UbuntuMY<myfenris> Alhamdulillah .. just finished conference call with a new partner #GalacticFog (http://www.galacticfog.com) as an alternative and more features to OpenShift. Its support multi cluster Kubernetes, DC/OS and Docker Swarm. Having a introduction about their solutions and moving forward for futures partnership and businesses .. thanks #Canonical for the introduction to our new partner.01:33
UbuntuMY<myfenris> any developer looking at managing multi CaaS environment, may contact us if interested01:34
UbuntuMY<myfenris> and similar Lambda features in AWS01:35
UbuntuMY<myfenris> @najmiep anda biasa pakai zoom ?01:36
UbuntuMY<najmiep> zoom website teleconference tu ke01:36
UbuntuMY<najmiep> penah guna01:37
UbuntuMY<myfenris> haah01:37
UbuntuMY<myfenris> baru pertama kali td meeting pakai tu01:37
UbuntuMY<najmiep> yeah.. mmg impressive kan01:37
UbuntuMY<myfenris> partner pakai mac pun crash .. td sy pakai windows pun tetiba blue screen01:37
UbuntuMY<myfenris> lepas reboot pakai on linux plak01:37
UbuntuMY<najmiep> ohh pulakk01:37
UbuntuMY<najmiep> haha01:37
UbuntuMY<myfenris> x run pape pun .. ms powerpoint + outlook + Edge + zoom01:38
UbuntuMY<myfenris> impressive tu ... susah juga nak kata sbb almost similar features ngn conference call lain01:38
UbuntuMY<najmiep> blue screen tu mcm ade benda tak kena je01:38
UbuntuMY<najmiep> kami pakai ok je dekat 30 orang serentak01:38
UbuntuMY<myfenris> tp presenter pakai MAC pun01:38
UbuntuMY<najmiep> aku guna on phone01:38
UbuntuMY<myfenris> owh01:39
UbuntuMY<najmiep> dia punya installer dlm linux buat aku give up01:39
UbuntuMY<myfenris> sy baru pertama kali sbb partner pakai zoom01:39
UbuntuMY<najmiep> pakai phone je01:39
UbuntuMY<myfenris> give up ? nape ?01:39
UbuntuMY<myfenris> ok je install01:39
UbuntuMY<najmiep> i see01:39
UbuntuMY<myfenris> ade satu dependencies kalau x silap01:39
UbuntuMY<myfenris> jap01:39
UbuntuMY<najmiep> ada isu depedency last time.. nak kena buat cepat01:39
UbuntuMY<najmiep> so dlm phone segera je le01:39
UbuntuMY<myfenris> 1979  sudo dpkg -i zoom_amd64.deb   1980  sudo apt install libxcb-xtest001:39
UbuntuMY<najmiep> unless ada bagi repo ke senang jek01:39
UbuntuMY<myfenris> ade dalam history lagi01:40
UbuntuMY<najmiep> yeah.. dh install actually tapi jarang guna01:40
UbuntuMY<najmiep> biasa hangout je01:40
UbuntuMY<myfenris> ooo dah install la zoom01:41
UbuntuMY<najmiep> kalo small firm ok jek nak deal dgn benda2 manual ni... kalo biz dah expand nak tak nak kena cari _asAService ni sebab nak fokus on the real problem01:41
UbuntuMY<myfenris> ingat x install terus01:41
UbuntuMY<myfenris> yesza01:41
UbuntuMY<Piye926> @najmiep, penah pakai gak..waktu buat teleconfernce ngan abam adli thn lepas03:19
UbuntuMY<myfenris> http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/01/ubuntu-18-04-lts-will-ship-older-version-nautilus?t=1&cn=ZmxleGlibGVfcmVjc18y&refsrc=email&iid=6728334137224b368b2ebc51ad1470bc&uid=3029676812&nid=244+28947661606:34
UbuntuMY<faizulzone> lupa lak, kalau sapa nak koleksi cd version 5.10 kasitau ye. ada melambak ni06:42
UbuntuMY<SofianAkasah> tshirt ada x?...hehehe...08:49
UbuntuMY<nanasklinux> Ada ..dah reput hahahaa09:21
UbuntuMY<msyukor> Baju ubuntu guru saya pun dah berlubang terkoyak sikit. Syg baju tu09:22
UbuntuMY<faizulzone> Tshirt kat lazada ada jual09:31
UbuntuMY<Saliman_Imz> @msyukor, Wah haha09:52
UbuntuMY<myfenris> @msyukor, mastergie10:21
UbuntuMY<SofianAkasah> baju² rare masa kuar version ubuntu baru skali ngan cd..hehehe10:45
UbuntuMY<Piye926> Baju2 ubuntu boli yg abam pogee design ado lagi le..12:08
