lordievaderGood morning07:06
jamespagetobasco: hmm not sure I'm keen on doing that - its really all rather non-optimal using the wsgi standalone entry point - single process, parameters for listen port configuration08:29
tobascojamespage: im unsure on how i would resolve this in upstream ci, i cant test gnocchi with panko and nova-placement-api on the same node09:22
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jamespagetobasco: hmm10:29
jamespagecause some are py2 and some are py3?10:29
jamespagesorry I'm away atm so a bit on and off irc10:30
tobascojamespage: yea10:47
tobascojamespage: that issue with gnocchi being py3 and the connectivity issue between nova and neutron will cause ubuntu to be dropped from upstream testing and therefore completely supported, so fixes will need to be commited upstream by users and is not tested :(12:05
jamespagecoreycb: hmm ^^ I'd not considered this in the context of config management tools that still don't use containers to isolate services; so this is not a problem for kolla, helm, anisble or charms, but probably is for puppet and chef12:12
jamespagehowever I'm really loathe to lock step all openstack top level projects during the migration to py3 in terms of switchover12:12
jamespagecoreycb: we could provide 'alternative' py2 deps so that this use case could be fulfilled.12:13
jamespagetobasco: would a python-gnocchi + gnocchi-common providing py2 bit work?12:14
tobascojamespage: packaging gnocchi for py2 would work since i could run it in apache alongside the other projects12:52
tobascoi'm unsure when the python3 goals is suppose to be completed but i would support an effort to move over to py3 for all then12:53
tobascoperhaps it's already done, but there will always be some stuff missed i guess12:53
tobascohow would the dependencies on gnocchi-api package be then?12:54
coreycbjamespage: i think keeping py2 deps until all of openstack packages are py3 makes sense. once they all have py3 support, we can drop all py2 support.13:08
fricklercoreycb: could you also provide a pike uca version for this? would make testing a bit easier for me https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/171541713:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1715417 in Ubuntu Cloud Archive pike "Cannot view a zone in dashboard - 404 errors" [Medium,Triaged]13:36
coreycbfrickler: yes it's actually on the way to xenial-pike as well13:38
fricklercoreycb: ah, great, thx13:47
GivenToCodeanyone have a guide for creating a single node kubernetes cluster on ec2 that doesn't involve juju or conjur? just like the 5 or 6 commands to install and start everything15:55
Neo4how work mail?15:56
Neo4MTA mail transfer agent15:56
tewardmind trying to use an actually understandable question?15:56
teward"how work mail" is not a question.15:56
Neo4MUA mail user agent what is it?15:57
Neo4teward: for me it's question, I dont know it )15:57
Neo4teward: let's break down scheme15:57
masonNeo4: You'd be well advised to get the Postfix book. It'll explain a lot that frankly you very much need to know.15:57
Neo4teward: exists MUA mail user agent, what is it ?15:57
masonA mail user agent would be, for example, Mutt, or Thunderbird, or Outlook, or the GMail web site.15:58
Neo4mason: I downloaded book 2005 years? I was advised to read only documentation on official site15:58
masonNeo4: https://www.amazon.com/Postfix-Definitive-Secure-Easy-Use/dp/0596002122/15:58
masonNeo4: But the concepts haven't changed since the 90s.15:58
Neo4mason: yes, I use thunderburd it is MUA, well, go on... MTA - mail transfer agen what is it?15:59
Neo4mason: I guessed, there all protocols will equal and it will useful to read15:59
Neo4mason: I'll read it after reading http://www.postfix.org/documentation.html16:00
Neo4mason: wait I show you book what I've got16:00
masonAll good ideas.16:00
masonAny book ought to be useful.16:00
Neo4mason: this http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=852C79F689FEB77C5FDE686B993808B116:01
Neo42005 years, it is 13 years out of date16:02
Neo4and more it was issued on 2005 and data there about 2005 ..... 200016:02
masonAge won't matter much. You'll want to catch up on newish things like DKIM or SPF.16:02
Neo4mason: on this site only new 2008 and in Russian, I want to read in English http://gen.lib.rus.ec/search.php?&req=postfix&phrase=0&view=simple&column=def&sort=year&sortmode=DESC16:03
Neo4on Amazon also not exists good books, all are old16:04
