keithzgHmm does Akonadi not work when MariaDB is installed rather than MySQL?00:22
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coder123can someone please tell me what the help channel is? I have specific question about connecting to wifi02:26
coder123i know  what the issue is but idk how to solve it02:27
krytarikcoder123: If it's not Kubuntu-specific, might want to better ask in #ubuntu02:28
coder123ok not sure whether or not it is but i'll give that a shot02:32
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lordievaderGood morning07:06
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BluesKajHowdy folks11:18
schmeisserhi everybody13:03
schmeisserI'm trying to build a customn live cd and system image based on kubuntu13:04
schmeisserI found https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Live-Build which talks about an obscure plattform and uses an undated "latest" sample configuration13:05
schmeisseris there some version control system where I can find the live-build configuration files or whatever else is used for baking kubuntu live cds?13:05
hateballschmeisser: probably get more replies in #kubuntu-devel13:07
schmeisserhateball: thanks for the tipp, will try13:07
hateballschmeisser: that said, people are likely in both channels but the other is more geared toward dev work so :)13:11
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markus_dhow would I access windows shares on the network?14:20
oerheksschmeisser, uck is dead, maybe cubic is what you want https://askubuntu.com/questions/741753/how-to-use-cubic-to-create-a-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-image14:31
schmeisseroerheks: thanks, cubic sounds nice and will propably bring me some of the way but I'm also looking at something more automated (ie a set of text files that I can put in git/svn and that build a defined image)14:38
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markus_dI want to access something like: M:\Folder\Folder from linux. How would I do that?14:57
markus_dM: is a network share14:57
lordievadermarkus_d: M is a mounted network share I suppose? For dolphin the format is `smb://<server-ip>/Folder/Folder`.14:59
markus_dlordievader: Yes. Its a windows share. I don't know the ip but I checked a few minutes ago in win10 and its named somthething like: \\dc-23.bh.priv15:03
lordievader`dc-23.bh.priv` is a hostname, so the dolphin format would be `smb://dc-23.bh.priv/Folder/Folder`15:04
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markus_dlordievader: Damn. It asks for username and password. I enter it and it fails. Maybe I neet the domainname somewhere?15:08
lordievaderPerhaps, I don't know how it is setup on the server side.15:09
Guest38489whats the name of the panel that shows you the currently opened applications in the taskbar?15:16
Guest38489Also Plasma's stuck at 100% CPU utilisation with any kindof loading icon spinnging out of control15:17
BluesKajGuest38489, task manager15:42
BluesKajGuest38489, click on the 3 dashes at the far right in the panel and you'll see the panel options15:46
schmeissermarkus_d: just write domain/user.name as username15:46
Guest38489BluesKaj: thanks. Got it!16:01
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titou_I'm trying to use kubuntu on a 2-in-1 laptop18:45
titou_Is there a solution to get a desktop friendly for that kind of thing?18:45
titou_gnome is well fitted for that but I didn't found a similar thing with KDE..18:46
titou_and I didn't found "plasma-mobile" packages18:46
BluesKaj2in 1 desktop, like kde/plssma and gnome?18:51
titou_2-in-1 laptop means a laptop which is also a tablet18:53
BluesKajkde apps dol run on gnome and vice-versa18:53
titou_in fact I'm just looking for a solution in order to get KDE usable when my laptop is in "tablet" mode (ie. without keyboard nor trackpad)18:54
titou_with virtual keyboard, specific look and feel etc.18:55
titou_GNOME does it "out of the box" when it detects that kind of device18:55
titou_but not KDE and I wonder if there is a simple solution for that18:55
titou_https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMAJ0EJCK2s <- here is an example18:56
BluesKaji don't watch yourube tutorials... they're untrustworthy18:58
titou_i don't care about what he's talking about18:59
titou_i just show you what gnome fitted for tablet means and what I'm looking for under KDE18:59
titou_it has been changed for plasma-mobile but there is no such package under kubuntu..19:02
BluesKajwhere did you look ?19:18
titou_in the package manager19:18
BluesKajwell discover isn't the best place to look, I recommend muon , it's a much better reference for packages in my experience19:19
titou_sorry it's where i was looking for19:20
titou_in the past it seems that there were a such package: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/precise/kubuntu-active/19:23
titou_but I can't find it19:23
titou_since the active project is over it might be the reason19:23
BluesKajtitou_, 13.10 ? that's no longer suported19:26
BluesKajand hasn't been for many yrs19:26
titou_thus there is no solution we cannot use KDE on a tablet..19:31
titou_I have to work under gnome..19:31
titou_very good news :|19:31
BluesKajtitou_, 13.10 with ubuntu is no longer supported either, it's also eol19:35
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:35
aw-androidGood evening. Is my irc working?19:45
aw-androidCan someone please reply if this message is broadcast? Thanks.19:45
titou_BluesKaj: I know.. that's why I'm here to find another solution19:51
titou_I only have the latest kubuntu version19:51
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