Bert_2Quick question, because of the large security issue announced on https://shibboleth.net/community/advisories/secadv_20180112.txt and the reaction by the debian shibboleth team to backport xmltooling for all their (old)stable repo's https://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-shibboleth-devel/2018-January/thread.html00:05
Bert_2Will Ubuntu follow debian and release for 14.04 and 16.04?00:05
sarnoldBert_2: is that this issue? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xmltooling/+bug/174376200:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1743762 in xmltooling (Ubuntu Bionic) "Security bug in XMLTooling-C before 1.6.3 [CVE-2018-0486]" [Undecided,Triaged]00:06
Bert_2Aha, I must have missed that issue00:06
Bert_2I think it is, I looked in the morning but this issue has been created later00:07
Bert_2sarnold: let me login and tag that we're affected ;)00:07
Bert_2sarnold: do you think this will happen? Because I found a few previous requests for backports of security fixes in de shibboleth SP that just died a silent death00:09
sarnoldBert_2: ray actually did the work of preparing one backport .. once we get it built and someone reports that it works, it should be released pretty shortly afterwards00:10
Bert_2ok, that is really really good news :)00:10
Bert_2We checked and normally we aren't affected as we force endpoint and credential communication to https, but we prefer to be sure :)00:11
Bert_2Thank you for giving me a heads up :D00:11
sarnoldBert_2: from #ubuntu-hardened < sbeattie> rlink: published trusty and xenial. I tweaked the version and changelog a bit.01:53
Unit193sarnold: I'm a bit surprised that Debian still hasn't picked up irssi 1.0.6, considering it's a sec update.03:38
JanCUnit193: did you file a bug report about it (or did someone else do)?04:26
Unit193JanC: Rhonda is pretty close to upstream, usually picks it up quickly and I'm sure knows of this one too.04:34
JanCmight be on vacation or exceptionally busy or something then?04:36
Bert_2sarnold: got the email from launchpad and we've updated all our servers already and token restarted shibd and apache204:38
Bert_2thank you very much for helping along getting this out there :)04:38
interservei have a problem when doing apt-get update on trusty 14.04.507:15
interserveall lines Failed to fetch07:16
blahdeblahinterserve: please use #ubuntu for general technical support07:16
eoli3ncjwatson: o/07:57
eoli3nstill on my kickstart install without kicking existing windows install07:57
eoli3na question: does zerombr do something in ubuntu implementation ?07:58
juliankAFAICT, 69 merges out of the 276 in https://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html are gray, meaning something's in proposed. awesome.08:08
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eoli3njuliank: for me ?08:19
eoli3ndebian-installer : days old 2614, hughh08:20
juliankeoli3n: it's totally unrelated to anything you wrote08:20
eoli3nyep, but finally it is, that's why its funny :)08:20
cjwatsoneoli3n: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26409694/10:07
eoli3nthx cjwatson10:10
eoli3ni have something strange, if you could help a bit it could be great10:11
eoli3nit still break my windows install...10:12
eoli3nwithout any reason, partition doesn't change10:13
eoli3nwindows boot and ask for reparation10:14
eoli3nrecovery i mean10:14
cjwatsonSorry, I really can't help with this10:17
eoli3nok np10:17
juliankI don't seem to be having success building stuff without running tests.13:27
juliankI tried DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck debuild --preserve-env13:28
juliankI must be doing _something_ wrong13:28
cjwatsonI've always done debuild -e DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck13:29
juliankoh, that sounds interesting13:31
* juliank tries13:31
juliankcjwatson: It worked, thanks13:33
cjwatsonexcellent.  I forget why your version doesn't; I'm sure I worked it out once13:33
cjwatson(and it's probably at least a doc bug)13:33
juliankIt's weird.13:34
ndanlhi guys16:52
ndanlI have a problem ater updating my ubuntu openstack controller16:52
ndanlwhenever I try to start any of the openstack services I get the errors like this one http://paste.openstack.org/show/646929/16:53
ndanlall errors cointain something about monotonic.py16:54
ndanlcould this be broken in 16.04 xenial16:54
naccndanl: i think you want #ubuntu-server16:56
ndanlchannel is +r16:59
tewardndanl: so register?17:00
teward(#freenode for help with that though)17:01
naccndanl: then register?17:02
bigonxnox: hey, we had the same idea, I was looking at the upstream plymouth patches just now17:10
juliankI should also write a PSA that you can now download stuff in parallel in apt by using mirror://17:11
juliankthough only in proposed :D17:11
juliankAnd please shout at me if I broke MoM, thanks!°17:11
bigonxnox: I see several patches in the ubuntu package that could be upstreamed, anyplans to do so?17:14
xnoxbigon, not really, no. feel free to do so, if you understand them / they are upstream relevant.17:16
xnoxbigon, i finished merge and uploaded it. it looks good.17:16
xnoxbigon, there is still some flicker with vt.handoff=1 but oh well. Not sure I'll manage to figure out if that's grub clearing things; or kernel clearing things; or plymouth clearing things.17:17
bigonIt's indeed not flicker free17:24
xnoxbut i have plymouth to gdm3 flicker free, with vt.handoff=1 and with non-degraded system (i.e. systemctl list-units --failed is empty)17:26
xnoxanyway, i should get ready to go to volleyball.17:26
xnoxok, one more thing, and i'm not gonna touch this anymore.17:28
mdeslaurjuliank: thanks for the wpa merge!19:01
juliankIt was surprisingly trivial19:01
juliankmdeslaur: happy to.19:01
juliankzsh is next19:02
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smosersil2100 or bdmurray. rharper and i just uploaded a new curtin to -proposed for artful an xenial.22:08
smoserthere are few changes from the one there. the primary reason for the new upload is that Zesty tests will fail in our automated tests.22:08
smoser(as they try to use the archive which ... is not there)22:08
smoserso we disabled those tests as zesty not supported.22:08
smosercould one of you re-review those today and let the new version into -proposed ?22:09
bdmurraysmoser: I can have a look - could you update the bug with new version number?22:13
smoserbdmurray: i'll check22:17
smoserbdmurray: done.22:20
smoserrharper: could you get the combined chagnelog in to that bug ?22:20
smoserwith bug references ?22:20
rharpersmoser: yes, lemme update the sru bug22:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1743618 in curtin (Ubuntu Artful) "sru curtin 2018-01-18 - 17.1-11-ga4c9636b-0ubuntu1" [Medium,Fix committed]22:20

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