tgBot7<rubencarneiro> @dohbee, how00:01
tgBot7<Schyken> @dohbee, Nice!00:01
tgBot7<dohbee> Well, worst case you should be able to use nm-cli in terminal00:02
tgBot7<dohbee> Don't recall if ui has manual WiFi config00:02
tgBot7<James Cameron> under wifi settings there is a connect to hidden network option00:03
tgBot7<dohbee> Well then, that00:04
tgBot7<rubencarneiro> youŕe right it does00:04
tgBot7jamesbateaux was added by: jamesbateaux00:28
tgBot7<James Cameron> does anyone know if convergance works on the one plus one?00:37
tgBot7<dohbee> Does it have working mhl or Miracast?00:38
tgBot7<James Cameron> I'm not sure.. I have some friends interested in moving to ubuntu touch and not sure if I should have them get the nexus 5 or the one plus one.00:40
tgBot7<James Cameron> I know the nexus 5 has convergance, but I was unsure about the one plus... and I know it is something they will want to know.00:40
tgBot7<UniversalSuperBox> Miracast isn't always a great solution anyway00:41
tgBot7<UniversalSuperBox> If they're buying for convergence, they'll want the 5. Just know about the video decoding issue. Videos are green and purple due to color space issues.00:42
tgBot7<James Cameron> sounds good.00:43
tgBot7<James Cameron> Does anyone have both the nexus 5 and oneplus one, does one run smoother than the other?00:49
tgBot7<wayneoutthere> @UniversalSuperBox, oh................................  :(01:23
tgBot7<UniversalSuperBox> ?01:24
tgBot7<wayneoutthere> I have an N5 coming.  I will apparently not be getting video on that bad boy. No problem. I have nothing to film01:27
tgBot7<Seshan Ravikumar> lol01:33
tgBot7<James Cameron> I have the N4. I got the N5 on the way. And I was thinking about getting the one plus. Just to play with. Also I think the one plus looks a little better.01:40
tgBot7<UniversalSuperBox> Its hardware certainly held up a little better01:41
tgBot7<James Cameron> Good to know. I think I'll order it.01:43
tgBot7<Seshan Ravikumar> What prevents the Oneplus from doing convergance anway?01:47
tgBot7<UniversalSuperBox> It doesn't have HDMI out01:47
tgBot7<Seshan Ravikumar> ah01:47
tgBot7<UniversalSuperBox> And no one has bought one with a Microsoft display adapter to test it01:47
tgBot7<Seshan Ravikumar> Microsoft display adapter? The miracast thing right?01:48
tgBot7<UniversalSuperBox> Right01:48
tgBot7<UniversalSuperBox> The only one that works right, because Microsoft was the only one who could implement a standard correctly01:48
tgBot7<Seshan Ravikumar> lol01:48
tgBot7<Seshan Ravikumar> Microsoft of all people01:49
tgBot7<stuiterveer> I did get a miracast dongle to test the OPO convergence thing with, but the dongle unfortunately was a DOA :(02:00
tgBot7<James Cameron> Well once I get an opo I'll have to order one to play with.02:04
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tgBot7Anton Kapustin was added by: Anton Kapustin06:35
tgBot7<Schyken> @UniversalSuperBox, Well that's convenient06:35
tgBot7<Anton Kapustin> Is gpu acceleration work on nexus 5?06:36
tgBot1<Mental Ataxia> Hey guys, … Having started to follow the weekly ubports updates, I saw there was a recent move of the push notification services to a ubports-hosted infrastructure. I'd like to know what that entails, where I can find more info on it, and if there is any help needed on the network side of things. I've been through the ubports docs website, but couldn't find anythign specific to that area(perhaps because it's recent, or I just missed it). Th07:58
tgBot1<lduboeuf> this seems to be the repo of the push server: https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-push08:12
tgBot1<lduboeuf> and not sure if it is the same architecture, this is canonicals doc: https://docs.ubuntu.com/phone/en/platform/guides/push-notifications-client-guide08:17
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tgBot1<TronFortyTwo> @Anton Kapustin, yes08:20
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tgBot1MrSyabro was added by: MrSyabro09:52
tgBot1<peternerlich> Hi Anton and @MrSyabro! (and @jamesbateaux, seems you didn't get the link yet) I'm part of the Welcoming Team. Please take a look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get up to speed and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!10:03
tgBot1<jamesbateaux> Thanks Peter, will do.10:05
tgBot1<MrSyabro> Can I install Ubuntu Touch on Allwinner A31 processor?10:06
tgBot1<matv1> @UniversalSuperBox, thats a +1 from me. fwiw: i did get the microsoft wireless display adapter after i got the BQ tablet. Tablet has since died. but while alive miracast worked okay-ish with it. Bit laggy but there was a Version 2 of that adapter issued, which at the time, Canonical didnt support officially but I remember ppl reporting it did work. Possibly even better than the previous version.10:13
tgBot1<matv1> But i never did try the adapter with any of the ubports devices so i just tried running it with my N5 out of curiosity but i dont seem to work10:14
tgBot1<matv1> on the phone, the screen gets detected but fails to connect (just hangs on the spinner ..connecting.. indefinately)10:15
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> If it didn't occur to people, wireless convergence/Mircast works somewhat better when you aren't straining the device's wireless traffic by attaching Bluetooth keyboards, mice and other devices. This means, switch over to a USB OTG hub and devices.10:16
