ZaliekI'm trying to figure out where to report a bug with Plank but I can't seem to find a bug tracker for it. The problem happens in multiple distros and desktop environments19:12
fossfreedomZaliek, https://bugs.launchpad.net/plank/+filebug19:12
ZaliekDoes ubuntu-budgie maintain their own release of Plank? I notice that the anchor icon doesn't show up in budgie but it does in other distros19:15
fossfreedomno - its the package in the main ubuntu repositories19:15
ZaliekOh so it's some sort of configuration change?19:16
fossfreedomno - the anchor icon only appears when you open plank-preferences19:17
Zaliekweird. it's always there in other distros19:19
Zaliekat least the ones I've tried19:20
fossfreedomhmm - odd19:20
ZaliekI'm really liking budgie so far but there's a few UI pain points I've ran into19:20
ZaliekThe biggest thing is the UI settings are handled by multiple separate settings apps, some of which don't show up in the settings section19:21
fossfreedomGNOME bits under gnome-control-center - budgie specifics under Budgie Settings.  Seems reasonable19:22
ZaliekI can understand why it's like that, but it would be nice if Plank Settings & Budgie Desktop Settings were both listed under Preferences in the main menu19:25
fossfreedomPlank isn't a budgie desktop component.  So not possible.  Forking stuff to play with UI stuff is just a bad idea.  You lose the investment added by upstream work as soon as you fork.19:27
ZaliekCan't add an extra shortcut to them there in addition to the default behavior?19:29
fossfreedomnot without forking the software19:29
fossfreedompatching software possibly19:30
fossfreedombut would need to find a willing developer to do this.19:30
ZaliekHmm so I'm in the menu editor and it looks like you can't add stuff to the settings section19:31
fossfreedommenulibre ?19:31
ZaliekNot sure, it's called "Menu Editor" in Preferences section19:32
fossfreedomjust select the section then click the + button on the window header19:34
ZaliekWeird I tried to move Plank Preferences into the system tools section and instead of it moving it there it created an identical section called system tools at the bottom of the list with that name19:35
ZaliekBtw how do I take screenshots in budgie? prtscrn doesn't seem to do anything19:35
fossfreedomZaliek, just run gnome-screenshot or install the budgie screenshot applet from budgie-welcome19:36
ZaliekThanks for your help. I'm going to play around some more19:44

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