ubmthail hydra06:46
ole_hello frinds  off ubuntu07:59
ole_friends sorry08:00
ole_somebody here ?08:01
ole_diogenes  can you se me?????08:03
diogenes_I can't08:03
ole_you can't ???08:03
diogenes_no webcam allowed on freenode08:04
usrshvhi! do somebody know how can i choose right keyboard layout for my laptop? $ and euro symbols placed just up from the arrow-keys. they didnt working.. but "friendstream" key (up from the num-pad) works, so i able to bind firefox on it. I want to bind other things on the currency symbols keys, but they not working. SHIFT+4 works.12:04
usrshvok, i will leave things as they are. only two keys not works, anyway. Good Bye!12:40
DragoniaXhello everyone, is here someone who can help me with the nvidia drivers the screen shows tearings15:22
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swift110hey all22:49

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