tgBot1<matv1> I will try and investigate a little further tonight.10:16
tgBot1<matv1> @TartanSpartan, thats a good tip. unfornately i dont have such a hub10:27
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Gotta stump up the cash ;)10:28
tgBot1<matv1> haha :)10:28
tgBot1<matv1> first i need to figure out if Miracast can work at all on ubports devices.10:29
tgBot1<matv1> does anyone know where i can grab the relevant logs ?10:29
tgBot1<matv1> for miracast failing?10:30
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tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> Hi all, my first time chatting here - Ive just ordered an old nexus 5 to install ubuntu touch on. One of the things I would really like to do is run the lynx browser from the terminal - anyone know if that is possible out of the box? Or do I need to take some special steps? Any info or hint where to find more info is most welcome :)12:06
tgBot1<alan_griffiths> @Jimmie Johnsson, I've not tried lynx, but there's no reason it wouldn't work once installed. (wget does.)12:08
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> @alan_griffiths sounds good, I kind of like the retro look of it. Always thought it would be a pretty sweet browser for mobile-news webpages if you only want the text. Once I get up and running I guess I can report back. Thanks for the answer!12:13
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @Mental Ataxia, This sounds like you should contact @flohack... who doesn't seem to be registered in this supergroup..... ??12:21
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> "Where did Flo Go?"12:22
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> Y flogo?12:22
tgBot1<anpok> @matv1, I would assume that there is something in /var/log/upstart/12:22
tgBot1<anpok> which wifi cast service are you trying to use?12:22
tgBot1<DanChapman> @wayneoutthere, I see him in the members list. So he's here 😊12:24
tgBot1<Mental Ataxia> @Wayne12:25
tgBot1<Mental Ataxia> Thanks guys12:25
tgBot1<Mental Ataxia> Also thanks @lduboeuf !12:26
tgBot1<dohbee> @Mental Ataxia, It was literally just a change of the domain it's running on (and by virtue of ubports hosting it, a less complex system without the haproxy stuff in front of it).12:32
tgBot1<dohbee> other than that, the API is still exactly the same as before, just a different domain to talk to12:32
tgBot1<Mental Ataxia> Is the infrastructure self-hosted though? Or does ubports outsource it?12:37
tgBot1<DanChapman> It's self-hosted on a small DO droplet afaik12:44
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> Yep. The smallest. It's practically idling.12:44
tgBot1<dohbee> yeah12:48
tgBot1JoshuaAshton was added by: JoshuaAshton13:00
tgBot1<JoshuaAshton> Make for nexus 5x right now thank you <313:00
tgBot1<JoshuaAshton> I will give good succ if you make it13:01
tgBot1Tedster was added by: Tedster13:01
tgBot1Panagiotis Skoulikaritis was added by: Panagiotis Skoulikaritis13:06
tgBot1<peternerlich> Whoa, so many new people! Hello @JoshuaAshton, @Tedster and Panagiotis! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. To get up to speed, please read https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!13:11
tgBot1<Tedster> @peternerlich, Hiii thanku13:11
tgBot1<JoshuaAshton> Thanks my dude13:32
tgBot1<JoshuaAshton> I was joking with the demandingness but I would like to see a nexus 5x port13:32
tgBot1<vanyasem> @JoshuaAshton, it will be supported with the release of 16.0413:34
tgBot1<vanyasem> you can even install it's now, but it's currently unstable13:34
tgBot1<vanyasem> anything else sir?13:34
tgBot1<JoshuaAshton> Oh dang! That's really glad to hear!13:36
tgBot1<JoshuaAshton> Keep up the good work guys I can't wait :) <313:36
tgBot1<reliable1> What, guys, anime?13:37
tgBot1<reliable1> Che, pacany, anime? (Че, пацаны, аниме?13:38
tgBot1<JoshuaAshton> ?13:38
tgBot1<reliable1> What do you think about anime? I don't like anime13:40
tgBot1<dohbee> i think it would belong in @ubports_ot13:40
tgBot1<reliable1> Ok13:41
tgBot1<JoshuaAshton> Animes okay I guess?13:41
tgBot1<NotKit> could someone point me to information how Anbox rendering is implemented on supported UBPorts devices?13:54
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> @NotKit, https://github.com/ubports/anbox14:14
tgBot1<NotKit> @popescu_sorin, I checked it, but I couldn't find it if it does rendering in different way than desktop Anbox (OpenGL transport)14:42
tgBot1<dohbee> well i presume it's GL ES on phone14:49
tgBot1<KingJamez> Has anyone found a way to receive mms on T-Mobile? I can send but not receive. Using Nexus 4.15:25
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> @KingJamez, Sorry... I've been trying unsuccessfully just to get T-mob working on my N5.  No problems sending/receiving on ATT... except if multiple people are addressed.  I can't receive mms if sent to more than one person.15:58
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> What is your apn info?  I can double check with my android phone running T-mob.15:58
tgBot1<KingJamez> Fast.tmobile.com16:03
tgBot1<KingJamez> I have an Android, uses the same apn, works fine.16:03
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> @KingJamez, 👍16:04
tgBot1<dohbee> i'm pretty sure the phone is getting the mms, and there is a bug in the stack that is preventing it going to UI16:06
