prince-charmantHello I have a little ennoying problem with AbiWord the text window is flickering00:01
Kawasaki500I have trouble with latest Kubuntu install on a Dell Inspiron 6000 with wired internet very slow02:05
Kawasaki500I mean lubuntu02:06
Kawasaki500For some reason doesn't keep the connection.02:09
Kawasaki500Hello nick02:32
krytarikKawasaki500: Try asking in #ubuntu02:32
netbookUserwhat is different on alternate iso?13:03
zleapi think the laternate included a text based installer13:05
netbookUseroperating systems are identical then?13:06
zleapyeah as far as I know13:06
netbookUseroh, thanks13:06
netbookUserwhy there is two different websites about lubuntu? lubuntu.me and lubuntu.net13:09
zleapnot sure13:09
lubot<tsimonq2> @netbookUser, Because Lubuntu.net is unofficial and we don't have control of it but can't get the guy to hand it over...13:15
MuriiI want to theme my lubuntu to look like windows 9515:36
Muriican someone help me?15:36
MuriiYou guys know how I can change button left logo from start button?16:17
Muriithe image I mean16:18
MuriiI figured it out16:20
markus1good evening20:31
markus1is it confirmed, that 18.04 LTS gets the gtk version as default and also lubuntu-next (qt-verion) ?20:32
markus1ok, ty, thats nice20:34
prince-charmanthello. When trying to install (again) lubuntu 17.04 that I cannot do a software update (evenwhile 17.04 is LTS) and therefore I was obliged to upgrade to 17.10. Apparently I upgrade to 17.10.1 but the "cat /etc/lsb-release" command give me 17.10 instead of 17.10.1 - How can I see my fullnamed version ?23:39
tsimonq2prince-charmant: 17.04 is not an LTS23:39
tsimonq216.04 is23:40
tsimonq2(only even numbered .04 releases are LTS)23:40
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.23:40
tsimonq2prince-charmant: And 17.10.1 is just the name of the ISO spin, it's really only 17.10 ;)23:40
prince-charmantyes sorry i mistyped it's 17.0423:40
prince-charmanttsimonq2, but on the lubuntu site, they said that 17.10 can destroy the bios ... but "The 17.10 version has been respun"  so there is a new version 17.10.123:42
tsimonq2prince-charmant: Right, but there's a difference there, it's different from traditional LTS point releases in that once installed, it's called 17.10, not 17.10.1, unlike 16.04.3 persay23:43
tsimonq2prince-charmant: Like I said, .1 is just the name for the ISO, it's just 17.10+updates23:44
tsimonq2Might be confusing but it makes sense if you look at how things are implemented.23:44
prince-charmantI think that I remembered that the iso name for the 17.04 is 17.04 and not 17.04.<something>23:46
prince-charmantok, I mst agree, nevertheless I could be a good idea that "cat /etc/lsb-release" shows 17.10.1 instead of 17.10 - no ?23:48
tsimonq2Maybe, I'll give someone a ping to ask23:48

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