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hkominosGreetings all. I am facing a weird situation while using maas. I am using an opnfv-fuel deployment and although maas works fine it is veeeeeeery slow. It takes about 2 minutes to pass the initrd and kernels to the targets. Is that normal ? I would greatly appreciate any input11:23
roaksoaxhkominos: it could be a network issue13:53
roaksoaxhkominos: when did you start seeing this issue ?13:53
hkominosHi roaksoax. We have had this issue for a couple of months now. Although there were bigger issues in the beggining so we did not pay too much attention to the slow transfer time.13:55
hkominosI should mention that we are talking about aarch64 system13:55
roaksoaxhkominos: i would normally think it is a network issue, but since you runnning aarch64... i wonder if that's related ?14:00
hkominosIn theory it should not (of course different images are serverd). In practice I have found that ppl mostly test onx86 systems and that has led to weird bugs14:00
roaksoaxyeah we mostly tet x86, we do test arm6414:03
hkominosRoaksoax: The networking could be an issue but even when the Vms (target and MaasVM) are on the same physical machine connected by a simple linux bridge, the speed is really bad15:47
hkominos2 minutes to transfer 50 MB (kernel + initrd )15:47
hkominosI will now repeat the experiment on a new server to verify15:47

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