Xubuntu 16.04. It's reboot automatically. Whats the solution for this ?19:56
EmilyMI'm having a heck of a time instlling wine on a computer supporting Xbuntu and am wondering if I could get a small advice?20:57
flocculantEmilyM: you need to tell us what the problem you've got actually is :)20:59
EmilyMlegit, but i didn't want to spew about it if this was the wrong place.21:00
flocculantit is the right place - hope we can help21:00
EmilyMI'm getting a dependancy error when I try 'sudo apt-get install --install-recommends winehq-stable'21:02
EmilyMthe dependancy error says i need 'wine-stable (=2.0.4`xenial)21:02
EmilyMbut I know little of xbuntu/ubuntu and I'm lost in a dependancy maze21:03
flocculantwinehq-stable isn't in the repo's - what have you read to lead you to that package?21:04
EmilyMthe winehq wiki download page21:05
EmilyM This:  https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu21:06
EmilyMfollowed all the previous instructions, and troubleshot a few dependencies there, but after updating I'm stuf21:06
flocculantany reason why you didn't just install the version available from the system?21:09
EmilyMignorance probably21:09
flocculantalso what happens if you don't --install-recommends ?21:09
EmilyMhmmm dunno, I'll see21:10
EmilyMsame dependency issue21:10
EmilyMlooks like software only has the dev version and winetricks, which I am led to believe is outdated21:12
flocculantdon't really know what to suggest other than undoing what you did - and then installing the repo version of wine21:12
flocculantthat's some of the wine stuff available21:12
flocculantyou might find someone in #ubuntu who uses wine - a more speedy channel21:14
flocculantalso you could hopefully purge this ppa you added - which will set your system back to default from it21:15
flocculantjust checking it out in a vm21:16
EmilyMwould the command for that be 'sudo apt-get ppa-purge <repository title>'?21:17
flocculantrather yes should be - never used it with something that wasn't a ppa21:17
daxnot quite, it's more like sudo ppa-purge ppa:repository-name/subdirectory21:19
dax(without apt-get)21:19
flocculantdax EmilyM - sorry only have reading - in the vm21:20
flocculantwhich is causing issues with no release file for me ...21:20
EmilyMhmm I suppose the repository name would be the website I got it from?21:21
flocculantEmilyM: check what the ppa is called - look in /etc/apt/sources.list/d/ for it21:21
flocculantnvm - adds it direct to sources.list21:22
flocculantEmilyM: have you actually managed to install anything from there yet?21:25
EmilyMlol. I got the repository key and the repository I think?21:26
flocculantwe can undo - and then you can get it from the repo21:26
EmilyMalso, sudo ppa-purge command not found21:26
flocculantyea - have to install that, but don't worry21:26
flocculantpkexec mousepad /etc/apt/sources.list21:27
flocculanta text file will open21:27
flocculantafter you give it password21:27
flocculantfind the line that has winehq in it - add # to the BEGINNING of the line21:28
flocculantsave and close21:28
EmilyMhmmm several lines have wine in them, all start with # deb-src21:29
flocculantignore lines that start with #21:29
flocculantnone without #?21:29
flocculant# ?21:30
flocculantput # at the beginning21:30
EmilyMokay, #, saved and closed21:30
flocculantopen a terminal21:31
flocculantsudo apt update21:31
flocculantdoes that give any error?21:31
EmilyMno, but two packadges can be upgraded21:32
flocculantdo that first just in case (sudo apt upgrade)21:32
flocculantthen sudo apt install wine-stable21:32
EmilyMunable to locate packadge wine-stable21:33
flocculantEmilyM: what version of Xubuntu are you using?21:34
flocculantEmilyM: try wine instead of wine-stable21:35
EmilyMdepends on wine 1.621:36
flocculanttry install wine1.621:36
EmilyMI think thats the older version, Its on wine 2.0.4 now I think?21:37
flocculantyes - but as you've found out - that causes issues with 16.04 ...21:38
flocculantis there something in wine 2.04 that you KNOW you need?21:38
EmilyMdepends: wine1.6-amd64 (= 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu14.2) but it is not going to be installed21:39
EmilyMI'm pretty sure the older version would be totally fine21:39
flocculantEmilyM: ok - not sure what to suggest to be honest - not looked at wine myself for many years21:39
flocculantif you can wait I can boot 16.04 in a vm21:40
EmilyMI really appreciate you taking the time to troubleshoot a bit with me21:41
flocculantno problem :)21:41
flocculantthough if anyone watching uses wine - feel free to jump in :)21:41
flocculantEmilyM: so I booted a 16.04 vm, following the instructions at the site you went to - worked for me (or would if I let it - vm has hundreds of updates to apply)21:50
flocculantI'm getting the same dependency issue as you did from the repos21:50
EmilyMso its def a version issue21:51
flocculantmaybe try asking in #ubuntu this issue isn't an Xubuntu one as it stands, so people there should be able to help you more21:51
EmilyMok. I'll try there and #WineHQ I think21:51
flocculantokey doke21:51
EmilyMthank you muchly21:51
flocculantsorry I coudn't help21:52
EmilyMyou did plenty ^_^21:52
EmilyMflocculant, finally got it installed, now to get it working! thank you so much22:47
zleapwhat is flocculant ?22:49
EmilyMsomeone's nick22:49
EmilyMthey were helping me earlier22:49
zleapah what you getting working then22:50
EmilyMwine on xbuntu 16.0422:51
zleapnot tried wine in ages22:51
EmilyMwhich has been a pain for the last three hours or so22:51
zleapi have been trying to get warzone2100 to work, it seems broken on mint22:52
EmilyMI know nothing bout ubuntu or xbuntu, so that statement only makes vague sense to me22:54
zleapit is a game22:57
zleaponly it crashes when run22:57
EmilyMthose were the two things I could extrapolate. lol22:57
EmilyMis it a game you play via wine/other emulators?22:58
zleapnative to linux23:00
zleapok it seg faults23:01
zleapi need to figure out how to create a bug report for it23:02
zleaphmm this not look good, launchpad said last modified 2010-10-0223:04
zleapit looks abandoned :(23:06

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