ahasenackrbasak: hi, git-ubuntu thinks samba in debian/sid is 2:4.7.1+dfsg-1, but rmadison says it's  2:4.7.4+dfsg-116:04
ahasenack01/18/2018 14:02:38 - ERROR:pkg/ubuntu/devel version (2:4.7.3+dfsg-1ubuntu1) is after debian/sid version (2:4.7.1+dfsg-1). Are you sure you want to merge? (Pass -f to force the merge).16:04
ahasenackrbasak: the importer needs to be kicked?16:04
Neo4mason: on #postfix channel guy said me read off documentation he said that he learned reading only it, sendmail documentation and postfix16:05
Neo4both are useful16:05
Neo4he said when he started to learn there weren't VMs16:05
Neo4ok, doesn't matter16:06
Neo4we should know terms and how approximately it works16:06
Neo4MUA (thunderburd) and otherrs, user sends message, then it message goes where?16:07
Neo4to MTA16:07
Neo4what is MTA for example?16:07
Neo4mail transfer agent16:07
Neo4it's postfix16:08
Neo4what is MDA?16:08
Neo4mail delivery agent?16:08
Neo4is thunderburd MDA? It also get messages16:08
masonprocmail, for example16:08
masonor maildrop16:09
blackflowNeo4: it's all explained here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_agent_(infrastructure)16:09
ahasenackmy "no" was for thunderbird :)16:09
ahasenackit's whatever gets the message into the final mailbox16:09
masonblackflow: You miss out on casual snark with +g :P16:09
ahasenacksometimes it's as simple as creating a file on disk16:09
blackflowmason: ah sorry, lemme whitelist you16:10
ahasenackother times it's more complex and can involve delivering to a database, for example16:10
Neo4ahasenack: see MDA is mail delivery agent, Thunderbird is getting mails, it means that it deliver mails to user that's why we call it Mail deliver agent, isn't it?16:10
Neo4ahasenack: in general thunderbird is MDA and MTA?16:11
ahasenackthunderbird is a mua16:11
Neo4oh MUA and MDA16:11
Neo4why not MDA? it is getting mails too16:11
ahasenackit is getting the emails from a server16:12
Neo4or MUA can get and send both?16:12
ahasenackit's pulling the emails down16:12
ahasenackthe last agent that actually delivered the email to the server is the mda16:12
Neo4ahasenack: download16:12
Neo4ahasenack: well, MDA is placed on some server only?16:12
ahasenackbut procmail can be used on the client as well to re-arrange things16:13
ahasenackand it's an mda16:13
blackflowdovecot/lmtp is MDA16:14
Neo4ahasenack: you mean postmal?16:15
Neo4ahasenack: you want say MDA is server app accept mails and stores them whenever on server on database16:16
Neo4supposed it16:16
ahasenackyes, so each mta doesn't have to know about all possible types of mailboxes that exist out there16:17
Neo4we have 3 MUA mail user agent, MTA mail transfer agent and MDA mail deliver agent. What is SMTP16:17
Neo4ahasenack: what is 'type of mailboxes'?16:18
Neo4it's MTA?16:18
ahasenackNeo4: dovecot's, cyrus', mbox, maildir, etc16:18
sdezielpostfix is a collection of software, it provides a MDA (for local(8) deliveries, aka save to disk), a MUA (sendmail(1)) and is a MTA (smtp/smtpd)16:18
Neo4ahasenack: I used gmail it also type of mailbox?16:19
ahasenackgmail's  is proprietary, we don't know how they store their emails16:19
sdezielSMTP is the transport protocol used to exchange emails between MTAs16:19
Neo4what I think... SMTP simple mail transfer protocol it use for connect MUA to MTA yes16:20
sdezielthat's also true, the MUA speaks SMTP to handover the email to the MTA16:21
Neo4ahasenack: ok, dovecot, cyrus, mbox what is it? MDA?16:21
sdezielthe MTA's job is then to deliver it towards the final destination16:21
Neo4sdeziel: IMAP?16:21
sdezielNeo4: IMAP is for a MUA to retrieve incoming emails from a mail server16:22
sdezieldovecot/cyrus are both IMAP servers (among others)16:22
Neo4IMAP - Internet mail access protocol16:22
Neo4yes access,16:22
Neo4sdeziel: what is mail server, is it MDA? Or it both MDA and MTA?16:23
Neo4seems it should be MDA16:23
sdezielNeo4: mail server is too broad16:23
Neo4sdeziel: to broad notion?16:23
sdezielNeo4: a user wanting to send/receive emails will have to interact with two components16:24
Neo4I need more clearly picture16:24
sdezielto send, it will have to configure its MUA (Thunderbird) to interact with a MTA (postfix) using SMTP16:24
sdezielto receive, it will have to configure its MUA to interact with a IMAP (dovecot) server using well IMAP ;)16:25
Neo4and for get mails will interect with MDA using IMAP16:25
Neo4I don't understand it MTA is send message, MDA is receive massage, what is dovecot?16:26
Neo4I look in google16:26