UbuntuMY<Piye926> Baju2 free yg cloudflare bagi waktu awai2 dulu ada lagi12:08
UbuntuMY<mauisabily> Sapa ada baju debian 😝12:10
UbuntuMY<mauisabily> Yg blkg dia ada pic lembu + penguin12:10
UbuntuMY<Sharuzzaman> @mauisabily, bukan lembu, tapi gnu12:13
UbuntuMY<mauisabily> Ooo12:26
UbuntuMY<mauisabily> Ya ya gnu12:26
UbuntuMY<mauisabily> 😋12:26
UbuntuMY<myfenris> Spectre Mitigation Updates Available for Testing in Ubuntu Proposed  Canonical holds Ubuntu to the highest standards of security and quality. This week we published candidate Ubuntu kernels providing mitigation for CVE-2017-5715 and CVE-2017-5753 (ie, Spectre / Variants 1 & 2) to their respective -proposed pockets for Ubuntu 17.10 LTS (Artful), 16.04 LTS (Xenial), and 14.04 LTS (Trusty).  We have also expanded mitigation to cover s390x a12:55
UbuntuMYppc64el.  https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2017/CVE-2017-5715.html  https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2017/CVE-2017-5753.html  You are invited to test and provide feedback for the following updated Linux kernels.  We have also rebased all derivative kernels such as the public cloud kernels (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc) and the Hardware Enablement (HWE) kernels:  17.10 (Artful): linux-4.13.0-30.33 12:55
UbuntuMYhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/4.13.0-30.33  16.04 LTS (Xenial): linux-4.4.0-111.134  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/4.4.0-111.134  14.04 LTS (Trusty): linux-3.13.0-140.189  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/3.13.0-140.189  17.04 is end-of-life and won’t be patched for either Meltdown or Spectre  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2018-January/000227.html  Updates for Ubuntu 12.04 ESM are in progress, and12:55
UbuntuMYwill be available for Canonical’s Ubuntu Advantage customers.  UA customers should reach out to Canonical support for access to candidate kernels:  https://www.ubuntu.com/esm  https://support.canonical.com/  We intend to promote the candidate kernels to the -security/-updates pocket for General Availability (GA) on Monday, January 22, 2018.  There is a corresponding intel-microcode update for many Intel CPUs, as well as an eventual amd64-microcode updat12:55
UbuntuMYthat will also need to be applied in order to fully mitigate Spectre.  In the interest of full disclosure, we understand from Intel that there are currently known issues with the intel-microcode binary:  https://newsroom.intel.com/news/firmware-updates-and-initial-performance-data-for-data-center-systems/  Canonical QA and Hardware Certification teams are engaged in extensive, automated and manual testing of these kernels and the Intel microcode kernel12:55
UbuntuMYupdates on Ubuntu certified hardware, and Ubuntu certified public clouds.  The primary focus is on regression testing and security effectiveness.   We are actively investigating Google’s “Retpoline” toolchain-based approach, which requires rebuilding Ubuntu binaries but reduce performance impact of the mitigations.  For your reference, the following links explain how to enable Ubuntu’s Proposed repositories, and how to file Linux kernel bugs: 12:55
UbuntuMYhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Bugs  The most up-to-date information will continue to be available at:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown  You can find the official Canonical statement here: https://ubu.one/uSpectre  Canonical12:55

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