tgBot1<dohbee> if you poke in the sms db, you should find the message, i bet16:06
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @Flohack I was wrong.  Here you are.  I will wipe away  my tears now16:12
tgBot1<Flohack> @Mental Ataxia, Well I need some support with Infrastructure, yes. But you have to grow into that position, it needs a lot of trust. Because its all about root access to servers ;)16:54
tgBot1<Mental Ataxia> @Flor17:01
tgBot1<Mental Ataxia> @Flohack No doubt. For now I'm just interested in understanding at what scale you guys are working, and if there are plans/needs to scale up, and how and when. Then, I may be able to offer guidance/help.  … I'd love to contribute to UBPorts, but my dev skills are somewhat limited. Networks though, I can do. It's my day-to-day job, and even night-times when working on personal side-projects :) I'll PM you if that's okay17:04
tgBot1<Flohack> @Mental Ataxia, Please PM me a short resume of your skills ;)17:05
tgBot1<Mental Ataxia> Sounds good :)17:05
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @Flohack, Can I have root access, buddy??17:11
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> I'll type 'sudo' and then shut my eyes and then hit my keyboard and then hit enter and see if things get better17:12
tgBot1<samitormanen> 😂17:14
tgBot1<Flohack> @wayneoutthere, yeah thats called the Spanish one-Time-Cryptopad method. Most of the times it encrypts the whole server one time ;)17:15
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> "You can trust me"17:17
tgBot1<Flohack> @wayneoutthere, sure. I call you Wayne Goldman&Sachs then17:32
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @Flohack, Wayneman & Sachs17:34
tgBot1<samitormanen> Do we have commynity update in next saturday..?17:34
tgBot1cominif was added by: cominif19:53
tgBot1<cominif> sorry my english, i dont'speak but ciao!19:54
tgBot1<cominif> i have a problem19:54
tgBot1<cominif> i cannot flash my bq aquaris e4.5 and idem bq aquaris m10fhd because i received error unknown flag recovery-image19:55
tgBot1<cominif> do you have a resolution?19:56
tgBot1<peternerlich> Hi @cominif! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. Please read https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get up to speed. For this problem, please come to the Newcomers Room to find a solution.20:02
tgBot1<cominif> thank you20:03
tgBot1<cominif> i go to read20:03
tgBot1<cominif> but i don't spek english20:03
tgBot1<cominif> and i little understand20:03
tgBot1<peternerlich> What language do you speak?20:04
tgBot1<cominif> italian and french20:04
tgBot1<peternerlich> Then consider joining our italian or french language groups: @UBportsItaliano / @UBports_French20:05
tgBot1<cominif> thank you20:05
tgBot1<peternerlich> At the very least, you can find someone to translate for you20:05
tgBot1<cominif> oh yes, but now i'm only me here20:06
tgBot1<cominif> 😁20:06
tgBot1<peternerlich> I meant in this group. If no one knows how to help you install, you can bring them over to translate from us20:07
tgBot1<cominif> thank you20:08
tgBot1<cominif> but the error is symple this: unknown flag 'recovery-image'20:08
tgBot1<peternerlich> Please come to the Newcomers Room: @WelcomePlus20:11
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> When Android devices offer the option to "install app to SD card", what do we take that to mean exactly? Cache, certain assets, or everything, leaving minimal footprint on the internal storage?20:12
tgBot1<Michele> do you mean with Anbox or Android? iirc some andoid devices letyou to transfer the whole app to the sd card20:26
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Specifically talking about native Android, and opening the implication/question to the community about should we allow users to install apps to their SD card on Ubuntu Touch, if they so wish?20:28
tgBot1<Michele> it could be a nice feature for phones with small internal storage20:31
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Undoubtedly.20:31
tgBot1<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, Short answer is of course we should. Long answer is it's extremely complicated to do so.20:42
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Can you tell us the cliff notes regarding why it's complex?20:44
tgBot1<dohbee> Directory layout21:09
tgBot1Harsha was added by: Harsha21:34
tgBot1<peternerlich> Hello Harsha! I'm part of the Welcoming team. To get started, please take a look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!21:39
tgBot1<Harsha> Hi Peter thanks for the link. I  happened to come across UBports as I was looking for something different on my  oneplus device.21:49
tgBot1<chhahn> @cominif, have you followed the instruction on https://ubports.com/page/get-ubuntu-touch … and you get this error at  … ```sudo ubuntu-device-flash [...] --recovery-image=recovery-krillin.img```? … Dont know. A typo?22:01
tgBot1<peternerlich> @chhahn, Thanks, we already transitioned to Welcome&Install. Regarding this, he said he simply copy&pasted the command22:02
tgBot1flamarro was added by: flamarro22:59
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Hello @flamarro and welcome.23:13
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Check out https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for more information.23:13

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