sdezielNeo4: I think you can safely ignore MDA for now16:26
Neo4I saw a few video about it and read it in postfix add-ons16:26
sdezielMTAs are responsible for moving emails around and they use the SMTP protocol for that16:27
Neo4there exists roundcobe also16:27
sdezielonce a MTA determines it's the final destination for a given email, it will pass it on to the mail storage portion (this is where the MDA comes in)16:28
Neo4Dovecot is an open source IMAP and POP3 email server for Linux/UNIX-like systems, written with security primarily in mind.16:28
sdezielonce the email is stored on the server, it can be retrieved by the recipient using IMAP16:28
Neo4mail server16:28
Neo4sdeziel: ok16:29
tomreynso much for the easy part, now to smtp auth ;)16:30
Neo4it means MDA is included in dovecot16:30
Neo4sdeziel: do you know https://roundcobe.net16:30
Neo4sdeziel: https://roundcube.net/ *16:31
sdezielNeo4: a little16:31
sdezielI use fat-clients myself, not web-based ones16:31
Neo4I saw it in one guy, it is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user16:32
Neo4what is IMAP client?16:32
Neo4thunderbird is IMAP client too?16:32
Neo4we call all apps IMAP clients that can get access using IMAP (internet mail access protocol)16:33
Neo4might be16:33
Neo4not might be, just exactly16:33
Neo4Need ask him how he installed it, but seems it was preinstalled on server or was delivered with control panel16:35
Neo4little more understandable what is who16:35
tomreynNeo4: are you more than one person there?16:35
tomreynit seems as if you're talking to yourself16:36
Neo4tomreyn: if I would one here yes, I'd talking to myself ) I'm toling to myself when I'm thinking.... Now in voice )16:37
Neo4doesn't matter, with who you are speaking )))16:37
tomreynokay, i think i understand what you mean16:37
tomreynanything which speaks to an imap server is an imap client.16:39
tomreyncorrection: anything which speaks the IMAP protocol to an imap server is an imap client.16:39
Neo4tomreyn: understood16:39
Neo4exists browsers IMAP clients16:40
tomreynare you asking: "do browser based imap client exist?"16:40
Neo4we can call probably roundcube also MUA mail user agent and google gmail is also MUA16:41
tomreynroundcube is an imap client. i'm not sure about the exact definition of a mail user agent, but my guess is you could also call it that.16:42
Neo4tomreyn: no it's not questions just inform sentences16:42
Neo4tomreyn: yes, MUA we can all google as well16:42
tomreynhmm surely not all of google. maybe some of gmail, but i guess neither.16:43
Neo4because it has all properties belonging MUA16:43
Neo4ok, in general all apps who can send mails and accept are MUAs16:44
tomreynhmm, okay, actually you can be right. it's difficult to tell how gmail works technically since it's not documented. but i agree that it has the properties of what is described as a MUA on wikipedia (i did not check the RFC's definition)16:45
Neo4there in google just web interface, server might be paced separated somewhere. or well will use for a while only thunderburd like traditional MUA16:45
Neo4tomreyn: ok :)16:45
Neo4we forgot about POP16:46
tomreynif you're looking for good examples, i'd go with thunderbird and roundcube, since you can know how they work.16:46
Neo4all common abriviation we are knew16:46
Neo4tomreyn: I use thunderbird for chat now and for mail http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1516294047.png16:47
Neo4tomreyn: good16:48
tomreynthat's fine with me. :)16:48
Neo4tomreyn: because it was in windows and now use here too16:48
Neo4well, go on reading )16:49
tomreyngood luck!16:50
ndanlhi guys17:01
ndanl18:52:56 ndanl17:01
ndanlI have a problem ater updating my ubuntu openstack controller17:01
ndanl18:53:39 ndanl17:01
ndanlwhenever I try to start any of the openstack services I get the errors like this one http://paste.openstack.org/show/646929/17:01
ndanl18:54:29 ndanl17:01
ndanlall errors cointain something about monotonic.py17:01
ndanl18:54:47 ndanl17:01
ndanlcould this be broken in 16.04 xenial17:01
ndanl18:54:48 ndanl17:01
ndanlI have a problem ater updating my ubuntu openstack controller17:02
ndanlwhenever I try to start any of the openstack services I get the errors like this one http://paste.openstack.org/show/646929/17:02
tewardndanl: copy/paste of IRC lines break things with linebreaks17:02
ndanlall errors cointain something about monotonic.py17:02
tewarddon't repeat your thing multiple times either17:02
