babbageclunkaxw: do you think I need approval on a merge? If I do could you review this? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/830003:44
axwbabbageclunk: only if there were non-trivial merge conflicts IMO03:44
axwbabbageclunk: you said you had to fix a merge issue?03:45
babbageclunkaxw: yeah - there were some audit log pieces that had been missed moving it from the machine agent to the apiserver worker03:46
babbageclunkaxw: definitely non-trivial conflicts.03:46
axwI'll take a glance over it03:47
axwbabbageclunk: LGTM03:51
kjackal_botHello, we are behind a proxy and when doing juju deploy ssl authentication is failing11:55
kjackal_botis there a way to bypass this?11:55
hmlin our testing packages - is there an unordered version of DeepEquals?22:13
hmli found jc.SameContents - but it doesn’t work on maps22:21
anastasiamachml: there is a SamceContent22:21
hmlis there a map version of SameContent?22:22
anastasiamachml: i don't think so... off memory, u might need to compare length and then pull indiv keys and elements by hand to compare...22:23
hml anastasiamac okay - i was hoping there might be an easy way.  :-)22:23
anastasiamachml: most of the time, when map comparison is needed, u might b k in unit test to just have a map with one element?..22:23
* anastasiamac looking22:24
admcleodwho can help with this? "can't get info for image 'juju/bionic/s390x': not found"22:27
anastasiamachml: yeah, cannot find anything unless u want to compare by hand...22:30
hmlanastasiamac: thx for looking - i need to do this a few times, time to write something.  :-)22:31
anastasiamacadmcleod: we'd need more info than that - what substrate u r using, what is bootstrap command, etc.. mayb file a bug and someone will have a look?22:34
admcleodanastasiamac: well i could do, i think its just a builder for that specific image though22:34
anastasiamacadmcleod: sure, but what version of juju, etc... also means of reproducing, like steps, would help22:38
admcleodanastasiamac: ok - first ill make sure theres no image, if there is ill file a bug22:39
babbageclunkhml: I think DeepEquals works on maps?23:27
babbageclunk(Sorry, this is very late info, just happened to be reading.)23:28
hmlbabbageclunk: it does - but my map order keeps changing - DeepEquals doesn’t like that23:29
babbageclunkhml: ? I don't understand - you should be able to hand DeepEquals two maps and if they have the same set of k/v pairs it will pass.23:30
babbageclunkThe ordering shouldn't matter.23:30
hmlbabbageclunk: double checking23:31
hmlbabbageclunk: order matters with DeepEquals, but not with SameContents - the trouble is that SameContents doesn’t work with maps23:33
hmlonly slices23:33
babbageclunkI might be mistaken - I don't think order matters with DeepEquals if you pass it maps. The reason I say that is that SameContents is implemented by converting the values into maps and then using reflect.DeepEqual on the maps.23:35
babbageclunkhml: ^23:36
hmlbabbageclunk: getting out my magnifying glass.  :-)23:40
babbageclunkI'm doubting myself now - running a toy example to check.23:43
hmlbabbageclunk: i think i’ve been asking the wrong question then… so DeepEquals is matching out of order.  However one of the map values is a slice, which has the same contents but different order - so failing to match that23:43
hmlbabbageclunk: https://pastebin.canonical.com/207917/   <— my eye killing match trying23:44
hmlbabbageclunk: or eye crossings23:44
babbageclunkStink - you want a DeepEquals-alike that does SameContents on the children.23:44
babbageclunklet's talk after team meeting!23:45

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