valorieyofel: happy new year!00:04
* valorie is now back from the cabin00:04
tsimonq2valorie: Random thought that came to me while studying: I think it would be a good idea to have an Ubuntu BoF session at LFNW talking about 18.10 plans with people like Dustin from Budgie etc. You in on the idea? :)04:07
valoriehow many other people are gonna be there?04:18
valoriesure, as long as we have someone to watch the table04:18
valoriea bit late for some of the planning04:19
tsimonq2Right, if I put it on the schedule and we promote the heck out of it, we'll get people...04:19
tsimonq2It's like two weeks after 18.1004:19
tsimonq2There's going to be a huge surge of development after the LTS polish04:19
tsimonq2grr, 18.04 ;)04:20
tsimonq2But yeah, I wanna take advantage of it04:20
tsimonq2Maybe get some Pop folks around too; anyone that's interested in Ubuntu, really!04:20
valorieI'm not the most technically equipped to help, but sure04:20
valorieI can at least keep the meeting moving ahead04:20
tsimonq2We still need community people around too ;)04:20
tsimonq2You're also still a release manager, so there's that too :P04:21
tsimonq2valorie: Here's what I have as the abstract:04:28
tsimonq2LinuxFest NorthWest comes two weeks after the release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, so let's do some Ubuntu 18.10+ planning! Anybody interested in the future of Ubuntu and flavors or derivatives is welcome to join!04:28
tsimonq2Topics may include getting Ubuntu and flavors on new devices, coordination of cross-flavor development or social projects, and anything else that fits within the scope of "pulse of the Ubuntu community". Bring your projects and ideas to help make Ubuntu better!04:28
tsimonq2Never done conference proposal abstracts before :)04:28
valoriemaybe look at other BoF descriptions?04:29
valoriesounds good to me, tsimonq204:29
tsimonq2Hm valorie, where could I find those?04:29
tsimonq2Either way, submitting :)04:31
valorieI dunno - google?04:34
tsimonq2I got the idea from Debian04:34
tsimonq2They do these things all the time04:34
valorieseems like this year's website is wiped of previous year's info04:34
valoriewhich sucks04:35
tsimonq2valorie: Can I add you as one of the "speakers"? :)04:35
valorieif it has to be a panel, sure04:36
tsimonq2There's no requirementsw04:36
tsimonq2That's the thing, it's a freeflow, informal discussion04:37
valorieI've been in many BoFs04:37
tsimonq2I haven't :D04:37
valorieand held a few myself04:37
tsimonq2Oh ok04:39
tsimonq2So am I getting it right valorie?04:39
valorieyes, I think it's a great idea04:40
valorieI've not been thinking ahead, and now I am04:41
valorieso thank you for that04:41
tsimonq2yw :D04:41
tsimonq2oooooh I think I need to retitle my talk to "Ubuntu: Beyond the Beaver" :D :D :D04:41
valorieoh dear god04:42
tsimonq2They make that terminology confusing :P04:42
tsimonq2Awww :P04:42
valorieit's awful04:42
valorieand I like beavers04:43
tsimonq2Fiiiiiiiiiiiine I'll keep with the boring old talk name "Ubuntu 18.10+ Planning"04:43
valorieyou can use the beyond the beaver as you talk to people about it04:44
tsimonq2Like, I love you site, but like...04:44
valorieno, the website sorta sucks04:44
valoriealways have, still does04:44
valorieis there official artwork for 18.04 already?04:47
tsimonq2Don't think so...04:47
valoriesince it is already alpha time, you would think so.....04:47
tsimonq2They usually wait a bi04:52
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> oh yay, Linode's down05:09
valorietsimonq2: when I was first involved, and there was UDS, the tshirts were out by UDS (which was about a month before release05:53
tsimonq2ohh hmm05:53
tsimonq2UDS <305:54
tsimonq2I wish we could still have those...05:54
valorieuds was all about planning far ahead05:54
valorieyeah, that was what grew the community05:54
yofelvalorie, acheronuk: happy new year :)09:46
acheronukwho owns the G+ Kubuntu community?19:16
valorieif you find out, put it on https://phabricator.kde.org/w/kubuntu/social-media/22:12
valorielooks like you Marco and Aaron have accounts, but one should be bolded or starred or something22:12
acheronukvalorie: I can now post as Kubuntu with the brand account, but even that seems not to own it. maybe Rick does?22:40
valorieah, could be22:41
valorieI've not been a fan or much of a G+ user for a few years22:41
valoriestarted off good! and with every change, it got worse IMO22:41
acheronukit's main selling point is that it's NOT FACEBOOK for me.22:43
acheronukbut not my favourite22:43
valorietrue that22:44
valoriebut the stuff I liked about it is gone22:44
valorieirc is still the best social network!22:48
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shoTTC3PeKg22:48
* valorie <3s everyone here22:48
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> oh wrong channel22:48
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> funny regardless :D22:48

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