teward(just an FYI for both the paste you did AND asking your question a second time)17:02
ndanlsorry just pasted17:02
ndanlso somthing went wrong after update17:02
ndanlthis is the list of packages recently updated http://paste.openstack.org/show/646936/17:04
ndanlany idea what may be wrong ?17:04
Epx998Can I set a release's minor release in a preseed?19:03
naccEpx998: what do you mean?19:18
Epx998Choose to install 16.04.2 instead of 16.04.319:20
naccEpx998: 16.04.2 is unsupported now19:20
naccEpx998: is there a reason you would choose that?19:20
naccEpx998: and no, that's a HWE stack, it's not a 'release' you'd preseed anyways19:20
Epx998Some new servers for our dev team, the os specs are very specific this round.19:21
naccEpx998: ... your dev team wants to run unsupported kernel and graphics stacks?19:21
nacc(that aren't getting security updates, e.g)19:21
Epx998they dont care heh19:21
patdk-lapyou will be vaunerable to all this meltdown/spectre stuff19:22
naccat a minimum19:22
naccalso i'm not sure you can install that19:22
nacchwe is rolling now19:22
Epx998our A/V teams are ramping up, a lot of hardware and os specs being given to them19:22
naccyou *might* be able to pin the hwe kernel package to an old version, if it's available in your mirror19:22
Epx998im trying that right now on a vm19:22
naccbut any bugs you hit are your own to resolve19:23
Epx998yeah they dont worry about that stuff19:23
naccso your dev team has specific kernel and X requireemtns?19:23
naccbecause everything else is the same between 16.04.2 and 16.04.3 once you `sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade`19:24
Epx998yeah depending on the project19:24
Epx998the xenial servers we built, they just want xenial, no kernel reqs yet19:25
naccEpx998: so then ...19:25
naccEpx998: don't insntall the hwe stack19:25
naccEpx998: i feel like you're makinng a lot of work for yourself19:25
naccEpx998: just switch back to the stock non-hwe kernel and X and stay supported19:25
naccEpx998: if they don't have requiremets for the hwe stack, why deall with it?19:26
sdezielnacc: you worked on SRU'ing php7.0 7.0.25 (thanks for that) but now 7.0.27 is out and addresses 3 CVEs. Would it make sense to skip .25 and jump all the way to .27?19:30
sdezielI'm asking since the SRU of .25 is stalled ATM19:31
naccsdeziel: i'll talk with mdeslaur about it19:31
naccsdeziel: probably19:32
naccalthough 27 will also get stalled currently, i expect19:32
naccbut yeah, might be worth doing19:32
mdeslaurwhy is it stalled?19:32
sdezielnacc: I could update the existing LP or open a new one with CVE links if that helps19:32
naccmdeslaur: autopkgtest regressions, which look all to be infra related19:32
naccand possibly a tzdata related bug19:32
* nacc feels like tzdata updates aren't being properly tested19:33
nacc(there have beenn two issues in PHP related to it so far)19:33
naccsdeziel: if you could file a bug, that would be helpful19:34
sdezielnacc: will do, thanks19:34
naccsdeziel: thank you!19:34
naccsdeziel: sorry, my focus right now is to see if 7.2 is making debian soon and if we should migrate to it for 18.0419:34
mdeslaurnacc: ok, I'm busy at the moment, but I'll look into what the current php security status is19:34
naccmdeslaur: thanks, i can get it set up in our repo for you to upload in the meanwhile19:34
sdezielnacc: no worries19:35
mdeslaurnacc: please19:35
sdezielnacc: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php7.0/+bug/174414819:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1744148 in php7.0 (Ubuntu) "[MRE] Please update to latest upstream release 7.0.27" [Undecided,New]19:37
naccsdeziel: thanks19:42
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mwynneHi guys. I'm getting kernel panics in VMs running openstack on a daily basis. Is this the right place post/ask about these issues?22:31
mwynnePanic log: http://paste.openstack.org/show/646958/22:31
mwynneThe kernel website says that they won't support distro kernel releases, so I'm assuming someone here can help :)22:33
naccmwynne: yeah, give it a bit22:33
patdk-lapnot really the right place22:40
patdk-lapreally need to file a bug report on launchpad22:40
naccmwynne: `ubuntu-bug linux` in this case22:53
mwynnenacc: I've created it manually on launchpad already. Should I use ubuntu-bug instead?22:54
naccmwynne: nah, that's fine22:55
sarnoldapport-collect can append all the same data after the fact23:09
naccsarnold: yeah that's what i figured23:11

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