ircfanhello, am i in the right place to ask about my status regarding policy violations?20:22
ircfanits been a longer while that "Patrick Frank" was not allowed to visit any ubuntu related channel20:23
ircfanis that still up?20:23
wxlircfan: did you try joining?20:27
ircfanwxl: i joined #ubuntu several days ago and then i remembered20:30
wxlif you've joined, then you're not banned, right?20:30
ircfanits not about modes20:31
ircfani want to avoid that i try to settle in a place where people hate me20:31
wxlyou were asking if the status of not being allowed to visit any ubuntu related channel was still up. you're saying that somehow has nothing to do with bans/modes?20:32
eli'm sure we told him at some point in the past he wasn't welcome, without having gone around and set +b in every channel20:33
ircfani never said "has nothing to do with bans" i just said the main focus of me is a different one20:34
elircfan: people tend to hate your behaviour not you, so if you have a grasp on that bit and can refrain from filling channels with your usual rants, don't fixate on people, don't start yelling insults etc, then i see no need to enforce the old directive.20:35
elhowever, if you do go back to that behaviour, we will start enforcing20:36
elthat seem fair?20:36
ircfanmore than fair, thank you20:36
elexcellent, welcome back.20:37
* ircfan waves20:37
dax@mark #ubuntu-irc ircfan pfrank's back20:38
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:38
krytarikAh, lol. :D22:47
krytarik(Ups, wrong window item..)22:47

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